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For these who don’t know me, my main creative interest are the hama mini 2,5mm plastic beads and writing stories, that I orcassionally try to draws character from. However academically I have a dual mayor in Philosophy and Economics. In order to not having to write lesser versions of this multiple times in comment entries; and to properly explain my position to people who think I may hate their country of America; I will here write a short history of money, so I can explain just how central the USA is to the system today and also how precarious the current situation is.         1 Ancient history  2 John Law       3 The Classical gold standard       4 Is war good for the economy? 5 The Road to Bretton Woods 6 American zenith 7 Petrodollar and stragflation 8 Triffins dilemma       9 To Infinity and Beyond 10 Peak madness 11 Real Value 12 The four evils 13 Complexity 14 The End 15 Conclusion   I) Ancient History The story of money begins in ancient Egypt where before the invention of
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Six principles

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I am somewhat of a philosopher, but what written little down, at least on deviantart. I have been encouraged to list a few of my findings and today i will summarize what I call the six principles. The six principles are an attempt to organise the most basic order derived from natural law. 1st principle: God This is the principle of principles, the idea that there is such a thing as principles, namely absolute imperatives that transcends any human thought or cognition. This principle seeks to illustrate the externality of principles, they are not an invention but a discovery. 2nd principle antroprocentrism Mankind is created in the image of God. A sentence that should be uncontroversial, but for atheists that reject the first principle it is very controversial, but the logical moral consequence of being an atheist is deep in deed which i will illustrate in a later post. This principle is a limiter, and it is an appeal to the individual. It is the principle that dictates that the
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It was a very exiting election last night, like many others I was glued to the scream and cheered as Trump was getting closer and closer to victory. But I couldn't help wondering if it was fair. The US election system highly discourages third parties and creates a lot of waste as the the candidate with the biggest plurality usually always wins all the votes in the state. The problem is not the electoral college itself, because it is fair that every state gets a fixed number of votes weighting by the states population, the problem is that a state can be won. So I made a calculation for how many electors each of the four candidates that were
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that taboo is part of the problem, but the reason it could be introduced was due to the successful instalment of the collective emotion of guilt.

If ye can make a population feel guilty, ye can make them accept a situation that is suboptimal to themselves, such as active discrimination against them (example US affirmative action).

It is in the same family as rule though fear, which is what covid is all about.

The concept of ruling though fear is not to make people afraid of their government as some think, but rather to make them afraid of something external that they then run to the government for protection. Ideally this external threat that causes fear should be imaginary so that it can't be defeated, or cause a legitimate threat to the government.

But it is the same reason for why I have said that all emotions should be ignored when it comes to decision making as they always leads us astray and distract us from the most rational and logical cause of action, and leads to infringement on our most sacredly held principles.

I am not sure what thou mean by that

the poll i made was a reference to that

looks like a 1990's American B film

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