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Sasuke 1 - line art

August 14, 2007

My first Sasuke pic. I've been shying away from drawing him, since a good friend of mine adores him and I was afraid I'd screw up his fave shinobi.

I used jadeedge's amazing drawing as a reference. Nowhere near as good as the original, of course. But since I haven't been able to draw anything lately I feel pretty good about it.

Just line art for now. I might work on shading when I'm feeling more confident.

[edit] cleaned up some stray lines.
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If I use this I will credit you. :) Good job!
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May I color it...It would be fun ad i would credit you.
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You can if you want, but jadeedge's original is much much better. Check it out here.

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thanks...yours is still cool!
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lol. Thank you. :aww:
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Well refrencing seems to help and I understand that LoL This looks really increadible^^ Keep up the great work!
Love. Love. Love.

Thanks, Rowan! :) He's so pretty. And intense. And dangerous. MMM. Just what I'd expect from my little man!

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Thanks! Your Urahara pic rocks.
Awsome, May I color it for fun?
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