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Bead wings - dragon v2

Mostly a 'note to self', but maybe someone else will find it useful too. Principle of making wings for him -… .

Materials = fishing line/thread + beadwork needle + seed beads.

Any seed beads should do. Though if ones used for membrane are noticeably smaller or larger than the ones used for carcass - wing will curl.

This kind of wings looks better with wire inside the arm and fingers. Otherwise they are too big to hold any pose.
Feel free to ask questions. I know that I make no sense sometimes =D

More tutorials:…
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Thank you for another great tutorial.
To be a Bead artist like goodness! These pieces are spectacular!
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can you start with fewer beads? like 8 or 6 instead of 12?
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Yeah. Then there will be less fingers (or thinner fingers, or having to add some extra beads when starting fingers).
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could you posssibly make a tutorial on how to attatch wings and legs?
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I think I had something about attaching legs in big dragon toy tutorial...
But the way changes on every new project, so I don't even have a solid method for myself =(
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if I ever get a day off from work I shall have to give this a try
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This is great, thank you :) It is really kind of you to share your ideas and experiences with other beadworkers.
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Thank you for another very useful tutorial! you're very kind to share all your secrets.
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Awesome tutorial.

crystal-rain-fox's avatar
~favs~ yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! easier tutorial!
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Holy crap, I don't know if I could even attempt doing something like this! It's so...intricate and detailed! You my friend, are very talented and creative! :heart:
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It's not too hard^^
Thanks =P
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You're welcome. :)
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