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Welcome to RP-dreamer-world

Don't let the title of the group fool you, even though we are a group that have Role-plays we do care about artworks of all kinds just like any other group.

There are some of the great artworks if different kinds of Anime, Cartoons, Games, Movies, Ocs and Adopts

If you have any questions don't be after to ask the Founder :iconprincessemerald7: she would be happy to answer any questions, suggestions or ideas at any time.

Enjoy your visit here and thank you for visiting :iconrp-dreamer-world:
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Nov 17, 2013


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Art and Roleplay

1,071 Members
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Please take the time to take a look at this. Currently I am in a financial bind and have opened commissions. You can find all the information regarding them here…
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PhilRPer2021 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I need a bi with no limit to RP! Discord only! I need a bisexual with no limit to role play as a father dressed up like Felicia from Darkstalkers. Do not ask me for skype or kik! I only role play on Discord DM!All characters must be at least shemale! (futa) Sorry I don't like normal females. Please send me a friend request if you are interested to RP with me on Discord DM!PhilGamerK98#7398 You have no name but you are American and white. Originally born male. However, you died and was reborn again in a mysterious new world you never been or seen before. You will appear in a tall and muscular with fake oversized female parts wearing a huge pair of watermelons tucked under your white top covering only the tip of your fake watermelon breast. Your butt is made of rubber and inflatable which already is inflated the size of a boulder. Your boner is tucked inside a white thong that comes with the costume.However, your hair is real and now colored blue instead of the natural brown color you once have. You once had a different job and now you work as a person who must wave the flag and fire a gun to signal race drivers to go! You are wearing a Felicia costume during your new life. Your name and age remain the same however. Your name is Mike 60 years old. I will be the cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Plot and setting. The RP takes place on a race track, during the evening about 2 30 pm. There is no day or year as you are only reborn in a mysterious world. Please send me a friend request if you want to RP with me on Discord! Again, do not ask for skype or kik! I only RP on Discord! Hope you understand and thanks for reading this!PhilGamerK98#7398 ,,,

I need a bisexual with no limit! You must read my RP post first before you send me a friend request to RP with me on Discord privately! 
Rainewhisper Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DA Page:…
Discord Invite:
Application dates: Always open / no close date

Action/Combat | Literate RP | Magical Post-Apocalyptic Setting | Original Lore

Summary: In 2095, Tuvilite Knights are brave recruits who have bonded to magical Tools and been granted special powers that enable them to defeat the monsters. The monster attacks that began in 2015 set off the apocalypse, but things have stabilized enough that many parts of the world have been rebuilt and life goes on. Missions and casual events are always ongoing in the server, and new characters are welcome to join at any time. 

All the lore is on the DA page, and the Discord is open for new joiners to come and take a look. We have activity checks to make sure RP stays active. There is an overarching plot. 
Chucklesbondage Featured By Owner May 28, 2021
Looking for a female to play RP based around this art Delicious Elf girl's feet, Note me if interested
PhilRPer2021 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2021
Hey there guy! Just wondering did you ever get replies from anyone interested in your role plays? Just asking if you do so I'll know that this is a worthy group for me to advertise in! Otherwise please suggest me a better group!
Chucklesbondage Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2021
Hey, No, I didnít get any replies so wouldnít say itís worth it. I tried up a few other groups and didnít get any interest either so not sure whereís the best place
PhilRPer2021 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2021
Wow might as well screw deviantart for being the most boring place it really is! :(
Despite lack of activity with role plays being uploaded from time to time, more people just spam random art for attention and my recommendation have been annoying me lately.
Vinnybot Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2020  Student Writer
A succubus finds a cleric and tries to seduce said cleric but gets more interested the longer she resists

A beauty and the beast style roleplay

Another roleplay in which a town decided to try and sacrifice a woman to appease a newly appeared demon/monster girl as to spare themselves from potential mischief and or harm

You are a assassin sent to kill someone who unfortunately for you you got disguise yourself to get close enough and get to know and begin to question if you can kill them for money as they aren't as bad as they seem

A little red riding hood themed one
In which a monster girl watches the day to day antics of a grown woman intruding upon her forest

a knight rescuing a princess unaware shes a monster girl which aren't as widely accepted and deals with their developing feelings

A a monster girl that lives in the woods meets another monster whose species her kind is normally enemies with and so fight till exhaustion but alittle talking at that point help start the road to romance and reconciliation

Got plenty more if interested

Yuri rps 18 plus
ryanchism997 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
If anyone wishes to do some Inflation/Expansion/Growth Rps that are 18+. Majority of types of Methods with my favorite Inflation/Expansion/Growth Types goes, Along with being fine with any scenario with them as well, I’m fine with one of us or both of us growing, & I have no limits on the growth itself. Just message me up if you’re interested. Then, We can do it through Notes.

Types I’m mainly into: Breast Expansion, Butt Expansion, Hourglass Expansion, Giantess Growth, & Female Muscle Growth

Here’ss the link to my journal on this as well:…
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