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More randomly taken photos with comments.
This time - feathers. Because I needed big feathers that wouldn't flop too much. And I still need to make like 17 more of these.
Oh well. Fluffy feathers.

As usual. Seed beads - size 11 or delica/treasures, optionally size 15 and crystals. 0.1mm thread/fishing line, size 12 beading needle.

More tutorials:…
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Всегда в восторге от ваших драконов!!!
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Слушай, ты прелесть)
Мало того, что такие чудеса делаешь, так еще и опытом делишься =)
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А чего секретничать, вдруг кому пригодится=)
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That's just so amazingly kewl!!

If I may *Faves* 8D
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Awesome tutorial. :)
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Hello :) Even though I have never made anything like this and don't really intend to, it's really fantastic to see the process that goes on behind making those wonderful beadworks you do. It's also nice to know that if I ever want to start making these, I've got something to start from - even if the things you make would probably be a bit complex for me to do :P I really like your work, it is quite lovely :)
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Heh, I like looking at different tutorials too - even if I don't plan on trying the technique =D
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:saddummy: *копит на бисер* Так красиво <3
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