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Axolotl tutorial

As promised, a tutorial of these:
Have fun c:
Happy-whatever-holiday-season, because it's past one of Christmases, but not yet New Year or the other Christmas here. :xmas: :xmas: revamp 2 

More tutorials:…
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Muchas gracias, soy una principiante en este arte, espero poder hacer el ajolote igual de lindo al tuyo. Pilar

You are fantastically fabulous! I am so excited to try this! Thank you.

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Good luck


How is the technique called?

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Brick stitch, mostly.

How do I watch this
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It's a PDF file download. if it does not open in the browser, press the download button on the right. Will need some pdf viewer to open :)
How do I each this
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Thanks for taking the time for making this tutorial, i really wanted to learn the type of stitching you use. I couldn't find any tutorials on how to make things 3d.
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That's why I made it. Can always use more 3d tutorials :P
 I saw you saying wish you could find glow in the dark beads for 1 of your pieces in comments-- Toho has them now :)
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Oo, fancy. Hopefully some is obtainable here, gonna search :D
Hopefully you can find some if not be a shame because I can just imagine what you could do with them!
Love it!  Are you also going to make one in peyote stitch?
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oh my god. oh my god i love her
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What string do you use to make these keep their 3D shape?
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It's soft thread. Shape is kept because of how beads are connected, and filling. =)
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Beaded Axolotl - Tutorial I used linked by MahoMoota  
Just letting you know I used this tutorial yvy. Posted it on my new alt account for beaded crafts.
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thank you so much for this, have been trying to make 3d animals. I'm not brilliant, but I keep going.
Practice makes perfect
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Yeah, first ones are usually the trickiest to make =P
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