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Gallery Folders

Tilly by Everwho
The Shrine by Everwho
For Spamchowder99 by theNorthWillRemember
Luke Skywalker by R-Valle
Personal RPG Art
Deinosuchus by dungeonmeister
Centaur Armour by BATTLEFAIRIES
[COMMISSION] Dusk - Khala(Tabaxi) Assassine by s0ulafein
[COMMISSION] Dekkhir - Kobold Fighter by s0ulafein
Published: Fantasy Games
Abigor the fallen Aasimar Warlock by DavidKoo
Kurumi - The Queen Of Forbidden Knowledge by IK-Morishita
Abigail - The Dark Elementalist by IK-Morishita
Celia Aers - The Eldritch Archer by IK-Morishita
Published: Sci-Fi + Modern Games
GnoGno by cyberaeon
Phoenix by cyberaeon
Smart suit by Daemonideus
Cover artwork for 'Frontier Explorer' by JerryBoucher
Published: Supers Games
SupersVsCthulhu by JamesDenton
Demonwing by Everwho
Marionette by Everwho
Child of Shadow by Everwho
Published: Horror Games
The Rashnaya by Everwho
Spot illustrations for 'Casting The Runes' RPG by JerryBoucher
Trilogie de la crasse / Grime trilogy by Madd-og
The Denizens by Everwho
Published: Other Games
The Dictionnaire Infernal by Everwho
Le Ordre Hospitaller by Everwho
The Shrine by Everwho
StormWidow by Everwho
Mature RPG Art

Mature Content

Glynis and Laurena by dungeonmeister

Mature Content

The rescue of Helanda by dungeonmeister

Mature Content

Marina in jungle outfit 1 by Bordon by Kervala

Mature Content

Vampiress by Daemonideus


Four Hunters by vanderWaardart
Queen of the Dead by vanderWaardart
Tarot Sorcerer by Shaniah
NPC Troubles by Shardanic
RPG Personal Art Favorites
Inquisitor Shamsiel by minipicaso
Jen Tai  Challenge by xong
Pixel!Fortune appears by jessykka
Rue reference sheet by rah-bop
Published RPG Art Favorites
Arlen by BryanSyme
Giant Shark Attack by GunshipRevolution
Distant Shores Cover by kerembeyit
Star Wars: Force and Destiny by wraithdt


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Rules and Such (Group FAQ)


• This group is for artists and illustrators who do work specifically for TABLETOP roleplaying games, such as Dungeons & Dragons. Anyone may join, but we ask that you only do so if you plan on contributing qualifying work, otherwise you should simply click "+Watch" above.

Submitting Art
• All art submitted by members will be reviewed for qualification as TABLETOP/PEN & PAPER RPG art. All art MUST be labeled as relating to a tabletop RPG or otherwise be obviously related to a tabletop RPG. Art this is not labeled will be questioned before being allowed in the group. If you do not respond to the question, the art will not appear in the group. Art that is obviously not RPG-related will be rejected.

Acceptable Sources
-Any traditional tabletop, pen-and-paper roleplaying game primarily played using books and dice, such as Dungeones & Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Vampire the Masquerade, Das Schwarze Auge, Torg Eternity or Mutants & Masterminds, even if it is based on entertainment media, such as the Star Wars RPGs or the One Ring RPG.

-Traditional tabletop games, as above, played on a virtual tabletop.

-Any tabletop RPG product, including books, cards, or packaging.

-Live-Action RolePlay (LARP) characters, as long as they are illustrated and not photographs of cosplay.

Unacceptable Sources
-Any video game or other game played primarily on a gaming console, mobile device, or computer, even if it is, itself, an RPG, such as World of Warcraft or Skyrim, or related to a tabletop RPG, such as Neverwinter Nights or Pathfinder Online.

-Collectible card games (CCGs), such as Magic the Gathering or Pokémon.

-Any entertainment media such as TV or movies, even if related to a tabletop RPG.

-Any published fiction media such as novels or comic books, even if related to a tabletop RPG, such as D&D novels or the Pathfinder comic books.

•This group is for RPG illustration only. We do not accept maps (save for those of illustrational quality), diagrams, graphic design, three-dimensional art (sculptures, painted miniatures, etc.), photography, or written work (unless accompanied by an illustration). Note that pieces submitted prior to March 2019 are excepted from this rule.

• Please post your art to the appropriate gallery, as follows:

-Featured: this gallery is for admin use only and houses our favorite pieces from the other galleries. You cannot post to this gallery.

-Personal RPG Art: for art created for personal use of for private commission, regardless of genre.

-Published RPG Art: for art created for commercial use or publication in an RPG book or product. Each folder covers a specific speculative genre. Note that despite the name, the work in question doesn't actually have to have been published in order to qualify for these folders, only that it has to have been specifically commissioned by an RPG publisher for the express purpose of publication in an RPG product.

-Mature RPG Art: this folder holds any art that is deemed "mature" or "NSFW," including those depicting nudity or graphic violence (gore). You must be 18 years old to view this gallery.

-Favorites Collection: favorites are pieces that, for whatever reason, did not get artist permission to be posted in the main galleries. You should not post any work into these galleries.

• Group administrators retain the right to move your submission after posting if we do not believe it was correctly placed. Placement of art will NOT affect the acceptance or denial of your submission.

• Submissions to any gallery are limited to 5/month.

•Although we will accept tasteful nudity, erotic art is not permitted. The management reserves the right to determine what is "erotic" and what is not. Art deemed "NSFW" must be placed in the "Mature RPG Art" gallery. We will NOT accept any art depicting domestic violence or abuse, torture, rape, or anything overtly demeaning or insulting to any race, gender, or real-life group.

• We reserve the right to delete any art, refuse any submission, or remove any member at our discretion.

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020
Thanks to Kervala, I now know how to access the group's submissions, which is good because they do NOT show up in my general list. The submissions are buried under multiple layers... Which is my problem with the entire site. Everything I want to do seems to be hidden under something else and what I used to be able to do in a single click now takes several to just get to. Eclipse seems to be about jumping through hoops. Nothing is intuitive or convenient. It's like they only cared about what the site LOOKS like and forgot that people actually have to use it. It's just so bad. So, so bad.
Anyway, it's been figured out so feel free to submit again. Please remember that your posts MUST BE RELATED TO A TRADITIONAL PEN & PAPER ROLEPLAYING GAME!!!! Also, please read the FAQ and follow the group rules. Thank you.
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JoBWaggon Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey all, I'm trying to get into doing commissions! I love drawing people's D&D characters so fee free to contact me if you need something or someone drawn up!

Commision Price Scale by JoBWaggon   Druid and Spirit by JoBWaggon   Capernicus Working by JoBWaggon   Vexikos Reworked by JoBWaggon   Capernicus by JoBWaggon  
AyalaNaylo Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
Character Commissions by AyalaNaylo   Character Commissions by AyalaNaylo   DND Character 06 by AyalaNaylo   DND Character 05 by AyalaNaylo  Commissions for D&D characters are open!
TalesOfListra Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I wanna wish everyone merry and warm holidays! ^^ Baby Yodas Holiday Set Cover by TalesOfListra  
Everwho Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
That's awesome.  Thanks for sharing your holiday warmth with us!  Gotta love Yodababy!
Zabhela111 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2019
Hello, I offered a recent submission. Confrontation between a superheroine and supervillainess.
The RPG is D20 Modern, heavily house-ruled and hybridized with the Mutants and Masterminds RPG.
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