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An even smaller dragon

I made a third dragon tutorial. No rly. I make other stuff but dragons too... sometimes. Honestly.
Aanyway, it's a different dragon. So bear with me. XD.
Used size 15 TOHO (red, black, 1 white) + 2 size 11 green beads for eyes. And fishing line. Drew pupils with nail polish >:]

They are like 3 cm (about 1,2 inches) long. Size depends on what beads you use, obviously.

Fast & easy to make, free to use. Yay for Toothless. :lol:

More tutorials:…
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Going to try make on for my brother ,once that you.
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making one for my dad for Christmas.
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It's a toothless! Love this one, might give it a try with some old beads and thread I still have lying around :aww:
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Yup, night furies =D
Good luck!
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Awesome! I'm going to try it (Even though I'll most likely fail XD)
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Haha, good luck =D
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This isn't the first 3D beaded animal I've attempted, but I'm just not getting this.  I've gotten through the 4th diagram thing, but what I have only looks kind of like the second picture.  I'm confused....

EDIT:  I think I may have figured it out.  :-)
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It's an old pattern, so it's not very clear, yeah :c
Diagrams/photos are secondary to the text, so not everything is drawn in them.
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Yeah, stupid me, I was pretty much just going by the diagrams.  Lol.  Once I read through it a couple of times, I figured it out.  Unfortunately, the seed beads I have are too small the pass the wire/thread through more than twice.  I'm going to buy some that are slightly bigger and try again.

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Aw:c Good luck finding some better beads=)
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How in the world?!?
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With many tiny beads XD
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Hey..i keep trying and failing since i don't understand what to do with the other end of the net(don't know how else to call it) since it moves into a single direction..or maybe i'm just stupid
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Thread? Just tie a knot (so the first 3 beads are in a loop), and leave the short end inside, it won't be used.
Or did i get the question wrong?
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Oops, double post =O
I love it! how do you make the legs?
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Same way you start the wings - a bit of herringbone/ndebele stitch.
Thank you so much! These are so fabulous! You are one of my very favorite bead artists. Keep up the excellent work! 
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Thanks :meow:
I'm glad you like them^^
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Thank you! They are so adorable. I'm making the third now, and my son wants more. :)
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