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I'm some cringe girl who bitches and whines about why my Potential decreases in Arcaea

Also procrastinates making art, point and laugh at her!!!!

(I'm broke too)


Myunie's Comm Sheet (OPEN! READ DESC)

Please commission me I need more resources to finish my house, buy personal stuff I need, and become not broke anymore :3 /nf /lh

Also I won't draw muscular characters, real life people (includes live action media characters), gore (I still draw gore, I just won't take gore comms lol)

Amazon gift cards only! Sorry, no PayPal/Ko-Fi yet, please wait until I'm older y'all

Favourite Visual Artist
Many ppl
Favourite Movies
Who asked
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Almost every single rhythm game artist lmao
Favourite Books
Too lazy to read books (but I already read Call of Cthulhu 😂)
Favourite Writers
HP Lovecraft
Favourite Games
A fuck ton of rhythm games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Mobile (But I want a Switch 🥲)
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Ur mom
Fuck it, no more DMing to commission, there is now a commission form I created on Google forms. Cool right? It will make taking comms quicker :3 https://forms.gle/jpSZ5vnFBfanNznE Also please commission me btw I'm broke and I need le monies /nf
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Commissions are NOW OPEN! https://www.deviantart.com/rrharil/art/Myunie-s-Comm-Sheet-OPENS-TOMORROW-READ-DESC-934363357 Note: Please don't use DA points as payment, use Amazon gift cards instead! I also don't take comms on DeviantArt, I only take them on Twitter or Discord. Please DM me on those sites, my usernames are on the sheet or description.
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I don't call out ppl often nowadays but I can't believe I followed this person until I found out their controversy. It's usually disheartening to see a person you liked becomes a child predator. I follow for the Pac-Man stuff last year, but to see them becoming a predator makes me sad and mad at the same time. Proofs: https://youtu.be/X-d05jcZ8Uw https://twitter.com/ooferoony/status/1582517365685637122 I recommend you to play a game of Block and Report with this person for being a child predator. If you're friends with them, don't trust them. ↓↓↓ ilovesonicandfriend ilovesonicandfriend ilovesonicandfriend
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Good evening and how are you doing today? I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a llama badge @rrharil. Please be sure to browse my gallery when you get the chance, as there are some artworks you might find intriguing, and hey, if there are artworks you absolutely adore, do not be afraid to leave faves on those particular artworks.

You're welcome!

Hello there MyunieP back in Deviantart

So I lost my hatred of cookie run because of my friends Linedol and SDCcraft likes the game

I am now neutrsl to the game

I am still scared of the fandom because of crossover ships and other nasty stuffs are seems hard to avoid

I am still worried that every cookie run fans hates me because of the drama where I bother crossover ships

For cookie run fandom

Other than crossover ships

Cookie run fans loves to make sexual and nasty jokes that is claimed by my sister i think all of them did that

So this is I have to stay the cookie run fans out of me

Do you take requests?