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S-Dragon process photos

Just all the photos from here put into pdf form for easier downloading.
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Love this tutorial! Very user friendly and a beautiful project. Thank you very much for sharing.

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Have fun crafting!

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Gorgeous work, I just love what you do:love:
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You do a great work! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up 

I 'm in :heart: with your work :D
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Maybe when my life isn't bogging me down with homework I can try this :) I really want to, but I dunno if I've got the patience, haha.

Thanks for making this!
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 Good luck if you try (and it doesn't have to be made in one go) =P
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I probably couldn't do it in one go if somebody paid me...haha XD
Thanks! If I ever do I'll definitely show you (if it doesn't look like a pile of beads)!
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Lol but what if it looks like a beautiful pile of beads =D
LunarDragoness's avatar
Weeell, then I'll relabel it as a melting dragon X3 Or something. Ooh I know! I'll put one of my sculptures on it so the bead pile is a dragon's hoard =D
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Good plan XD
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Thank you for this amazing tutorial! Finally, I was able to make this dragon! Although I miscalculated the bead sizes, so it looks a bit ridiculous Sweating a little... 
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The first one I made looked weird too XD It's really much easier the second time, when you already know what you are doing.
(And I'm sure it looks adorable anyway =P )
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My brother described it as "part snake, part fish, part rooster", so I guess it's adorable in its own way :D (Big Grin) 
I'm going to make a better one as soon as I get the beads. Thanks again for sharing the making process, it was my beading dream to make one of these beauties. Nod 
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Hah, sounds like a fun combination))
Good luck with the next one!
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Absolutely amazing work.  How big is this piece approximately?
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It's around 7 cm high. Depends on the beads used=)
Thank you, so much, for sharing your know how.  I've always wanted to make a little dragon for each of my boys (one that they'll like!). Because of your generosity, I can now do so. I can't way to surprise them!  Thanks again.
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You're welcome=D
Have fun making them))
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