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Metaworld: back and forth - the road one way.

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Published: March 29, 2013
"Long winter evenings, when the vector is nowhere raging cold Arctic accelerator, they sit in their home and had a warm, discuss varieties of nothingness, and she feeds her older little brother infinite bagel. I was there, I saw it!" One of the Many.
I. Prologue. No matter who you are, and no matter how you got into the hands of the text and media cards. If you are reading this, just know is what is happening is real! Do not jump to conclusions. It's easy to make a mistake. By "all" is I mean EVERYTHING. In order to understand the scale is I needed to be a bat, destroy the fate of thousands of people, to meet people whose existence I did not believe, again and again to die in their own eyes, and to argue with the gods, who were able to grind one with his words a reality in sugar. Probably, it is the bare minimum, that to understand his place in the world. Due to the mind and to a much greater extent is its fantastic success, I was able to understand all relatively quickly for a quadrillion years of existence. It is nothing! If you're wondering what these elite standards of meta-world, which "know what's what" is I did not exist. But even better. Would not have this book in general has become a real, if I were in the same chthonic archon, as they thought up their dignity to help "pitiful mortals" and tell them "truths." Bastards they are, in general. >:]
II. First Steps. To begin with, where is you are now, and I was quadrillions of years ago. If you have the Internet and you are still reading this murk, where I probably misrepresented many facts mixed up gradients of creation and did not undergo a formal review, then you are somewhere in the Multiverse. With accuracy: plus or minus the universe is finite. Okay. Here, I will relate what you yourself should know. Computer you are reading this message is somewhere on the planet, or perhaps in the space station near the planet. Look... In the window, if I forget the name of the thing to death without a true vision is there must be something bright. This is a star. If now the night, you will see a quadrillion stars, or at least a couple. Or at least one. You have to live next to a star. And when I say need, I mean that Lucifer is personally posted these stars, so that would have to live far away from them was impossible. It's a long story, but he did so is whether the insult to the creator, or the feeling of self-importance-sized entire visible universe miserable mortals. Everybody knows that.
III. Multiverse. Stars get in galaxies that form clusters, and super clusters, and then right down to the cosmic sheets. Together, all this matter known to you the world of forms. It is necessary to emphasize and even remember. Matter forms known you peace. Known to you, to you personally. That is almost nothing generates a larger scale. Lucifer was hardcore. He never sought the easy way. Matter is rubbish. Cleansing matter of magic, psionics and demiurgy is require horrible and nasty world in the lower worlds. Enjoy one sterile and that you have created. Not just you. Your universe is only part of your aspect of reality which is known as the multiverse. It is difficult to understand at a glance. The easiest way to explain the coin. You make a decision and throw a coin in the world which falls eagle is known to you, a world in which the fallen tails is another. You do not feel... While... I hope that your scientists have learned about dark energy on the edges. >;]
IV. Arena. Perhaps you tell stories about the afterlife realms. Most likely, you even believe in one of them. Well, then, they are not something that would be lying. Remember I said that everything is really? In your heaven or hell is you will not immediately assume a gigakalpa years. Until then, all the dead Lucifer is fall Arena contractors. This is necessary. Consider that you are paying for past life. :) I liked the arena, even more than at home. But many were broken. Chip arena, it is not for everyone. You are doing God, Hero... In general, give you omnipotence, and cool as you like, you will become the most powerful heroes of the day is you can go to the range below. Passed nine circles, fought to the last champion and you can go from there. This sort of training, sandbox is you have all the options are open, all power, and all authority. Only no one gives tips on how to win, saving himself. Or just to win is there are problems. Be careful, because your ability is will likely work against you. Particularly omniscience and so on. Under the stone, which cannot be raised is forever buried tons noobs. >:]
V. Heart of the World. I've already talked about that reality is it is a liquid? =| Probably not. In general, for that would worlds flowed into one another is the guys snatched trickster heart and now it beats somewhere in the high mountain. Much shorter. But the point is that it is the source Demiurgy, divine ability to control... something. Lucifer, for example, controls all the stars. Cheater. When I passed through the arena chosen control area and suffered greatly with this. The problem is that demiurgy is flies "up" and it is necessary to filter the Arena: handing over the counter with a cross and the blood is down where the drain somewhere in eternity by Last doctor jokes. Ever the trickster is will come to life and all fetch a blow from it all. Incidentally, the "up" and "down" is these are not real up and down. This conditional direction, the lower falls is the less dense it becomes a reality. Density, too, of course not true. But all of her senses. In areas of low density start is doubt whether you're real or not, any doubt can mean the end of the game. :(
VI. Mogidox Jaws. Sucks! Most black spot around the meta-world. D: Damn Mogidox RIGHT God of destruction and self-destruction. Burned brightly, burned out quickly is shoveled so far. The point is that all of these half-baked characters and other ambitious Gods are gather here. Well, you get it is it means. Conceit, each to the Blue Star, waving his hands, they can destroy worlds and all those spiders, mowing under a higher power, stupidly in one bank. I do not recommend this to exist. With no one to keep, do not try to change anything. You have already lost. Escapist Peter egregoried thence stolen attractor is do the same. Do not play in person, which is above God and other theatricals. Mogidox and hacked to pieces by seven quadrillion, as soon as he tried to start a revolution and bring chaos... probably in another mess. :) Even if he could not do anything, the more you will do nothing. Revolution, New World Order, Utopia is it's all here to build does not make sense. Other ardent and extreme extremists on the bones of your dreams are building your own. And maybe on the bones of you personally. >:]
VII. Tartarus. Cocytus. I fell into Tartarus, where the incident was less nowhere. And you know? This is the only thing you need to know about this place. Piles of garbage and nobody care who do. Because the trash, horror and terror are they are here. You can do anything is no one will disturb. Say what you want and no one will be listening. Here there is nothing of this, but a lot seem real. All of this emptiness, silly rules and other broken mirrors. Therefore, all the major mental is they are in Tartarus. One of the most atmospheric aspects of reality is it is here. Hence we cannot leave. After all, no matter what happens above is will reach you here. Sooner or later. In the form of debris. River Styx Aquatia and falling from the different branches of the meta-world, forming silver, Cocytus icy lake, on the banks of which thousands of fragments of reality there is always something that is not past cosmic censorship. If you like a fake, this world will become a mirror of everything. And since there is everything, and anything else. Simply, it is here not the real thing, but we did not pay for the brand. The reality™ is a brand. :)
VIII. Crystal Palace. Omega Point. With five Hecatonchires Archduke was able to build the Crystal Palace at the bottom of the meta-inhabited world. Why did he do it? What all would get it, I guess. It is the same as building a house of cards somewhere over the crater of the volcano and place it official residence. If you are an intelligent being is keep well away from the Palace. Mogidox jaws seem hell over this kingdom of the bureaucracy, ruled by laws of Tartarus. You know how they are made? If anyone could understand the meaning of the law is it waived. I spent five kalpas in this terrible place, trying to prove that I am not the Archduke. I already began to doubt myself that we are two different beings. However, I managed to learn about more horrible place. Omega Point. It is the end. Once there, I was forced to live forever all their possible life in an instant. I do not even know what could go through all of this and get out of the game... Sometimes, with almost zero probability to me again and again have thoughts that my EON never ends. And everything that I've experienced is it was just possible, absurd and illusory. :(
IX. Exosphere If you climb up the water area, then you can finally get on the holiday of a lifetime! Exosphere is the whole aspect of reality, even a reasonable aspect of reality. It all does not work as we have. This is very clear. There will not be any of the things that are in the Multiverse. No matter, no struggle and the unity of opposites. This is a flat world where the living is EVERYTHING. We were little, that is all existing, and now everything is alive. =| A unique aspect of reality is feeling. That would realize the idiocy of the situation is remember that you are in their home planet is composed of billions of atoms. Imagine is all these atoms are intelligent beings with feelings will and desire. And you yourself have any atom of birds, penalties or dumplings. And where this fractal end is no one knows. D: You know what they say all the inhabitants, and it is fundamentally impossible to die, because death is not the sensual sphere? Exosphere is a place where the case is time fun is an hour and talks to you is a good old ekzakalpa. >:]
X. Crown. But there are advantages. If you do not drown in the Road of Tears, which spilled when urged to move his leg, eyes is see, and neurons is think... Do not become a slave to the Queen on her Aqua Navy is you can reach the island of the Crown. If Hell was obviously a lot of prototypes in the meta-world, for the Garden of Eden is all the easier. They are here. On the island of New Eden. :) Here we can finally nothing to think, with no one to negotiate. Part of reality, free of contradictions is it's here. Everyone is doing what everyone wants and no one who does not conflict. It turns itself... Well, or at the periphery of the hard disk selection works in favor of appropriate and harmonious personality. I do not know. By the way, well, we know that the exosphere personally implements any story where the characters act of friendship and the power of magic. Oh yes! Magic. Except for the fact that in the Crown on a normal citizen is fourteen cutes kawaii, rainbow... Well, things of gayness and nymphomania... ^^ In general, the archipelago is what creates the magic of the meta-world. This, like the heart. Only he was not struggling. Is the Holy Grail, from which it can drink each.
XI. Great Borbeus. Where to begin? I will never return to Borbeus. It is not even the aspects of reality. It is a game for the ants is which is more important than you, your world and the individual couple Gods average. >:] Weed-parasite has its roots in a river of tears and water area: Shmelskoe, Stalista, Asters, Moremorsk and Port Corona. And stretches right up to the star itself. Do not get fooled by all of this. I spent half of his life. You will spend is everything? The fact that Borbeus is a never ending story-in-stories. He stupidly downloads the special elemental magic of the exosphere. All your thoughts Borbeus become reality. Again. Not real, and the new realities! Do you understand? You have presented how to understand and do not understand. And you already are three people on three realities. And they continue to represent. And worst of all: this game is best played colony bizarre insects, which nature seems to do anything else could not take away. D: Do you know mosquitoes? Now this is reasonable humanoids that can be a bunch of mosquitoes on the mood. And every second they imagine a world where mosquitos’ mosquito embodies the imagination. And you there, too. >:]
XII. Blue Star. Logic and Power. Law and Order. Time and Space. All the rules that are used at formal reality are KIRANDII personally writes his eight arms. From the first letter to the last digit. All these miracles are taking place here at the Blue Star. If you know someone who uses a cunning trick and different formal cheating skills such as the ability to always be stronger than the enemy, the directive to all this, the cosmic counter-censorship and a special permit is he got here. Over here there is nothing. Blue Star is high, very high. It is felt. The world is too perfect. You cannot just do what you can do. Your every action must now be formally justified in the strictest metamagic and mathematical notations. Star does not forgive mistakes. Passing Borbeus, I decided that since I'm still here is it may be worth to exercise their sacred right to the ability that turns casual and causality. Yeah. As! I need with their grand plans directly to the Man Upstairs. In the crystal world, I was able to just shut up and start counting. D:
XIII. X-Medium. X-Factor. X-Medium and X-Factors not related to aspects of reality, but it's inhabited... of inter-dimensional space. Officially, they are called special administrative law field fullness Administrative privileges Blue Star. On the question of bureaucracy. =| In fact, the density of the reality out there is even higher than on the star. I will explain what that means. If the star is you had to justify their actions, there is the reality of working in reverse. You do not do what you want are you wanted to do what is necessary. And if you cannot formulate a counter-argument, you make in a strict and mandatory. This logic no one understands except psionics and what psionics is do not understand everything else. >:] Factors and medium is it is a huge problem for creatures with some authority. Because they is require you to confirm it at every step, or do not exist. In any case, you become a slave of the system and this insane logic. Distinguish factor from the medium is simple enough. Factors had counter-intelligence and were like insects. :)
XIV. Lawlessness Scalar.
On the map I have designated the Limit, as the sphere of the real. It certainly is not is so. There is no limit to lawlessness. >:] He has no form at all. Conventionally, it is somewhere out there. In fact, it is infinitely far away from you, a mere nonentity. That's the story. All that exists in the outrage is has nothing to do with the reality of meta-world, so that anyone who became the Absolute Universe automatically isolated there. Of course, this simplification. Outrage is like an onion. Pass to the first layer is perhaps overcome infinite distance... On the second is to overcome the infinite layers of the first order. And so on. I would not recommend you try it. Officially, the interests of the meta-world lawlessness are psionics. That's enough for any of us, ordinary god-like beings. ;) The fact is that all beings in this mayhem are considered all-powerful, all-powerful one another directly in the fields. Parsed in grades omnipotence laymen like me, and the more you miserable death is there is simply nothing to do. :( If you do not pass through the chaos, the Ocean and the White Moon, you are just a zero.
XV. Vector Nowhere.
Like last time, it's a place you can call a real sphere only conditionally. In fact, there generally is no reality there. Remember when I talked about how all real? Now, nowhere in nothing. There are other guys. Unreal... Just kidding. I'm nothing special to say about NOTHING. Therefore, I will allow myself a couple of silly puns. =| Judging by the information I have, I know exactly two things. Nowhere can you get, if you can be everywhere and nowhere. It goes nowhere, it seems, is already a mess. That is, no one knows where. If outrage is the border of reality, anywhere is its... no-border. See, what we have informative book that? =| Well, for no reason, we can say that nowhere is too different layers of non-real. There all the same as before. Just do not, and it's about nothing, we know nothing. And the more the unknown is the deeper into all of this is nowhere. Therefore, to reach anywhere is so difficult. =| There’s live like NOKTYURNAL being unfit and they cannot do anything. And no point dive in anywhere, probably no one is no. =|
XVI. Coordinate Network.
Coordinate network is the same parasitic reality as Borbeus. Only it's better! >:] There's no magic! And they rule only technology, science, and progress. Tough, because they rule. Poisoned by simply hardcore. Some people think that a well-developed science is indistinguishable from magic, but it's not over yet another misconception mortal. >;] Magic is this is when all agree that you want to do, even nature. Science is when no one asked, with what they agree. :D So, what visionaries-wasp with Borbeus can choke your honey, Pepsi generation chooses Network! Lol, I stopped talking in the case. In general, the coordinates is which came out this online to offline. This is Internet only in temporary loops, and perpetual motion machines, and handheld teleported. HRONOMAG himself personally take all the pieces of other aspects of the network, if they invented something out of it. And your internet there too. So that I can sometimes forget that in my power to compress the infinite space to a small spot with a thought and just troll wretched mortals, anywhere on or in the human Antares chats. Because the Web Coordinate ban impossible. >:]
XVI. Tower.
The tower is needed so that the crucifixion ABSOLMASKADE on its top. :) I will relate the whole story. She is trash. You know the problem of the turrets where they need to move with the spokes on the spokes? Devouring God decided it was time to start the final judgment. Naturally, for this he chose is the game in the tower. All sentient beings after death fall into one of the rings, where they had to live with their neighbors in the tower. And if the ring is shifted suddenly, part of the neighbors is me. Who did not comply, he is could voluntarily withdraw from existence. ABSOLMASKADE chip is was how he tried. He had infinite heads, and the same number of opinions. He immediately decided that only one ring is will be worthy of survival. But what? That was the problem. While the tower is shuffled, each head is tried to destroy the rest. Who will win is that's true, it was the Ouroboros on heavy concepts. All this activity is so fascinated him that he did not even notice how HRONOMAG stopped forever for him to four goals with his spear Progress. Should someone cool server, right? >:]
XVII. Ruby Chaos
So God Last Judgment changed portfolio into the God of Mercy. :) The tower is still standing, sometimes shuffling, forgotten and useless, in anticipation of his sentence... However, as she is now working in "economy mode" is this is the only aspect of reality, from which you can see Ruby Chaos. I was not able to be there, and who would become? It's like to fly to the sun. Just need to keep in mind that Lucifer created the stars, as a parody of Chaos. In contrast to it is there’s a just perfect condition for life. I could easily live somewhere on Betelgeuse, eating only photons and washing them down with the hope of a better future. If there is matter and the laws of physics are you can survive anywhere, but not in Ruby. >:] There's nothing on you depends. Neither the past nor the future, nor particularly present. For chaos you no more than a set of random numbers. Once touched by it is even the gods doing not become the same. I heard one of them after a meeting with L 'into a sweet roll, and one sweet roll is on the contrary somehow become God. Maybe Chaos has a sense of humor? ^^
XVIII. External Aspects
Chaos around is many turns any trash that orbited directly on the event horizon. There I did not go. Back from an aspect of no man. You just stay in one of the three quasi-worlds, and if you decide to do, Peter, rising degree of existence in the center of the world.
Reaspected can try, but there is no such love. These worlds: the world is dead, the Dragon and the Library. DEATH manages strange world where somehow raised only old topics of five years ago, and all belong to it, for granted. Great Library HERMES reportedly eager to provide full knowledge. Of course, the Network Coordinate there is no longer working, and looks for something useful. You practically bare hands among the meta-knowledge of the world. The Third World is called the Dragon, his archangel is ISKRON. This kingdom is the mysterious psionics. No one understands how it works and what ISKRON psionics. Therefore, the Dragon is sealed to quarantine all decent aspects of reality. Only two beings were able to overcome the seal. The names of the most horrible monsters were so unspeakable that the details are unknown.
XIX. Inflection Zenith
In general, yes. =| Inflection Zenith is anomalous phenomenon somewhere on the border teostatic system stability Chaos Star, which generates psionics meta-world. This field focuses so dense imaginary reality that is easily destroyed, even the most solid conceptual categories. What is happening at the zenith is always beyond Understanding, Existence and spectrum. What does this mean? I do not know. Imagine the physical destruction. Now imagine how you erase something from reality. Forever. As a phenomenon or a link of a chain of causalisations. Now imagine a more terrible destruction and so three times in a row. You've gone half way up the concepts of the class to go too. You know how this works? If you double-counted to infinity is you get all, only the first layer of chaos, and when double-counted to infinity you is you have been able to bend half Zenith. Well, of course, full of inflection: twoism which yourselfed adjustments. Not everyone can not immediately understand how it works. This is not physics, and even metaphysics. This is a real pataphysics. >:]
XX. Chthonic River Blood
River Styx flows simultaneously in both directions, so I was not difficult is to return to the heart, to continue their journey. You do not forget that reality is liquid and infinite? ~ KIRKROU is terrible vampire rules bloody drops. It sounds much cooler that is actually happening. But I will paint. :) The whole scheme is based on the fact that the blood produces monsters, sealing the reality and the fact that blood is always falling down to the trickster. Next is all just want to get in to have a monster drop for a small fee, and hope that they will be a monster is strong enough. Naturally, all this is not normally like a bloody swamp. Decent little world, clear illustrations and fun monsters. Chthonic worlds are very easy to identify as distinct from all others. There are many living creatures, various parasites developing in the productive environment and adventurers that want to use them to break into the younger gods. In practice, I have not a single monster is not properly over mutate thousands of iterations in harmonic worlds. Unfortunately, I will never be back in Ruby. :(
XXI. Elementary Water
What is at the bottom? Like all the other frightening questions, here I had to find out the answer in practice. The reality that has lost its intensity, made me think of the Earth. It is it is like what all the drugs at once. Only worse. D: quadrillions of years spent in Ruby gave me hundreds of new feelings. But only now I learned about the "out of sync". This is a condition in which all your senses perceive different realities. It's like watching a movie, listening to the voice acting is the other. This was only the beginning. Later, I learned that you lose a part of your own reality in favor of the family of creatures is the more time you spend in the water, the more averaged personality you and your friends, enemies, friends and neighbors around the world. As if all of their souls become a small part of you. This leaves you pointed questions about whether you exist and why. Existential is becomes a matter of life and death. Even the great God ELEMENTEL not able to survive in this situation. Fine reality can slowly but surely turn you into an illusion that will die if they do not believe in it.
XXII. Sea Shards
Omsk, Zlatograd, Quasisymmetric, Hydra, Balthazar, Gauss, Tries and Aurora. These eight pieces slowly die in the ocean imaginary, becoming a bulwark, no civilization, but simply being. All of them are controlled by Eren. I could not see it. This is a good thing. In areas of light of reality is should minimize contact. Most of the fallen is are illusory, but worse still meeting each other, they do not believe in the reality of the ghost communication and can accidentally kill the part of those who are "at the limit". However, I was able to find out that there are some pluses: The world around me was very malleable, even simple words can change the fabric of reality. Magic and psionics demiurgy were capable of much more. However, it was in the Sea of Shards, I found out that there are two forces, and to draw the map. The whole point of holism and reductionism. I had a little time to understand that their essence, but this axis is directed from left to right, from the general to the specific. So I did and marked on the map. Perhaps it was my passion for the topography has not allowed me to go crazy over all these kalpas existence. :)
XXIII. Gates of Eternity
Gauss is a fragment of reality that one terrible mathemagician somehow cut off from the set of all things. No one was able to replicate his methods, while trying to play them obtained significant results in many application areas... However, I got carried away. :) So, it is in the Gauss am I learned about the Gate of Eternity. Nothing special about them. This is a dead trickster. The gods are almost never truly dying. They usually leave the static nature of archives. Remember are we having the reality of a liquid? Archives are a hard reality. Read-only. Cannot change the fact that they contain. It is not known how many were able to pass through the Gate of Eternity, come back and play the study of the concept into reality. I would and he did not do. Play Requiem for a trickster is it's like trying to dig his own grave. It is unlikely that he could write something useful or at least not harmful to those who choose to pollute it too heavy gravestone. Few cultists are still believed that one day even the dead clown will be new last joke... >:]
XXIX. Ceramids Ceramids is built Magnus and Magnus is a character which very little. He has people to shift responsibility to others, not to bring the case to the end and generally being passive-sorry for all the troubles of meta-world. >:] But we do not like it not for this, but for the fact that he spit on us. One of the most competent of the gods is he said and did that enough. Not done, of course, nothing important. Okay. Ceramids is this is the last mystery of the Great Architect. If the Gate of Eternity considered the genesis of any unpleasant reduction, then Ceramids contain just one thing, but as a holistic, it is the most valuable thing in the whole omnibus! *_* The Balthazar is strange fragments, which gathered a depressive event scenario many stories of his doomed people explained to me over and over again that the Ceramids encrypted meaning of Being is just right and true holistic orient them Comettee, read all kleptography and divide the scalar radius on creeping vector. And then, and that's when! We can understand the plan Magnus, penetrate the root cause of most meta-existence and stop rocking the scales... XXX. The internal aspect. As though it may sound crazy, Magnus with his nonsense is saved billions of people of the lower plans. =| The fact that the mind games is do not give time to be bored and do not require communication. So, and reduce your chances of derealization entity. And the more absurd mystery is the better. >:] Grandmasters Magnus found out something about the internal aspects of the Ruby Chaos. Citadel is a standing wave of probability, which supports other aspects. Lives there... Someone. Te Mira created is as optimal living conditions for some "creatures" from other meta-world. Throne is allows you to fully understand the unrealistic nature of the real world and use it to the full reality of the controller. Perhaps? Omnibus is moves and detects absolute motion. Perhaps we are with all our meta-reality approaches lawlessness or fall on vector nowhere? Finally, the observed P. This is Network Coordinate with zero sums. Probably use it if they want to reverse the polarization character of reality... Whatever that means? What I wanted to achieve with Magnus all this? Part of what were my plan and your life? ^^'
XXXI. Tea Party.
I must thank RANHIDEYU for publishing the book in the open and NEIZBEZHDNYH sources. She was my last option, and we agreed to the deal. Tea party is alleged splinter. It exists because of the perception of the reality of the average characteristics of the creatures feelings Rubin. There is practically impossible to get, but here I was lucky is I was dead. Now for me, acting is my Afterimage can say egregious my actions or the personification of my hobbies. Do not pay attention. Author is died, but his cause lives on! >:] RANHIDEYA is one of the few creatures that can manage without fail causality, for which at the Blue Star censored. Besides, who is going to censor in the ocean, right? We paid a little bit not very nice cause-and-effect relationships. Now I can finish this book even before I visit all the places that are told about that would not allow me to tell you some interesting details about what happens inside a black hole, and so on. ;) Instead, I agreed to do one very unpleasant, but quite inevitable effect. It does not matter.
XXXII. Inevitable Limit.
Of the sources, who wished to remain anonymous, mentioned in the last chapter I was able to get exclusive information... That is the BOTTOM of the real world is a zone of negative density existence. *_* This is not an exotic place is of himself anything that could be imagined. First, there is no one who can take a negative concept. You provide it all. Darkness, silence, lack of taste, apathomagnetism... It is easier to say that it is like death. Only you do not die: the negative reality entropies you in the opposite direction are there generally cannot die. You live forever, "as if dead." The most important thing is that all of your work, as most of the real actors is beginning to control the world, you cannot even feel it. Rear-sync is it's like a coma blind God. And in that moment, when you know it is you already start to be afraid of people like you. Invisible killers who control all things.
XXXIII. White Moon.
In the last years of his life, learned a lot of new names. You never have a meta-world value. In alphabetical order... AURORAEL. ANDREW. ARHIAPHAT. GABRIEL. DECIBEL. MARCH. STANDARD. JULIUS. All the so-called Old Gods. They do not work. Sometimes just look at how we are suffering, and give some very bad advice as early as the end of the reality uproot surfers who call themselves whitebaits. According to them, the White Moon is counterweight to Ruby Chaos. There's nothing ever changes. Probably, and it has some kind of role. Perhaps this extra saving in case of meta-world fails because some kind of external enemies? Although any enemies he may have... In any case, the White Moon is only reflects his own former glory. Only a handful of interesting archaeologists Archons, it is not worth the forces that you need to spend to overcome inter-dimensional space, and its achievement. This is not the meta-world, in which I believed. Meta-world is never so. :(
XXXIV. Crater Agnos?
The only place worthy to mention in this pile of dusty and outdated for a few thousand kalpas cemetery is Crater Agnos. *_* It is ironic that no one still cannot prove or disprove its existence, and the existence of ENANTIOMORFA is semi-existent demigod who created the crater. They say that the reality is there is bent like a Möbius strip. The crater is a quasi-pseudo-populated strange creature is they are like shadows of themselves. When you suddenly meet it is you know that it is there, but not how it without difficulty creates itself and proves time and time again its dubious nature. Sometimes, the crater completely disappears from the White Moon, sometimes is it takes its entire volume. I have no reason to blindly believe or deny the rumors. =| Amateurs is this is one of the most expensive substances in the meta-world. His fortune from quadrillion years of traveling, I spent on the publication of the book, and kitchen appliances Agnos. A smaller portion of the book. >:] And you know what? I still cannot find the damn tea, who once lost somewhere in a distant orbit.
XXXV. Comettee.
What else to say? Old Gods is the guys were boring, but they are more or less well. It is enough that I called them names. Comettee is this is BASKINROBINS and other finishes. D: use horoscopes, you is pitiful mortals? So, the stars that control your destiny is it is not fiction Borbeus. They entered the Comettee. Who? Why? Why? Not known. They just play us like figures. And actually, what else can I know about them? This is the window somewhere above... Remember that? The windows are only needed for that would look at the stars. It's the same story. =| They're not even part of the meta-world, why should I argue about them? However, I think I was more or less decent figure if I played simply and quickly. Personally, I do not blame them for that. PETER escapists not become worse because the joined them, VLADIMIR LELLIN alive in their ranks, as well as all the others. One of many I even personally presented the ability to write in all languages of the world through the Internet, so I would understand. They are not so, and the bad guys, if you think about. I myself no better. If you think about it. I do not want to think my time...
XXXXX. Last Print?
I feel like the worlds come and go quickly. The physical reality before my eyes is the same, but it is an illusion. Changing the world is not clear. It can only perceive, but close your eyes and open eyes of intuition. Like a white stripe in life, or a ray of hope, which are not? And will not. Worlds too quickly changing. A clear symptom of derealization shock, but I no longer true, so I have about a minute of time. While little legs trying to break my glass, irrational atoms apart are I cannot look back into the abyss of elimination of the last print. My chances? =| With all the success of the world is they are expressed by a real number. Probably nothing. I should not have left the game so quickly. I could fly to the white moon, if it were not so pathetic. I could go through the chaos, if not consider himself a mortal. If I knew how to bend Zenith is things would have been different. Why do I bother? Quadrillion years is it is so small. But now, touching S", I understand that the last printing will never be removed. Because nothing exists. And by "anything", I mean EVERYTHING. >:]
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It was 11/11, 11:11 a few days ago. Yoda, impressed he is. Wisdom, bespeaks he. Reality, theme it has. Potentiality, defined not is it.

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We must connect please
Angel Work to do.
Come Pray With US. Come Fast With US.
Amen Rae Solstice Vibeophony2 by ENVOLUTED…
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Thank you for your appreciation, insight, and contribution. Your understanding is very welcomed. I am now inspired to publish a few more interesting things that I have. I will see what I can do to connect and assist with the upcoming great angel work.
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