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So umm yeah.
Dragons everywhere.
I have too many dragon tutorials.
And now I have even more of them.
But I got comments...and notes...and some irl people asking for a tutorial.

And i don't even have a certain way of doing these yet.
(You can probably see that by the look of these charms. All different. )

*Notes that might be useful for making.

Translated to russian here: S Dragon перевод на русский.
- Over 4 rows of similar -sized beads(or, if using one bead size - over 4 rows without increasing the amount of beads in the row) is a bad idea. It will make the dragon look straight instead of an S shape. (Mostly noticeable at the tail.)
- 4mm Swarovski crystals do nicely for the eyes.
-To make a spiral dragon instead of an S-dragon - just make the tail longer. The more different bead sizes are, the more obvious the spiral will be. (Every row a bigger bead size - will make a very good spiral.)
-If you want the tail to become narrow more gradually - one way is to make it in segments (made 1 part - do a brick stitch row with decreaces, make a second, narrower, part - do a row with decreases...).
-Sharp edges on beads are bad. Test beads on a separate thread before using them in the dragon. No fun if the main thread is cut by beads in the middle of making.
-This here:… is a useful tutorial. In russian, but photos make the principle pretty clear.
-If you want the head crest spikes to be longer - do more brick stitch rows before starting the head. Then there will be more space. (Don't use big magatamas/drops in those rows.)
-You don't need many different bead sizes. In fact, it's possible to make with 1 bead size. (In that case, instead of using a big bead - add 2 beads into the gap. Or 1-2-1-2...)

Head pattern, made more clear by Feendrache

DragonHead by Feendrache

Pattern variation (for those who only have one bead size) from ayas-beads 

S-Dragon All on size bead adaptation by ayas-beads

Additional doodle thingys to help understand how it works:

S1 by Rrkra S2 by Rrkra

Process photos:
S-Dragon process photos by Rrkra or

Hope it makes sense. Sorry for the bad photos.

More tutorials:…
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The option to download any of your tutorials is missing.. am I doing something wrong?