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In my patented fashion I've been keeping myself insanely busy, but that doesn't mean I haven't been able to make time for art! I've been painting, sculpting, needle felting, and even 3D printing my little heart out - so I've uploaded a couple new submissions for you guys to see.

I recently got a second job at Proto BuildBar - which is the first of its kind in the world: basically picture one part coffee shop, one part bar, and one part fab-lab and you've got the general idea behind Proto. What's really nice is that it's given me access to a slew of 3D printers to play with, so obviously I've been taking advantage of that opportunity every time I get the chance.

I'm still working at Decoy Art Studio, and we're gearing up for a very busy holiday season full of fun and creativity - and it's always so wonderful to see all of the amazing artwork our customers make.

So, I hope you guys like what you see, and I'll be uploading more work as I get time :3
So, if you've followed me for a while you may have noticed that I've been less active than is usual for even myself. I just got back from John C Campbell Folk School a little over 48 hours ago, marking a long end do the busiest summer of my life...

Since the beginning of 2016 I've: been assistant-coordinator of one of my city's biggest art and music festivals; switched from being assistant-manager of a pet store to assistant-manager of an art studio; participated in said art and music festival; hand-raised a litter of rats; travelled to Chicago IL, Louisville KY, and Brasstown NC; helped work on a cool indie movie; taken a week-long course on working in clay; participated in a movie premier in a big city; re-writing and editing a book with one of my best friends so that hopefully we can start releasing it soon; been collaborating with a business partner so that I can make modular ball-jointed armatures for my dolls; advertising for the first annual Celtic Fest Ohio, as well as planning and collaborating with the Ohio Renaissance Festival; and attempted to have a personal life to boot.  

On top of everything else that's been going on in my life I've been getting a divorce... Well, disillusionment, but that's just semantics. So not only has my life been crazy-busy with career, business, acting, art, and personal-stuff I've been dealing with all of that and trying to rebuild a home-life for myself: finding a new apartment, packing, moving, unpacking, and general adulting out the wazoo.

Don't worry, though, because I have been needle felting and making art, it's just been hard for me to make the time to advertise it on websites other than Facebook. Luckily, my new life should afford me more time to actually post stuff and show off all my art - so even if you haven't been following me on Facebook I've got a backlog of art to post and show you.

Not to mention that I've got one art sale or fair each month for the next four months starting in just two weeks... So I'll have a lot to show off this fall.

As for all the creative endeavors: expect to hear me yammer on about books, movies, and other forms of creative entertainment over the next year. I've got my hands in many, many pots and it's time I start sharing the home-cooked goodies with you.

So I'm sorry that I've been so inactive, but here's to making the rest of 2016 fruitful and full of art!
Hello friends! How's it going for you?!

Like the busy little artist that I am, I've been keeping myself occupied with a lot of things this summer!

First off, I've been working on a big doll these past couple of months, and finally finished her! Her name is Jazzabella, and she was a commission for a client on Etsy. As one of my biggest dolls to-date, Jazzabella was a huge accomplishment for me!

I was accepted into an art sale for this November, called the Troy Country Workshop Artists. This means I've been working really hard on making a bunch of finger puppets for the sale. I'll try to upload them all as I finish them, because they're all so cute and have so much character! I can't wait to show them off :D

When I have dates and times for the sales, I'll keep you all informed - if any of you live in the Southern Ohio region I would highly recommend making the time (and the budget!) to take a trip out there. They feature artists who do everything from needle felting and wet felting (like me), to weavers, knitters, all the way to carvers and photographers. There really is a little bit of everything for everyone at that sale ;)

I also helped with wardrobe effects for the movie Making Out, and I've even gotten to act as an extra in a couple of the scenes! It was really awesome to help work on the movie, because I've always dreamed of working on special-effects in movies and now my dream has become a reality!

I have another commission in my queue, for the same person who commissioned Jazzabella. This next doll is going to be even more awesome: she will have a poseable, ball-jointed armature so that her entire body can be posed, a moveable and poseable jaw, and even an expandable stomach!

If you would like to see the sketches and work-in-progress pictures I take of my dolls, you can find them over on my Tumblr account. You can also find my Sketchbook Sunday posts, and other random posts over on that blog.

What else is going on?

Oh, I applied to be a General Manager in my company! That's huge news! I applied a couple weeks ago, and the District Manager has told me that he will keep me in mind when another position opens up. I'm really excited but also a little terrified, because it's a lot of responsibility to run a store! I can take it, though - I just have to work on my patience XD

Yesterday at work was a little bittersweet, though, because the manager who has been training under me for the past six months was finally promoted and moved to another store. This is a great move for her, and I'm so proud of her and all she's accomplished in six months, but it's also a little sad because we've become good friends and almost like sisters in that time, so it's tough to see her go. Luckily she hasn't been transferred out of state, so we can still visit each other once in a while.

My husband graduated with his Bachelor's Degree this summer, so he is gearing up to get his Master's Degree over the next few years. We're both very excited, even if it means he's going to have to work hard, because it also means that he will be able to get a much better job when he graduates.

So this summer has been busy and fantastic! The tl;dr version is: Made a lot of art, helped with a movie, applied for a better job, getting ready for an art sale in November, and hubby is now finishing up his education!

Hello friends, fans, and watchers! How has you first day of summer been?

Work at the pet store has been keeping me busy, but that's OK because everyone I work with is really sweet and gave me a few days off. It definitely warms my heart to know that the people I work with recognize how much I've been doing for them, and pay me back the only way they can :3

Art-work is also keeping me busy! I have finally finished a set of surgical illustrations for my brother-in-law and his colleagues, and that has been a huge weight off my shoulders! I've been working on a number of smaller projects, which you will all get to see soon. I'm so excited to show you once I've finished!

Let's just say one of my projects involves SCIENCE!!! And who doesn't love science?

I have another doll for sale, which you can see here --> Searching the Trails. His name is Donovan, and he is so very fluffy! Donovan was quite popular at Sideshow X this year, and I can't wait for him to find a forever home with one of you! You can adopt him on Etsy.

And while you're there, you can check out some of the other awesome art I have for sale like Felt Pet Caves!

Thank you all for watching me and showing me your support! You guys really are the best :D
Hey guys! How's life going for you? I've been keeping busy working, making art, and learning new skills. I've been learning weaving, and you can see my latest work here. Who knows, maybe Redolfi's Fiber Fantasies will expand to fashion design as I learn weaving ;)

Don't worry, though! That doesn't mean I haven't made time for needle felting!

Kia'Lorae the Dragoness by RRedolfi
Hello, Traveller by RRedolfi
Kai'Lorae and the wolf and raven dolls are getting ready for their big debut at Sideshow X, and they are so excited to introduce themselves to the world. After their big show at the beginning of May, they will all be up for adoption on my Etsy!


My little dolls prove that love comes in all sizes! These little doll have a big heart without taking up too much space, and are sure to brighten up your day.

Kapaza the Needle Felt Tiny Dragon Doll by RRedolfi
Kapaza the Tiny Yellow Dragon is a boisterous little dragon with a very big heart! Being a little bit of a social butterfly, Kapaza needs a home where she is always the center of attention.

Santrot the Needle Felt Tiny Wolf Doll by RRedolfi
Santrot the Tiny Wolf is much more calm and quiet than Kapaza, and she is very good at keeping secrets. Santrot is a little bit introverted, so she's looking for a home that understands her needs.

I make larger dolls, too - and they are even posable so you can interact with them like a real pet!

Boris the AElwyn by RRedolfi
Boris the ᴁlwyn is still looking for a home! It doesn't matter what season it is, Boris always wants to be outdoors in the garden! While he has brought me good luck in my gardens for the past 2 years, he thinks it's time for him to help someone else in their green-thumb adventures!

--Relief Sculptures and Busts--

Needle Felt Standardbred Horse Bust by RRedolfi
The Standardbred Bust is for the horse-lover who doesn't have a stable for a real one. This particular bust is one of my favorites, and I am sure that it will make a fantastic gift to anyone who admires horses!

Seasonal Quartet - Fall Dragon by RRedolfi
The first in the Seasonal Quartet series, The Fall Dragon, is available for sale. The perfect small relief for those who love the beauty and austerity of the autumn season. The Fall Dragon is here to wish you good health over the entire year, and to remind you of the colors of autumn.

--Pet Caves--

Pink Night Sky Pet Bed by RRedolfi
This is the first pet cave I have available, a smaller cave that would be suitable for a small cat, small rabbit, guinea pig, rats, or ferrets! Help wish your furry-friend a good night’s rest with this Pink Night Sky pet cave!

Brown and Green Spiral Pet Bed by RRedolfi
The second pet cave is just a little bit larger, but just as comfortable and whimsical as the other one! This particular pet cave is so cozy that my own cat is jealous! Your pets will sleep like royalty in the Brown and Green Spiral pet cave

Custom creations of all shapes and sizes are welcome!. If you have a fantastical creature you would like brought to life simply e-mail me here and we can get to work!

I hope you enjoy what you have seen, and I look forward to showing you more art featured on my Etsy page in a couple weeks!

Hello friends! I hope you are enjoying the turn of the seasons like I am! The weather is finally getting nice here in my spot of the world, and it's opened up opportunities for new adventures, like gardening :3

First and foremost, the exciting stuff (and the stuff that you guys are here for): the art!

Sideshow X - I'm going to be in an art show next month! The show is called Sideshow X, and it's the show's tenth birthday! Congratulations Sideshow, and the Dayton Circus! I'm super excited because I'll be displaying with a lot of my friends, and the organizers have a lot of big plans for this year. I absolutely love the organization throwing this together, and I'm insanely happy that they've made it this far. It's going to be an honor to have my work in there gallery (which they OWN now!!! How exciting is that??!), and I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures to show you guys :3

This means I've been working really hard to stick to the deadlines.... I have to bust my butt this weekend to finish everything up, because set up is this week and then the show itself is on May 8 & 9. That's okay though, I'm the sort of person who is used to working under a rapidly approaching deadline.

Other art - Getting everything ready for Sideshow X really hasn't left me much time to do other art, but I've at least been trying! I've been working on some smaller, cheaper pieces for my Etsy shop, and once I have everything done and set up for Sideshow X I'll be able to show you guys some more stuff that I'll have for sale. There will also be more cat beds available for sale! I'll keep you guys posted as I add stuff to my Etsy :)

Commissions are open - In case anyone is interested, I'm still open for commissions, they will just take a little longer than usual to get finished since I'm still working on one piece for Sideshow X.

Now on to the less exciting, less artsy-stuff....

The Belgariad - my dad bought me The Pawn of Prophecy, the first book in a fantasy series called The Belgariad. (Well, really... he bought me the books on CD so I could listen to them in my car while I'm on my breaks at work... same difference, right?) And I am hooked! I love cheesy things, I love trope, I love the classic "Hero's Journey" story-arch, so this book series has been right up my ally!

Day Job - As some of my may remember, I have a day job working in a pet store. What I think I've failed to mention (in almost three months!) is that I got promoted and transferred again. I'm not working in the oldest store in our company any more - in fact, I'm now working in one of our newest stores as the Assistant Manager! Woo hoo!!

It's been a really rough month for us, logistically: at the beginning of the year our local company merged with a larger, multi-national chain (okay well.... "multi-national" in that the larger company has stores in the US and Canada... that's multi-national, right?) and April was the month our store got remodeled. The first week of April was also the week our Store Manager decided to go on vacation - which meant I was in charge the whole first week of renovations. I have never been so stressed in my life, not even when my store got robbed!

So the past three weeks of April have been tough - I've worked over time the past three weeks, I've worked so many doubles they've all started to blur together, but the renovations were finished this previous Wednesday and we can finally get back to normal! (Huge shout-out to all my employees, some of whom even worked more than I did. And I'm freaking management. I couldn't have done it without them!) Honestly, the store remodel was the reason I'm so behind on my art: I was working so hard at my store I didn't have as much time or energy for my art when I got home, and so I'd really only get to work on things about once or twice a week... But I managed it!

Other boring stuff - the good news about working OT is that it's helped me financially. That, along with a well-timed tax return and a huge overhaul to how I handle money, and I'm finally out of the little hole of debt I dug myself into over the past year. Here's to new beginnings!

Learning to weave - the other reason I'm behind on my submissions for Sideshow X is because I've begun a sort of apprenticeship learning how to weave! On a traditional loom and everything!! WITH CATS IN THE ROOM!!!! I met an older lady while I was at work, we hit it off phenomenally, and she saw how my jaw dropped when she mentioned her looms: so she invited me out to learn, and she's taken me under her wing as a sort of apprentice. This week I started working on the big loom with paddles, and learned how to follow a pattern. So much geometry!!!

And... This all deserves a bit of honesty from me: I'm a smoker. I'm gross. I know how bad it is for me and I've tried quitting so many times - and every time I end up cracking and going back. The phenomenal news is I found my smoking cessation program, and it is weaving! Seriously, the second I sit down at the loom I totally lose track of everything, including how much I want to smoke, and I can go literal hours without even thinking about it! I hope I get even more chances to weave, because it will be good for my health and my creativity :D

Other life-stuff - What else is there? Oh, there's my pets....

The fish are fish. The tank itself is doing alright after a moderate crash after my heater in the tank broke right when our heater in the house broke (cold feeshes), and I forgot a water change (I'M SORRY TANK!!!) The Dr. Zoidbergs (my collective name for the Dojo Loaches) were the only ones who didn't seem phased by the crash. The White Cloud Minnows didn't seem too bothered, and the Red Gold Honey Gouarmi did fine.... But the guppy population definitely suffered, and my Otocinclus Cats and Sparkling Gourami are all MIA... It's okay, though - after the crash I got a new heater, cranked it up to 80, plopped some Cherry Shrimp in there, and now I've got little shrimpies all over my tank! Now the problem I have to deal with is an outbreak of algae and pest snails, thanks to some contaminated plants I brought home from work... Time for more Oto cats!!!

The three (non-blind) mice are all fat and happy. I have them all in a 55 gallon tank, and I've put them on coconut fiber substrate. They are happier than clams! They spend all day digging tunnels and dens into the dirt, and living life like mice are supposed to. Honestly, looking at their subterranean world, I kinda wish I could shrink down to there size and explore it all...

The rats are quite rattish. My female rat got squirrely and escaped from her cage, only to find herself in a cage with the boys... I fixed the cages so there are no longer any escapees, but now I have ~10 extra rat pups I wasn't planning on. That's why it's handy to work at a pet store: I've been hitting up my employees and customers, seeing if anyone would like to adopt one when they're ready.

I have a ferret named Leif Ferretson! He's roughly 5 months old now, and he is huuuuuge! He's such a cute, clever ferret! He's old enough and big enough now that I've been taking him out on a leash with me for adventures, and last week he even got to play in the park.

Leif is best friends with my cat, Stormy. They spend hours playing together, chasing each other around the living room, getting into things they shouldn't, and wrestling on the floor like maniacs.

My husband is working even harder than I am! He is one semester away from getting his Bachelor's degree, and he's been applying for (and got accepted into!!!) his Master's program. He's also been accepted for a small scholarship for his Master's, and now we're waiting to hear back from the university to see if he's been accepted into their job program there. We hope he gets this job because it means he will be able to work at the university, in his field, and get real-world experience he can apply toward his career when he finally graduates.

We are gardening. Rather.... I garden, he grills and offers moral support. We have a really large yard (well... by our city's standards) that has a couple large flower-beds and three actual garden beds. This house is old, and was abandoned and mistreated before our land-lord moved in a couple years ago, so the gardens are in a bad way. We want to get them all ready for the year, so that by next spring we will be able to grow some of our own food.

So the tl;dr version: Work is a bear, but I've been persevering in my art career anyway! I have an art show coming up, and new art to share with you guys. My hard work is paying off and I'm finally out of debt, and my husband's hard work is paying off and getting recognized. The animal family is doing well, and altogether I am happy!
Hey guys! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the faves, comment, and positive support here on DA! It always brightens my day to see that people enjoy my art :D

Hello friends, I hope everything is going well for you! Life has been busy and crazy for me, but I still make the time to create beautiful works of art to share with you guys :D

I’d like to take a minute and show you what's on sale this month on my Etsy!

I haven't shown them off on DA yet, but I now make pet caves!
--Pet Caves--

This is the first pet cave I have available, a smaller cave that would be suitable for a small cat, small rabbit, guinea pig, rats, or ferrets! Help wish your furry-friend a good night’s rest with this Pink Night Sky pet cave!

The second pet cave is just a little bit larger, but just as comfortable and whimsical as the other one! This particular pet cave is so cozy that my own cat is jealous! Your pets will sleep like royalty in the Brown and Green Spiral pet cave

--Relief Sculptures and Busts--

The first in the Seasonal Quartet series, The Fall Dragon, is available for sale. The perfect small relief for those who love the beauty and austerity of the autumn season, The Fall Dragon is here to wish you good health over the entire year, and to remind you of the colors of autumn.

The Standardbred Bust will bring the grace and beauty of the Standardbred horse into your home - without taking up so much space! This particular bust is one of my favorites, and I am sure that it will make a fantastic gift to any horse-lover!


Boris the ᴁlwyn is still looking for a home! Boris is looking for a home with an individual with a green-thumb, since he thrives on short visits to gardens and the outdoors. He promises that if he is adopted before this spring that he will bring good luck to the gardens around him.

And we have Tiny Dolls looking for homes, too!

Kapaza the Tiny Yellow Dragon is a boisterous little dragon with a very big heart! She is looking for a family that will talk to her every day and give her the attention she needs!

Santrot the Tiny Wolf is much more calm and quiet than Kapaza, and promises to listen quietly if you ever need to talk to her.

Custom creations of all shapes and sizes are welcome!. If you have a fantastical creature you would like brought to life simply e-mail me at with the subject line “Commission Request” and we can get to work!

I hope you enjoy what you have seen, and I look forward to showing you more art featured on my Etsy page in a couple weeks!

Heya guys! I just wanted to pop in real quick and say thank you for all the favorites and kind comments you've been giving me - it really means a lot to me to know that my art is well-received :3
Hello and thank you to all my new watchers! I'm so glad you like my art, and I really appreciate all the faves and positive comments :3

So welcome to my watch-list, I hope you continue to enjoy my art.
How is everybody doing today? I hope you're staying warm as the weather gets colder!

I've definitely been keeping myself busy between my full-time job, my art, and my personal life - but then who doesn't get busy around the Holiday season?

Just a heads-up that more art is on the way - nothing can stop me now!

Hello friends! Was Halloween spooky enough for you?

Because it sure was for me!

At the end of October I took a short vacation to help myself reprioritize my life and get my art-butt in gear. It was a much-needed break from the demands of a management position, and helped me fully form a vision for my art-career.  I went back to work feeling much better, but still feeling rather depressed about life.

Well, I guess it turns out that the only thing I need to jog me out of depression is moderate emotional trauma: the vacation may not have “cured” being depressed but getting robbed at gun-point sure did!

Yes, you read that right. I was managing the store when it was robbed – I may have been shaking like a leaf but I kept my cool, called the police, kept my employee safe and calm, and helped the investigators secure the crime-scene. All while wearing fox-ears and a tail.

So… Basically I realized, if I can handle myself during an armed-robbery it doesn’t matter what life throws at me – I’m prepared!

Since then life is still complicated, and confusing, and I still can’t wait for the day when I can make my art-career my full-time job – but all that will come with time and hard work. Otherwise I have everything I could need or want in life, and I’m not going to let myself get down just because I’m not working on my art 24/7.

I sure hope your Halloween was a little less “spooky” than mine!

Now seems like a good time to pop back in to my gallery(ies) and say hi, and give everyone a little update! I sure do hope that life is treating everyone well, that the upcoming fall season isn't too cold for you (yet), and that you get to have fun as the nights get longer :3

Life has been crazy-busy in the past few months since the move. In the middle of August Max (the hubby-bear) and I hosted a family union in celebration of our wedding last year - his family was able to come and visit, and we had them stay the weekend at our house. Hosting that many people was exhausting! We partied every night and made food for everyone all day - it was fun, but it sure took it out of us!

The day I got back to work, I transferred stores. This came as a huge surprise (I didn't even think the transfer was coming for another two months!) and left me kind of shocked; I've come to know and love everybody at my old store, and I still kinda miss them even now - however, working at this other store is a nice challenge in and of itself. The challenges at work just kept getting challenge-ier: schedule-change after schedule-change, and almost four weeks in and the dust is finally starting to settle.

Top it all off with a month of deep revelation, discovery, self-reflection and edification via an error of judgement on my part, and the last four weeks have not been my best.

It got pretty rough there for a few weeks. Let's just say that fall is not a good time of year for me, and September itself is just bad juju for me and my emotions. In September, nothing feels right and I don't feel just stressed or anxious, I feel disconnected and, to an extent, as if I'm hanging on to reality by a thread.

Through it all, though, I've been drawing, sculpting, and needle felting. I've been working on older projects, and starting new ones - and finishing them! It may take me weeks whereas it could only take days (if i wasn't working a full-time schedule elsewhere) but at least I'm doing it! It isn't easy, but nothing in life that's worth having is ever easy.

The next stage of this journey is to actually juggle all the balls I have in play in my life. I have my marriage, family, and other relationships, I have a home and animal-children to take care of, I have a full-time job to manage, I have an art career, I have hobbies... Somewhere in there I need to sleep.

I know there's a way to juggle all this, and I'm going to give myself the next six months to figure it out. If I can survive the past twelve months, I can survive anything!
Hello friends and new watchers! I hope everyone had a good Spring-Holiday-Season (since so many holidays happened all at once!) and got to spend time with their friends and family :3

I have some exciting news to share!

While it happened much sooner than I expected, I'm happy to say that I got a promotion at work and I'm now part of the management! I'm thrilled that my hard work over the past 8 months has been recognized, and I'm even more excited to help keep my store running in excellent condition. I still have a little bit of training to do, but I feel confident that this is going to be a great step for me. The dust still has to settle before I get a set schedule, but at most it's going to take three weeks and after 4 months of a crazy work-schedule three weeks seems like a cakewalk ;)

Today is also my very last day modeling for the foreseeable future. Managing full-time at my retail job means I no longer have the time, or financial need, to model part-time at various art schools. I'm going to miss meeting the latest generation of artists to work in my area, I'm especially going to miss the "free art lessons" I get by listening to the lectures, but three years of modeling was longer than I had ever planned and better than I could have hoped for, so it all feels complete.

What does this mean for you guys, my friends and watchers?

Well, with my previous work-schedule I never had any scheduled days off (for the past four months, yikes!) which means I had to push my art to the side and really only work on it during breaks. Now that I have one steady, full-time job that means I actually get scheduled days off during the week. Consistently! This means that I will finally be able to make my art my part-time job and give it the time and dedication it deserves. I'll have whole days to dedicate to making and documenting my art, and updating all my various galleries.

While I'm waiting to start any new doll-projects until after Max and I move (to make packing easier, because let's just say calling my artistic-process "messy" is like calling the Atlantic Ocean "slightly moist") I have a couple projects I'll finally be able to finish up and a few small experiments I'll be able to do to get used to some new equipment (namely an airbrush my parents got me that's been staring at me from a corner in my studio, just daring me to brave the cold and take it outside for a spin.) If you follow me on Tumblr you can see that I've still been practicing digital work and keeping up with my sketches, so I'm not too worried about "getting rusty" ;)

tldr; promotion WOO! Permanent set-schedule starts in a few weeks, then nothing can stop THE ART!!!!
Just in case everyone was unaware, I do have other galleries and accounts!

First off my FurAffinity account is here. I usually post the same exact stuff there as here, but since I try to keep this DA gallery "professionally clean" you might find some extra tidbits there that I won't post here on DA.

Then my tumblr blog, which started out as an art-blog and has very quickly become a catch-all for my sketches, WIP-shots of dolls, and all the random reblogs you could ever desire!

And finally, I do also have a LiveJournal. Although I do post a lot of private journals there, it's also where I go to write about random stuff that doesn't quite fit anywhere else. Here there be spoilers!

Feel free to swing by any of my accounts and say hi :3
Well, this is definitely (for me) the most difficult part of making an original specie: sometimes you just have to keep fiddling with the anatomy and design until it sticks - and sometimes that process can take years! While it's not a big, huge, mind-shattering change - really just a few tweaks in their anatomy and proportions - it's definitely the final step I needed to take in making them look the way they "feel" in my head. Even designing their clothes has gotten easier!

Just to be clear, in case any one would be worried for some reason (especially for their own Xzeejee OC's), this isn't a major overhaul, just a slight change in their proportions. The differences may even be kind of difficult for some people to spot, so please don't be worried! I'm not changing their history, or culture, or planet, I just wasn't ever satisfied with their proportions.

All that being said I'm still going to delete some older deviations featuring information on the Xzeejees, tonight at midnight, so that I can make room in my gallery for the updated information. I'll leave up art featuring them (Thay Taruu, random deviations, etc.) but I will be taking down the OS Meme, and the two pages dealing with their coats and coloration.

The reasoning there is twofold: first I want to have all that information as up-to-date as possible anyway, and it was outdated by a couple years. The second being that my own visual "style" has developed in the past few years as well (along with the design for the Xzeejees) and I'd like to update everything with new drawings and art.

I kind of hate doing this, but it's one of the challenges of making your own original specie...
Dear watchers,
2014 forced me to hit the ground running! I've been working or modeling (or both!) every day of the week for pretty much the whole month and while it's been exhausting it has also been a good test of my mettle. I've still managed to be fairly productive creatively and keep a few projects (slowly but surely) moving along, even if I haven't been the best at updating my galleries and blogs.

While I know that this is going to be a rocky year for me due to moving homes, moving up in my job, and keeping my art career moving forward I am also looking forward to the challenges - even if I am experiencing some trepidation at the prospects! (A part of me thinks that there is a "moving" theme going on for the year...)

To keep myself moving along in my goals, I've been relying more and more on a daily planner and a list of weekly and daily goals. It makes me feel old and boring, but so far it's been keeping me on-track. Now that I'm setting aside specific times each week to actively work on my online galleries, I know that I'll be updating far more often - even if it is mostly just sketches and WIP-shots of dolls.

Mostly, though, I'm just ready for the spring! The short nights and frigid weather of winter always makes me want to just curl up and sleep for three months...
Only 4 days left in the year! Wow! I'll be glad for 2013 to be over, so I can start with a clean slate in 2014!

This year has had a lot of ups and downs... Getting married was definitely the highlight of my year! But between financial issues, problems with my family and friends, and a few other big things, I'm absolutely ready for a new year. 2013 was kind of a tough year for everyone I know :C

I don't like making New Years resolutions, I just try to constantly improve on the good habits I have, and train myself out of the bad habits I've developed over the past year. More importantly, instead of resolutions I try to make achievable goals, and build up toward long-term goals.

So here are some of my New Years Goals for 2014

*Complete my training for a management position at my job and be ready to move up by March!

*Starting the first week of January, pack one box of belongings a week so that by July me and Max are ready to move (this is a Big Deal because I'm kind of a hoarder, and I'm very unorganized, and I have a bad habit of packing things, remembering I "need" them, and then unpacking them again...)

*Me and Max will move by August. Still don't know where, so I need to spend at least an hour each week looking at postings on Craigslist.

*Have a personal art website up and running by July, so I can have all the bugs worked out by the Christmas shopping season of 2014.

*Participate in Sideshow 9! Wow! Number 9 already! I can't even believe it XD
---Which means I'll need to help organize and run Sideshow 9, too...

*Run a Fiber/Doll show at Yellow Cab before the end of 2014.

*Reconnect/become more involved with the Dayton Circus. It's kind of like we acquired the Yellow CAB Building, and then I fell off the face of the planet. I don't think anyone who knows my personal situation of the time would blame me, but I still feel guilty that I haven't been nearly as involved as I should have!



*Make a delicious dinner for all my friends at least twice this year!
Accepting commissions for Christmas until 11/07/13!!! Place the commission now to be sure you will get it in time for the Holidays!

Please e-mail Commission requests or inquiries to

I have opened 3 Commissions Slots for Fine Art Dolls.

Fine Art Dolls are picking up popularity, and it's easy to see why!

Who wouldn't want a fuzzy, posable, life-long companion like Oma, Jillian, or Boris?

Fine Art Dolls similar in size to these three examples start at only $150!!!

If you have ever wanted to "play with yourself", Fine Art Dolls are the perfect art-form ;)

Just like my customers, each and every one of my Fine Art Dolls are completely unique - meaning I don't use molds or patterns.

When you commission me for a Fine Art Doll I will pay attention to every detail, and I can even craft special horns or claws, special wings, and even variations in the length of the hair! I will work from reference sheets or written descriptions.

As well, all Fine Art Dolls I make come with the Craftsmanship Guarantee - meaning that if they end up damaged over the years, I'll repair them at half price!!

Why not bring a miniature version of your fursona home for the Holidays?
Hello my friends, how's life treating you?

I've been having a very busy couple of months, and luckily it looks like it may be winding down for the year (I hopehopehopehope!)

Yesterday was the end of the Country Artists Sale; a local, biennial art sale. It was my very first year for participating and, to be honest, I went in with very low expectations.

First, I'll say that I loved how the art sale was run: the entire process was very easy, and I was able to submit my inventory sheet online. They had a plethora of volunteers - all very kind, professional, and friendly - to help the artists and customers throughout every part of the sale. I didn't even have to stay with my booth!

I got a chance to wander around, and bought a beautiful, beautiful hand-made scarf from a local artist.

It's awesome to see the caliber of art that's being produced locally, and even more awesome because my needle felt creations were being displayed right across from my aunt's photography!

The good news is that my artwork was the only of its kind there: while there were some wet-felted and needle felted hats, there were no animal figurines of any kind, whether sculpted or needle felted. So that was good!

The bad news is... My artwork was the only of its kind there, and I kinda made some poor decisions on what to make to prepare for the sale. You see, it was the Country Workshop Artists Sale - which means that most of the art (if it had a theme) was themed around "the country": Route 66, areas in Troy, farm houses, farm animals... Wildlife...

I brought a whole bunch of dragons and unicorns XD

So... Seeing all this, going in with low expectations for sales, I was delighted to find that at least one of my babies found a new home! The only item I sold was really the only thing that went with the theme of the sale - a little red fox, which would have been considered "wildlife".

Lesson learned - if I'm asked to participate again in two years I'll go in with a bunch of wildlife and farm animals!

Life has been really crazy for me recently.

Being married is great (although it's not like much has changed, I just get to show off a pretty ring, now) but there have been a lot of personal bumps in the road for me recently.

I'm in the middle of helping my parents by taking care of their house for two weeks: they're in Korea because my mom is a Black Belt in Kuk Sool Won, and they're having global testing there. Already she's taken third place in Technique - not to bad for a lady in her fifties!!!

So... Here for the next week or so my internet access will be limited - I have to leave the computer with Max so he can be a productive adult and write all his mid-term papers.


I've been letting myself take a little break on making dolls - partially because I'm so busy, and also in part because I've been trying to develop the sketches and plan them out more from beginning to end.

Also I had to wait to buy... LIQUID SCULPEY!!! Which means I can now make my own eyes for my dolls! How cool (and money saving!) is that?

But that doesn't mean I've been taking a creative hiatus. Do you remember that super secret writing project I've been talking about? We're mere pages away from wrapping up book 1 - so close that I got impatient and started writing book 2!

The problem me and collab-buddy have right now is that neither one of us wants to write the next paragraph XD WE JUST CAN'T! So much happens in the next paragraph, and we're just not ready for it XD

As an odd note, how cool was it to be married to a poli-sci major during the government shutdown? It didn't give me peace of mind, but it definitely helped me understand the situation more!

-New job at the pet store is good! I love my managers, I love my fellow employees, and the best part of the job is that when we get done with store maintenance - if we're not helping customers - our number 1 priority is to socialize the animals!

-Kitten-sitting for Stormy went well. That was last week. I have vowed that at any cost I will adopt that cat!!! First I have to get around having an allergic father-in-law.... Seriously, though, me and that kitten bonded sooooooo well over the course of 10-days it was crazy.

-The Rabbits are quite Rabbitish. Since I've been so busy I haven't gotten a chance to groom Hagrid, the angora girl. Don't worry, she isn't covered in mattes or tangles, she just looks extra-poofy.

-The Rat ladies are fat :C No really, I think I need to put them on a diet... I actually feed them a lower-quality dog food: lower-quality dog foods actually have a nutritional quality much closer to high-quality rat food. The problem with dog food is that it's full of proteins and extra sugars - this isn't a problem when I'm home a lot and the rats practically live on the couch with me; it is a problem when I'm not home very often and they refuse to play with their wheel. So... New food for them!

-Parthurnax the CWD has just begun shedding again. I've been experimenting with his food, trying to find something - anything! - other than crickets that he will eat, and so far it has been unsuccessful... He absolutely disdains mealworms, he ignored the nightcrawler I put in there, feeder fish confuse him, and all he did with the fruit was lick it and then stare at me like I am a disgrace. Every time I feed him crickets I dust them with a lizard-nutrition spray, so I'm not too worried... Yet... I'd just love for him to get the variety he needs in his diet, and it's so difficult when he's so picky!

-Family is doing okay... Max (hubby), Vince (bro in law), and Mark (dad in law) all got sick with a stomach bug and I somehow managed to not catch it! Probably by being so busy I was hardly ever in the house!

-My family-family is also doing okay, but there's some stuff going on that... Well, I can't really talk about, and it's got me worried. Just... If you have any spare thoughts, or positive energy, or even prayers... Could you send 'em to my little brother?

In a couple weeks I'll bring my Etsy shop back up-to-date and hopefully begin pushing doll commissions again!