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Welcome to RP--Lovers! A roleplaying group where people can search for RP partners, use the Journal feature to advertise their Roleplays and much more! Don't be afraid to go ahead and submit a blog, you can do so at ANY time! I hope everyone can take advantage of the group's feature to find that perfect Roleplay or RP buddy ♥ 


You can also fill out a RP information card so your Rp peers have a better understanding of what kind of RPer you are! You can submit these info cards to the group and link them in your journals. That way, you wont have to write your information in every single RP finder journal you post. 

Check them out here:


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*  Be respectful to everyone.
Respect includes, but is not limited to, the use of appropriate language and basic manners.

*  Verbal abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. Do not send hateful comments or remarks (“bashing, trolling, flaming”) towards a player, character, or fandom. A first offense will result in a warning, but a repeat offense results in the immediate removal from the group.

*  Complaints of any kind should be noted to the group. Complaints posted in General Comments, journal entries, deviations, etc will be hidden or ignored.

*  +18 RPs SHOULD be marked with a [+18] or [MATURE] tag in the title

* NO FETISH/ABUSE/ RPs allowed! Smut is fine but please know that this is NOT a fetish group!

*  Roleplaying in the group’s general comments, journal entries, deviations, etc is not permitted at this time.

*  Rp--Lovers holds the right to reject an individual at any time for violating of these rules without notification.

 Journal Submissions:

[Users are given access to utilize the group's journal feature to advertise personal RPs or to seek out RPs partners! ]

*  Members may post a journal no more than once a week!

* Entries promoting off-site RPGs (forum, tumblr, etc) must contain a warning if the rating is above a PG-13 level and may not include links to hate speech, pornographic, or otherwise discriminatory content as defined by deviantart. 

*  A moderator reserves the right to remove content at any time deemed offensive.

**This is to guarantee members a minimum of 48 hours of front-page exposure and to reduce the amount of spam our watchers receive. You are welcome to repost your entry 1 month/30 days from the original date.

Don't be afraid to send the group a message if you have any questions or concerns. We will get to you ASAP.

Thank you and happy Roleplaying!


( ・ω・)ノ Ayo, you can call me Wes! I'm 17 ( Goin' on 18) and I only really role play on Discord tbh! I'm available on weekends, and admittedly there are times where I get kinda busy-- but I still try to stay in touch w/ my partners! I'm in the eastern timezone and writing is one of my passions! I absolutely love building worlds and the lore around them! I'm mainly looking for relaxed roleplay partners, but I'm not entirely opposed to groups either and I only roleplay literate/novel style!


:bulletblue: Greek Mythology ( Centaurs, demigods, harpies, etc. It can be modern or twisted w/ other genres!)

:bulletgreen: Post Apocalyptic

:bulletblue: Cyberpunk

:bulletgreen: Medieval

:bulletblue: Fantasy

:bulletgreen: Supernatural Species ( Werewolves, witches, familiars, demons, etc. )

:bulletblue: Criminality ( Gangs, drug lords, etc. )

:bulletgreen: Retrofuturism/Retro

:bulletblue: Romance

I really like a lot of genres, but these are mainly the one's I'm feeling the most currently! If you're interested, feel free to shoot me a note on here! (*^∀゚)ъ
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fersable Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
anyone there for a vault-tec vault rp?
only my OC, your/s OC/s, and a big place for repopulate it, even when come outside
i accept:
-fxf / mxf / mxm
-polygamy (harem) / monogamy (single)
-etc... (ask)

-no one liners (no only reply "ok" like this is all i need)
-but not too much (tree pharagraph is too much for something fast)
-don't leave without say.

note me if you get interest
foxflaim Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I'm looking for a long term partner who knows how to keep things interesting. A lot of my current ones seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth, so I have room for more now. Please keep in mind that I'm in college, so I AM over 18. If that bothers you, then it's probably best not to ask about anything. This also means I'm taking college level courses and have other variations in my scheduled, so I may not always have the energy to replay super quick.

About what I'm looking for:
I'm in search of a really good rp that involves (Preferably) world building. I really enjoy fantasy type settings, and like to use characters made specifically for that rp (Though it isnt required). Also, I've been kinda on a super hero kick lately, so if thats what your looking for, I'd definitely be down for that

I'm fine with some 18+ themes, such as some gore and violence, but anything else would have to be discussed.

I'm generally open for anything, though I do enjoy fantasy type things, and Pokemon
TrueNia Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2018
Tini Blue Rose Hello! It's rare that I ever comment to people who've got an original RP plot thing, since I typically do more fandom RPs (I enjoy playing canon and ocs generally) and saw some similarities to a game I've been playing for a while called Xenoblade X (which I have not finished, so if by the off chance you know the game, no spoilers ;~; )

The part of the game I was playing had showcased the humans trying to make new life on the Planet Mira, but I do not entirely know if "world building" is more so like building a new home, or if it's more so creating out own world (I'm not the brightest, but I try my best to understand what's said, and if I don't to at least ask what they mean) I tend to misunderstand at times. 

I am fine with RPing with people over the age of 18, however I don't really like to get into the sexual aspect of 18+ related RP. I am okay with violence, and gore at the minimum of cuts, wounds, etc. I can't have the guts coming out, that's a little too scary for me (as someone who has dreams of that stuff almost every week, but can't seem to get used to it)

Even if we are not doable partners, thank you for taking the time to read this. 
Take care!
Blue Rose (Meaning: Unattainable) 
foxflaim Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi. As far as world building goes, I basically mean we create our own setting and build onto it as time goes by. If your up for it, d definitely be willing to come up with something with you, if your okay with doing and original rp.
KakashiXRules Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2018
So I am currently looking for someone to RP with, as it says in the title. Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin. I'm looking for a partner who is willing to play Levi Ackerman! Typical I know XD. It will be OC x Canon. I have a OC of my own, if you want info on her then by all means ask away. I've only watched Attack on Titan a couple of weeks ago and I've already seen the whole season and I am planning on watching it again in my spare time to know more and just get into the hang of things! I'm no expert! 

Like I said I do need someone to play Levi for my OC, I am willing to play anyone you'd like me to for your OC if you have one yourself! Just ask me who to play and I'll do it! If you want to base the story of your anime on anything then do tell me! I'm up for anything! If you don't have an OC and want to do character x character I can work with that as well! As long as my part is being played as well as yours is! 

Rules.Don't god. Please. That's pretty much it lol. I am looking for someone with good grammar as well. ^^ For the 18+, gore, blood (duh) and everything else is allowed! I don't hold back! ;)
I do work! So if I'm not online for a few hours then there's your reason, please don't bug me about not being online and replying everyday, we all have lives! 

And Just have fun!

So I can do all of these. I'm not really a big fan of using Notes and Emails since I can never keep track of them, I would prefer to RP with Skype and Discord if that's cool ^^ The only problem with Notes is that I can'y reply without internet which sucks and I never really use emails unless it's important but if it's a last choice option for you guys then I'm willing to try. If you do want to RP and need my Username/Email then please, please, please NOTE ME! 

That's it really! ^^ If you need more info then hit me up! 

Thank you :) 
DungeonMclean Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018
Anyone interested in doing a pokemon rp? Must do atleast 8 lines minimum, lots of description and character development. Note me. 
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