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Praying Mantis Tutorial

Thought it would be easier to explain :XD:

I think I'll leave it like this.
So yeah. Angry shiny bugs. Praying mantis is one awesome insect.

The materials I used for the green/orange mantis: 0.1mm braided fishing line, wire (probably steel wire, tried copper but it was too weak), 4mm bicones, Toho seed beads - short bugle beads, size 8, 11 and 15.
But it can be done with just one size of beads, too.

More tutorials:…
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Un trajo genial

It's very nice

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Thank you for the tutorials.
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i really want to make 1 of these. thanks for the tutorial

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Amazing, they look so alive!
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woww super, thank you very much
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You're welcome!
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are you selling them on ali or anywhere else... May be I]d like to buy one
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I don't have any ready ones for sale, but you can look at my commission info here:…
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Wow you are talented!
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Thanks, glad you liked =D
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Congratulations! I've been trying to work out a pattern for a mantis, but got stuck. Thanks very much for posting this! All credit will be happily given!
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I'd love to see it =D
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You have such wonderful bead work, omg I love these things and this Mantis is so awesome!!! I need one of these =D
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Glad you like=D
It's fun making them.
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I'm glad you enjoy your bead work, it is simply stunning... All of it! :la:
Really cool idea love how you used the beads to make this art!
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