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Dragon toy tutorial

*Wings you could use instead of the ones that are here:… or

Allriiight, i hope this is not overly confusing. I'd say more of a walkthrough than a tutorial, but not too hard to make if you are familiar with peyote and ndebele. Tho it still takes a lot of time to make...
*Fails at sensible explanations*… and… <- that's the finished version.

Ask if you don't get what i meant in there. I'll try to explain.

Beaded dragons are fun to make =P
Yes t's a red night fury-ish dragon. Looks better in person than on photos. I'll call it... Red fury. Yay for originality. XD

Download gives the original big sized file. It's big. I warned.

*Changed a few things. Cba to change typos.

More tutorials:…
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Thank for another great tutorial.
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Hi I found your site today and needless to say I'm going to try to make loads of these lol but I'm a little confused what do you do with the 44 beads in a loop after you have done tje 3 rows of peyote ?? Sorry if that's a thats qeustion lol,
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first I'd like to say: this is AWESOME. I love you for thinking up this pattern and _especially for making a tutorial for it! Thank you<3

Second thing is that I'd like to ask you a question concerning the tutorial. I was very inspired by your beadwork (I too love dragons very much) and even though I am not very skilled with beads (sadly, I know only one bead pattern - the basic keyring/cellphone strap lizard ^^'''), I decided that this will be my next free time project. I like challenges :D

So I'm currently making your super-cute Toothless but I'm having a little problem with the eye-area. How can I make the "nose" - the area between dragons' eyes - broader? My Toothless is now quite cross-eyed and frankly speaking, looking very silly :( Do I just add "filler" beads? 
I looked at your other Toothlesses and noticed that they have more bead rows in the area between the eye beads and was wondering how did you manage it :)

Thank you :D

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You're welcome=D
I need to update this tutorial some day to make it more clear=/

You can add filler beads, or you can change the nose are a bit, like ths  (white squares = no beads there). It's probably the easiest way to make a broader nose^^

If you get stuck with something, you can always send me a photo - I'll try to help =)

Those small charm lizards are like a symbol of beadwork to me, by the way =D
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Ah, it is always the most simplest things :P I have a blind spot for those^^ Thanks for the picture, it was very helpful!

I'm not sure if you need to update the tutorial, for me it seems pretty clear, even for a total newbie like me :) The only thing I can think of is that you could add the picture link you just gave me to the notes-section, maybe under the different wing pattern links? At the moment I can't think anything else, but if I come up with something, I'll tip you. I like to be of help for people^^

Thank you for your offer, but I hope I won't mess up so badly XD 

And charm lizards for the win. I don't understand how people can resist those! They are so cute :D 
Myself, I don't know any more how many of those things I have, at least a couple dozens all the time (I can seem to stop making new ones)? I'm actually always dragging them with me in a big... key hook? thingy with a price tag and have managed to convince quite a many people (mostly friends and hobby mates, though) to buy one or two to keep company to their lonely looking phones or keys. It is so nice to make people happy, especially with something so small! (And that's why I think I get almost no profit from my "business" but luckily that's not the point^^) It is also a good way to help me not to drown in those little thingies :D 
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Glad it helped=) 

Tips/comments are always good - tutorials are meant to help people, not confuse them XD I try to keep it in mind when making new ones.
I'd love to see the dragon when you make it, btw.

Yay for charm lizards! I've only ever made a few of those but it was fun^^ Especially if you use tiny beads -
They instantly raise your mood, don't they=P

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I know everyone says this BUT... Your have do have amazing talent!! I want to thank you very much for allowing us to learn from you. I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your "Beading Dragon Journey".
I love your work. I have visited your site many times. You are very talented.
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Glad you like what I make^^
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Yay another tutorial
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The more tutorials the better =P
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Shyea have ever felt like when you hit the watch button you're stalker ish........ creepy....
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Yup, a special button for stalking people >:]
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woaaaah, looks so cool
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Thanks once again! I cannot wait to get my hands on some money to start beading...
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Can't wait to try this!!!!
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Good luvk with it=)
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I started to make this....Mine looks mad he had red So far I only have the head done I'm in the process of making the head^-^ I'm so glad u put this up i love toothless^_^ And all your other work is wonderful^-^
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Good luck with making :w00t!:
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Thanks, I'll put a picture up when its done...might take me awhile though just finish the neck and now i need to start the body^-^
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Your beads are really awesome, I love the care for the details and your ideas. And that is also great that you are kind to share your experiences with others!
I'm affraid my son will push me to try one of these XD
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