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Welcome to RP--Lovers! A roleplaying group where people can search for RP partners, use the Journal feature to advertise their Roleplays and much more! Don't be afraid to go ahead and submit a blog, you can do so at ANY time! I hope everyone can take advantage of the group's feature to find that perfect Roleplay or RP buddy ♥ 


You can also fill out a RP information card so your Rp peers have a better understanding of what kind of RPer you are! You can submit these info cards to the group and link them in your journals. That way, you wont have to write your information in every single RP finder journal you post. 

Check them out here:


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*  Be respectful to everyone.
Respect includes, but is not limited to, the use of appropriate language and basic manners.

*  Verbal abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. Do not send hateful comments or remarks (“bashing, trolling, flaming”) towards a player, character, or fandom. A first offense will result in a warning, but a repeat offense results in the immediate removal from the group.

*  Complaints of any kind should be noted to the group. Complaints posted in General Comments, journal entries, deviations, etc will be hidden or ignored.

*  +18 RPs SHOULD be marked with a [+18] or [MATURE] tag in the title

*  Roleplaying in the group’s general comments, journal entries, deviations, etc is not permitted at this time.

*  Rp--Lovers holds the right to reject an individual at any time for violating of these rules without notification.

 Journal Submissions:

[Users are given access to utilize the group's journal feature to advertise personal RPs or to seek out RPs partners! ]

*  Members may post a journal no more than once a week!

* Entries promoting off-site RPGs (forum, tumblr, etc) must contain a warning if the rating is above a PG-13 level and may not include links to hate speech, pornographic, or otherwise discriminatory content as defined by deviantart. 

*  A moderator reserves the right to remove content at any time deemed offensive.

**This is to guarantee members a minimum of 48 hours of front-page exposure and to reduce the amount of spam our watchers receive. You are welcome to repost your entry 1 month/30 days from the original date.

Don't be afraid to send the group a message if you have any questions or concerns. We will get to you ASAP.

Thank you and happy Roleplaying!


Hello, fellow deviants! I looking for roleplay partners to try out some ideas. Here are some requirements:

• Be a serious roleplayer. I won't roleplay with someone who disappears after two replies. I understand that things happen and that you can't always reply on time, but if we have to stop the roleplay, please tell me before dropping it. Even if it is to drop it, just send me an excuse. That will be enough.

• Write in literate style, like a novella. If you roleplay in script, then I'm not the person you have to roleplay with.

• Have good grammar and spelling. My first language isn't English, so I also make some mistakes, but, as long as I can understand what you want to say, it's okay. Needless to say, you must know when to use capitalization, commas, periods and such.

No text-talk or emojis. If you want to speak to me, or OOC, then use (()) or other things to separate it from the plot.

•  Have decent replies. That means no one-liners. I like writing and I can't write a decent reply with a single line. You have to write 8 lines approximately as a minimum. But it will make me super happy if you write more. Write your characters thoughts, describe their actions... Put detail on your reply and you'll make me super happy!

Participate. That means putting ideas into the plot, adding twists to the story, controlling some characters. Don't leave all the work to me! It will be more fun if the two of us write the story!

Now, some quick observations:
During my roleplays, I only roleplay as the female role. However, if we double, I can play the male role if you play as a male for me in another plot.
I only roleplay FxM because that's the only field I have experience in. Smut (with :bulletred:) is a must in some plots and the main focus as well, but I have to make clear that almost no fetishes are allowed. You have to ask before starting the roleplay. Also, some plot apart from the smut would be nice.
No gore, vore or anything that is illegal.


~Guardian Angel: [:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:] An angel is stuck in the human dimension for unknown reasons. After a storm, the angel is found as an unconcious young man on the ground by a girl, who calls the ambulance. After some problems, the angel as a boy lives with the girl's family until his 'family' comes. However, being wary of humans, the angel is silent and very distrustful of the family, even with the girl who only tries to befriend him. He is not accustomed to life on the human world, so it's a bit comic too.

~Nerd x Bully/Jock: [:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:] The name says it all: the Nerd is bullied by the Jock/Bully until by certain things (we have to discuss how and why they start liking each other) they end up together.

~Merman/Mermaid x Human: [:bulletred::bulletred:] We have to discuss how they meet, but pretty much like the Guardian Angel, the mermen/mermaid meets the human out of luck. First they spend some time together in the shore, the human keeping as a secret that merfolk exist and that one of them is their friend, slowly warming up their relationship until the mermen/Mermaid decides to tiene human to be with their human love on ground. Plot can be discussed.

Now this are the plots in which smut is the main focus but also require some plot that we can discuss. For these, I have to be the female:

~Princess x Knight: [:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:]

~Boss x Bodyguard/Hitman: [:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:]

If you are interested in any of these ideas, please send me a note! I hope to see from any of you guys!
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VELILITANNO Featured By Owner 17 hours ago

It’s been over a millennium since the angel Seraphim descended from the heavens and sacrificed her life exterminate the demons plaguing the people of Valeria. In recent years however, the demons have begun to reappear once more. With space running out in the capital shielded by the Azrael network, a brave few have come forward to reestablish the ancient Sacred Order to fight back the demon threat and restore the land of Valleria to peace once more. 

Step forward hero, and leave your mark on history! 

We are currently under construction!
However we have an open discord thats open to the public, feel free to take a look!
BrokenAbused Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Rose Hello, You can call me Sem! I am currently really craving a longterm Bendy and the ink machine role-play as of right now, please check out my journal for more details. Please note me or email me(with the codeword listed in my journal) if you're interested! Rose

Bendy and the Ink Machine(BATIM) Roleplay Request
Sausagewolf Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2018  Student General Artist
Guten tag! If you're interested in gritty realism and crime, occult themes, emotional drama + some OOC banter, Urban Beasts is open! We are a Discord RP group, 15+, but also have a group here on dA for art and updates.


We are an anthro RP group set in an alternative, chaotic, modern-day London.
With unemployment, crime rates and social class division on the rise, every-day life is about survival and success.
More and more mysterious disappearances are being reported, there are rumours of creatures in the woods, and knife crime runs rampant.
There are 4 groups from a motorcycle gang to a coven, or you can choose to try your luck walking the streets alone.

Either way, keep your wits about you, and your pocket-knife drawn.

  skull by Sausagewolf Anthro/realism/crime/occult/religion/action/slice of life/horror skull by Sausagewolf
Hana-no-Kamisama Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2018  Student General Artist

Hello! Mystic Academy is a roleplaying group taking place in a fantasy world where magic exists. I am currently looking for people who would be interested in this group in order to open it again. 

The world flows with magic and there are those
who are gifted with powers. The world runs on
magic. An academy named the Mystic Academy 
would teach children how to control their powers. 
Some may rise to take a role in the royal army or may
go off into guilds. However... There seems to be
something lurking within the academy...

Say~ Want to go explore a bit?

Genre: Fantasy | Action | Drama | School Life | Magic
RolueVasReisa Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2018  Professional Writer
So i'm back here again

I am looking for an literate story rper. Basically someone who can write paragraphs. I'll settle for 3 paragraphs but i really like 4 to 5. I want someone i can talk to and be friends with =) We need to be able to talk on Skype. I've tried countless rpers on here and every single one ditches me for no reason. They just suddenly block me or in some cases they actually delete their accounts. Some hire hackers to find my personal information and force me to delete my information. No i did not make up that last part
Skype is a requirement because there are way too many lunatic sociopaths in rping

I can use emotes as you've seen. I don't require someone to constantly use emotes but i do want to see your emotion =) so that way we can be friends and talk more =)

I work extremely hard on my setting and characters. My most ideal rper is someone who is just like that. Someone who wants to develop their characters and setting as much as possible. I realize that is asking for a lot and very few will have that drive. I get that and i don't require it but it would be nice.
I can handle any setting you can think of but i ONLY rp original and i don't do modern.

Once again i am looking for rpers that dont vanish on you
ch-mod Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  New Deviant

Hello ! Corpse High is a casual apocalypse roleplay group currently open.

A year ago, a mysterious, incurable virus spread throughout the world and changed nearly everyone into zombies. At Shikabane High, better known as Corpse High, half-human, half-zombie survivors called Wraiths rose from what was left. Trapped between two worlds, they must band together to survive.

Feel free to join us if you’re interested !

slice of life | action | mystery | apocalypse | casual
kouchella Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2018  Student Digital Artist
A Shin Megami Tensei/Persona group that focuses on character and story development!

Genres are School Life / Mystery / Magical Kids !!


Chat is open now for guests to come and join!!
Applications are from July 1st to July 14th!
Jack-the-roleplayer Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2018  New Deviant
looking for a female partner for 18+ rp.
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