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No Wilson

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Published: April 20, 2017
This map is the result of asking a single question, what if America stayed out of the Great War?
The point of divergence is a 1911 bad tuna sandwich which causes the death former president Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, removing him from the 1912 presidential election. Without his charismatic personality splitting the republican vote, Taft easily wins.
The election map in the corner is based on the simple premise that Taft got all the votes that Teddy got.

By 1917 the western front had been in a stalemate in 3 years. No side had the advantage and both sides were tired.
The American entry broke the stalemate and allowed the entente powers to impose punitive conditions on the central powers, and let to the rise both of Nazism and Communism. Wilson's careless acts thus resulted in both the second world war and the cold war.
For these thinking that Wilson was okay, remember that he spent is first term enslaving the American people to a central bank (the federal reserve) and getting the 16th amendment passed which resulted in the creation of the IRS.
After screwing Americans over in his first term he continued to screw over the rest of the world in his second term.

The Great war was fought in two theatres, the eastern and the western front. By 1917 the eastern front had all but collapsed.
The February Revolution on the 15th of Marts lead to the collapse of the imperial government and the creation of the Russian republic.
Without the pressure and interference from America, the new government immediately starts to negotiate a separate peace with the central powers, thereby defaulting on the triple entante's promise, but saving the Russian army.
On the 5th of May 1917 a peace treaty identical to the historical Brest-Litovsk treaty that the Bolsheviks signed on 3th or Marts 1918, is agreed to.
Under this treaty Russia annuls all alliances with Britain and France, secede all of Russian Polish-Lithania to Germany, and releases Livornia, Estonia, Finland and Ukraine as sovereign states.
These countries all becomes constitutional monarchies mirrored after the German model, and minor German princes are elected kings.

The peace treaty proves that the providential government is capable, and it spares the Russian army, which ensures that the October revolution fails. Lenin is captured and hanged for treason, and the republican Russian government survives.
It bases its constitution on the American model. Freedom of speech and assembly, the separation of church and state as well as private property are all enshrined as sacrosanct.

With the eastern front closed, all German and Austrian troops are freed up to join their comrades on the western front.
The reinforcements are not enough to break the France and British lines, but it gives the Germans a powerful morale boost while the call for peace becomes deafening on the French/British side.

So by September 1917 the allied High command ask for a truce.
In the German lead peace negotiations in Dortmund, the Imperial German government knows that it can't demand much from the western allies, due it is inability to break its ranks.
So it settles for smaller gains.
Luxenbourg are to be incorporated into the German empire and Serbia and Montenegro both becomes part of Austria-Hungary.
The blame for the war is put on Serbia and no war reparations are given.
In effect this means that neither France nor Britain loses anything, the only losers are their allies. In other words it becomes a white peace.

This result in the Great war truly end up being the war that ended all wars. But not in the ways the politicians wanted. The young men of Europe have fought and died on the battlefield for essentially nothing. In all belligerent countries the population turns against their established politicians, and in a matter of a few short years the entire political class in France, England and Germany are replaced by new young anti-war populist.
The Kaiser survives but have to accept a Social-Democrat as chancellor, that only barely tolerates him and only as a figurehead.

Across the Atlantic America becomes more isolationist then ever. The successful conclusion of the war proves that they don't have to "make the world safe for democracy". That all the American government have to do is to "keep the American democracy safe"
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Honestly I like this timeline. Wilson fucking sucked, selling us out to international bankers.
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Ah yes, in this timeline the USA was defeated by the British in the war of 1812. As I said it wasn't enogh to destroy the union, but it crippled it.
The battle of New Orleans leads to a humiliating defeat for Mayor General Andrew Jackson who surrenders to the English,  Sir Edward Pakenham. They occupy the province and in the following peace negotiations takes it as a direct crown colony in order to control the traffic on the Mississippi river.

Another decicive battle that falls to the British favour was won by the Indian warchief Tecumseh, who is awarded the central American continent (the rest of the Louisiana purchase) as a British protectorate
Finally the we have the Republic of New England who rebelled against the US near the end of the war, whose independence is guaranteed in the following peace negotiations.
America is thus bared from westward expansion.

Because of the deal with Tecumseh, England creates a second colony separate from Canada in the west, the much expanded British Columbia who includes all of the Oregon Territory.

America never buys Alaska so it stays Russian.

The situation with Texas are a little more confusing, I actually think the map should be updated as I don't think that the Californian republic would logically end up being part of Texas, but Mexico would definitely not be able to hold on to these areas in the long run, for that the country is just too unstable.
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Interesting, and as a result of this weak America, they were unable to be involved in WWI?
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If we are talking about the British win 1812 than no.

Why wouldn't the US be involved in world war one?
No they most certainly would.
the US-British conciliation that happened because of the result of this war would never have occurred. Thus the US would have remained bitter and anti-British, thus finding themselves as a natural ally with Bismarck Germany. The late 19th century American thinkers would greatly admire Bismarck in his effort to unite Germany, and would share a similar ambition, seeking to write what (what in their eyes) were wronged.

There would be no slavery debate to distract the US, as abolition would have been a strong part of the peace treaty, thus alleviating all tension between the remaining northern states and the southern states.
New England on the other hand would be allied with Britain.

This map on the other hand is based on a more simple premise, that America simply choose to stay neutral