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Badass Collage! by rpg9386 Badass Collage! :iconrpg9386:rpg9386 1 1
Short story part one
A short story
It was a dark and raining night in the city. The alleys were empty, for the homeless took shelter elsewhere.
"That's good," thought a 16 year old teen that was heading there.
The teen's name was Ella smark, and she was a beatiful heavy girl with short black hair and bluish green eyes. Ella was wearing a coral lavender zipper up half top and dark violet skirt with a heavily drenched dark navy windbreaker coat. She was a very depressed teen with [what she believes] a very screwed up life that cannot be redeemed. On this night she planned to take her own life. How you ask? With her dad's family heirloom .38 revolver. She has never fired a gun before. But to her it seemed better than jumping off a bridge or through a window.
Ella pulled out the revolver and pulled back the hammer. She was very frightened but felt there was no alternative. She held the gun to her head. As she did, flashes of her life passed through her in milliseconds. Tears welled up
:iconrpg9386:rpg9386 2 0
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OC: 500 kilos of Olivia by Aka-FA
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Old Violet, New Gum
Old Violet, New Gum
(Try to ignore the fact that there is no conceivable way that the 2005 blueberry could possibly have fit in the 1971 Inventing Room. Just for the purposes of this fanfiction, the room has a larger surface area to accommodate that size, despite being set completely in the 1971 movie.)
Once the mysterious machine came to a stop, out popped a little flat white strip. Wonka immediately snatched it out with a “Finito!”
“That’s all?!” whined Veruca. Clearly, being pampered her entire life left her numb to excitement, wanting more as always.
Wonka was slightly taken aback. “’That’s all?!’ Don’t you know what this is?”
Violet immediately shoved her way forward. “By gum, it’s gum!” she exclaimed at the point of sheer excitement.
Wonka turned his head to her. “Wrong!” he exclaimed happily, yet sarcastically. “It’s the most amazing, fabulous, sensational gum in the whole
:iconabbabeth-the-hamster:ABBAbeth-the-hamster 41 0
New Violet, Old Gum
Everybody watched the unusual machine in complete anticipation.  Finally, a horizontal slot unfolded, and out came a small caramel rectangle.  Intrigued, Violet pulled it out and looked at it.
Mike scoffed.  “You mean that’s it?”
Wonka became slightly annoyed.  “Do you even know what ‘it’ is?”
Violet stared at the thing, not even looking up.  “It’s gum.”
“Yeah.” Wonka smiled with a nervous giggle.  “It’s a stick of the most amazing and sensational gum in the whole universe.  Know why?  Know why?!”  He became more and more excited with each word.  “Because this gum is a full three-course dinner all by itself!”
Mr. Salt grimaced and raised an eyebrow.  “Why would anyone want that?”
Wonka tried to look for the right words.  Unable to think of what to say, he pulled some note cards out of his coat and started reading.
:iconabbabeth-the-hamster:ABBAbeth-the-hamster 30 0
A Very Blue Violet by Nevoki
Mature content
A Very Blue Violet :iconnevoki:Nevoki 191 19



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METROID IS BACK!!! After seven years in isolation, Samus is returning in two games Metroid Samus Returns 3ds in 9/15 and Metroid Prime 4 for Nintendo Switch! It is about time she had more games;



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