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Gaara 2

April 5th, 2007

I've had 500 views already! So I figured I should work really, really hard on something. And I chose Gaara. Incredibly happy with how he turned out, although I firmly believe that his hair will vex me until the day I die. Someone get that boy Sasuke's comb!

I'm also proud that I didn't cop out and draw a heart on his forehead (as I would have been inclined to). Took a wicked long time, but I think I did pretty well with the kanji.

And the gourd! I've decided that his gourd rocks socks!

Let me know what you think. :)

-- Rowan

[edit] Added a record of how I drew this pic in scraps.
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Wow, very nice.. did you copy of a screenshot or anything?
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Thanks! I actually used 3 or 4 screenshots for reference.
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k aside from his cool expression and the very clean lines you have a lot of great details in there: the way the fabric of the sleeves overlaps his straps, the cracks in the gourd, the dark circles under the eyes (he carries a heavy burden) and ofc the kanji rocks. XD
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It's been pointed out that I am way too attached to this particular insomniac. But the good news is, hopefully that means I'll draw more pics of him in the future!

Thanks for the kind words, xshelaghx.