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WELCOME to the Rpg-Maker-Artists :dummy:


•First of all, everyone is welcome to join, just be respectful to all other members.

•Be free to submit all your rpg-maker related work, just be sure to send in the right folder.

•Want to use any resource on this group? Just ask for the author permission, and give all necessary credits.

•You can send sketches or incomplete works here freely in the "Concept Art" folder

•And most important of all:
Have fun creating^^

Just Click Here Dood…

Making it short:

   Say bye to Ruby, and hello to JavaScript
   Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOs, HTML 5
(yea, web browsers too, omg!)
   Mouse and Touch support.
   Database limits: 2000.
   Both sideview and frontal battle.
(you can choose).
   3 Layered maps and high resolution support.
   Plugin manager for the js files
   Event searcher
   Tiles are now 48x48 instead of 32x32
(that is actually the only bad news, in my opinion ...)
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Devious Folder

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We will be a group that supports art and projects made with the RPG Maker programs.
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May 4, 2010


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Game Creation

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Vaguekatti Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2023

Is there a demand for RPG Maker XP style these days?
RPG Maker XP Style Mario by Vaguekatti  
What do you think?
jetrotal Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2022  Hobbyist Filmographer

There's a project for creating opensource artwork for RM2k/2k3 and EasyRPG

It's called Open RTP
Easyrtr by jetrotal  


This year it reached an amazing milestone, by completing all the chipset that was needed with the help of Jason Perry from finalbossblues :D

ortp2K exterior by jetrotal  

If you feel like giving a new life to your old original assets or make new ones, you can check OpenRTP progress and how to help here:…

Thanks in advance and sorry if this isn't the best place to talk about this kind of project!
Cheshire387 Featured By Owner May 23, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I have RPG Maker MV Facesets Commissions open if anyone interested!

RPG Maker MV Faceset- APH Japan(+Commission price) by Cheshire387  
gamesakanostudios Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2022…
If you could support me this game of sharing and leave your opinion for it is a project that you will have this year
vinicyn22 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2022
Hi, I'm needing medieval packs, with sprites and tilesets.
fstltna Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2021  Hobbyist Artist

Hello! We have added a new feature that lets you recruit freelancers to create assets or scripts for you, or if you are a content creator you can list your resume here and what services you want to offer. The basic service is free for both freelancer & buyer, but there are also enhanced options with more features for a small fee.

This is still a work in progress so we are looking for feedback on issues you find or if you need help using the service. You can go to the new server at

Hope to see you there! Your friends at

KoolActr403 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My game is named "Magical Source", named after my web novel. My main concern right now is the outfits--here's a link so you can look at my art.…
BH-Ouji Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2021
Is this fanclub only about RM MV or 2000 and 2003 too?
Abashi76 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2021
I think it's just for MV/MZ.
BH-Ouji Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2021
Ow, so it's not for me, i stopped at RM 2000/2003
SylphLane Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for accepting me in group
Liny-An Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2021   Digital Artist
Hello everyone! I am a digital artist and I am offering RPG Maker faceset commissions. Please check them out if you are interested!

RPG Maker Faceset Commissions Info [OPEN] by Liny-An  
Noisymichael Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2021  Student Artist
i'm lookin for a sprite of a ford car like the mustang mach-e
HonorableSonsXKamio Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2021
Looking to commission walking and battler sprites for a rpgmaker title. PMother of god lease respond if interested thanks!
xiamthelostx Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2021  Hobbyist
If anyone is still active here, I am looking to commission multiple sprites and some tile assets for rpg maker mv. I don't use deviant art very often so I'm very confused on how to ask people for commissions outside of a post here.
Reeman326 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2020
If anyone is still here, I am looking for someone who is capable of making Rpg Maker VX Ace tile-sets. I basically want to hire someone to make a medieval bombard. 
LepusEpus Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2021
I don't draw tilesets, nor do I know people for that, just asking out of curiousity, have you been able to find anyone? 
Btw, interesting page, that only one you've got on your watchlist, I mean :D:D
EspyFur Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
kato-san15 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rpg maker portrait by kato-san15   Rpg maker portrait 2 by kato-san15   
Hi, I'm offering character portraits for your game. Commission me. 
Dreiks Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
My gave development team is looking for sprite artists to help us out. Would anyone be interested?
If you want to know more about the project take a look at our group here on DA :iconphoenix--dream:
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