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S Dragon Tutorial

So umm yeah.
Dragons everywhere.
I have too many dragon tutorials.
And now I have even more of them.
But I got comments...and notes...and some irl people asking for a tutorial.

And i don't even have a certain way of doing these yet.
(You can probably see that by the look of these charms. All different. )

*Notes that might be useful for making.

Translated to russian here: S Dragon перевод на русский.
- Over 4 rows of similar -sized beads(or, if using one bead size - over 4 rows without increasing the amount of beads in the row) is a bad idea. It will make the dragon look straight instead of an S shape. (Mostly noticeable at the tail.)
- 4mm Swarovski crystals do nicely for the eyes.
-To make a spiral dragon instead of an S-dragon - just make the tail longer. The more different bead sizes are, the more obvious the spiral will be. (Every row a bigger bead size - will make a very good spiral.)
-If you want the tail to become narrow more gradually - one way is to make it in segments (made 1 part - do a brick stitch row with decreaces, make a second, narrower, part - do a row with decreases...).
-Sharp edges on beads are bad. Test beads on a separate thread before using them in the dragon. No fun if the main thread is cut by beads in the middle of making.
-This here:… is a useful tutorial. In russian, but photos make the principle pretty clear.
-If you want the head crest spikes to be longer - do more brick stitch rows before starting the head. Then there will be more space. (Don't use big magatamas/drops in those rows.)
-You don't need many different bead sizes. In fact, it's possible to make with 1 bead size. (In that case, instead of using a big bead - add 2 beads into the gap. Or 1-2-1-2...)

Head pattern, made more clear by Feendrache

DragonHead by Feendrache

Pattern variation (for those who only have one bead size) from ayas-beads 

S-Dragon All on size bead adaptation by ayas-beads

Additional doodle thingys to help understand how it works:

S1 by Rrkra S2 by Rrkra

Process photos:
S-Dragon process photos by Rrkra or

Hope it makes sense. Sorry for the bad photos.

More tutorials:…
© 2011 - 2021 Rrkra
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Will Try your tut

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Good luck :D

Thank you so much for the S Dragon Tutorial, it gives me a great place to start. These are so much fun and so interesting!

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Good luck!

It's a fairly old guide, so make sure to check the links in description too for the slightly newer one :D

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This is simply adorable! I’m going to make some and donate to our school fundraiser! our mascot is a green dragon! 🐉

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Sounds great :D Good luck!

Rrkra do you have a pattern for dragon I can buy

thank you

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All the patterns i made are downloadable here :…
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Thank you for sharing this tutorial
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Fire Dragon by kbarre1227   Water Dragon by kbarre1227   

I love making your dragons <3
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53767718 2562723573799811 7645896579861184512 N by kbarre1227  
Hey! We haven't talked in a long time so I doubt you remember me but I wanted to show you I got another dragon finished last night :) 
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Oooh, nice, a pearl :D Great to see these still being made!
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I've been at it for two days already and can't figure it out - how would you make the tail if you only had one size of beads? I'd be grateful for help!
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Just add two beads instead of a bigger-sized bead in some places, like S2 and… same as the body.
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First of all, thank you so much for replying!
I tried that and it bent in wrong places - is there any way to ensure it bends properly? Should I correct it somehow while beading? Try to tighten it more/less?
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If you want you can note me a photo, maybe i'll be able to say something more if i can see it :D
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Trial and error mostly, in this case :( bead shapes act differently.
Try to bend the tail as you want it to be shaped, before you add the next row of beads, and see if there should be one or two beads in a gap. Might have to add 1-2-1-2 or even 1-1-2-1-1-2.
Or, if you can pick out thinner/thicker beads, can use that difference too for a smoother curve.

Can also try step 12 from Axolotl tutorial if you are ok with brick stitch instead.
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I managed to make it. I got myself blue 15s, in a different shade, because apparently Toho only makes milky-island paradise in 11 and 8. 
I also got pink 8s. 
And it looks like this:
Smok by Tuptaju   Smok2 by Tuptaju  
I need to make the fins more stiff and maybe add another, but I'm glad I made it at all. :D I'll make another, better one. 
Thank you for the patterns and support. :D
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Congratz with your first dragon :P

And yeah, not having same-coloured beads in different sizes can be a pain. But that can be worked around to some degree. Yours has a nice mix of colours!
For the fins, depending on what you plan to use the dragon for, some clear nail polish or diluted white glue can help with the stiffness. Wire can help too, but that usually needs to be included during beading.
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Pro tip: the head will hold its shape better if you fill it with something. I usually use pillow stuffing but since I'm making a black dragon I didn't like how visible it was. Instead I used a teardrop shaped large bead, although round should work too, since I decided the little bit of extra weight was worth it.
  Wip dragon head by Cat-Fishy
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Yup, that can be a good idea if it does not hold shape :D
(Also you can use the hole in that bead to attach a metal pin, instead of using a bead loop).
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