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More fish

Eh, when it's not reptiles - it's usually fish. Scales are fun.

I took photos for no real reason, so I added a few comments to them, doodled some stuff in Gimp and put all that into a pdf.

Because I like to use faceted beads. And it's a good way to use them.

If it doesn't show - try downloading, or try another browser.

More tutorials:…
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I'm going and try make this for a friend .Thank you 
I can download everythig but this fish! How can I get the pattern? Thank you!
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There should be a download option somewhere on the left for the .pdf :O
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I will have to try this!! Thank you for sharing :D
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This tutorial is a godsend for me - I never use big beads in my projects and now all those random massive beads have finally found a purpose! :D Really easy to follow too :D
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Same thing here, I have loads of big beads - so I try to find extra uses for them XD
Glad you find it useful^^
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Thank you for your tutorials! I'm also in beading although I use a whole different tecnique. But this one also really fascinates me. So your tutorials offer me a chance to also try this one out :D
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You're welcome=D
Hehe, different techniques are good =) So many different ways to make something, and it's fun combining them, too^^
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Oh yes, it is :D
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wowwwwww thank you so much!
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Those are great fish!
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This is so good!
Where do you get your beads? Is there a website I can get them from? :)
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I get them from a local craft shop, mostly.
There are tons of websites selling seed beads too, like firemountaingems. Or ebay, ebay has pretty much everything XD
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Also, what is the center bead called? I don't know what to search on ebay ^^"
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Just a bead. Try searching for something like round glass/stone bead, maybe also include the diameter (like 9mm, 15mm...) =)
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Thank you so much :)
Er-Bear-Rawrr's avatar
Thank you very much :3
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Very nice :D Thanks for sharing!
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