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Bead wings 1, dragon or bat

And here is yet another walkthrough. Fear my doodles!

Idea for beaded wings. Maybe a bat, or dragon.
Can be sewn to almost any kind of body.

If something is not too clear - feel free to ask. I'll try to explan.
As usual, free to use.

*Aware of the typos. Cba to fix them for now =)

More tutorials:…
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Thank you so much

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Great tutorial, thank you for making and sharing it :hug:
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you are very amazing and inspiring!!! thank yo very much for sharing your knowledge~ its a very kind thing to do!
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Thanks =D
You're welcome^^
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how did you make it two levels? I am really new to beading and only ever do flat stuff XD
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It's tubular ndebele (also called tubular herringbone). DA has tutorials for it, like this one: [link]
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oh super thank you for the link! I'll have to try this now =3
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Oh man, these look fantastic.
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This is really awesome. I gotta try to make some tomorrow. But I have to ask, at the end of the tutorial you said that they keep shape without wire, does this mean that they don't flop over when you hold them up? I'm planning on sewing them to the back of a person, that's why I'm asking this. Thanks! :)
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It really depends on kind of thread and tension. On soft thread they will, of course, bend. These ones don't=)
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Okay, thanks so much! :)
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Good luck with that=P
If it turns out too floppy, you can always put some wire inside, lol)
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That is fantastic! Such a nice, helpful tutorial! Very cool to see how you've created them as well
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I hope the idea is useful=)
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