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Having trouble finding active role play groups to call home, or giving your RP group a shoutout? You've come to the right place! RP-Archives is the biggest roleplay group directory on dA that doesn't focus on just one type of RP and allows you to advertise your own Group!

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this group has been permanently closed and is no longer taking submissions of any kind

:flame: Don't ask to join this group.

We only need an admin team; being a member doesn't give you special access to anything and we're not here for you to advertise yourself (your groups? no problem). If we're not looking for admins, then there's no joining this group. Check out the blog to your right for actual fun stuff. >>>

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I think the landscape for rp groups has simply changed, and I've changed. I'm struggling with a lot of things in my personal life and updating the new webpage is simply my lowest priority.
Even though I set it up some time ago, there have been a handful of subscribers but only three actual submissions. So I'm going to close the page down, and in about a month or so, I'll close this group permanently too.
I suggest checking out other forum and sites (like dA's, toyhouse or RP Nation) if you're still hunting for new groups.
It's been fun! I'm glad the idea I had as a child to make this directory lasted so long and helped so many people find new groups and potential friends. It helped me : )
but thats it, the end, be kind to each other and have fun
edit/responding to some comments
:bulletblue: yes ok, i'll leave the group up. I'm pro archival in general so if that's what people want I can't say no.
:bulletblue: I know the WIX site wasn't a perfect solution and it stayed as a wip, I'm not sure when or why the links started breaking but its whatever now. That site was always going to be a stopgap, I was ultimately hoping to work with my brother to make a dedicated and custom built site fit for purpose but obviously that won't be happening now.
:bulletblue: I can't really articulate how much my health has impeded me on maintaining this site to the degree that I want to. it is not "stubbornness" that is leading me to make this decision, its that I just can't any more. it has been 10 years, I'm no longer a teen logging into dA every day. my health has gotten better and worse in a lot of different ways and I cannot spend any of it on this.
:bulletblue: I'm opposed to handing over the group to someone I don't know. In the past that kind of thing hasn't worked out that well and I'm simply unwilling to hand over the keys to something I've developed and worked on for a decade.
:bulletblue: my decisions are non-negotiable, even if you don't understand please try and respect them.
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We remove affiliations with Closed and Completed groups to keep this list up to date. If you know of a group that has closed down or had its storyline completed and is no longer continuing, please notify the admins.

Note: Groups on Hiatus are not counted.


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Khystar Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, PKMNAdventurers is OPEN!
We are a casual Pokemon roleplay group whose main goal is making friends and having fun. We have a mystery dungeon story that you can participate at your own pace.
kiriisu Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2021
URBAN ERROR is a sci-fi, dystopian, horror urban fantasy RP Group opening discord pre-servers in Oct 2021.

Join a gang faction and fight for survival in a world where humans have acquired ERRORS that give them abilities and hardships.

VinnyTheBatDemonLord Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
CosmosDivine Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2021

AspirantsofSarcelle is an 18+, Discord-based fantasy roleplay group that focuses on creating fun and adventurous stories that allow characters to grow and develop.

You are a citizen of Sarcelle - an island that offers refuge to the descendants of lineages long forgotten that makes them unique to the rest of the world. Here you're given a variety of choices to live your life to its fullest. Whether you make a humble living relaxing on a farm, open a small business or aspire to even become a leader of Sarcelle itself, come see where the waves take you on our shores!

Gracious-Mistake Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2021  Student Digital Artist
Hello, I'm looking for a Harvest Moon/Story of seasons/Stardew Valley like rp group ;w;
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Writhing Snakes, the planet's largest and most successful monster-owned record label has crept out from the dark recesses of the earth with a shocking announcement- that they are putting on the music competition to end all music competitions. Any ghoul with a talent for music is eligible to battle all across the monster world for the opportunity to win a priceless partnership with the label's most powerful and influential sirens. Are you ready for fame and fortune beyond your wildest dreams, and what are you willing to do to get it? Find out here at Writhing Snakes! 20+…
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