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XP Gloss 1600x1200

By rpeterclark
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A nice shiny glossy Windows XP logo! I had initially just made this for myself but I got many requests for it after I posted my desktop, so I made a few colors variations and will post it here. I know it's not a very original subject, but it's just for fun. ;-)

The zip contains 15 variations, various backgrounds with a black logo, some with a multi-colored XP logo and some with a Longhorn colored logo.

There is also a 1920x1200 zip available for those with wide screen displays.

EDIT: Just wanted to note that the bottom row of color variations is only for the preview and does not actually appear on the individual wallpapers.
© 2003 - 2021 rpeterclark
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Hey peter, very nice work and I appreciate your sharing. I used one of your wallpapers to add it as the wallpaper of my theme. I was looking for a wallpaper that perfectly agrees with my theme from the moment I uploaded my first version, and the wallpaper with the black background and black logo is perfect for my theme.
Here's the [link] for my theme.
I hope you're not angry.
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Wow, awesome wallpapers! And such nice quality and work on these, thanks for making! :)
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Nice work, thanx for sharing!
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LOVE THEESE! keep up the good work!
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Nice, tight render. Well done.
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Thanks for pointing this out, it's been fixed.
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Ah phat, I don't like windows that much, but the design is very awesome...
*wonders if he will take a request for me*
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I absolutely LOVE this wallpaper. I thought that orange color was the only one! Nice job. Thanks!
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Great work! Congratulation! :)
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wow exelent :) thanks
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nice job. saw somein just like this at [link]
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Slick? No. Frictionless. I'm loving it.
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the black on black looks best to me... i request a render that is highly reflective metal, or plastic... it would be real cool...
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this is cool as :thumbsup:
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mmmmmhh glossy.
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Great Wallpaper and nice stie too :-)
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wow, so clean ! hella cool, I download:)
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Awww man! and I thought there was some subliminal devious message about windows...anyways! Darn good show lad!! Awsome detail!!
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very nifty, good job
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