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As a roleplay group it helps for us to have a growing list of roleplay groups to display. If your group is involved with roleplay do not hesitate to add us to your affiliates.

Rules and Submission Policy

:la:1- Follow the terms of service for

:la:2- People shall NOT be harassed or made fun of for their level of literacy. Though support goes fully to literacy. Teasing or bothering another person for their level of literacy is not a productive manner of getting them to progress.

:la:3- Visual Art can only be submit in two forms.
A- Character art
B- a scene or a comic page/strip from an RP

:la:4- If you bother fellow members in excess you'll be banned from the club.

:la:5- Art that is submit to the club should be of a decent quality, meaning sketches on lined paper will not be accepted.... This does not mean people of a lower skill level will be denied, we just want quality.

:la:6- Pay attention to blogs and updates to the club. Being up-to-date is wise.

:la:7- Art thievery will NOT be tolerated. You are allowed to submit your characters in text form or by making your own illustration. You are not allowed to post images from googleimages, photobucket, copyrighted series' or submit recolored screenshots. If your character is a fancharacter for a series you will be expected to draw the character from scratch.

Submissions will follow the rules above or they shall not be submit to the club.

:iconlachoirplz:Applications are now optional (application link) (text version of Application)



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TheSleeplessHorsemen Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looking for future role-playe partner

Role-play Style: Story Script

I'm attempting to work on a story that outlines out its information and details.  At the end of the story is where your character takes the place of the character. It doesn't matter if the character they are replacing are male or female. Its a role reversal.

Meaning your oc will change sports with the original character. I love universal thought instead of being too much
of the population of the many, so I love being different.
But that's what I've had in mind.

-Your OC and possible inserts:

I am looking for a male OC character

My centaurs have a slight distinctive look as to appearances. Also in prospective, I'm following the original centaur myth, so the centaurs are male species. The same with mermaids being all female and such. (I'm a geek of myth XD) 
If your oc is a centaur, then I'd like the idea of their situation, that they've lived their entire life as a human and then later on in the story, realize that they are not human.

-Era: Middle Aged era


I haven't done a chat rp in a long time but thought maybe it would interesting to try a mock trial in rping. Not an official rp but to see if it would work out. No offense but in the past I've run into a LOT of partners who were on the same page, or that were immature and not I kinda hate to waste time X\-The best rp partner I've had was a role-play on Yu-gi-oh!, when it first aired on TV..long time ago but our rp lasted for......YEARS...shock. So I felt lucky and blessed there.
Its hard to find a match I get it, everyone's styles and interest our different.
Its not meant to be perfect but at least make sense out of it.

-Composition length: It has to be paragraphs long and not one paragraph. Now to maybe make it easier or fun, we can too, break away from the paragraph and chat it out too. Making it more flexible and not getting too lost.

You have to like centaurs, lol. Mutuality is everything, so I'm looking for a mutual partner, none indifferent.
iProdigy523 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2018
Updated link:
iProdigy523 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2018
Edenfell is a written roleplaying Discord server set in a fictional world on the eponymous continent of Edenfell. It's a world where Magic is the norm and ranked, licensed Mages are the champions of the day.

Loosely set in the Middle Ages, Edenfell is an open-world, free-form universe, taking inspiration from popular modern fantasy tropes. The story follows your characters as they learn, grow and interact with the world around them in an all-around massively fun and immersive PvP experience.

Come right in, bring your creations to life and get stuck in as you partake in an adventure spanning more than 70 locations, characters and storylines in one of Discord's premium roleplaying servers.

*Do you have what it takes to impact this world?*
DawnOfTheAgez Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey if you’re looking for Harry Potter roleplay partner
Look here
DawnOfTheAgez Featured By Owner Edited Aug 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Always looking for roleplay partners
I only do it here on notes for rps

I tend to do one sentice to a few paragraph replies. It depends on what I can do and my timing

Perks of rping with me
• I make art/litature of our rp
• You get first priority when I draw requests/commissions
•I write back fairly fast

What I do
Cannon x cannon
Cannon x Oc

What I am looking for
supernatural (tv show)
Orginal vampire/slave
Original werewolf/slave

Mature is okay just no fetishes
Ask me if your fetish isn’t super crazy
I’m okay with Collars/Pet

(I only play submissive I do not do the dominate characters, I usually only do female main characters and male as extra)
Kitten-Skull Featured By Owner Edited Jul 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yo! Names KittenSkull and I'm currently searching for a long term, literate roleplay partner who is mature(21+)

I tend write 5+ long paragraphs and if I take the time to write that much I expect my partner to at least try and do the same. ONE LINERS NOT ACCEPTED!

I can do Canon X Canon, OC X OC and also OC X Canon but if I play a character for you, I expect you to be kind enough to do the same. I love to double!

I am love triangle and polyamory friendly

I ADORE macabre, horror, dark themed roleplays and am looking to include that element in my roleplays

I am OK with age gaps between romantic characters, so long as the youngest character is legal age((18))

I do not roleplay over threads as I tend to loose track of them. I only play over PM, Discord, googledocs or Skype.

Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pokemon(Trainer x Pokemon)
Sailor Moon(Will be an A/U)
Avengers/Marvel movies(looking for someone to play Ultron for me)
KakashiXRules Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018

I'm currently looking for a RP partner! I'm into the 2 main anime's that I just listed in the title, mainly Naruto/Naruto Shippuden. NOT BORUTO. (I don't watch it, sorry ^^;)

So I am looking for people to play mainly Uchiha's for me, mainly Itachi and Shisui for my OC. I can play as any Naruto character you want me to!

I will be involving the Akatsuki a lot as well!

VK -

Same with Vampire Knight, I'm still in working progress with my OC and depending who you want your OC shipped with I'll either go with Kaname, Hanabusa or Senri.

Rules -

Just don't god!
I do over 18+ RPs, gore, kidnapping all that stuff is allowed! And just have fun!

Good grammar!

If you do get bored of the RP we're doing then by all means TELL ME! We can throw in ideas, start a new RP, mix it up!

Sites -

I RP on Discord, Skype <-- Mainly those two. If you want my info on them, please note me. I do also do Notes but I can't respond when I'm NOT connected to Wifi so I prefer to RP where I can message you via phone since I do work and go out.

And that is about it really! Send me a note if interested!
BrokenAbused Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
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