Do's and Don'ts for submissions [Updated]

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Here's a handy list of guidelines for submissions:

:bulletgreen: Realistic art style
:bulletgreen: Digital or traditional painting
:bulletgreen: Would work neatly in either Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Pillars of Eternity, Shadowrun Returns, Neverwinter Nights, Tyranny and/or the likes.
:bulletgreen: Anything between full body and mug shot

:bulletred: Anything that isn't a character portrait or can be cropped to function as such
:bulletred: Cartoon, Comic, Anime or Manga Style
:bulletred: 3D Rendering
:bulletred: Cel shading style
:bulletred: Monochrome palette
:bulletred: Obstrusive Watermark
:bulletred: Stolen Artwork
:bulletred: Plain, single colour background
:bulletred: Insufficient artistic skill
:bulletred: Too small resolution
:bulletred: Too sketchy/ Distinct lack of detailing

About Commission Infos:
:bulletyellow: Commission Infos always go into the "Commission Infos" folder (duh). We however only accept Commission Infos that are for/include offers for artwork that would be presentable in the group aka would fit the above stated submission guidelines. The idea is to create a pool of commission offers for people who want custom portraits made but don't know where to look.

If you are unsure, just look at what's already in the gallery and honestly ask yourself: "Does my art fit in here?"
This list may be expanded in the future, so please keep a look out :)

PS: Updated the list since people keep submitting stuff that does not fit the group. I hope things are clearer now.
PPS: Added some guidelines regarding Commission Infos.
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That’s a shame and no offence a little too picky