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Hi, I have fluffy wings

I think my dragons keep getting bigger :XD:
(Better photos - maybe some day.)

So yeah. When I started making her, I decided to make a tutorial/walkthrough too:
Now you can try to make your own =D

Wings, tail - have wire inside, so they are posable. Mouth can open a bit and even hold small light items.
Bugle beads on the fringe give a fluffy-fur-feather look. 

Time - around a month.

Size - about 35cm (13.8 inches) long, wingspan about 45 cm (17.7 inches).

Black faceted agate beads, hematite-coloured glass 'dagger' beads, swarovski crystals, a round piece of paua shell.

Bugle beads:
3mm: 49 (Black), 29b (Silver-Lined Gray).
9mm: 49 (Black), 21 (Silver-Lined Crystal), rainbow-lustered pink from a mix.

Toho beads:
Size 15: 39b (Silver-Lined Tanzanite), 81 (Metallic Hematite).
Size 11: 49 (Black), 49f (Frosted Black), 29b (Silver-Lined Gray), 29bf (Frosted Silver-Lined Gray), 26c (Silver-Lined Amethyst), 406 (Opaque-Rainbow Oxblood).
Treasures: 21(Silver-Lined Crystal), 245 (Jet Lined Inside-Color Rainbow Jonquil), 49 (Black), 330 (Gold-Lustered Rust), 82 (Metallic Nebula), 90 (Metallic/Amethyst Gun Metal).
Drops/Magatamas: 49 (Black), 81 (Metallic Hematite).

Braided fishing line, random plastic beads for filling, wire, some assorted beads from a mix.
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It makes me think of a carpet.
Rrkra's avatar
Hmmm.... Carpet dragon...
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:omg: :faint:
This is absolutely AWESOME!

I just wanted to take a one-minute-look at dA but I cannot leave without saying anything for this marvellos work of yours... :)
Rrkra's avatar
Yeah, that happens - plan to take a quick look, get stuck on dA for a few hours :XD:
Raven-Halloween's avatar
HOLY Cow ON A Pogostick! THIS is a treasure, time spended that never come back, but absolutely WELLLLLL spended! advantageous Barter !
Rrkra's avatar
Time spent on something fun is well spent=D
zelink14's avatar
Absolutely stunning! WOW.
cybelemoon's avatar
OMG... I have said you were quite talented... but this one... deserves a feature in my opinion! Just WOW!
ceejayess's avatar
Wow. That is quite impressive.
Smashedskies's avatar
Holy crap, that is amazing! *3* <333
Ichxbinxfreix94's avatar
:+favlove: nothing else to say... nothing messures up to it!!
ICantWait4u2FuckMeUp's avatar
This... is SO cool!

A part of me is kind of thinking about using this tutorial and making these as party favors for my bridal party... (I'm having a Gothic Victorian/Medieval themed wedding, and my Bridal Party is at a Ren Faire...)

... Thanks so much for sharing! If I go through with it, I'll let you know how it goes. In all honesty, I'll probably fail pretty hard, haha.
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Sounds fun =) Making several for party favours can take a while (that's the problem with all beadwork :XD: ).

Good luck ^^
ICantWait4u2FuckMeUp's avatar
That's why I intend to list my sl-- I mean, bridesmaids. :3

And thanks!
Rrkra's avatar
Ooh, that's a cunning plan :fuzzydemon:
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in my opinion, this deserves a DD decoration
excellent work:clap:
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