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Welcome to the RPG ILLUSTRATORS SHOWCASE! The tabletop roleplaying game industry is one of the greatest supporters of speculative illustration ever, and this group is a celebration of RPG art and the artists that create it! Open to both professionals and fans alike, we invite you to share your RPG art with us here at the RPG Illustrators Showcase!
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    The forced changeover to the new groups has resulted in the deletion and loss of many of the features of our old group, including years of collected Favorites and the group FAQ. I'll have to figure out how to create a new group FAQ from scratch. In the meantime, here's a temporary Micro-FAQ: Q: What can I post here? A: We only accept art from or related to TABLETOP ROLEPLAYING GAMES (TTRPGs). This means traditional pen-and-paper RPGs that are played with dice and character sheets. This does NOT include video games, CCGs or other card games, board games, or any other form of media such as video games, movies, comic books, novels, or TV shows, even if they are otherwise related to a TTRPG. The opposite, however, is NOT true. For instance, I generally won't accept art related to STAR WARS unless it is expressly related to one of the many STAR WARS RPGS. This means portraits of your SWRPG character is acceptable but a drawing of Darth Vader is not unless it appeared in a STAR WARS
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    Hey y'all, i'll just have a question. Does anyone know what program(s) I could used make my own template .Like in regard for species, rpg classes ,and character sheets. An not taking about pre-existing one like for DND , or pathfinder. But  a custom one.

    I don't understand this question. You mean a program that will allow you to invent a roleplaying game? Microsoft Word? Pencil and paper? Game design is done in the mind using imagination and a little math. All you need is somewhere to write it all down.

    Well... it's not like don't have any where to write it all down. But it's more about the presentation of it. You know? What i'm basically looking to do atm ,is template sheet .For the characters ,species , and rpg classes (The whole 9 yards of rpg). For my own rpg series. Something along the lines of this (https://stargazersworld.com/2009/02/25/sneak-peek-dungeonslayers-character-sheet/) , or even like this (https://i.pinimg.com/originals/6f/b5/39/6fb5399592be9c9c07f49537df2c2bb8.jpg).

    But can't draw for shit atm, and not quite familiar with the whole process of making one. So i'm looking for any tips, or suggest on how to make ,and original one on my own.

    Well the first link goes to a character sheet. The second one is a fan-made monster done in the style of the D&D 5E Monster Manual. I would assume these were both created using some form of publishing design software such as Adobe InDesign. That's what I use to create my own character sheets and self-published RPG material. To my knowledge, there's no pre-generated "plug-and-play" templates out there to create this sort of material... You have to put in the work and learn how to do it yourself.

    Hi, is this a good place discuss rpg's idea's , recruit for rpg project's , or simply get help for an rpg.

    You man in the way of, like, rules and game content? Not really. I mean, it's an art group on an art website. We're all about RPG art here. That said, chances are good that a large portion of our membership are RPG players and the only thing RPG players like better than playing RPGs is talking about them, so... Maybe? Post your question and see if anybody answers. That's about the best I answer I can give you.

    Aright, I'll try doing just that. I'll appreciate the replay.