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In Earth-27 there are a number of forces connecting life, elements, sentience, thought, time, minerals, and other natural orders together. These forces are known as Intrinsic Fields. They are both sentient and not. They live and yet are nonliving. They act on instinct, but also on thought and calculation. They both defy the natural order of things and yet also define the very same things. They are beyond mortal understanding and yet... I'm compelled to discuss them. So let's begin.


The Green
Perhaps the most well-known of the Intrinsic Fields, the Green is an elemental force which connects all forms of plant life on earth and on other planets. It can be entered into and experienced by elementals and avatars as an ethereal realm inhabited by the collective minds of the Parliament of Trees, all former avatars of the Green. The Parliament of Trees is the governing body that crafts the Green's will into thought, plans, and action. Various plant elementals have been known to communicate with the Green as well and appear to have an in-tune rapport with it while others are directly enslaved by the Green and still other servants and champions of the Green are completely unaware of its existence.
Some of its known champions and servants include:
Swamp-Thing, the primary champion of the Green on Earth. Swamp Thing is aware of the Green and in contact with the Parliament of Trees, though he often defies their wishes.
Poison Ivy, is a servant of the Green. She is-tune with the Green but has never met with the Parliament of Trees.
Solomon Grundy, though he has been tainted by the Gray and the Black, Solomon Grundy retains a connection to the Green which originally animated him in an attempt to create a champion of a different era.
The Sprout, an avatar of both the Green and the Red. The twice-born daughter of four parents, Tefe Holland is a unique organism that is neither planet nor animal, but also both.

Expanded Lore Entry:
(as according to Swamp-Thing)
Plant Elementals have existed on Earth long before humans. Born when an animal died in flames and merged with the Earth, the Elementals became protectors of plant life throughout history. When they had done their time, they would join the Parliament of Trees, a group mind of former Elementals. These elementals have given up everyday speech and mobility, communicating through one unified mind. This communal mind exists in the dimension of The Green, home of the life force of all plant life on Earth. The Parliament was founded and led by Yggdrasil, oldest of the plant elementals, and almost every plant elemental that ever lived has gone on to join the Parliament. Most elementals (not to be confused with avatars of the Green) are servants of the Parliament of Trees and subject to its decrees and though the Parliament of Trees has usurped Swamp-Thing's mind before, he is unique in that he is an elemental with free will, apparently given to him specifically by the Green to challenge the Parliament, effectively making Swamp-Thing the Green's conscience.

Other Notes:
The Green is at a war of sorts with the Gray. It also has a difficult, strained relationship with most forms of sapient life, humans of Earth in particular.

The Red 
A force which connects and pervades all animal life in the universe exists and it is known as the Red. It can be experienced by members with a connection to the heart of the Red, the Parliament of Limbs, or the Totems of the Red.

Those known to be able to tap into The Red include:
Animal Man is believed to be the primary champion of the Red on Earth. Buddy Baker does not serve the Parliament of Limbs or the Totems, instead doing his best to understand the Red's own cryptic impulses directly steamed into his mind. Buddy used to call the Red the morphogenetic field.
Vixen, the wearer of the Tantu Totem medallion. Mari McCabe is not an avatar of the Red but is able to access its power through her necklace.
Tefé Holland, an avatar of both the Green and the Red. The twice-born daughter of four parents, Tefe Holland is a unique organism that is neither planet nor animal, but also both.
Freedom Beast, a metahuman avatar of the Red. Dominic Mndawe is suspected to be the Red's potential replacement for Buddy Baker, but he has been contacted by the Parliament of Limbs and maintains their favor.
Beast Boy, a metahuman avatar of the Red. Garfield Logan has a connection to the Red but he doesn't understand it and makes little effort to remedy that. Beast Boy is special in that he doesn't take on the properties of the animals like most avatars of the Red, he becomes the animals but retains his own human mentality.
Kirk Langstrom, a metahuman avatar of the Red. Once known as Man-Bat, Kirk created a formula which causes person who drink it to have cellular structure incredibly susceptible to soaking in latent energy from the Red, specifically energy connected to the bat, causing mutations. Though Langstrom's wife has found a way to fight through the fugue and retain his mind, most other users of this formula become directly controlled by the Red itself.

Other Notes:
The Red and The Green have been allied in battling against the Rot for all time. Both have turned to humans to be their champions as something about the human genetic structure allows them to be endowed with incredible intrinsic power. Nevertheless, like the Green, the Red has its problems with humanity as a whole.

The Black
Also known as the Rot, the Black is a force which is strongly associated with death. The decay and rotting of living things is where it flourishes, with its base being in the "Bone Kingdom" an aetheral realm of entropy and decay. As it is its nature, it works in opposition to life forces such as The Red and The Green. Like the other elemental forces of its kind, the Rot is guarded by a Parliament; the Parliament of Decay. Each member of this Parliament is a former Avatar of Death.

Unlike the Red and the Green which usually chooses its champions by opportunity, the Black has most prominently worked through human agents who belonged to specific bloodlines" most notably the Arcane and Hand families.

Other Notes:
While Abigail Arcane has a natural born connection to the Black, she has thus far resisted the call of the Black because she was protected from it by the strength and power of Swamp Thing and his connection to The Green, she fears it is only a matter of time before the Black attempts to seduce her to its power once again.
The Guardians of the Lantern Corps believe that this Black sounds much like an ancient prophecy of their own, concerning a mythical Black Lantern Conduit.

The Clear
Sometimes called The Blue, The Clear is a force which connects and pervades all aquatic life and oceanic themed elements in general within the universe. The Clear is heralded by the enigmatic Parliament of Waves, an ensemble of former avatars who now reside as a counselling order to the Clear. Access to the Clear can allow the user to communicate with marine life, as well as utilize hydrokinetic abilities.

Those who can tap into the Clear are:

Aquaman, a possible champion of the Clear. Arthur Curry has the ability to command sea-life due to his Gift of Kordax, but this apparently must be something which also somehow utilizes the Clear. Furthermore, Atlantean scholars believe his Gift of Kordax is more powerful than it should be, thus possibly indicating he is a Champion of the Clear?
Aquawoman and many other Atlantean water-wizards are known to utilize ancient Atlantean rituals and spells to bend water to their will by tapping into the Clear through mystical means.
Tempest, is a known champion of the Clear. The current Tempest is Garth ta'Idyl and while he cannot command aquatic life, he is a master of water-bending whose connection to the clear always him to not only bend water with less effort and exertion than other water-wizards, but also allows him to commune with the Clear directly.

Other Notes:
There is some overlap between the Clear and the Red when it comes to Aquatic Life, with both claiming dominion. However, while such lifeforms are actively in the water, the Red cannot usurp the Clear's power and thus the Red usually forfeits its dominance over such creatures except when they are on dry land and the Clear, in turn, allows the Red's champions to operate underwater without the Clear directly hindering their access to Aquatic Lifeforms.

The White
This is an elemental force which is associated with air, wind, and every single type of gas or airborne element on the planet, experienced by elementals as an ethereal realm inhabited by the collective minds of the Parliament of Vapors.

Not much else is currently known about it. Reaching out to Maxine Hunkel for more information.

Further Information Pending
The Grey (which is connected to all fungal life).
The Burn (which is associated with fire elementals and connected to the Parliament of Flames.
The Melt (which is connected to Earth elementals and run by the Parliament of Stones).
The Metal (which is connected to metal and technological elementals and run by The Rithm).
The Divided (which is associated with bacteria, amoebas, and other microscopic forms of life).
The Darkness (which is dark?)
The Light (also known as the Time Force, the Temporal Force, and the Speed Force)
The Od (which is the power of psychics, thoughts, dreams, and nightmares. Also known as the Dreaming)

Episode 1 of The Flash debuts with a voiceover, with Barry retelling his life story, as we see the events play out in brief flashes. We see his love of sci-fi books and comics, we see the love his parents had for each other, we see Barry being a happy child, and we see all that joy crushed when he finds his father standing over his mother's dead body. We see Barry being taken in by his uncle and aunt, but instead of sci-fi and comics, teenage Barry is now reading forensics manuals and studying case files.

We see him working hard to earn money, save it in a jar, and when the jar is filled he smashes it and buys a plane ticket to see his father in prison. We see Barry doing these crappy jobs, studying, saving money, filling the jar, breaking the jar, and visiting his father play out three or four times, with the final time showing an adult Barry doing the same thing in college.

Then we see Barry meet Iris. We see them working and flirting at their crappy college student jobs, we see them filling the jar together, we see Barry break the jar, we see Barry walk by a jewelry store and stop to stare at a ring, but then we see him sigh and cross the street to a travel agency, walking out with two tickets. We see Barry introduce Iris to his dad. Henry doesn't look happy.

As this would go on, we would see a little stopwatch type graphic showing the years. We then get to 1999 and see Barry graduate college, work as a CSI, break the jar, and go see his father alone. This is where we shift away from what is essentially prolonged montage to let a full and proper scene play out. This is where we see Henry tell Barry that he killed Nora and tells Barry to move on with his life, marry Iris, be happy, and forget about him.

 Devastated, Barry gets back on a plane and has almost no reaction. We see quick snippets of his life with him having little reaction. He goes to work as if in auto-pilot. He goes on a date with Iris and she laughs at a movie and he stares blankly ahead. And then he's back at work when a co-worker drops off some evidence for him. It's a knife in an evidence bag, blood-stained. Barry looks at the knife, sees a brief glimpse of a similar knife in his father's hand, and then we see Barry react.

In a fit of rage, he tears his lab apart. He smashes his stool through a chemistry set, splashing himself with chemicals. He screams and throws stuff and then when he looks outside and sees it is raining. Suddenly lightning strikes and when the flash fades, we're taken with Barry into another flashback. It is not young Barry staring at raindrops on a window after a lightning strike. Little Barry looks pale and frightened, he is hyperventilating, and as the camera pans we saw his mother dead on the floor nearby. Another lightning bolt strikes just as a bloody hand grabs Barry's shoulder and spins him around. We see Henry Allen's face and then another lightning strike takes us back to the present.

In a full-on panic, Barry runs out of his lab and into the stairwell, we see him run out onto the roof and his eyes lock on to the edge. With his brow furrowed, Barry goes into a full-on sprint for the edge and he leaps about three feet from the edge and just as he's cleared the edge, we see a bolt of lightning shoot down and hit Barry right in the chest, knocking him back to the rooftop.

As the screen goes black, we hear Barry say in voice-over: "Lightning, like water, follows the path of least resistance. That's why it usually strikes the highest point in the area. But that day, lightning did something strange, it didn't hit the highest point... it struck me… at the lowest point in my life."

The screen goes black, we get another voice over. "That lightning bolt did more than just save my life, it opened my eyes." The clock changes to 2003 and then we see Barry open his eyes.

Barry is in bed with Iris and then we hear the cries of children. Barry sighs and we see Iris moan that it's his turn. Barry uses logic to point out that it is, in fact, her turn, but we see her give a sleepy smile and say "Please, you'll be my hero..." and so we see Barry sigh and zip out of bed, zoom into the nursery where twin one-year-olds are screaming, with one pulling the other's hair. We see Barry separate them, quickly change both their diapers, and then pick them both up and sing them a lullaby. He gets the kids back to sleep, goes to lay down to go back to sleep, and then his phone buzzes. He checks it and sees a text from Cisco. Barry sighs and zips off.

As he is running to STAR Labs, another voice-over: "My name is Barry Allen, not only am I the fastest man alive... I am also a loving husband and devoted father..."

((to be continued))

Many of you have likely noticed the new format for Oracle Files. This was a much-needed upgrade in terms of the amount of information I needed to plug into each file but as I began to introduce this new format, several things happened around the same time. Some good, some bad.

One of the major bad things was three longtime fans and creators of original characters contacted me simultaneously on different forms of social media and e-mail (seriously all made contact within a span of ten minutes) to coordinate their withdrawal from Earth-27, requesting that their characters be removed from my content. I was blindsided by this and genuinely hurt by this petty display. One of these creators did listen to reason and did rescind this request but I was left with two creators who had a large number of original characters in the Earth-27 stable that needed to be withdrawn from the story, a story I had spent over a year developing at this point.
If you want to read more about it, check out this journal:
Season 4, time for a reboot!important update:
We have ALL OF the replacement characters sponsored! 
Well... not exactly. ;)
This last week I was contacted by some character creators who had brought characters into Earth-27 and now for a variety of reasons which i will not get into have decided that they don't want to play nice anymore. As the expression goes, they wish to take their ball and go home, so to speak. In plain English, they've asked their characters to no longer be used by Earth-27. Rather than just drop my storylines and never mention these characters again, I've decided that Earth-27 will have a bit of a restructuring period.
I am replacing the roles these characters played in their respective VOX appearances with other characters, both brand new and fan favorites. This will require some minor rewrites here and there, but nothing that so massive that a longtime fan would need to actually go back and retread stories they've already read to stay current (but if t

Sidestepping that issue for a moment, a good thing did happen in the form of feedback for how I would work the Watchmen into Earth-27. People did seem to think it was a pretty original idea and fit rather nicely with the timeline of Earth-27 and allowed for a greater focus on the setting's fictional cities. If you are curious about this approach, feel free to check out this journal:
Roy Reimagines... Earth-27?There is an expression, "hindsight is 20/20". It is human nature to look back at what they've done and think "if I only knew what I know now..."
Well, that's the crux of today's journal. If I knew Earth-27 was going to go on beyond the original scope I had in mind, would there be changes I'd have made in the beginning? Most definitely. I get this question a lot and I have given it some thought over the past three years so let's explore that idea, shall we? Please note that this journal will be small for the time being, I'm planning to continually add to it as time goes on. So if you think of an aspect of Earth-27 you'd be interested in seeing what I'd revisit if given the chance, comment below and maybe it'll become the next installment in this living journal.
The Biggest Retcon
So while I think starting off by building a base of characters in Gotham was beneficial to Earth-27, I think what I would have done instead was start off by creating the Watchmen. Y

But here's the gist of it: 
The Watchmen themselves: Nite-Owl, Rohrshach, Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre, Ozymandias, the Comedian, and so forth, existed in Earth-27's 80's. Their tale would mostly result in the same way that it does in the movie (because I prefer the movie's ending versus the graphic novel's finale) except with even more devastation. Many major cities don't just suffer huge losses, most of the major cities are outright destroyed. So with Earth's major cities gone, this sets the stage for other cities to rise to prominence in the wake of this devastation: Gotham, Metropolis, Gateway City, Star City, Central City, et cetera. So while that doesn't change much of the heroes' backstories, it does change the setting quite a bit. Manhattan is gone, as are London, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tokyo, and even Washington, DC. This would give me a firm detachment from the real world and allow me to develop a unique world.

Anyway, because of all of these reasons, I decided to give Earth-27 a "soft reboot". What I settled on was that while going back and retrofitting profiles to the new format, I could revise history here and there, add in new details I would have added if I had been gifted with hindsight, and insert changes about this new status quo, emphasizing the importance of the fictional cities within the setting; and while I was doing that, I could remaster past storylines, inserting scenes I had skipped over for time or other reasons and while doing that, I could cut out the problematic characters and replace them with exciting replacements.

Well, in the course of doing this, I crafted a new history for Earth-27 that I felt I should share here in a brief manner (brief so as to allow you to piece together more details through Oracle Files and ObMods and the like). I hope you enjoy. :D

Hollis Mason is born.

Sally Juspeczyk is born.

May 9th
Edward Morgan Blake is born in Smallville, Kansas

August 14
Jon Osterman is born in Germany.

Hollis Mason graduates police academy.

August 14
Jon Osterman gets a clock as a birthday present from his father, Josef.

October 6
A masked vigilante known as Hooded Justice stops a gang who attempted to steal and abuse a couple.

October 13
Hooded Justice stops a supermarket robbery and inspires Hollis Mason to become Nite Owl.

World War II begins.
Josef Osterman leaves Germany with his family to protect his Jewish wife, Inge. Inge sacrifices herself to save their son, Jon.

Silk Spectre debuts.

Comedian debuts.

The Minutemen superhero group is formed.

Adrian Veidt is born. 

Walter Kovacs is born.

December 7
Attack on Pearl Harbor. The United States enters World War II.

The Comedian is stabbed by a small-time hoodlum, causing him and many other crimefighters to ditch tights and start wearing armored suits.

The Comedian begins working for the US Government and is sent to South Pacific during the war.

Dan Dreiberg is born.

Feb 23
Comedian lands at Iwo Jima and plants the American flag

September 2
World War II ends

Silk Spectre retires from crimefighting.

Laurie Juspeczyk is born.

The Minutemen disband.

Last known sighting of Hooded Justice.

A decomposed body with a shot on the head washes up off the coast of Boston, tentatively identified as Rolf Müller, a person of interest in a number of serial killings.

Adrian Veidt begins his journey to northern Turkey and follows the path of Alexander the Great.

Osterman graduates from Princeton with a Ph.D. in Atomic Physics.

Ozymandias makes his debut by busting an opium and heroin smuggling racket.

Ozymandias investigates Hooded Justice's disappearance. He has a meeting with the Comedian and they engage in a brief fight. 

In order to boost comic book-inspired agents, the government comes on the side of comic books after a wave of anti-comic book sentiment. Sci-fi writer Jay Garrick is catapulted to relative stardom as a result.

August 20
Jon Osterman is accidentally locked in the Intrinsic Field Test Chamber before an experiment. He is disintegrated.

A token funeral service is held for Osterman.

Jon's nervous system appears for a moment in the men's bathroom at Gila Flats while two employees are washing their hands.

November 10
Jon Osterman's circulatory system is seen in the Gila Flats kitchen.

November 14
Jon Osterman's partially muscled skeleton appears for thirty seconds outside the perimeter fence at Gila Flats.

November 22
Jon Osterman rematerializes in the Gila Flats cafeteria, having transformed into the being that will later be known as Dr. Manhattan.

The debut of Dr. Manhattan

Hollis Mason retires from crime fighting to open an automobile repair shop, reveals his true name to the public and starts to write his autobiography, Under the Hood. At a civic banquet, he is awarded with a golden statuette of him as the Nite Owl.

Dan Dreiberg contacts Hollis Mason and requests to become his successor; he debuts as Nite Owl II.

Friday, November 22
President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas.

Kitty Genovese is raped, tortured and murdered outside of her New York City home. 40 neighbors heard screams but nobody reacted. Disgusted by this, Walter Kovacs decides to make his mask. 

Crimebusters attempt to form

Richard M. Nixon is elected President.

Gila Flats closes down, the property is purchased by LuthorCorp as the future site of Cadmus Labs.

President Nixon asks Dr. Manhattan to intervene in Vietnam.

Dr. Manhattan is reintroduced to the Comedian in Saigon.

June 15
America wins the Vietnam War.

A pregnant Vietnamese woman accosts the Comedian. When he refuses to take responsibility for their baby, she slashes him across the face with a broken bottle, leaving a permanent scar. In return, he shoots her dead. Dr. Manhattan watches but does not interfere.

Nixon is elected to a second term.

Nite Owl II and Rorschach team-up.

Two reporters are found dead in a garage while investigating the Watergate scandal.


Adrian Veidt retires from masked escapades and reveals his identity.

January 20
Richard Nixon proposes a Constitutional amendment that will allow him to run for a third term as president.

July 12
Veidt is interviewed by Perry White for the Daily Planet. Veidt suggests for Perry to look into the murders of the reporters investigating the Watergate Scandal and an FBI Senior Agent.

Perry White publishes his findings, implicating President Nixon in the deaths known as the Watergate Murders. President Nixon commits suicide in the Oval Office. Gerald Ford finishes the remainder of Nixon's term.

Jimmy Carter is elected President of the United States.

The graffiti "Who Watches the Watchmen" appears all around.

August 3
The Keene Act, an emergency bill proposed by Senator Keene, is passed, outlawing costumed superheroes that are not government-sanctioned.

Rorschach kills multiple rapist Harvey Charles Furniss and leaves his body outside the police HQ with the note "NEVER!".

27 November
Rorschach makes FBI's Most Wanted

Ronald Reagan elected to US Presidency.

Dr. Manhattan and Laurie Juspeczyk move into the Special Talent Quarters at Rockefeller Military Research Center.

Scientists begin disappearing.

Edward Blake is ambushed in his high-rise apartment and thrown out of the window.

Rorschach investigates Blake's apartment and discovers Blake's Comedian costume and a photograph of the Minutemen. He takes Blake's blood-stained smiley-face badge.

Dan Dreiberg arrives home to find Rorschach waiting for him. He is informed of the Comedian's death and takes the Comedian's badge.

Rorschach investigates the murder of the Comedian. He gets a good lead from reformed criminal Jacobi. Later goes to meet with Jacobi to follow up but finds Jacobi shot in the head and Rorschach is ambushed and cornered by the police. Rorschach is arrested.

Rorschach, now incarcerated at Sing Sing prison, attends his first interview with psychoanalyst Malcolm Long.

Tenement building catches fire. Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II come out of retirement and rescue citizens from the fire.

Dan and Laurie decide to rescue Rorschach.

Imprisoned criminal Big Figure threatens Rorschach.

When a prisoner Rorschach scalded earlier in his incarceration dies, a prison riot breaks out. Big Figure attempts to take his revenge on Rorschach. Nite Owl and Silk Spectre rescue Rorschach, but not before Rorschach kills Big Figure.

After hearing of Nite-Owl's rescue of Rorschach and the murder of Big Figure in prison, a gang storm into Hollis Mason's home and, thinking he is Nite-Owl II, kill him.

Veidt kills his co-conspirators.

Rorschach and Nite Owl II break into Veidt's office, uncovering his crimes. Rorschach deposits his journal for safekeeping.

October 12th, 1987. 5:27 PM EST
Veidt presses the button, putting his plan into action. 27 bombs explode across the world, exploding in a display with a distinct energy signature to Dr. Manhattan thereby framing Dr. Manhattan.
The cities which are targets include:
1. London, England
2. Paris, France
3. Cairo, Egypt
4. Istanbul, Turkey
5. Moscow, USSR
6. Tehran, Iran
7. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
8. Delhi, India
9. Washington, DC, United States
10. Boston, Massachusetts, United States
11. Dhaka, Bangladesh
12. Bangkok, Thailand
13.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
14. Shanghai, China
15. Beijing, China
16. Seoul, South Korea
17. Detroit, Michigan, United States
18. Houston, Texas, United States
19. Tokyo, Japan
20. Los Angeles, California, United States
21. Mexico City, Mexico
22. Manhattan, New York, United States
23. Chicago, Illinois, United States
24. Sao Paulo, Brazil
25. Buenos Aires, Argentina
26. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
27. Lima, Peru

Nite Owl and Rorschach confront Veidt. After a brief fight, Veidt explains his plan and informs them they are too late.

Silk Spectre and Dr. Manhattan return to earth and see the devastation. They arrive at Veidt's installation. Veidt attempts to kill Jon in the same way he was reborn as Dr. Manhattan, decimating him... briefly. Dr. Manhattan returns and destroys much of Veidt's base.

Having witnessed the media's response to the alleged alien invasion, Adrian is able to convince his comrades that revealing his atrocities would destroy the newly achieved atmosphere of peace between The United States and Russia. All agree to remain silent, except Rorschach who storms out, refusing to cooperate.

Seeing the potential outcomes of Rorschach's assured upcoming actions, Dr. Manhattan vaporizes Rorschach.

Dr. Manhattan, Nite-Owl, and Silk Spectre disappear.

The United Nations forms a nearly universal peace accord between its members, dedicated to the capture and destruction of Dr. Manhattan.

North and South Korea are even reunified, taking the new name Rhelasia.

The US capital is established as National City, Virginia.

October 13
After receiving Rorschach's journal, supposedly from Rorschach, the Daily Planet publishes "The Great Lie" detailing the "Manhattaning" as a hoax coordinated by Adrian Veidt.

US Congress and the United Nations order an immediate inquiry into the allegations.

Veidt goes into hiding, abandoning his business empire which goes into freefall. Most of its assets are acquired by LuthorCorp.

When Veidt routinely proves to be too difficult for law enforcement to apprehend, public sentiment begins to shift toward favoring a return of masked vigilantes, particularly with the success of the Batman in Gotham City.

After defeating Brainiac's siege on National City, the United States Congress repeals the Keene Act. The Justice League of America is born.

Veidt remains on the lam. Reports of Dr. Manhattan are scarce, most believing he has forever abandoned Earth. Nite-Owl and Silk Spectre are nearly forgotten by all except historians. Rorschach is lauded as a heroic, if somewhat controversial, figure.

So, that is that! I'm sure timeline buffs of Earth-27 will have some questions for how all this effects Earth-27. I am happy to clarify whatever I can without giving out spoilers for upcoming content so feel free to ask in the comments. Also, I'd love some feedback.

I know there are many of you out there who are excited to see the Watchmen make it to Earth-27 and I know there are many who really don't want to see the Watchmen incorporated into Earth-27 at all. I hope that no matter where you stand, you're willing to give this some time to develop and see how it works out going forward, but I am open to feedback of any kind here. The Watchmen were a property that for as much as I wanted to find a way to work them into Earth-27, I was afraid of doing so simply because how many people view them as "untouchable" but when Rebirth did it, I felt that I should be free to explore this as well and began to find my own solution. I wanted to keep the events of Watchmen intact but realized I could not do this entirely so I kept as much as I could and began to find ways to tweak the formula. As the timeline goes on, toward the end, I changed more details but I still feel I have kept the spirit of Watchmen intact. What do you think?
With the inclusion of the Scooby-Doo gang, I've opened the door to considering other properties under the Warner Entertainment banner for inclusion in Earth-27. I don't want to get overboard here and I want the focus to remain on the proper DC characters, so expect no more than one property to join Earth-27 per season. Since we're on Season 4 (or about to be), that means 4 properties. We've already added Vertigo (which is like a DC Universe cousin) and Scooby-Doo (which have a long history of crossing over and guest starring), so that means we only got 2 open slots and right now, as some may have already guessed by the title, I'm claiming a third!

So without further ado, consider these characters to be available for sponsorship:
... and if all 5 asterisked characters are sponsored, guess who will show up? ;)

If you have any ideas for which other Warner Bros. owned property should be showing up in Earth-27? Sound off in the comments below.

And if you want to sponsor one of these newly announced characters, head over to…

Harvey Dent

Sun Aug 19, 2018, 10:13 AM
Two-face by phil-cho


Legal Name
Harvey Murray Dent

Other Known Aliases
Two-Face, Multi-Face, Apollo, Janus, Harv, Holiday, Handsome Harvey, Big Bad Harv, Gotham's White Knight, Double Dog, Duke of Duality

Christopher Dent (father)
Laura Murray-Dent (mother)

The Masterminds: Member

Date of Birth
February 2nd, 1972

Criminal Mastermind


Marital Status
Separated: Gilda Dent (ex-wife)

Unknown - At Large





Hair color

Eye color

6'2" / 1.88 m

222 lbs / 100 kg

1972 - 1985
Harvey is the son of Christopher and Laura Dent. Though originally born into the lower-class of Gotham, Harvey would be granted a more luxurious lifestyle when his mother won an election to the Gotham City Council, but this came with its own problems. Harvey's father, a perpetual failure who had trouble keeping a steady job, began to resent his wife's success. Whenever she was able to accomplish something significant for the family's welfare, Christopher Dent usually took his wife out to celebrate and the next day, while Laura was at work, a hungover Christopher would wake Harvey up and force the boy to flip a coin. If the coin landed on heads, Harvey was free to go to school. If the coin landed tails, Christopher would strike Harvey before the boy's mind could even register the result of the coin toss. The severity of the beating that following was based on Laura's accomplishment, how much Christopher had to drink the night before, and how much Harvey resisted.

As Harvey got older, he learned to fight back; but he never won the fight until he was twelve and had stashed a baseball bat under the sofa to defend himself. After two blows from the bat, Christopher Dent was stuck down. Panicking as he thought he had killed his father, Harvey fled from his home. My dad was the cop who found Harvey at the bus depot and took him home to his mother where Harvey learned that not only was his father not dead but had convinced both the police and Harvey's mother that Harvey was a deeply disturbed boy that had assaulted him without provocation.

Harvey was sent away to spend his summer at a youth camp for troubled and traumatized young Gothamites. It was here that he would meet Bruce Wayne. Bruce had been sent to the camp after his parents' killer had been caught earlier that year and the trial had caused all sorts of mixed emotions in Bruce to rise to the surface, throwing him into a dark episode where he had tried to take his own life. Bruce and Harvey got along pretty good early into the summer. Harvey taught Bruce a few fighting moves he had picked up and Bruce came up with the idea of Harvey carrying a two-headed coin to escape future beatings. The two teenage boys even made a pact to kill the source of each other's grief: with Harvey agreeing to kill Joseph Chilton and Bruce agreeing to kill Christopher Dent.
When Harvey returned home, he employed Bruce's trick coin idea to escape beatings. This worked like a charm until one day when Harvey left the coin in his pocket and his father found it while doing laundry. Chris Dent was so enraged that he began to beat Harvey in front of his mother. When Laura tried to intervene, Chris assaulted her as well and in this melee, Chris Dent's .22 pistol went off. The official police record showed that Laura had fired the two shots that crippled Chris but recent evidence suggests it may have been Harvey.

Harvey Dent (Earth-27) Character Mod by Roysovitch
1985 - 2001
Harvey would again meet Bruce the following year when Harvey began attending Brentwood Academy (after his mother had spun the shooting of her husband into an empowering spin for her political campaign). When the boys caught up, Bruce was upset with Harvey for having forgiven his now handicapped father. The two's friendship would disintegrate quickly when Harvey told Bruce that he had a change of heart in their murder pact.

But Harvey was a charismatic young man and he would make plenty more friends to replace the loss of one rich orphan. Still, Harvey hung on to the coin and would constantly employ that trick to great effect to help manipulate fate in his favor. Bruce would graduate early and Harvey went on to become the student body president for both of his last two years at Brentwood which went a long way in securing a scholarship.

Destined for politics, Harvey went into law school after getting his undergraduate degree. After passing the Bar exam, Harvey's first work was as a defense attorney but after his first client turned out to be a child abuser, Harvey switched sides and became a prosecutor for the District Attorney's office.

When Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham, Harvey was surprised to find an invitation for him to attend the welcoming gala for Bruce. At the party, before the armed hostilities arranged by Nygma would erupt, Bruce greeted Harvey and introduced him to Wayne's personal assistant Gilda Gold. Harvey was smitten by Miss Gold at once and when gunfire later erupted, Harvey and Gilda ducked into a coat closet together for safety.

After evacuating, Bruce invited Harvey and Gilda to join him and Silver St. Cloud out for chinese and it was here that Bruce put Harvey up for running for the office of Gotham District Attorney. Resistant at first, Harvey ultimately came around when Bruce put Gilda in charge of the Wayne Foundation political initiative and tasked her with persuading Harvey to run for office. After Harvey agreed to run, Gilda and he began an official romance while planning his election strategy. They were married just after Harvey won the election.

Of course, Bruce had an ulterior motive to getting Harvey to run for DA. Bruce knew that Harvey was a good man, but deep-down was also somene who understood the gray areas of justice. He knew that he could turn Harvey into an ally for Batman and should Harvey ever prove resistant against Batman, Bruce knew Harvey's dark secret... but Bruce hoped that would remain the ace up his sleeve. Together, they proved a powerful team: Gotham's white knight and its mysterious dark knight, and proved this power by putting both Falcone and Maroni in prison.

But it was during the sentencing hearing for Maroni that Harvey's life would take on a hideous turn. 

Harvey Dent by phil-cho
2001 - Present
During the sentencing hearing for Salvatore Maroni, the convicted mob boss pulled a small vial of acid from his person, a vial given to him by the Joker the night before, and splashed the caustic substance on the left hand and the side of Harvey's face, disfiguring Gotham's beloved 'White Knight'. Even Harvey's lucky coin had also been scarred by the acid burn as it had been in Harvey's hand during the fateful encounter.

Harvey sunk into a deep depression after he left the hospital. He began to drink and found himself haunted by nightmares of his father coming to beat him. Gilda and Bruce reached out to him to get help, but they didn't realize how fast the White Knight was quickly succumbing to 'Big Bad Harv', a personality that echoed Harvey's abusive father. Still, Harvey got medication and donned a half-mask face prosthetic to go out in public... but he was anything but okay.

After a judge tossed out one of Harvey's cases due to Harvey having an episode of missing time and missing a court date, Harvey began to spiral into madness. When the police later found that a witness for the defense, a psychiatrist in the mob's pocket, had been killed during the same time that Harvey was unable to account for his whereabouts, Dent flipped out. He drew a .22 caliber pistol and shot the two detectives who had come to question him dead... and so began the criminal career of Two-Face.

Harvey's first crime spree ended abruptly when Bruce Wayne found him standing over the side of his crippled father's nursing home bed. Harvey had a gun to his father's head and was shouting at his fear-stricken father to flip the coin. Bruce got close enough to grab the coin from Christopher Dent's hand, flip it, and cover it in his hand. Harvey screamed at Bruce to show him the result, but Bruce put his foot over the coin before Harvey could see the result. Infuriated, Harvey turned his aggression on Bruce. Bruce took the beating until Harvey wore himself out, but kept the coin covered at all costs. Only when Harvey was panting and coughing did Bruce reveal the coin result: heads. Shocked to have given out a beating when the coin showed no beating was needed, Harvey turned himself in to the police.

Sent to Arkham, Harvey has made good progress many times, but he always seems to revert for one reason or another. It seems for now Harvey Dent and Two-Face are two sides of the same coin.


Threat Assigment: High
Treatment Ranking: 3-Ambivalent
Intake Interviewer: Dr. Roy Westerman
Assigned Patient Coordinator: Dr. Chase Meridian
Housing Assignment: Intensive Care

Medical Profile

-Patient is in excellent physical health, despite severe acid burn scars on the left side of his head, face, neck, as well as his left shoulder and upper portion of his left arm.

Psychological Profile
-Patient is a bizarre schizotypal whose ideation is heavily influenced by the notion of duality and fate, so much so that the patient often decides most major decisions on the flip of his half-scarred silver dollar.
-Patient is obsessed with the number "2".

Behavior Profile
-Patient agrees to attend approximately half of his scheduled therapy sessions and when he does the sessions are either productive or pointless venues to rant about chance and dualism.
-Patient is completely untreatable and often catatonic whenever deprived of his coin, so he has been allowed to keep the silver dollar in order to stabilize his behavior (half of the time).
-Patient continues to damage the left side of his jumpsuits, as such our policy is to issue him only jumpsuits he has previously damaged.
-Patient has caused damage to one side of his cell. Attempts to repair the damage of transfer him to other calls has only caused further damage.


Coming Soon


His criminal organization, the Second Street Gang, are part of the Masterminds organization and oversee the Old Gotham district, including the Narrows.

Two-Face acts as the expert on the by-laws of the Masterminds at their meetings.

When he's in Arkham he becomes incredible hostile if he doesn't get his usual cell on the second floor of Block Two.

When he's in Arkham he has requested books from the library. There's a restricted list which includes media with number two or duality.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Come see the Light

Fri Aug 3, 2018, 9:07 AM
Early History
As best as the Team can figure out is that the group known as the Light was founded by Vandal Savage somewhere between 2001 and 2003, after the first appearance of the proto-Justice League that back then was simply known as the "Super-Friends". The Light itself is an evolution of a loose alliance that was already in place between Vandal Savage, Ra's al Ghul, and Queen Bee. This alliance was strengthened with new members, a pooling of resources, and the establishment of a system and defined agenda. The Light saw their main purpose as to counteract the Super-Friends and later, the Justice League's role in preserving society's "calcified status quo". In the belief of the Light that the League inhibits mankind by protecting it from disaster, crime, and tragedy—factors needed for humanity to evolve.

To counteract this, the Light created or co-opted networks of operatives, placed key individuals in key positions, and explored the boundaries of all new technology. Genetic engineering, biochemical engineering, robotics, nano-robotics, techno-sorcery, and all conceivable methods of mind control were all explored by the Light in its quest to accelerate human evolution. A resurgent Earth "taking its rightful place at the center of the cosmos" appears to be the Light's ultimate goal.

The identities of the leaders were known only to a very select group of individuals that worked with them. Each member of the Light maintained their individual bases, but it is believed that the Light also has a central headquarters somewhere used by meetings held two or three times per year.

Cyborg's covert operation known as 'Young Justice' was the first to unearth knowledge of this nefarious organization. Though they had directly opposed the Light's efforts in several instances before then, it was not until 2009 (when most of 'Young Justice' had progressed to the Titans program) that they first uncovered evidence of the organization's name and began theorizing their endgame and membership structure. 

The Light has masterminded several key events, including:

Creating genomorphs at Cadmus, notably including Project Kr, and its sub-programs: Match and Galatea. As a means to possibly eliminate and/or replace Superman and Supergirl/Power Girl.

The assassination of the CEO of Farano Enterprises, Selena Gonzalez. This Central City businesswoman had invested in Cadmus Labs and when the project had to go underground, she stood in a position to reveal a portion of the Light's interests to law enforcement. She was eliminated by the Hook despite the efforts of Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Aqualad.

A coup in Santa Prisca which placed Juan Paolo Sebastion, or more commonly known as "El Jefe", at the head of the country's government.

The Leviathan's kidnapping of Dr. Serling Roquette and subsequent use of the Fog to steal information from STAR Labs and Wayne Tech.

Klarion's attempt to steal the Helmet of Fate.

Several thefts from STAR Labs, Wayne Tech, LuthorCorp, Kord Omniversal, and other notable research facilities.

The attempted assassination of Lex Luthor during his diplomatic mission to reunify North and South Rhelasia as a single country.

The Brain's experimentation on Kobra-Venom using animals.

The backing of Werner Zytle's coup in Vlatava.

The attempted assassination of Ted Kord on March 17th, 2013.

Originally aiding the Reach with its early diplomatic efforts. 

After realizing the Reach's true motivations, the contribution of clandestine aid to the Justice League's efforts to thwart the Reach invasion. These efforts included:
-Pulling strings or deploying of their own operatives to interfere with the Reach's abductions of teens with dormant metagenes.

-Secretly forcing the revelation of the Reach's hidden fleet by goading Mongol to attempt an assault on Earth using Warworld.

-Using the media to manipulate public opinion against the Reach.

-Despite publicly partnering with the Reach to distribute a drink laced with an additive designed to render humans subservient in a few generations, secretly adding a neutralizing agent to prevent the same.

-Providing Kord Omniversal with the unencrypted code for the Reach fleet, which allowed Ted Kord to engineer a virus to disrupt their fleet. 

-Orchestrating a summit designed to lure the Reach's head of security from his post, allowing Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and Silver Scarab to infiltrate the mothership.

Current Activity
Following the events of the Reach Invasion, the Light have become even more covert and their agenda has been scaled back. They could be licking their wounds or simply building up for the next phase of their plan.

There are seven members of the Light, also known as the Luminaries (also 'The Luminary' has also been used to describe the collective seven as well). Each Luminary are designated by codenames from L-1 to L-7.

L-1: Vandal Savage (Confirmed)
L-2: Ra's al Ghul (Confirmed)
L-3: Queen Bee (Confirmed)
L-4: Unknown, suspected to by Dr. Thaddeus Sivana
L-5: Ocean Master (Confirmed)
L-6: The Brain (Confirmed)
L-7: Klarion (Confirmed)

Operatives of the Light
The Light has used a number of operatives. Many of these operatives are mercenary in their affiliation, others are true believers hoping to prove their worth to their Luminary. Ones who appear to be true disciples of the Light are marked with an asterisk (*).

First Circle Operatives:
Cult of Kobra*
Lord Naga*
Frostbite, aka: Icicle, Jr
Dr. Ivo
Legion of Doom

Second Circle Operatives:
League of Assassins*
Talia al Ghul*
Nyssa al Ghul*
The Hook*
Joker (former)

Third Circle Operatives:
Mr. Numerous
Damien Darhk

Fourth Circle Operatives:
Captain Cold and the Rogues
Atomic Skull
Black Adam
King Vertigo*
Cadmus Labs

Fifth Circle Operatives:
Black Manta*
Poison Ivy
Killer Frost

Sixth Circle Operatives:
Monsieur Mallah*
Mister Freeze

Seventh Circle Operatives:
Abra Kadabra
Blackbriar Thorn
Felix Faust

Operatives with Unknown Allegiance/Affiliation:
An unknown employee of Arkham Asylum
Zoom (suspected)
Owlman (suspected)

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Tot Rodor

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Aristotle Tot Rodor (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho


Legal Name
Aristotle Alvin Rodor

Other Known Aliases
Mr. Tater, The Lighthouse Keeper, The Keeper, Radar, Crank, Vic's Old Man, Rip Van Winkle, Renee's Old Man, Grandpa Grump

Steve Rodor (Father, deceased)
Eunice Rodor (Mother, deceased)
Horatio Rodor (Uncle, deceased)
Alvin Rodor (Cousin)

The Question: Partner
The Network: Affiliate

Date of Birth
February 8th, 1947

Lighthouse Keeper

Gotham Harbor Authority

Marital Status
Divorced: Leslie Thompkins (ex-wife)
Widowered: Clara Rodor (first wife, deceased)

Cape Carmine Lighthouse
87 Ditko Drive
Cape Carmine District
Gotham City, NJ





Hair color
White (was blonde)

Eye color
Blue (was green)

6'2 / 1.88 m

222 lbs / 100 kg

1947 - Present
Aristotle "Tot" Rodor was something of a child prodigy, showing a talent for invention from an early age. As a boy, Aristotle was raised mostly by his uncle as his father died in a car crash and his mother came down with a fatal strain of influenza. Tot's uncle was a bound to a wheelchair from the same accident that took the lives of Tot's father and his uncle's wife. Despite his handicap, Uncle Horatio was an active man and did his best to help foster the minds of Tot and his own son, Alvin. 

Though he was a natural genius, Tot was also something of a gadfly who never received his doctorate, having refused to submit inferior work in the pursuit of advanced degrees. Several inventions developed by Tot while he was still in his twenties left him with a regular, if modest, income and got him enough prestige to get a job at Metropolis University teaching a variety of courses in technology, biology, and philosophy. Among Tot's students was a young Charles Zsasz. Zsasz's disruptive behavior, cunning mind, and earnest heart endeared him to Tot right away. Tot took an interest in Zsasz's education. Tot even helped Zsasz get financial aid and grants, and offered the kid a spare room in his home to be certain the kid hit a rough patch in life while doing the right thing.

In 1999, a few years after Zsasz graduated and moved on to become a famed investigative journalist known as Vic Sage, Tot met another student that kindled a love of teaching and so he decided to quit teaching and entered the private sector. Tot ended up in Hub City working for a BioMed research company where he developed a prototype skin graft substitute.

This was fortunate as Tot was able to seek out his old student (and probably the only person in the world Tot trusted) when his two co-inventors turned up dead in mysterious accidents. To allow Vic to investigate, Tot made a mask using the same prosthetic (called Pseudoderm) to cover Vic's famous features. What Vic uncovered in a manner of nights exposed a grand conspiracy that sent ripples nationwide and would forever the two men's destiny, reshaping them into a couple of conspiracy-chasing do-gooders and vigilante heroes.

When Vic suddenly fell ill from lung cancer, Tot followed Vic to his native home of Gotham and helped Vic make his final arrangements and train a successor to the faceless mantle. With Vic's passing, Tot has been hurting. He carries on as a mentor to Renee Montoya , the new Question, but I'm told by those who knew Tot best that he's changed. The old Tot died with Vic.


Tot is the inventor of psuedoderm and closely guards the chemical formula to the specific formula used for the Question's mask. He also created a bonding gas used to seal the mask.

In Hub City, Tot would moonlight as a taxicab driver as a way to make some spare cash and to assist Vic in the field. When the pair relocated to Gotham, Tot kept his cab which Vic often used for undercover work. Nowadays, Tot mostly works from the Lighthouse but if Renee runs into a problem, he doesn't hesitate to grab the cab and start driving her way. Over the years, Tot's cab has been covertly turned into an armored barricade crasher and has been used more than once as a makeshift ambulance. Its trunk is especially reinforced to both protect and contain prisoners.

Tot has proven himself quite skillful in the act of espionage, spying on his enemies and allies alike just to keep tabs as well as confirm his suspicions.

Hand-to-Hand Combat
Supposedly Tot was once a brilliant pugilist and used to hone this skill while helping Vic train.

Tot is known to be particularly effective at interrogations, supposedly having taught Vic a few tricks.

Rodor is best known as an accomplished inventor and tinkerer. He is not particularly fast or flashy in his creations, but they get the job done. 

Tot is an accomplished detective and master conspiracy theorist. Though, I fear he often connects dots that he does not need and draws some truly bizarre conclusions and ideas early into an investigation, but who am I to argue with his results? In my opinion, Tot is the best background checker I've ever met... Yes, dare I say, he's better than me.

Genius Level Intellect
Even Bruce Wayne has been known to describe Tot as "too smart for his own good". Tot excelled in philosophy, political science, chemistry and mechanical engineering in his schooling days. 


Tot is a truly difficult person to get a long with. He seems to have built himself a small family of crimefighters connected to Vic Sage, with himself taking on the role of patriarch or grandfather, but I doubt of them would even claim that Tot is their friend. Even Renee keeps her relationship with Tot mostly 'business'. It's kinda sad, but I feel like Tot is going to die sad and lonely.

Tot is in failing health. He limps around, complains of stiff joints, and has been known to cough up massive amounts of bloody phlegm. Tot also has poor eyesight due to his glaucoma which he self-medicates with homegrown marijuana (and that which he can get his hands on with forged prescriptions).


Tot doesn't trust doctors. He hasn't been to one in years. He also doesn't trust barbers and has Renee cut his hair twice a month.

Tot's favorite drink is Gingold. Vic brought home some bottles that Ralph Dibny gave him at the Hall of Justice. Apparently, Vic and Tot tried the drink together. Vic didn't care for it, so Tot took the rest for himself. He gets two six packs delivered to the Lighthouse every week since then. Sometimes he mixes it with vodka or rum to cap off a successful case. Interestingly, the main ingredient in Gingold is Gingo fruit, which is also used in the creation of psuedoderm.

Tot believes that his glaucoma was caused by vapors in creating the bonding gas. His experiments with the dye additive used to change the color of Vic's hair and clothing also caused Tot's own eyes to slowly change color from hazel-green to a vivid blue. 

During the tail end of the Cataclysm, Vic Sage and Helena Bertinelli became close and began a romantic relationship. Vic wanted to train her to be his replacement but Tot convinced him to break things off with her and train Renee Montoya instead. Tot reasoned that Helena was too young, too full of potential, and too invested in Vic emotionally that it would not be fair to have her suffer through the tragic loss of another boyfriend.

Tot tried to quit smoking when Vic died of lung cancer but he became too depressed to be of any help to Renee. He began smoking Morleys again when Renee found some of Vic's old cigarettes. Thankfully, Tot is not a chain-smoker like Vic, usually only smoking when he is working on something that requires precision or when stressed out.

Tot knows the true identity of Jack Dahl. He has ignored my e-mails requesting he share this information.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Alex Danvers

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Alex Danvers (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho


Legal Name
Alexandra Eliza Danvers, DXb

Other Known Aliases
"Alex", Special Agent Danvers

Fred J. Danvers (Father)
Sylvia E. Danvers (Mother)
Linda Danvers (Sister, deceased)
Thara Ak-Var / "Linda Danvers" ("Sister")

Department of Extranormal Operations: Agent
ARGUS: Department of Extranormal Operations Liaison
House of El: Honorary Member

Date of Birth
October 15th, 1983

Extraterrestrial Specialist Agent & ARGUS Taskforce Liaison

Department of Extranormal Operations

Marital Status
Dating: Renee Montoya (Girlfriend)

Primary Residence
Residence of David Frank
Basement Apartment
9615 Berlanti Blvd
National City, VA

Secondary Residence
Apartment of Renee Montoya
474 Van Buren Avenue, Apt 4F
Burnley District
Gotham City, NJ





Hair color

Eye color

5'7" / 1.78 m

130 lbs. / 59 kg

1983 - Present
Alex was born in 1983 in Metropolis to her parents; Fred and Sylvia Danvers. Fred was a police officer at the time and Sylvia was a medical researcher. Alex also had a younger sister, Linda. Linda was six years younger than Alex and was adopted by the Danvers after being rescued from a domestic argument that turned into a murder-suicide in which Fred was the first responder. Aside from the circumstances of Linda's adoption, the Danvers were a fairly typical family. They had their troubles stemming from Fred's demanding work schedule and Sylvia's alcoholism, but they did well at keeping their daughters uninvolved in their marital problems. When Alex was eight years old, Alex displayed a gifted intellect and attitude towards science. As a teenager she obtained scores and grades, prompting her parents to scrape up money to enroll both Alex and Linda in a private school.

Where Alex excelled, Linda struggled. Linda found it difficult to keep up in the more intensive curriculum and even found it difficult to make friends. Known as a weird and strange girl, Linda's only real friend was Alex who played the role of a good, big sister. When Superman first made his public debut, Linda was one of his early saves, rescuing her from a fire at their school's chemistry lab. After that, Linda was obsessed with Superman and Alex used this love to better bond with Linda, eventually creating a fascination with all things Kryptonian in Alex as well which only made her even more passionate about science.

When Alex graduated high school and left to attend Ivy University, Linda was twelve and begged her sister not to leave her. Alex tried to reassure her she would visit often but once she got to college, Alex began to explore a side of herself that she had previously kept hidden. Away from her family, Alex finally had the realization she was lesbian and pursued that freely.

While Alex was away at college, Fred Danvers dad got a job with the newly formed DEO and moved the family to National City. While working a case, Fred had a moment where he was in Ivy Town working a case and decided to drop in on his dad between classes. He discovered Alex in the midst of a romantic encounter with another female student and did not react well. This put a divide between Alex and Fred and Alex let herself become petty and chose to find a job on campus to support herself, never accepting her parents' requests to come home. Alex would even decline Linda's pleas to visit for holidays.

This rift lasted for years until Fred admitted he was wrong to act the way he did and apologized. By then Alex was working on her doctorate's degree in the burgeoning field of xenobiology. When Alex finally came home, after five years away, Linda had become a very troubled girl. Her parents had her admitted to a care facility when they discovered her pyromania and sadistic impulses. After seeing this decline, Alex felt guilty and visited Linda whenever she got a chance, but most visits only served to put Alex into tears.

After graduating, Alex took a job with the DEO. Alex had her first assignment in Metropolis where she was tasked to Metropolis' experimental Science Crimes Unit. This is where Alex met Maggie Sawyer. Maggie was a few years older than Alex, but nevertheless Maggie and Alex hit it off quickly, both at work and in their private lives. They had a passionate relationship for a while but when Alex's assignment of observing the SCU's operations was completed in the summer of 2007, Alex was reassigned to the West Coast. Alex begged for Maggie to join her, but Maggie didn't feel like Coast City was the right fit for her and she was just promoted to the rank of captain. So, after weeks of arguing, Alex and Maggie decided to break it off and they bid each other adieu.

The night that Alex left for Coast City was the same night that Linda Danvers escaped custody of the treatment clinic she was in. Alex took three weeks of vacation to fly back home and search, but nothing came of it. Linda had seemingly vanished into the ether.

In Coast City, Alex did not really know how she fit into the dynamics of her workplace and for many years, she simply existed. She had a chance encounter with Supergirl, who she had a few encounters with in Metropolis, and this developed into a full friendship when Karen Starr showed up at Alex's apartment door and said she needed to vent. Alex let the woman do so and discovered that Karen Starr and Kara Zor-El were one and the same. At the conclusion of this encounter, Alex promised she would keep Karen's secret and the two continued to be friends for the remainder of Alex's stay in Coast City. On occasion, Alex would also receive phone calls from Linda. They were always brief and told Alex nothing beyond Linda was still alive.

Despite her befriending Supergirl and helping her through her transition into Power Girl, Alex still never felt like she belonged in Coast City. Her heart ached to be closer to home to help her parents search for Linda. On a whim, Alex put in a for a special assignment to fill one of the coveted ARGUS liaison positions within the Department, never thinking she would get it. Alex not only got it, but got called into a meeting with Director Bones who also asked that Alex be his personal liaison to ARGUS. Alex accepted the request and moved back out to the East Coast.

Shortly after moving to National City, Alex's father had a heart attack. While he was hospitalized, Fred Danvers pleaded with Alex to find a way to bring Linda home before he died. Alex agreed to this request and then asked for some time off to personally pursue her sister, something that Bones granted without much begging involved. To Alex's surprise, Bones also called in some big guns to help Alex in her search, ace reporter Clark Kent. Alex had met the reporter a time or two while in Metropolis but she felt like his behavior suggested they were much closer than that. Alex mistook it for an attraction and confronted the married man about her own sexuality and to her surprise, he assured her that was not the case at all.

In the course of the investigation, Alex and Clark encountered some seedy individuals that Linda had run afoul. In the course of questioning a thug in Hub City, the man pulled a knife and slashed Alex across the gut. Clark not only knocked the man out with a finger flick to the man's forehead but then lowered his glasses to cauterize Alex's gash. Having witnessed this before passing out from the pain, Alex put two and two together and realized that Clark Kent was, in fact, her old pal Superman.

It turned out that Linda run afoul with a deranged orderly in her care facility, a man by the name of Clyde Phillips. It turns out the orderly had stumbled onto some alien hardware among some space debris he had found while partying with friends in the forest. Clyde knew Linda was obsessed with aliens and claimed to even know some Kryptonian so he thought Linda could help him make sense of the stuff. He helped Linda escape and the two had used the gear to go a spree of small-time crime up and down the East Coast under assumed identities. At some point, the two were holed up in a motel while laying low from the cops. Clyde and Linda had an argument about Clyde's escalating violence and while Linda was calling Alex as she did from time to time, Clyde went drinking. Clyde met a waitress and convinced her to come back to the motel. When Clyde found Linda on the phone with Alex, he snapped. By the time Alex and Clark found the body of Linda, buried behind the motel, Clyde was nowhere to be found. The same could be said of the alien hardware and Julie, the missing waitress. Clark Kent had an idea as to how to lure Clyde Phillips out of hiding.

As it so happens, Clark had been letting a pair of Kryptonian refugees hide out in the Fortress of Solitude. Clark was planning to orchestrate some paperwork to give them both new identities but this presented an opportunity for a female of the pair, Thara Ak-Var. Thara resembled Linda enough as a passing resemblance and with Alex's skills at subterfuge and the combined skills of Karen and myselfs at altering electronic information, we resurrected Linda Danvers as an alias of Thara Ak-Var. Clark, Alex, and other members of the House of El gave Linda a new resting place in the quiet wilderness near the Fortress.

Thara Ak-Var was then implemented in a feigned rescue operation. She told a number of news outlets she had been kidnapped and triggered a manhunt for the former orderly. The orderly turned up in a drug den in Gotham, driven to a raving lunatic asserting he knew he had killed Linda and buried her remains. The man was extradited to National City, but before he could be sentenced to serve time for kidnapping, Clyde Phillips escaped a prison transport with the help of his waitress turned criminal girlfriend and the alien hardware which had now been professional worked into high-tech gadgetry by some criminal benefactors.

Though Clyde is still on the lam, Alex feels closure with Linda. She wishes things had worked out differently with Linda, and maybe because of that, Thara Ak-Var agreed to continue the ruse and properly assumed Linda Danvers' identity. The two were prepared to tell Fred and Sylvia the truth, but when they embraced Thara as their own, Alex decided that she couldn't do that to her parents. The Danvers family needed a win.

Recently, Alex herself has been seeing Renee Montoya whenever Alex happens to be in Gotham.


Alex is a courageous and independent person, who faces danger head on. She is caring, confident, and headstrong, with a passion for justice echoing her father's and a love of science making her mother proud. Alex had once dedicated her life to protecting her sister Linda and is still deeply troubled by the result of that. Still, she has begun to form a close friendship with Thara and is beginning to build a sisterly bond with the Kryptonian.

Despite her good traits, sometimes Alex can be impulsive and prone to make difficult decisions crossing the line between what many would consider right and wrong. Some might even classify her as morally grey, a trait which Director Bones appreciates. Off-the-record, Alex is prone to telling people she trusts that she prefers to do what she feels is right over whatever the law tells her is right.

After much soul searching and exploration in college, Alex found the courage to come out as a lesbian to herself, then to her family. The circumstances surrounding this still haunt her as she sees this as what led to Linda's fate and for that reason, Alex has a hard time commiting to relationships, still trying her personal satisfaction to the risk of losing someone important to her. According to Maggie and Renee, Alex's attempts at romance dispaly the flustered, awkward and goofy side of her personality. Still, her own hang-ups with relationships do not stop her from giving Thara advice on her interest in Lor-Zod.

Above all, Alex is a strong woman. Many of her co-workers have referred to her as a "badass". Which is really high-praise for a science nerd working in a testosterone filled work environment such as law enforcement. 

Since the loss of Linda, Alex has become a heavy drinker on her day's off.


Though tactical operations are not considered to be her specialty, Alex is considered an excellent shot by the DEO with her monthly firearms qualification scores constantly ranking in the 'Superb' category. 

Fitness: After training with the D.E.O., Alex is in good physical condition with exceptional reflexes, strength and durability. She engages regularly in intense exercises to maintain her conditioning and allow her to keep her field rating qualifications.

Though most of this is bluffing, Alex has had good luck using the line "I know six ways to torture someone with just an index finger...", something she heard her dad tell in a few of his stories.

Alex sports a considerably high case-closure rate among the DEO.

Martial Arts
Alex is a skilled close-quarters combatant, but has little training outside of the DEO training program and private lessons with Maggie Sawyer and Renee Montoya.

Alex is a skilled doctor. Though humans are not her primary interest, she is familiar with human anatomy and many medical procedures to the point of making an excellent medic and even a decent surgeon or forensic cadaver analyst should the need arise (which it has).

Alex is certified in over a variety of government weapons. She is also capable of using alien weapons, having encountered some in her experiences with the DEO. Alex is particularly adept at knife-combat.

Alex is a leading expert in the physiologies and anatomies of a number of sapient alien species.


Alex Danvers' caller name on Director Bones' phone is Mata Hari.

Alex likes pizza and her mother's homemade lasagna.

Alex's favorite ice cream is rocky road.

She had the chicken pox when she was in High School.

She wants to be a mom and have kids one day.

When taking her job at the DEO, Alex had to turn down a very lucrative offer to work as a doctor in Star City.

Alex is a fan of the band "Barenaked Ladies", or she just really enjoys wearing their merch for humorous effect.

Her favorite color is blue.

Alex's favorite animals are dogs, but she is allergic to them.

Alex has double piercings in her right ear and triple piercings in her left ear.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Sonia Sato

Tue Jul 17, 2018, 9:05 AM
Sonia Sato (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho


Birth Name

Legal Name
Sonia Sato

Known Aliases

Yoshio Sato (Surrogate Father, deceased)

Juris Societas Auxilium: Member
Sandman & Judomaster: Member

Date of Birth
January 7th, 1983


Chauffeur / Bodyguard

Wesley Dodds

Marital Status

Dodds Manor
39 World's Fair Lane

Coventry Island
Gotham City, NJ


Metahuman Psychic



Hair color

Eye color

5'7" / 1.7 m

127 lbs / 58 kg

1983- 2002
Yoshio Sato was a traditional assassin the Yakuza had contracted from the League of Assassins. He was an exceptional assassin but not without honor. Yoshio's reputation and skill allowed him to apply a code to the contracts he would accept, thereby removing the need to ever harm a woman or child.  It was because of this code, he ended up with a daughter he would claim as his own. Due to a client's strong desire to have Yoshio's uncanny ability, he had deceived Yoshio into accepting a deal under false pretenses. Yoshi had been hired to attack a convoy which he was told would be transporting a politician. When Yoshio immobilized the convoy and took out its guards, he approached the armored transport and executed his primary target, not realizing that there was a two-year-old girl was in the backseat beside him.

Startled by the toddler's cries and pumped full of adrenaline, Yoshio put the girl in the crosshairs of his gun and nearly pulled the trigger. Mortified that he had nearly broken his code, Yoshio panicked and took the girl and the girl's diaper bag with him. Safe at his hideout and looking for supplies to change the girl's diaper, Yoshio discovered paperwork revealing the girl had tested positive for a strange genetic sequence. The child was not the politician's daughter at all, but in fact, a child who had been taken away from her parents by government officials. Furthermore, the girl was being forcibly studied and experimented on as the genetic sequence was theorized to be capable of producing powers. When the Yakuza arrived to pay Yoshio the remainder of his payment, Yoshio discovered they had not only known about the girl, but she was, in fact, the actual target. The Yakuza had intentionally omitted that information from Yoshio as they knew he would never accept a contract that put a child at risk. They knew he would kidnap her to avoid being identified by her. The Yakuza offered to double Yoshio's payment as an apology if he agreed to give them the girl to do with as they pleased, but Yoshio had a counteroffer. Yoshio killed them all.

Yoshio knew he would never be allowed to return to the League after killing members of one of its biggest clients, so he fled, taking the girl with him. Yoshio fled to the steppes of Russia and found a remote village to settle in. Yoshio lived the life of a simple automotive mechanic. He named the girl Sonia and raised her as his own. As the girl grew old, she began to show signs of the deep-rooted trauma caused by the incident she had witnessed and Yoshio knew no other way to help her than to give her the training forced upon him when he himself was taken in by the League of Assassins after witnessing his father and mother's brutal murders.

By the time she was a teenager, Sonia's powers began to develop on their own, not having a need to be forced through experimentation. These powers created some sort of kinetic dampening field inside Sonia's aura whenever her adrenaline kicked in. This caused punches and projectiles to slow as they neared her, even diverting them off-course. In addition, Sonia learned to briefly harden the field in order to extend her reach, allowing her to effectively punch someone just out of her range or push/pull nearby objects. These gifts served her well when the League of Assassins finally found Yoshio and sought to exterminate him. As the hit squad was unprepared for Sonia's abilities, she was able to catch them off-guard and gave them a chance to escape.

Again on the run, the Satos called upon the last of Yoshio's owed favors to get them into the United States. Seeking the government's protection, Sonia convinced her father to give the DEO the research notes he had taken from the armored convoy. The DEO agents assigned to handle the Satos' case were Jonni Thunder and Hadley Jagger.

Judomaster (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho
2002 - Present
Despite the DEO offering their protection of the Satos in exchange for the documentation and Sonia's willingness to allow them to run limited experiments on her own abilities and genetics in order to help the DEO better understand the metahuman condition, Yoshio began to slip into a mental decline. Depressed from his guilt, paranoid the League would find him or Sonia despite the DEO's protection, suffering from early signs of Alzheimer's disease, and reduced to an alcoholic to cope with it all, Yoshio confronted Sonia one day about it all. She thought she had assured him it would be all right and she left it at that when he agreed.

Sonia came back from meeting with her handlers and found her father had prepared a traditional ritual for seppuku. Horrified, Sonia was unable to act or protest before Yoshio ran his dagger into his abdomen and dragged it across his belly. With his dying breath, he apologized for what he had done, assured her that this was the only way she would ever be safe, and begged that Sonia forgive him for this. Sonia was about to take the prepared sword to grant her father a merciful death but then noticed the audience around them. Ra's al Ghul, his daughters, and several of his inner circle were present in their living room. Sonia looked back at the blade her father had cut himself with, the mat on which he was kneeling, and the sword in her hand. All of them bore the League's markings. The League had found them and Yoshio had brokered a deal to keep Sonia safe.

Ra's al Ghul had David Cain step forward to take the sword from Sonia, telling her that her father deserved a slow death. Sonia denied Ra's the pleasure of watching her father die painfully. Still, Ra's smirked when he sent Cain to collect the former assassin's head. Ra's promised Sonia that he would keep his part of the bargain. He assured Sonia that she was safe despite the assassins she had killed in Russia while fleeing. Ra's even wished her luck in her future endeavors and then he and his followers left Sonia for the DEO handlers to find, hours later and tearfully clinging to her father's headless body.

With little prospects, Sonia agreed to work for the DEO. After initial training, she was assigned to her former handler, Hadley Jagger, for field training. She worked with him for three years before he was killed in the line of duty when he was caught in Gotham during the initial days of the Cataclysm. Sonia had been injured in the earthquake and Jagger sacrificed his seat on the DEO helicopter to allow Sonia to be medically evacuated. Jagger then responded to the GCPD when it was assaulted by armed combatants. Sonia watched on live television as the assassin Abaddon executed Jagger while calling the Batman out to confront him on the GCPD rooftop.

After recovering from that ordeal, Sonia was reassigned to work with Special Agents Sargent Steel and Christopher Smith as part of a special task force meant to be the liaisons to a new Justice League of America break-away team founded by the Question and Captain Atom. The team didn't pan out, and Sonia decided she needed to take a break from the DEO. When he heard of her desire to quit, Director Bones requested an audience with Sato. To her surprise, he didn't try to talk her out of quitting but he did offer her a new opportunity. Bones asked her to join the Society as the replacement for Hadley Jagger, offering her the mantle he once wore as Judomaster. Sonia was not really sure what to make of all this, but she had always trusted Bones and agreed to try this out.

In order to provide her a plausible cover, Bones arranged for Sonia to go work for billionaire Wesley Dodds as his private bodyguard. Not only could Wesley's psychic training help Sonia better master her own psychic abilities, but Sonia could protect Dodds from harm. You see, Wesley had meant a great deal to the Society and the Society had wanted to keep him at all times as he continued to make himself more of a prominent public figure. In addition to the risks he took in broad daylight, Dodds had already begun his crimefighting career as Sandman, but had little success mostly due to his lack of a partner. Sonia pointed out that even the Batman had someone to watch his back and so Wesley agreed to fashion Sonia a costume of her own.

Sonia also convinced Wesley to try a different approach with their crimefighting, citing the success her and Jagger had with their undercover operations, posing as alien weapons traffickers in order to infiltrate drug cartels and groups of meta-criminals. By posing as criminals themselves and relying on the side-effects Sandman's gas had on criminals' memory, Sandman and Judomaster were able to take down one criminal enterprise after another and all the while allowing their reputation in the underworld to grow as no one remembered that Sandman and Judomaster had been the ones behind their downfall and just assuming Batman or the Birds of Prey had been the vigilantes responsible for their capture.


Telekinetic Dispersal Field
Sonia's metahuman talent allows her to project a telekinetic dispersal field whenever her adrenaline is triggered. This force turns her aura into both a physical defense mechanism as well as a weapon. Punches, kicks, and projectiles are thrown off-course by this dispersal field, usually diverting them from Sonia entirely and at the very least slowing them down and dampening their power. A standard bullet fire straight at her body's center mass would graze her arm for instance and anything less than that would miss completely. A bullet with an enhanced velocity or other more advanced weaponry, such as a railgun, would have its power lessened to hit like a more conventional weapon. Projectiles without actual physical mass, such as some energy-based weaponry would not be affected in any significant manner.
-Telekinetic Perception: Sonia has developed a passive extension of her dispersal field wherein she can use her aura to 'feel' things around her, giving her a heightened awareness of her surroundings and the ability to 'see' in 360-degrees within a six-foot-radius around her at all times.

Peak Human Condition
Through intense training, specialized diet, and biofeedback treatments, Sonia Sato represents the pinnacle of human physical prowess. Her physical attributes exceed that of an average Olympic level athlete. Her Strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and coordination are all at peak, or near-peak, perfection. 

Martial Arts
Sonia Sato is an expert in multiple martial arts. Despite her title of Judomaster, Sato does not solely rely on that style of fighting. Her primary form of combat is an idiosyncratic admixture of Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jujutsu, Aikido, and Capoeira. According to Black Canary, after the Birds had encountered Sandman and Judomaster at an arms deal (and not then familiar with how Sandman and Judomaster operated), Sato is "as skilled as any (she has) encountered before... even Shiva." For the record, Dinah claims that fight as a victory as Judomaster fled while Dinah was caught off-guard by Sandman delivering a high-speed gas pellet to the back of her head.

Sonia is an expert in nearly all forms of close-quarters weaponry, as well as most firearms. Her preferred weapons are a pair of sai and multiple kunai which she keeps on her person as Judomaster.

Sonia usually drives the Nightmare, Sandman's souped-up armored and weaponized muscle car, and has proven herself an exceptional driver due to her heightened reflexes and steady nerves. Wesley also owns a private collection of many cars, motorbikes, trucks, boats, and aircraft, all of which Sonia has trained on to expert effect.

Sonia is a truly exceptional automotive mechanic. She claims that her heightened awareness is the reason for this as she has a preternatural ability to understand exactly how things fit together and can 'see' inside the parts without any special intrumentation. Through great focus, she can even use her aura to tighten and loosen bolts with her aura alone, with all the torque of a power tool. She has used this in the past to disable the engine of a moving automobile while is was clinging to its hood, thereby stopping the vehicle and allowing her to beat its occupants into submission.

Specified Toxin Immunity
Using techniques her father had learned in the League of Assassins, Sonia has exposed herself to all of Sandman's concoctions and by using bio-feedback techniques, has trained her body to develop an immunity to each and every one, allowing her to operate in thick clouds of the toxins without ill-effect. In fact, even if the cloud is so thick to impair visibility, Sonia can just 'flex' her dispersal field and scattered the cloud away from her.
Note: Sonia's immunity only pertains tot he toxins which she has specifically trained her body to counter against. While she may be more resistant to other toxins as a result of this training, she is not immune to those which she has not trained her body to counter. This is intentional as Sonia does fear the day that her life will be in peril and she will be unable to partake in a life-saving medication due to this resistance.


As her telekinetic dispersal field requires her adrenaline to activate, Sonia is most vulnerable when caught unaware.

High-Powered Weaponry
Advancements in technology have offered a frightening number of weapons capable of compromising Sonia's dispersal field.

As her psychic power is rather limited and defined, Sonia does not suffer from intense migraines as often as more powerful psychics might, but she does still run the risk of becoming disabled or impaired if she is especially stressed or unable to regularly take her medication.

League of Assassins
Sonia hates the League of Assassins with a blinding rage. She acknowledges that she is emotionally compromised when it comes to matters dealing with them and prone to flying off the handle when confronted by them unexpectedly, particularly if she were to encounter the Swiss, Bane, or Ra's al Ghul himself. She even once put a kunai in the shoulder of Red Hood just for admitting his past as the assassin Dumah. I fear what she may do if she learned of others' past involvement with the League of Assassins.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Wesley Dodds

Mon Jul 16, 2018, 11:21 AM
Wesley Dodds (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho


Legal Name
Wesley Dodds

Known Aliases
Sandman, Wes, "Mr. Belmont"

Edward Dodds (Father, deceased)
Marina Dodds (Mother, deceased)
Dian Belmont (Common Law Wife)
Lucas Dodds (Grandfather)
Sarah Dodds (Great-Grandmother)
H. David Dodds (Great-Great-Grandfather)
Norman Dodds (Ancestor)
Maxwell Dodds (Ancestor)
Henry Dodds (Ancestor)
Josiah Dodds (Ancestor)
Horatio Dodds (Ancestor)

Juris Societas Auxilium: Member
Sandman & Judomaster: Member

Date of Birth
April 1st, 1983


Business Mogul

Infinity, Inc.

Marital Status
Married: Dian Belmont (Common Law Wife)

Dodds Manor
39 World's Fair Lane

Coventry Island
Gotham City, NJ


Metahuman Psychic



Hair color

Eye color

5'11" / 1.8 m

172 lbs / 78 kg

1983- 2004
Wesley is the only child of Edward Dodds, a Catholic industrialist and real estate mogul, and Marina Dodds, a Jewish newspaper executive and media mogul. Naturally, these two very powerful people made an exceptionally powerful couple in business and media, and could afford to provide their only child with an exceptional childhood. Wesley had little need for much of anything that was not already provided for him. Yet, Wesley was not some trust-fund kid. His parents instilled in him the importance of a good work ethic, an appreciation for civic duty and charity, and a love for all men regardless of station. Not something you see among most of Gotham's elite upper-crust. 

As a teenager, after the unexpected death of his mother, Wesley joined his father as he traveled across Asia on what Wesley assumed to be some sort of soul-searching or coping mechanism after their loss. While abroad, Wesely learned herbalism, mysticism, and the martial arts. In doing so, Wesley began to have vivid dreams involving a mysterious figure, his father, and a beautiful girl. Wesley began to suspect his father was training him for something. Wesley was also surprised by just how skilled his father was in a number of areas, fields which Wesley had never known his father to ever have shown any interest or skill in prior to this sojourn. When Wesley confronted his father about this, Edward would only tell Wesley that the time would come when he would know everything.

When Wesley was of age, father and son returned to Gotham. Wesley enrolled in college and there met Dian Belmont. Wesley was awe-struck by Miss Belmont as he had been dreaming of her for years. Dian was literally the girl of his dreams! When Wesley worked up the courage to speak to her, he was surprised to find Dian was just as speechless to meet him as she also explained she had been dreaming of him as well. The two decided to pursue a romance built off this and both found the other to be quite the ideal companion. 

On Wesley's twenty-fist birthday, he was astonished to find his father had signed everything over to his son and then passed away at the stroke of midnight. After seeing his father's body taken away by Jim Corrigan, the old Gotham City coroner, Wesley retired to bed. The next morning, Wesley also was consumed by a desire to do some chemistry. This desire consumed him for weeks and Wesley ended up writing a profound thesis on the matter of an anaethethic compound which would revolutionize the medical field as a nearly risk-free anaesthetic substitute with nearly no side-effects.

Wesley would partner with pharmaceuticual magnate Rex Tyler to mass produce this anaesthetic and even provided it for free to the nation's children hospitals and other special needs programs. This business venture would soon evolve into a mass-merger with Tyler's company, as well as the media empire of Alan Scott and many other businesses to form one of the most powerful corporations in the world: the appropriately named Infinity, Inc.

Hailed as a visionary, Wesley Dodds' became an aspirational figure and due to this immense public love, just about anything he touched seemed to turn to gold. 
But what people don't know is that Wesley Dodds is even more of a visionary than they realize...

Sandman (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho
2004 - Present
The night his father passed away, Wesely went to bed, knowing he would have much to arrange the next morning. What Wesley did not expect was to have the weirdest dream of his life (and he had substantially weird dreams up tot his point). In a dream that felt endless, Wesley finally met the mysterious figure that had haunted his dreams for close to a decade. This mysterious figure introduced himself by claiming he was the living embodiement of dream or said his name was 'Dream' or somesuch. Either way, he told Wesley that his family had a very special power, passed down from parent to child for centuries, and Edward had prepared Wesley to receive this very special gift.

Wesley awoke and found himself not sure if what he had dreamed were real or imaginary. Though just five hours had passed, Wesley felt like he had not seen Dian's face for decades. Even though he had studied some esoteric herbal chemistry once upon a time, Wesley's head was filled with complex chemical equations and knowledge that his mind had no right being filled with. This was the first gift given to him by Dream. With his immense mastery over chemistry and its related applications, Wesley was able to prove himself able to harness the Gift of Dream and so passed an audition of which he did not know he was taking part in.

Alan Scott, a friend of Wesley's father, approached Wesley about his gift shortly after he published his papers. He introduced Wesley to Rex Tyler and Lee Travis, persons who Alan explained had also passed the secret initiation into a covert order known as 'Juris Societas Auxiliium' or simply the 'Society'. Wesley was intrigued to know more his parents' involvement in this order and discovered that his ancestors had been members of the Society since the beginning. Furthermore, the Society was interested in helping people, beyond merely stopping crime. All of this appealed to Wesley's good nature and he agreed to don the mantle of the Sandman. 

And so... Wesley Dodds, owner and publisher of the Gotham Gazette newspaper became the masked vigilante Sandman. He now fights crime with the assistance of his bodyguard, martial-arts expert Sonia Sato, and their weapons-enhanced car, the Nightmare. On police records, the Sandman is a wanted criminal, but in reality, the 
Sandman is masquerading as a criminal so that he can infiltrate and battle criminal gangs, leaving them and the incriminating evidence for police arrival. Beyond Sato, Wesley's dual identity is known only to his girlfriend Dian Belmont, allies within the Gotham City District Attorney's Office and Police Department, and various allies amongst both the Society of which he is an active and distinguished fellow, and many other heroes in and around Gotham City who have come to call him friend.


Gift of Dream
Due to an encounter with the entity known as Dream, Wesley Dodds possessed the power of "prophetic" dreaming. His dreams often came to him as cryptic, ambiguous visions, but through esoteric training and Dream's instruction, and Wes' own keen intellect, he has developed a technique which has enabled him to properly interpret them. Through an unknown process, Wes' own father passed on this power to him upon the moment of his own death.
-Clairscience: When Wesley sleeps, he is imparted with knowledge. This knowledge can change from night to night, or he can be continually imparted with the same knowledge every night for weeks on end. When he awakes, Wesley is able to use this knowledge, often granting him new skills or talents, or otherwise enhancing what skills he already possesses. Many times, this knowledge may just seem to be scattered trivia or otherwise benign information, but Wesley often finds these things to be useless and credits this to the entity known as Dream. 
-Chemistry: The first installment of the Gift imparted Wesley with a permanent mastery of chemical compounds and a truly in-depth understanding of its applications. He likewise also became able to grasp other related sciences with exceptional proficiency.
-Indomitable Will: Due to his psychic nature and likely the influence of his esoteric training, Wesley has unstoppable determination and strength of will which make him an extremely formidable opponent. This makes him able to function while tolerating massive amounts of physical pain, and also allows him to resist telepathy or mind control. His willpower is strong enough to operate a Green Lantern Ring, or so Alan Scott assures us.

Peak Human Condition
Through intense training, specialized diet, and biofeedback treatments, Wesley Dodds represents the pinnacle of human physical prowess. His physical attributes exceed that of an average Olympic level athlete. His Strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and coordination are all at peak, or near-peak, perfection. 

Martial Arts
Though normally not as well trained as a true disciple of the craft like Dinah Lance or Bruce Wayne, Wesley Dodds is an expert of multiple martial arts. His primary form of combat is an idiosyncratic admixture of Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Muay Thai, and Savate styled Boxing.

Though he usually prefers to fight with his gas-gun, his harpoon gun, a real gun, or his fists, Wesley does carry an asp baton, weighted leather sap, and a combat knife when in full costume as the Sandman. Mostly he avoids using these against typical human enemies and carries them as reserve weapons or for utility purposes.

Genius Level Intellect
Even without his Gift of the Dream, Wesley has an exceptionally potent intellect. 

While Sonia usually drives the Nightmare, Wesley is proficient at driving. He owns a private collection of many cars, motor bikes, trucks. He is also skillful at driving jets, helicopters and auto boats and small ships. 

Business Management
Wesley has extensive skills and experience in business management, has a thorough understanding of financial marketing and management and is often known as an example of successful industrialist and businessman. His net worth is actually said to be higher than that of Bruce Wayne or Lex Luthor, but Dodds is much more discreet with his wealth.

Gas Mask
Wesley wears a gas mask to protect himself from the effects of his own sleeping gas. Over the years he upgraded and refined his gas masks to include Heads-Up Displays of tactical and analytical purpose, underwater air filtration and recycling capabilities, voice modulation, thermal vision, nightvision, and an extensive communications suite.

Wirepoon Gun
One day when feelings a surge of mechanical creativity, Wesley fashioned a modified replication of Batman's grapnel gun. Calling his 'the Wirepoon', Wesley has made use of this specially designed weapon which fired a length of thin, steel cable that he used to scale walls and swing between buildings. He also uses it in combat to ensnare enemies and leave them for the police.
-Gas Capsules: While these used to be fired by his trademark gas-gun, Wesley has retrofitted his Wirepoojn to include this functionality (though he does keep the old gas gun in the Nightmare should he need it). With a quick switch of a mode selector, Wesley can cycle through several different applications which include sleeping gas, befuddling gas, nightmare gas (a blend based on Scarecrow's fear gas), and a wide-range antidote gas for dispersing other harmful gases he may encounter. 
Truth Serum: A variant mechanism in the Wirepoon can fire a single barbed projectile which can immobilize its target in seconds with a successful deployment (Wesley usually fires this mode from point-blank range to mitigate chances of wasting this single-shot). Once the compound on this dart takes effect, the target suffers from a severe but temporary paralysis and puts them in a state of confusion that makes them more susceptible to telling the truth without regard to the consequences. Victims will often then fall asleep within a few minutes and awaken with no memory of events two to three hours prior to their dosing.

The Nightmare
Though Judomaster usually is behind the wheel, the Nightmare is a vital part of the Sandman's arsenal. This modified classic muscle car is enhanced with various features to aid Wes and Sonia in their crusade against crime such as the interior of the bumper being lined with barbed spikes that detach with pull of a switch on the dashboard, a fully-loaded communications system, a powerful engine, armored lining, and a gas sprayer. Wesley keeps the car in his basement laboratory and can drive it out the false floor of a garage on the other side of his city block.


As a psychic, Wesley suffers from migraines whenever exposed to potent psychic interference. When severe, Wesley may experience hemorrhages of the brain, causing his nose to bleed. Wesley has been render unconscious for days due to some episodes.

Loved Ones
Wesley admits that Dian is his greatest asset and his greatest weakness. Though she is quite capable in her own right, Wesley fears one day that an enemy of his will try to use her against him by threatening her well-being. For this reason, to mitgate chances of this happenings, Wesley has made Dian an active part of his crusade and trains her to take care of herself. He keeps no secrets from her.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Season 4, time for a reboot!

Sat Jul 14, 2018, 9:07 AM

important update:

We have ALL OF the replacement characters sponsored! 

Well... not exactly. ;)

This last week I was contacted by some character creators who had brought characters into Earth-27 and now for a variety of reasons which i will not get into have decided that they don't want to play nice anymore. As the expression goes, they wish to take their ball and go home, so to speak. In plain English, they've asked their characters to no longer be used by Earth-27. Rather than just drop my storylines and never mention these characters again, I've decided that Earth-27 will have a bit of a restructuring period.

I am replacing the roles these characters played in their respective VOX appearances with other characters, both brand new and fan favorites. This will require some minor rewrites here and there, but nothing that so massive that a longtime fan would need to actually go back and retread stories they've already read to stay current (but if they chose to do so, they may find a fun nugget or Easter egg here and there). These new characters will not be pastiches or simple carbon copies of the old characters with a new name, they will be something exciting and fun.

However, new characters require time to design, artwork needs to be produced, and there is a lot of work ahead of me. So Earth-27's official fourth season debut may be pushed back a bit. I don't want Earth-27 to be stalled by any means, but it will be slowed down a bit. Instead of a character every day, we may only release two or three per week for the first month or two.

I do apologize for this and any inconvenience. I wish it didn't have to happen like this, but it is what it is. I have gone ahead and asked my remaining Original Character creators to submit an e-mail to me ( stating they if they wish for their characters to remain in Earth-27 beyond the "Hell to Pay" storyline to give me letter of intent stating that their characters will remain in Earth-27 until such as they are 'written out' in accordance with creator needs or desires and/or my narrative. If you are a character creator and have not done so already, please do this at your earliest convenience. If you happen to be a character creator and also think it's time for your character(s) to bow out, whether by way of this rewrite or just an opportunity in the story, please also send me an e-mail expressing that interest.

I have had a couple creator wish to retire a character in this manner and I am happy to say that their creators will still be closely involved in Earth-27 and their other characters will be remaining as well.

Now, I'm sure these last few paragraphs have got you wondering. Who is staying, who is going? Well, here's the list (I will notify you via this journal if there are any updates):

Aiden Michaels
Alejandro Prieto
Alex Parker
Angie Aimes
Anna Wilson
Ashley Westerman
Attack Lass
Buddy MacCulloch
Candice Yacoub
Ciara Nichols
Clementine Westerman
Continuity Cop
Dilshod Burkhanov
Elissa MacKay
Ellen Trechend
Em Parker
Emma Campbell
Erik Kassidy
Flagerethon the Imp
Gerhardt Gestern
Gregory Macendale
Haley London
Jack Dahl
Jude Howard
Joseph Kane
Katelyn Raine Pierce
Lauren Drake
Leon Meager
Lizzie Dahl
Lykos ta'Nemuria
Margret Rivera
Mark Mish
Max MacKay
Michael Walsh
Mister Wiki
Monique Forcier
Nathan Scofield
Peter Whang
Phil Cho
Perry H. Demon
Rachael Thane
Rina Nishida
Roberto Andolini Jr
Romulus Lycan
Roy Westerman
Roy Westerman III
Sam Kane
Shoji Washida
Silas Helvig
Tammie Westerman
Tatiana Forcier
Terry Bumbescu
Yancy Zenith
Yoli Fuentes

Hank Henderson (due to developing an independent comic book series featuring him - Earth-27 wishes Hank all the best!)
Arkham XX (at creator's request)

Billie Lee
Brauzhar The Corruptor
Irie Morgan
Jenny Lee
Josefina Moreno
Lauren Snyder
Melanie Fichter
Violeta Campos

REMOVING FROM CONTINUITY (through no real fault of their own...  May re-appear later?)
Annabel LeBlanc
Orion Powers

(and remaining until further notice)
Elissa Wayne


Regina Hayden
Psycho Pirate
Jane Moore
"Secret Female Character"
"Secret Female Character"
Greta Hayes
Billy Hayes
Two-Six (casual)
Two-Six (Lantern)

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Heaven, Hell, and Limbo too

Thu Jul 12, 2018, 1:17 PM

Like all my journals covering such expansive material, expect the occasional update here.

Heaven and Hell are contained in the same dimension within the confines of Earth-27's cosmos. Though they are two sides of a singular dimension they each embody many different realms within a vast expanse of mostly empty space known as the Void. The realms within this expanse are seemingly endless. Any authoritative list or map of these realms has quickly been overturned by the sheer number of newly discovered masses shortly after such a catalog has been finished.

The masses of land on which realms are built are floating islands or continents of varying sizes, simply adrift in the Void. When settled, the inhabitants secure their claim with an Ascension Chain connected to an Infernal Anchor. These not only lock the mass of land in place, but also give some means to travel or influence other locales to receive souls and/or worship. Among these settled realms are many different Heavens, endless numbers of Hells, The Underworld, Valhalla, Melothm, Summerland, Zion, Scartalfaheimr, the Seely Court, the Unseelie Court, and many, many more realms exist in this expanse. Most realms are independent, overseen by some group or individual and nearly all of them have their own laws and customs.

And then there is Limbo. If the Void had a star (which it does not need as clouds of essence float through the Void, lighting the realms with an eternal glow or a constant eerie dimness), Limbo would be it. Limbo is the largest mass ever discovered in the Void and unchained realms actually seem to orbit Limbo. It has no anchor and does not move. It is a sphere, like a planet, and has lush biomes of splendid variance and magnificent cities… or it did. Today, Limbo is ruled by Trigon, said to be the most powerful demon to ever gain power within the Void.

The Denizens of the Void
There are many races native to this land, but the most populous are the souls, the devils, the demons, the daimons, the fae, and the angels.

The Souls are an immaterial species, who only seem corporeal in the Void as matter is meaningless and only the ethereal is real within the Void's expanse. If unfettered, souls appear as orbs of glowing essence and have little real purpose or meaning; to become sentient, a soul needs to become fettered. To become fettered, the ephemeral substance of the soul needs to be drawn in by an Ascension Chain and sent to a material realm to combine with matter and create life. Once severed from matter, that soul is drawn back through the same Ascension Chain it originated (unless it underwent a significant Paradigm Shift and became committed to another chain through Faith, Worship, residual cultural belief, or some sort of mystical pact. Returned from life, the soul becomes fettered and takes on the shape it had in its most previous life. Some realms practice reincarnation and these souls typically have much stricter holds on their souls, often surpassing the other means to escape the Chain to which the soul is bound.

The Angels are similar to Souls in their origin, but are actually not native to the Void. The Angels are invasive species, having formed from concentrated psychic energy or worship, and having the ability to manifest themselves in both physical and ethereal realms. Angels come in many ranks and may have many different powers, depending on the realm from which they originate. Angels may also go by different names. Some presume to call themselves gods and are typically known as Pagans while others pledge their service to a higher authority.

Devils are similar to Angels, but have become changed by settling in the realms where infernal essence clouds congregate. The Devils are a proud people and are considerably diverse, having hierarchies and subspecies among their order. Often confused with demons, Devils are quick to point out they are nothing like demons.

Demons are formed in a variety of ways. Angels who 'fall' are often ritualistically stripped of their grace and become demons, unable to manifest in a physical realm and forced to possess the weak-willed bodies of mortals if they seek to travel the physical planes. Another way in which demons are born is through concentrated negative emotion compressing inside an essence cloud, such as the process through which Trigon and other notable demons were forged. If sufficiently powerful enough to manifest in a physical form, such demons are called Archdemons and represent the highest order of these monsters. Obsessed with chaos and feeding off despair, demons are notoriously wicked things.

Daimons, despite the similarity in name, are nothing like Demons. They are positive emotions which are shaped inside an essence cloud during an essence storm. They litter every realm and often are able to travel through Ascension Chains without effort, traversing the mortal realms. These beings often settle in mortal realms, becoming protective spirits of rivers, woodlands, cities, families, or tribes. They likewise can go by other names: totems, spirits, or even lesser gods.

Finally, the Fae. These mischievous tricksters live in the deepest and most remote parts of the Void. They belong to two major courts, the Seelie and Unseelie Court. They come in many shapes and some scholars believe they are so diverse that they may not even be a related species, only a collection of different beings who conform to a different cultural identity.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Roy Reimagines... Scooby-Doo?!

Sat Jul 7, 2018, 8:11 PM
I have been saying I would love to see the Mystery Inc gang since Season One. Shortly after I made mention of it, DC announced Scooby-Doo Apocalypse and more or less solidified my desire to bring the gang into Earth-27. I just have never pulled the trigger on it. Maybe that needs to change. If someone wants to sponsor the characters, I would totally bring them in now. I would even do their Oracle Files for free since I am sure everyone would be pestering me non-stop to know how they fit into the grand scheme of things.

But here's a small taste of what I would do to adapt the characters of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?! and its many other companion series.

Mystery Incorporated: Though often known as "meddlin' kids", Mystery Inc is made up of four young adults and a rather intelligent Great Dane who travel the American countryside (on occasion venturing into Canada, Mexico, and even foreign shores for some exotic assignments) in their teched-out armored motorhome (known as the Mystery Machine) solving unusual cases, often involving high-tech heists, supernatural menaces, and even a shady real estate scheme more than once or twice.
Daphne Blake
Daphne Blake is the leader of Mystery Inc. While a quick glance at her will tell you she is remarkably attractive, Daphne is more than just a pretty face. This redheaded gal is a natural investigator, a black belt in a number of martial art forms, and former correspondent for Roy Raymond, Jr's "Impossible... But True" investigative television series. Though she rarely gets behind the wheel herself, Daphne is usually found riding shotgun in the Mystery Machine. Daphne is also the team's financier, with funds she acquired from an impressive inheritance.
Fred Jones
Fred Jones is the team's security expert. Broad-shouldered, fearless, and possessing a fondness for traps of all kinds, Fred is a former Army Ranger hired by Daphne to keep the team safe as they go about their unusual business. Fred is a skilled marksman, highly athletic and coordinated, and courageous to a fault. Fred has got a thing for Daphne and the two have an off-and-on romantic history that goes way back. As Fred's military experience included driving armored personnel carriers, Fred is usually tasked as the driver of the Mystery Machine (though they do rotate out on long-hauls or whenever driving through the night).
Velma Dinkley
Velma Dinkley is Mystery Inc's technician. Velma was once a firm skeptic until an encounter with the supernatural changed her life forever. Adapting her genius and love for science into a weapon against the supernatural, Velma has become an expert in a variety of arcane disciplines such as alchemy, parapsychology, and cryptozoology. But despite her best efforts, Velma is unable to actually master the mystic arts due to her inability to open her mind completely to the esoteric. Velma is also the team's mechanic and hacker. While Velma is usually tight-lipped on her personal life, preferring to talk about monsters and machines rather than people, she has confessed when a bit tipsy that she has a crush on Shaggy even though she usually tends to lean a bit more toward the ladies.
Shaggy Rogers
Norville "Shaggy" Rogers is Mystery Inc's occult expert. Shaggy might not be very perceptive or altogether there due to his brain being baked most of the time, but this lanky and unshaved occultist insists he does his best work while high. Shaggy is not very courageous but does agree to tag along with the team's dangerous lifestyle as Daphne not only keeps him fed (Shaggy's technique of working magic burns a lot of calories), but also provides him with certain other edibles which they have dubbed 'Scooby Snacks'. Shaggy is the only (human) member of the team usually kept away from the driver's seat of the Mystery Machine and is only allowed to drive when he's completely sober.
Scooby-Doo is a large Great Dane and the team's mascot of sorts. Scooby is Shaggy's familiar and as such has an exceptionally intelligent mind for an animal. Scooby is even able to approximate human speech in limited doses (usually just a short sentence or two, with most words sounding like they begin with an 'R' and/or littered with 'roos' and 'ruffs'). As a familiar, Scooby possesses many of Shaggy's traits, including his cowardice and gluttony; but his animals instincts often take over when the team is in real danger.

Okay, that's great, but what would they look like? As is normal for Earth-27, I would commission Phil to draw them. I would try to keep as much of their classic look as possible, only changing things that are too outdated, cartoony, or not quite right for the aforementioned changes to the characters. Anything iconic about the characters would definitely have to worked in, in some fashion or another. Color schemes would mostly be left intact (Daphne would still wear purple and green, Fred would sport white and blue with a dash of orange somewhere, Velma would rock an orange sweater, and so forth).

Anyway, this has been something I've been cooking for a while and a recent Discord conversation convinced me to share my notes on the subject. So, what do you guys and gals think? Is this a keeper? Should I revisit the drawing board on this one or is this an idea best left to Roy Reimagines and kept the [expletive] out of Earth-27? I'm interested to hear what you have to say.

And for those of you who do think that this is really out of left field, I do want to argue there is quite a bit of precedence:
Image result for scooby-doo team upImage result for scooby-doo team upImage result for scooby-doo team upImage result for scooby-doo team upImage result for scooby-doo team upImage result for scooby-doo team up jsa

Not to mention the Super-Friends crossovers and the team's appearance in Batman: Brave and the Bold.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman
So GoFundMe, without warning, implemented a number of changes. One critical change that affected me was the removal of an option to view a spreadsheet containing vital information concerning the dates, amounts donated, the sponsor's name and contact information, and whatever messages they may have included with their donation. This has thrown a huge wrench in how I operated and caused a big mess. I am operating off memory, some old spreadsheets I happened to have saved a hard copy of, and a few e-mails which I had to salvage from my e-mail account's trash bin.

Going forward, I have decided to simplify the way I handle this. If you sponsor a character and wanted to be named as its sponsor, make SURE you leave a note explaining what your donation is for or immediately send me an e-mail after making the donation explaining where you would request your donations be placed. If I get any donations without a note, I'll try to reach out and request the information but if GoFundMe won't allow me to contact you I may just have to thank you for your donation and apply them a character in the Help Wanted category

For the characters listed below, I will make every attempt to find and credit the proper sponsors but know that no matter what I will still release these characters. If want a full-res copy of a character you sponsored or want to make sure you are given credit for the character, please leave a comment below just declaring which character you sponsored. I will use this journal entry in the interim to know who to credit and if I have any trouble in locating your contact information, I can send you a deviantart note and we can discuss matters there. If you want to keep your participation/donations discreet, you can e-mail me at or send me a deviantart note with the required information.

I am sooooo sooooo soooo sorry for any inconvenience this may cause any of you.

If you think you see a discrepancy in any of the characters below, contact me. I do not think it's likely someone is taking credit for someone you sponsored, it's likely just a fault on my part.

Black Lightning (Variant) - claimed by nickbp36
Red Robin (Redux) - claimed by anonymous
Spoiler (Redux) - claimed by anonymous
Grace Choi (Variant) - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Blackfire - claimed by Earth27FanGirl 
Mar'i - claimed by Earth27FanGirl
Shift - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Jade - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Obsidian - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Cullen Row - claimed by DannyK999
Looker - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Freight-Train - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Rook  - claimed by DannyK999
Geo-Force  - claimed by DannyK999
Lilith Clay - claimed by DannyK999
Omen (Teen) - claimed by DannyK999
Omen - claimed by DannyK999
Trigon - claimed by DannyK999

WORLD TOUR: Central City

Danielle Cassidy - won by MercyInk87
Blue Devil - won by MercyInk87
Silas Stone
Evan McCulloch
Mirror Master
Megan Boyer
James Jesse

Marina Maru - claimed by AzureVirgo
Poison - claimed by AzureVirgo
Silken Spider - claimed by AzureVirgo
Scandal Savage - claimed by Earth27FanGirl
Carrie Cutter - claimed by AzureVirgo
Cupid - claimed by AzureVirgo
Edward Fyers
Green Arrow (Variant)
Dinah Queen - claimed by nickbp36
Malcolm Merlyn
Mei Gulong - claimed by AzureVirgo
Shado - claimed by AzureVirgo
Simon Lacroix - claimed by AzureVirgo
Komodo - claimed by AzureVirgo
Paula Nguyen
Lawrence Crock
The Magician
Tommy Merlyn
Rory Regan
Rene Ramirez
Cissie King-Jones
Wild Dog
Deathstroke (Enhanced) - claimed by anonymous
Grant Wilson - claimed by anonymous
Jackal - claimed by anonymous
Wintergreen - claimed by Earth27FanGirl 
O-Sensei - claimed by Earth27FanGirl

WORLD TOUR: Fawcett City
Black Adam

WORLD TOUR: Gotham City
Elaine Marsh-Morton
Lady Vic
Penelope Young
Jean Loring
Mary Turner - claimed by AzureVirgo 
Strix - claimed by AzureVirgo
Antonio "Tony" Zucco
Franco "Frank" Bertinelli)
Riddler (Enhanced)
Carrie Kelley
Damian Wayne
Beth Chapel - claimed by AzureVirgo
Talia al Ghul (Enhanced) - claimed by AzureVirgo
David Cain (Enhanced)
Copperhead (Enhanced)
El Flamingo (Enhanced)
Onomatopoeia (Enhanced)
Lynx - claimed by AzureVirgo 
Chato Santana
El Diablo
June Moone
The Enchantress
Harley Quinn (Variant)
Killer Croc (Variant)
Deadshot (Variant)
Riddler (Variant)
Batman (Variant)

WORLD TOUR: Gateway City
Nubia (Casual) - claimed by AzureVirgo
Wonder Woman 2.0 - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Andraste (Casual) - claimed by AzureVirgo
Wonder Woman 3.0 - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Wonder Woman (Variant)

WORLD TOUR: Metropolis
Jon Kent (Baby) - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Laura Kent (Baby) - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Lucy Lane
Thara Ak-Var
Leslie Willis
Winslow Schott
Mr. Mxylptlk
John Corben
The Grandmaster
Siobhan McDougal
Silver Banshee
Mercy Graves (Assistant) - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Mercy Graves (Assassin) - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Contessa Erica Alexandra del Portenza
Lena Luthor
Superman (Variant)

WORLD TOUR: The Watchtower
Saturn Girl
Arisia Rrab
Katma Tui
Laira Omoto

WORLD TOUR: (Looking for a Home)
John Colt / Yohn Kohl / Jack Marlowe
Lucy Blaze
Jacob Marlowe

WORLD TOUR: Titans Tower
Rocket (Teen)
Thunder (Teen) - claimed by nickbp36

Shadow Thief - claimed by GhostlyElegance
Gentleman Ghost - claimed by GhostlyElegance

WORLD TOUR: Atlantis

WORLD TOUR: Gotham 2027
Tim Drake (RIP)
Stephanie Drake
Mary Grayson
Jim Tate
Dee Dee (1 of 2)
Dee Dee (2 of 2)
Clown Prince
The Joker's Daughter
King of Clowns

Jaina Hudson

Fri Jun 29, 2018, 9:18 AM
Jaina Hudson Ontheloose by Roysovitch


Legal Name

Jaina Harriet Hudson

Known Aliases
Patient #92011-M, March Hare, Harriet Pratt

Tom Hudson (Father, deceased)
Shanaya (Mother, deceased)
White Rabbit (Psychic Clone)

Wonderland Gang: Strategist

Date of Birth
March 21st, 1980

Relief Charity Executive (formerly)

Jervis Tetch

Marital Status

Unknown - Fugitive of the law


Metahuman Psychic



Hair color

Eye color

5'8" / 1.73 m

140 lbs. / 64 kg

1980 - Present
Tom Hudson was a promising young politician who was named as the U.S. Ambassador to India in the late 1970s. This was likely an attempt by the U.S. President at the time to prevent Tom, a charismatic man and a cousin to the wealthy and influential Knight family, from running against a member of the president's party in the upcoming Rhode Island Senatorial election. Whether that is true or not, the fact is that Tom accepted the ambassadorship and relocated to India. Once there, Tom made the acquaintance of a Bollywood actress, Shanaya, who Tom would later marry.

Soon after their marriage, Tom and Shanaya had a beautiful daughter they named Jaina. She had a luxurious life and by all accounts was an exceptionally bright young girl (both in terms of intellect and disposition). However, when Jaina was nine, her mother and father were murdered by a crazed fan of her mother's. In the aftermath of this tragedy, the United States embassy sent Jaina away from India and sending her to live with her aunt and uncle in Ivy Town.

Despite her aunt and uncle having a daughter of their own, Jaina felt isolated and alone. She was several years older than her cousin and the two did not share many interests. Her uncle gave Jaina a pet rabbit in hopes it would ease her pain. Retreating into her room for long periods of time, Jaina's family thought she just needed some time to adjust. But the truth was Jaina's grief and heartache had stirred Jaina's meta-gene, causing her to develop potent psychic abilities which manifested as Jaina being able to conjure an ectoplasmic duplicate of herself, only with albino features which reminded Jaina of her pet rabbit. With this psychic clone of herself able to come and go at Jaina's whim, Jaina found the friend she needed but kept her a secret for fear of what her family would think if they discovered her abnormality.

Eventually, the duplicate began to exhibit a fondness for concerning behavior and gradually was able to convince Jaina to conspire with her in these endeavors. Using the clone's ability to evaporate in an instant and reform elsewhere, not to mention her uncanny speed and psychic link to her progenitor, Jaina and her clone engaged in a number of crimes to acquire costly things and give Jaina an advantage over her peers.

When Jaina's uncle discovered some expensive jewelry in her possession, she was sent away to a boarding school. When she returned, she was old enough to access her inheritance and promptly moved out of her aunt and uncle's house, determined to never speak with her family again.

Jaina studied abroad in Europe, at all the most prestigious universities. It is likely during this time that she used her doppelganger to carry out a number of crimes as Interpol had named Jaina as a person of interest in a number of heists and blackmail cases, only for Jaina's lawyers to provide proof of Jaina's concrete solid alibi at the times of these offenses.

In 2004, shortly after college, Jaina started a non-profit charity organization dedicated to relief efforts for impoverished nations or places hit by disasters. At least that is what is was meant to do on paper. In reality, Jaina used these acts of charity to help her smuggle her stolen goods and develop political and criminal connections throughout the world.

In 2011, Jaina's charity relocated their headquarters to Gotham City. Shortly after doing this, the White Rabbit began to appear in Gotham, carrying out a number of peculiar crimes. These started with simple jewel heists and research lab robberies before escalating to acts of terrorism like releasing prisoners from prison (leading to Bane's destruction of Blackgate Penitentiary) and playing cruel mind games on Batman, causing the Dark Knight to question his sanity.

During this time, Jaina met Bruce Wayne at a charity event to raise money for Pakistan relief efforts. It's Bruce's theory that Jaina used her psychic charms to seduce Bruce to provide her with a number of alibis, but personally I think Bruce just fell for Jaina's pretty green eyes, rockin' bod, and her feminine wiles. Whatever the case, the two dated for quite some time but ultimately the relationship did not go much further as even this tricky rabbit was no match for the cat.

Eventually, due to the Holiday Murders and Batman's own efforts to supervise Selina's reformative attempts among the Gotham City Sirens, Bruce decided to hand over the White Rabbit investigation to the Birds of Prey. We made short work of this rabbit, capturing her some assistance from Zatanna and compelling her to reveal her connection to Jaina. The two were kicked over to Arkham where they remained for a few years.

In early 2017, Jaina and her ectoplasmic other half were among the many inmates able to escape during the mass-breakout caused by the intrusion of Deathstroke, Heretic, and Man-Bat. While incarcerated she seems to have made plans with Jervis Tetch but due to Tetch's own disappearance, Jaina seems to have filled the void of leadership and designated herself as the new head of the Wonderland Gang, using the moniker of the "March Hare".

jaina hudson-A by Roysovitch


Jaina is a powerful psionic capable of tapping into the Odic field and using her aura to convert the Odic energy into psychic energy to perform a variety of paranormal abilities and actions.
-Ectoplasmic Progenesis: Jaina was able to create life through sheer willpower. This ability seems to be limited to creating only a single manifestation.
-Empathic Insight: Though not able to discern a person's emotions outright, Jaina can get a good feel for a person's current mood and can even glean critical information from a person when in close proximity to them. Jaina almost always such information for her own benefit in one way or another. 
-Empathic Influence: Not able to compel person's completely though mind control, Jaina is extraordinarily convincing and manipulative. She has demonstrated herself capable of using this ability with such deft precision that skilled psychics and persons with exceptional willpower have been unable to discern the effect and their victimization. It is likely this is how she remains the 'Alpha' in her relationship with her clone as the two have been known to have radically different opinions on a variety of matters.
-Clone Telepathy: Jaina is psychically bonded to her psychic clone. This is a very powerful connection and cannot be blocked by inhibitor collars, but can be blocked by a psionic disruption field. When active, Jaina and the White Rabbit are capable of instant communication and coordination; but only in close quarters. At any significant distance, the connection becomes simplistic and vague.

Jaina is a skilled markswoman, having a large caliber handgun with a pearl grip as her preferred weapon.

Jaina is a skilled seductress who is not above using her physical attractiveness and sexuality to manipulate someone for her own needs.

Bruce has listed Jaina as a potential threat to his secret identity. She has never outright admitted knowing this, nor has she seemed to act on it, but Bruce is still concerned.


When asserting her powers in excess, Jaina can suffer acute migraines which while may hinder her powers, but do not seem to negate them completely. On occasion, Jaina gets migraines without having pressed herself beyond her usual limits.

Discordian Beliefs
Jaina can be difficult to predict due to her interest in promoting chaos. It is unknown when she developed these interests, but her love for chaos has proven to be her downfall in the past.

Emotional Instability
Jaina is emotionally unstable and takes a regular dosage of medication. She has learned to hide this well and often but if stressed enough to the point of suffering a mental break, Jaina becomes unable to use her abilities until she has a moment to rebalance herself. She seems particularly prone to this if she and her clone are seperated for prolonged periods of time.


Jaina and several other members of the Wonderland Gang were last seen in Colorado. It is believed the gang may be laying low in the area around Vanity, Colorado - possibly awaiting the return of Jervis Tetch before returning to Gotham City in force.

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman

Roy Harper

Sun Jun 24, 2018, 12:02 PM
Roy Harper (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho


Legal Name

Roy William Harper, Jr

Known Aliases
Arsenal, Speedy (formerly), Tirsana (League of Assassin name)

Roy Harper, Sr (Father, deceased)
Mary Harper (Mother, deceased)
Oliver Queen (Adoptive Father)
Dinah Lance-Queen (Adoptive Mother)
Raymond Brave-Bow (Legal Guardian, former)
Connor Hawke (Adoptive Brother)
Emiko Queen (Adoptive Sister)
Sue Dibny (Adoptive Cousin, Once Removed)
Mia Dearden (Surrogate Sister/Adoptive Cousin, Once Removed)
Jade Nguyen ("Spirit Wife")
Artemis Crock ("Sister-In-Law")
Lian Harper (Daughter)
Jason Todd (Brother-From-Another-Mother)

Outsiders: East Coast Leader (formerly)
Team Arrow: Member
The Titans: Alumnus
Task Force X: Chaperone (infrequently)
League of Assassins: Member (formerly)
Great Frog: Drummer (former)
Outlaws: Founding Member

Date of Birth
August 7th, 1988



Marital Status
Dating: Donna Troy (girlfriend)
"Married": Jade Nguyen (spirit wife - by League of Assassins' traditions)
Bromance: Jason Todd (brother-from-another-mother)

Residence (Primary)
The Outsiders Bunker
Mealtide District
Blüdhaven, NJ

Residence (Secondary)
Queen's Lodge
73 MFC Road
Outskirts of Star City, OR





Hair color

Eye color

6'0" / 1.83 m

200 lbs. / 91 kg (without right arm)
227 lbs. / 103 kg (with right arm)

1988 - 1993
Roy Harper, Jr. is the son of Roy Harper, SR, an Oregon State Forest Ranger, and his wife Mary Harper, who died in childbirth. The death of Mary Harper was not the only tragedy young Roy was destined to know. When Roy, Jr. was three, his father was killed in a forest fire, trying to evacuate members of a nearby Native American tribal reservation. After hearing of the dead ranger’s orphaned son, Chief Raymond Brave-Bow offered to adopt Roy, raising the boy like he would have raised his own sons, who had been killed in the same fire that claimed the life of Roy’s father. Together, Raymond and Roy became each other’s surrogate family, spending much of their time hunting in the charred remains of the same forest that took so much from each of them.

It was on these hunting trips that Raymond learned of Roy’s natural talent for archery, hunting, tracking, and wilderness survival. Raymond bolstered that talent, teaching Roy traditional tribal techniques and by the time he was twelve, Roy considered himself to be tribe’s greatest hunter and scout (Yeah… he was never the humble sort).  

Because of Roy’s “personality” (for lack of a better word), several of Roy’s peers became tired of this white boy thinking he was better than them and on a hunting trip, two of the more troubled boys in the tribe conspired to teach Roy a lesson. They beat him unconscious, chained him to a tree, and left him to the elements for the remainder of the night. They planned to come for Roy in the morning, hoping to have instilled some humility in him, but when they returned Roy had escaped and fled to Star City, where a modern day Robin Hood character had been sighted. In Star City, Roy lived on the streets for two weeks before he managed to track down this vigilante archer and gain an audience with him.

Impressed with the boy’s tenacity, Green Arrow lent the boy his bow to see what he could do and was impressed with the boy’s incredible speed, though his accuracy could use some work. Since Batman had a teenage partner, why couldn’t Green Arrow? Naming Roy “Speedy” (much to Roy’s chagrin), Star City’s quivered duo was born.

Speedy (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho
2003 - 2007
Roy became Speedy, the sidekick to the Green Arrow (though I’ve got a stack of magazines that misprinted he was the Flash’s). Most of the JLA were doubtful of Speedy’s worth, suspecting that G.A. had just taken a random kid off the streets and given him a bow so he too could have a teenage partner like Batman and because of this, the JLA would not allow Green Arrow to admit Speedy into the Titans at the same time as Robin, myself, and Beast Boy and continued to deny him entry for some time.

In that time, Roy perfected his skill with a bow, learned to drive the various vehicles in the Arrowfleet, and became an incredible martial artist thanks to his training with Oliver, John, and Dinah. In the summer of 2005, the Justice League could no longer deny Roy his place among the Titans and so he joined the same year as the second Robin, Jason Todd. Roy and Jason hit it off well. In their two Titanic summers, their team of Titans destroyed much of the good publicity that the previous team had generated for costumed crime fighters. Still they did some good. Then, October of 2005 happened when the Joker broadcast the torture of a captured Jason Todd over the Internet. I think it is fair to say Roy took it the hardest.

After Jason's funeral, Roy quit the Titans by throwing his feathered cap in Green Arrow’s face at a press event. Roy eventually turned up in Gotham. He spent his nights looking for the Joker, after renewing his pledge to kill the Joker every night when he'd stop by Jason's gravesite to eat Big Belly Burgers and tell his friend how much he missed him. One night, with a Bellybuster in hand, Roy stumbled on Cheshire digging up Jason’s body. Though Roy knew the assassin from his time with the Titans, he did nothing to stop her; instead he grabbed a shovel, hoping it was possible to bring his friend back. Worse, when Cheshire asked Roy to come with her, Roy did not say no.

Roy Harper had now become, for better or worse, a member of the League of Assassins, having joined quite willingly. Ra's al Ghul extended him the rite of entry, citing that since he had been trained by one of the League's greatest warriors, they were like family. This legitimately upset Nyssa so Roy was made a member of the White Glove faction within the League, pledging his services to Talia. But there was more to than simply Ra's keeping Roy away from Nyssa. As El Penitente was preparing Jason's body for the upcoming rituals and El Penitente belonged to the Black Glove, Ra's was also keeping Roy kept out of the loop with regards to what was being planned for Jason.

However, Ra's had been burned by bats and arrows one too many for his liking so he was still wary of Roy's presence in his camp. In order to keep tabs on Roy, Ra's tasked Jade Nguyen with seducing him. To this end, Cheshire covertly dosed Roy with a unique narcotic of her own making she simply called "Lotus". In a short time, Roy became addicted. The narcotic made his mind more pliable and open to suggestion, and whenever he would go too far between doses, he'd feel empty and hollow inside, every thought fighting through a fugue of wondering when he would get his next dose. Under these effects, Roy was easily convinced to join Jade in her bed and it was no longer after that when Jade discovered she was pregnant. The League celebrated this news by holding a traditional League wedding ritual and feast on the eve of Jason's resurrection ritual.

It was Roy himself who was the one to lower Jason's body into the Lazarus Pit. When the ritual, which had not ever been used to bring someone back from true death, actually worked, Roy was ecstatic and ran into the Pit to embrace his resurrected friend. But as Roy would later tell it, "the boy arisen from those waters was not the one I buried." Jason had changed. At first, the effects of the Pit and the meddling of El Penitente had turned young Jason into a blank slate, one easily able to later be brainwashed. But it was the shock of seeing Jason so different and so not himself that proved able to shake Roy out of his own funk.

After once again being sequestered away from Jason, Roy went cold turkey, kicking his drug habit. He feigned taking the following days' doses of Lotus until his head was clear again. It was then that he confronted Jade about what he had done and why he had done it. He told her he loved her, that in spite of all she had done to him, it was not just the Lotus that had made him marry her. He pleaded with her, for the welfare of their unborn child, to flee the League and go to Star City. When Jade agreed, she was then surprised that Roy would not be coming with her. When Jade asked him why, he said he had something left to do. Jade assumed it was rescuing Jason Todd, but what she did not know was that Roy had been sneaking around the camp at night and had discovered the League's plans for Gotham and what they were doing to Jason. While Roy still intended to rescue Jason, he felt the only way to do that was to cut off the Demon's Head.

Arsenal (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho

2007 - Present
According to Ra's al Ghul's own admission, Roy Harper nearly killed him. Roy had the blade of a flaming dagger he had stolen from the League armory a mere inch or two from stowing it in the eye socket of Ra's al Ghul when the brainwashed assassin in the iron mask grabbed Roy and prevented him from finishing the deed. As the other assassins split into two groups, one attempting to drag Ra's to safety and the other doing their best to turn Roy into a pulpy puddle, Ra's broke free and ordered his assassins to stop. Ra's then picked up the flaming knife and offered it to Dumah. Dumah gave a single nod and approached the battered and bloody Roy. Ra's ordered Dumah to take the traitor's life. Dumah knelt on Roy's chest and in a gruesome series of strokes, took the traitor's arm.

While the assassins and Ra's were staring at the arm, Dumah looked into Roy's eyes and whispered one word: "Run". That is exactly what Roy did, fleeing into the desert with scores of assassins in pursuit. Roy managed to escape by disappearing into a thicket and using all of the lessons of Brave-Bow to remain completely motionless and silent. When the chase was called off as the assassins needed to break camp and leave, Roy went deeper into the desert. He survived for two days on the brink of death when Quraci patrol discovered him and brought him to a hospital. By then Roy had slipped into a coma where he would remain for months, registered under a presumed name based off the incoherent rambling of Roy's sun-baked brain when he was found.

While Roy was sleeping, Jade made her way to Star City where Oliver Queen gave her protection (by way of turning the barracks in the Arrowcave into a luxurious cell). When Roy failed to join Jade within a week, Jade, Oliver, and the rest of Team Arrow believed the worst. Their fears were only played upon more when Ra's ordered David Cain to plant the remains of Roy's severed arm among the carnage of a Markovian bombing perpetrated by Prometheus a couple days after Roy was due to arrive in Star City. I bear some responsibility as it was I, in my early days as Oracle, who flagged Roy's DNA on a searching program. I got the notice in July of 2007, when the Markovian police had finally got around to testing the DNA of unaccounted for limbs. At that point, Roy had been missing for eight months. Oliver had already started drinking again and when he heard this news, he lost it. After his massive bender, Oliver Queen left his new ward, Artemis Crock, with Victor Stone in Happy Harbor and disappeared. He told everyone he was going on an African safari, but his private jet's flight logs indicated he went to Markovia.

Roy woke up from his coma too late to warn anyone about the Cataclysm. Having woke up in the middle of the night and having enough of his wits about him to realize what had happened, Roy escaped the hospital and made his way back to Star City. But when he finally returned home, he found the Lodge deserted. He found John and Lyla using Oliver's penthouse (Ollie's wedding gift and apology for needing to miss their wedding was giving them the penthouse to use rent-free until his return). John and Lyla accompanied Roy to the safehouse where Jade had been relocated after giving birth to their daughter which she had named Lian after the Chinese word for "lotus flower". Eventually, John got Oliver to answer his satellite phone. Oliver did not believe what John had told him and when John put Roy on the line, Oliver broke down crying and wailing. Roy tried to comfort him but the line went dead.

Before Oliver returned from his "hunting trip", Roy and Jade enjoyed a couple of days of enjoying life as a seemingly happy couple with a child. Then after one more night of passion, Jade disappeared. She left a note for Roy telling him to take care of their daughter. Oliver returned the next day and though something was clearly distracting him, he was excited to see Roy back from the grave and see Lian for the first time. Word is that Oliver's face lit up when he first held Lian.

But Roy's return from the dead was not all happy reunions. Jade had left him to raise a daughter by himself, his father was clearly distraught over something and drinking heavily as a result, he was still missing his arm (which came with a bunch of baggage in and of itself), and there was the fact that no one believed him about Jason being alive. They insisted this was a ruse crafted by Ra's al Ghul. As a result of all these things compounding, Roy chose not to return to the life of a hero. He tried to focus on raising Lian and to his credit, he did a fine job... for a year.

When Gotham was finally recovering from the devastation, Dick Grayson and Victor Stone came to see Roy Harper. Unlike most people, Dick believed Roy had seen Jason alive as Dick had also encountered the resurrected Jason Todd. Dick wanted to put together a team to go find Jason and bring him back into the fold. Most of the crimefighting types were all busy with the upcoming return of the Justice League so Dick had to rely on recruiting his own closest friends and a few fringe hero-types that Bruce had recommended. Roy initially refused Dick's offer, but when Dick told him that no one knew Jason better than Roy, Roy paused to look at his missing arm. Roy sighed and told them he'd be willing to help them out as a consultant but without his arm he did not know how he'd be of any use in the field. Victor smiled and said he could help with that.

Taking the English translation of his assassin name as his new costumed identity, complete with a weaponized bionic arm, Roy became Arsenal and the Outsiders were born. After a globetrotting adventure that ended with Roy finally beating the brainwashing out of Jason's head. The two boys who had returned from the dead and were now both men reunited with a manly hug in the Markovian rain - at least according to Roy and Jason (that rain became Roy and Jason's convenient excuse for why their faces were wet when others recounted the tale with mention of the two sobbing uncontrollably and crying during their hug - I checked the weather report, no rain anywhere in Markovia that day).

Until recently, Roy moved to Bludhaven to work as the full-time Leader of the East Coast Outsiders where he and Lian lived in the team's bunker. Roy has also been dating Donna Troy off-and-on through most of his tenure with the Outsiders; during those 'off-seasons', he admits he may have had three or four rendezvous with his ex, Jade - but now insists that ship has sailed.

Most recently, during the fallout of the discovery of the contents of the Batcave's seventh server and claiming their intent was to rescue Dick Grayson from League captivity, Roy joined Jason, Koriand'r, Helena Bertinelli, and Donna Troy to form a new team 'the Outlaws'. They didn't really do much other than evade the Justice League and get captured by some mysterious group known as Spyral.

As of August 2017, Roy and Donna have escaped custody of Spyral and may be working with Batman and the Outsiders to rescue Jason and Koriand'r. Whether Roy will return to the Outsiders afterward remains to be seen.


While nowhere near as proficient as Dick Grayson, Roy has displayed on many occasions that he is an expert in acrobatics, and often uses this skill while evading enemy fire.


Oliver Queen is perhaps the finest archer ever known, but there is an aspect of archery which Oliver has never been able to match Roy at: speed. While Ollie claims to be able to shoot 26 (or was it 29?) arrows per minute, Roy can accurately between shoot 37 and 42. It was for this reason Roy got stuck with the codename 'Speedy' as a teenager. When equipped with bow and arrow, Roy has a wide-variety of trick arrows, ranging from bola arrows to time-bomb arrows to the infamous boxing-glove arrow. As Arsenal, Roy has used these gimmick arrows sparingly, preferring the time-tested simple arrow or guns, but his skills have never lost their edge. Like his mentor, Arsenal has shown the ability to shoot an arrow down the barrel of a gun. Unlike his mentor, however, Roy's speed does sacrifice accuracy and Roy has killed more than his fair share of henchmen and goons due to shots aimed at the shoulder instead piercing the heart or jugular. This fact has so far kept Roy from being endorsed by the Justice League Founders for admission, though Oliver still puts Roy up as his first choice every year.

Roy knows how to fly most types of aircraft, including helicopters and spacecraft such as the Javelin.

Roy is exceptionally skilled in the use, maintenance, and construction of most types of weaponry. Roy is a skilled marksman and gunsmith. Roy is responsible for the custom firearms and ammunition which both he and Red Hood use in the field.

Hunting and Survival
Roy's ability to hunt comes from years of training, patience, and survival. Oliver himself has claimed that he believes Roy is a better tracker than himself.

Martial Arts
Roy is proficient in several forms of hand-to-hand combat including Judo, Escrima, Moo Gi Gong, Kickboxing and Karate. Proclaimed as a martial arts master, he has shown the ability to take on seven people at once. This training is mostly learned from Oliver and Dinah.
Peak Human Condition
Oliver's not the only one who can rock that salmon ladder in the Quiver.

Roy is a master fencer, a skill which Oliver forced him to learn. Once upon a time, Bruce and Oliver even pitted Roy against Jason in a fencing match. Bruce had never been able to defeat Oliver consistently so it came to a surprise to everyone when Jason beat Roy. We would later learn Roy and Jason had rigged the fight so Jason would win just so Oliver and Bruce would stop using them to vicariously feud.

Maybe not a detective on "Bat-Family" levels, Roy still possesses keen analytic skills and deductive logic.

With his right arm in particular, Roy is a master of thrown weaponry. His attacks are both incredibly precise and immensely powerful. I've witnessed him burying a throwing knife completely inside a wooden beam.

The name 'Arsenal' is not just for show. There are not many weapons which Roy cannot use with remarkable skill. Roy always keeps several grenades and at least two firearms on his person when on patrol or mission.

Strength level
Due to extensive archery training, Roy's natural arm strength is superior to that of the average man. Roy's right arm however has grip strength equivalent to Enhanced Strength Class IV.

Custom Bow
Roy uses a custom bow built by Oliver Queen.

Roy's quiver is a state-of-the-art quiver designed to not spill his arrows when performing acrobatic maneuvers. It also has an arrowhead-changing mechanism that can add gimmick features to standard arrows. His standard quiver holds thirty arrows.

Roy used to be drummer for the band Great Frog, while still a member of the Titans.

Bionic Arm
Roy's right hand has several technological advancements other than its mechanical motors and reinforced frame making it highly resilient to damage and corrosion. The arm also have a three shot sonic blaster which can be fired from the arm's wrist. It also features a grapnel line, lockpick release device, wrist blade, communications equipment, and several small storage compartments which Roy uses to store first aid supplies, evidence, and a couple of cigars (he and Jason have a tradition of smoking cigars at the conclusion of a succession mission).

Indomitable Will & Ceaseless Courage
According to Hal Jordan, Roy might have what it takes to be a Green Lantern. This might just be Hal wishing to replace Guy for another redhead, but maybe there is something to it. Roy is definitely stubborn and brave to a fault.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Earth-27 by Roysovitch & phil-cho , based on the titles and characters of DC Comics, in memory of Joshua Dean Westerman
With the addition of Emily Briggs increasing the numbers of vampire characters in Earth-27, I thought it would be fun to discuss my take on vampires so that everyone who cared to read this journal would be in the know. 

It is difficult to state when vampires first came into being. There are many different tales, some more reliable than others. The modern day term "vampire" most likely derived from Slavic origins. The Serbian word "vampir" was incorporated into the German language, then to the French as "vampyre" and finally into the English "vampire." These undead horrors have various abilities and powers depending on folklore and place of origin; literature and cinema have also had a lot of influence on the vampire image. According to Eastern European folklore, the dead become vampires because demons or evil spirits enter the bodies. Vampires are also said to be dead werewolves, witches, criminals, suicides, and heretics: persons whose beliefs are contrary to the church doctrine. Again, sources vary, but a victim of the vampire's bite typically rises again as a vampire after death.

Vampires often possess higher physical strength, dexterity and sharper senses than their mortal prey. Some may have the ability to take the form of a bat, wolf, rat or mist/smoke. The vampire can influence some animals - typically wolves, bats, and rats. They can scale vertical surfaces and can use an uncanny hold on a victim through their mesmeric gaze. If a vampire has a masterly hold on a human victim, it may be using said victim over a period of time as a constant source of nourishment.

Weaknesses include silver and sometimes iron which will cause the vampire pain. Similarly, in some traditions, the wood of the hawthorn tree, which has Biblical roots, will also harm a vampire. Holy religious symbols can be used to hold the creatures at bay. Vampires also seem intolerant to garlic. Vampires, being nocturnal beasts, cannot function in sunlight; indeed, exposure is fatal in most folklore and adaptations. Some vampires cannot cross running water, and most can only enter a property if personally invited inside.

Burying a victim face down or placing poppy seeds in the grave of the deceased will, according to legend, prevent the resulting vampire from rising. Others can be tracked down to its lair, generally, the place they where buried - a tomb, grave, mausoleum, or even family estate - they can be disposed of traditionally with a wooden stake through the heart. Severing the head will assure destruction.

The Truth
No one knows where vampires originate, possibly even the vampires themselves. They go back to before the Roman empire; but generally, it is believed that it was the Roman empire's expanse is when the first society of such beings were able to come together and create some sort of formal guidelines and attempt to unite. 

Powers and Abilities
Undead Physiology
Vampires are not living, not be the technical definition and therefore can be considered a subset of the Undead. Without the need for regular food, water, or even air they maintain this facsimile of life through an instinctual unholy thirst for blood. Human blood is the preferred source, but animal blood can suffice and the blood of some supernatural creatures can be a dangerous delicacy for elder vampires while other beings possess blood that is the equivalent of poison to a vampire.

In addition to other effects, a vampire's own blood carries the preternatural enzymes which convert a human corpse into a vampire. The process for creating a new vampire usually requires a seasoned vampire whose palate has evolved enough to detect the metaphysical qualities of their victim's blood to test for susceptibility to the vampire conversion. The process also requires a near-corpse, a human with the right metaphysical markers whose blood has been drained to the point right before death. The vampire predator then drips some of their own blood into the victim's mouth at the right moment. Too early and the victim becomes a thrall bound to the vampire (provided they don't die from blood loss), too late and the change does not have time to take effect and the victim becomes nothing more than a corpse (or in certain cases a revenant or ghoul). If the timing is right, the human undergoes a fit comparable to seizure. Some newly risen vampires are left to break from this fit and slip into a different fit, a feeding frenzy where they immediately go on the hunt for fresh blood and gorge themselves; but most careful predators use their abilities to sedate their offspring before the feeding frenzy has begun and instead hide them in a grave or in a chamber in their lair, where they keep them contained as they go out and over time bring them the blood they so desire, slowly quenching their new thirst and then only awakening them from this torpor when their mind is once more clear and ready to receive instruction.

Predatory Senses
A vampire's senses are enhanced far beyond those of a normal human being. While the degrees to which this may vary between vampires there are a few constants. Most vampires have exceptional hearing and smell, particularly tuned to the sounds of beating hearts, pumping blood, and the smell of open wounds or spilled blood. Most are also possessed of exceptional nightvision. Some also have a remarkable sense of touch, particularly able to feel vibrations in the earth to know the locations of nearby movement. A few vampires have been known capable of gifts like aura reading and thermal vision, but these are the exceptions to the rule.

So long as vampires continue to consume blood, they will not age beyond the physical state they were in when they first became a vampire. A vampire deprived of blood for a long period will continue to age, even to the point that they look like nothing more than a dried and withered old corpse but after drinking their fill, their appearance and vigor will return to them. A vampire cannot be killed through lack of blood, only driven insane and weakened tot he point of immobility.

Vampires are invulnerable to most forms of injury (certain exceptions apply). Bullets, blades and blunt objects do little to no damage to a vampire's body.

In addition to being virtually indestructible, whatever damage a vampire does in fact suffer can be healed through the consumption of human blood at a remarkable rate.

Superhuman Strength
A vampire's strength level is several times that of a normal human being and they are considered superhuman. While the precise level of strength varies from vampire to vampire, all vampires are much stronger than they were in mortal life. The weakest vampire can easily match the lifting power of an Olympic athlete and the average vampire who has recently fed has strength equal to Class II strength. A vampire who has gorged itself on blood may be even stronger and there are some vampire bloodlines that have a refined gift for exceptional strength matching Class VI or greater levels of strength when fully powered.

Superhuman Stamina
So long as they continue to consume blood, a vampire can function tirelessly without rest or relaxation. 

Not all vampires are psychic but most have some degree of psychic ability. Whether this is psychokinesis, hypnotic stares, mind control, telepathy, or all of the above--or even other more exotic powers. Almsot all vampires have exceptional psionic potential and they can learn new disciplines rather quickly provided they have a knack for the esoteric study or a willing mentor.

Again, not an ability shared by all vampires, but common enough. Many vampires often possess the ability to transform into a variety of creatures or effects such as bats, wolves, rats or even mist. While their physical attributes may fluctuate during such states, a vampire's mental acuity is the same as that when they are in their human shape. A vampire who transforms into an animal may also benefit from that particular animal's attributes (often heightened to a preternatural degree) including razor-sharp claws, fangs or the ability to fly.

Similar to the transformative ability above, some vampires often demonstrate the ability to not only mimic the shapes of other creatures but to freeform alter their appearance at will to acquire things such as claws, elongated fangs, wings, or assume the look of a specific person. While some of these are considered to be advanced techniques, nearly all vampires can master the development of claws and sharpen their fangs after their first few feedings.

Some vampires, particularly the elder vampires, might even practice the dark arts and be skilled warlocks or sorcerers. Among their own kind, these vampires are known as a 'lich'. They are probably best left to only the most skilled monster hunters.

Some vampires choose to surround themselves with minions, persons who the vampire has chosen to give a fraction of the vampiric power by regularly letting these humans taste the vampire's blood, endowing them with superhuman strength and resilience, but at the cost of their own free will. They become slaves not only to the vampire whose blood they have tasted, but also the taste of the blood itself. They can experience painful even fatal withdrawals if deprived of this craved sustenance. While the exact length of time this mental servitude varies depending on the quantity and quality of their vampiric master's blood, the typical feeding can last an average thrall a solid week; while elder vampires can keep loyal thralls for months between feedings.

As mentioned above, vampires can have different variations on their powers and abilities. Every vampire is truly unique and even among those vampires who choose to hunt in packs, one member of the pack might exhibit radically different abilities from its packmates. Partnered vampires, particularly those with a mentor and pupil relationship may share many of the same abilities, many hunters mistake the pupil for the mentor and vice versa which can be a truly fatal error, but one easy to mistake as a vampire's appearance can often be deceptive of their true power.

Despite what Hollywood would have you believe, sunlight does not turn vampires into ash. No. Nearly all vampires are extremely sensitive to sunlight or even bright light. While most seasoned vampires learn to tolerate it, very few find such things to be pleasant in the slightest. Not only does this give vampires discomfort, but while exposed to such light, vampires usually find it more difficult to concentrate and therefore have difficulty using their esoteric abilities or sometimes find it hard to even act human. Often these sorts will hiss and scatter like a wild beast rather than anything resembling sentient when confronted with an unexpected cascade of natural light.

The only truth to this old wives' tale is that garlic can be an ingredient in a variety of alchemical potions and concoctions which can affect vampires in a variety of ways. Raw garlic has no effect on the undead, except for possibly agitating or overpowering their sensitive noses.

Driving a wooden stake through their hearts does not kill a vampire, but impaling their heart with anything substantial (wood, metal, plastic, an arrow, et cetera) will prevent their undead heart from healing and until it is healed, the vampire's abilities and even their basic mobility will be greatly impaired. Only the most willful and driven vampires have been known to be able to extract something from their own heart when impaled in this manner.

Religious Symbols
These trinkets are just that, mere trinkets, usually... A person with an exceptional sense of faith (sometimes defined as a 'Belief in a Better Reality') who brandishes such an object in defiance of the unholy mockery of life before it, with the actual intent to deny the monster will find themselves protected by a preternatural force which exhibits a degree of influence on reality, preventing the vampire the ability to advance any closer than they already stand.

Blood Deprivation
Vampires must constantly drink the blood of the living in order to remain not just youthful looking, but also ageless. If they do not feed on blood for a prolonged period, vampires start to diminish and eventually succumb to a deep sleep after which only the taste of blood can awaken them (sometimes just the smell of nearby blood is enough to cause them to stir enough to attempt a hunt).

There are a few techniques to suss out a vampire. Literature would tell you vampires do not possess a reflection. While this has some truth, the original folklore is that silver would not reflect a vampire and since the fluid used to develop film contained silver and mirrors themselves were actually just polished silver, the lore became simplified in that vampires cannot be photographed and have no reflection. Silver is rarely used in modern mirrors and photography so unless a digital camera has silver wiring or a Liquid Silver Display screen, then the vampire should not show up in digital media. For this reason, and to use against werewolves, many seasoned monster hunters will keep a silver blade of some sort which is kept to a high polish to allow a good reflection to be seen in order to make certain their target is a vampire before they impale them.

Usually associated with harming werewolves, silver is actually an exceptionally useful material against many forms of supernatural predators. Though a silver bullet is not especially effective against vampires any more than a normal bullet; wounds caused by silver heal at a much slower rate. The touch of silver will also have the similar effect as daylight on a vampire, often causing them to reel away if they touch something they did not expect to be silver. With practice and focus, a vampire can overcome this inclination and handle silver, but doing so is exhausting and prolonged periods of such will test their will and sap their blood reserves, stirring their hunger. Silver chains or handcuffs could be used to capture a vampire, but doing so for prolonged periods could drive them to a hunger madness and a hungry vampire is often the most dangerous kind.

While magic themselves, vampires are susceptible to many magical effects. As a supernatural being, a summoner could summon a vampire provided they know the proper rituals and incantations, and know the vampire's true name. Likewise, a diabolist or occultist skilled in warding can fashion circles or runic inscriptions specifically devised to torment, enslave, capture, bind, or harm a vampire whether as a vampire specifically or as a member of the undead generally.


Focus: Vampires are dead. They are cold, lifeless corpses animated through what basically amounts to blood magic. They do not breathe. Their touch is cold and chilling, filled with dread. In order to sustain the illusion of the living, a requirement when masquerading as a human, especially in public spaces or when up-close and personal with their prey, a vampire needs to remember to breathe, will their heart to pump blood to fill their veins and tissues with warmth, and resist the urge to vomit up foods and drinks which their stomachs no longer can properly digest. To combat this, most vampires develop a technique that acts as a sort of 'subroutine' in their brain, that more or less 'automates' this deceptive process when the vampire chooses to activate this facade. While this technique does burn through the vampire's reserves, most find it a necessity for survival and are willing to pay this price.
Lair: That said, few vampires are willing to keep this effect up when alone or in the company of other vampires. This need to relax the taxing illusion has led to clever vampire hunters sneaking into a vampire's lair and awaiting their return. While the hunter is concealed in a location with a good vantage point, they observe the vampire, waiting for them to drop this disguise. Many vampires have succumbed to this tactic time and time again, but then again so have many hunters as hiding among the vampire's lair is truly a dangerous gamble.
Vice: This weakness can also be exploited as a vampire's focus is needed to utilize its advanced gifts and techniques. While immortality often gives vampires the time to learn patience and develop their willpower, it also has cursed many vampires with the need for distractions to fill the time in their long lives and pass the time. Whether it is the offer of wealth, sex, adventure, or fine food (whether gourmet food or the refined taste for a particular type of blood) - every vampire has a vice to exploit and many have multiple.

The only practical way to 'kill' a vampire is to sever its head from its heart and burn both the brain and the heart in two separate pyres and scatter the ashes in different areas, preferably miles apart. If time is scarce, many prefer to simply behead the vampire and take the head; while other hunters torch the body and toss the head aside. But these methods are all somewhat flawed. If too much of the scattered ashes mingle and are exposed to blood, the vampire will begin to reform. Vampires from centuries past have awoken on or near battlefields thousands of miles from their last known location, having been reborn among their own ashes and spilled blood like an unholy phoenix. This is a particularly grisly sight to see as the partially formed vampire will be little more than sinews, bones, and unformed flesh until it feeds on enough blood. Some may carry this tainted look or remnants of it for months or years after such a nasty resurrection.

If a vampire could be atomized, it should, in theory, cease to exist. However, that's a technique which most vampire hunters are not usually capable of pulling off.
There is an expression, "hindsight is 20/20". It is human nature to look back at what they've done and think "if I only knew what I know now..."

Well, that's the crux of today's journal. If I knew Earth-27 was going to go on beyond the original scope I had in mind, would there be changes I'd have made in the beginning? Most definitely. I get this question a lot and I have given it some thought over the past three years so let's explore that idea, shall we? Please note that this journal will be small for the time being, I'm planning to continually add to it as time goes on. So if you think of an aspect of Earth-27 you'd be interested in seeing what I'd revisit if given the chance, comment below and maybe it'll become the next installment in this living journal.

The Biggest Retcon

So while I think starting off by building a base of characters in Gotham was beneficial to Earth-27, I think what I would have done instead was start off by creating the Watchmen. Yes, the Watchmen themselves. Nite-Owl, Rohrshach, Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre, Ozymandias, the Comedian, and so forth. In Earth-27 I'd change very little. They would still be the heroes of the 80's (though I'd move them from 1985 to 1989), and their tale would mostly result in the same way that it does in the movie (because I prefer the movie's ending versus the graphic novel's finale) except with even more devastation. The major cities of the world don't just suffer huge losses, most of the major cities are outright destroyed. So with Earth's major cities gone, this sets the stage for other cities to rise to prominence in the wake of this devastation: Gotham, Metropolis, Gateway City, Star City, Central City, et cetera.
What Does This Change?
So with the Watchmen introduced and their tales explored, we'd move on to the Super Friends. It's been about fifteen years since the world united together in a show of camaraderie to join forces against the perceived threat of Dr. Manhattan. Ultimately, that peace has begun to unravel and with that absence of peace, new heroes have begun to return. In Gotham, a Dark Knight has appeared. In Metropolis, there is a Man of Steel. In Gateway City, the new home of the United Nations, there is an Amazon princess. These heroes, along with Black Canary, Flash, and Green Arrow have formed a loose alliance, agreeing to come to each other's aid in dire times. And no time was ever so dire as when Brainiac appeared and ravaged the world. In the wake of this aftermath, the seven surviving heroes would join together to become the JLA. This time, with the original Hall of Justice being located in Metropolis itself.
Why Would I Do This?
So while that doesn't change much of the heroes' backstories, it does change the setting quite a bit. Manhattan is gone, as are London, Madrid, Berlin, Rio, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Moscow, Sydney, Lagos, Cape Town, Cairo, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and even Washington, DC. This would give me a firm detachment from the real world and allow me to develop a unique world.
This summertime release schedule may be subject to change (to add more releases within a single week) if more of the Outsiders are sponsored.


1: Freight-Train
3: Rook
6: Geo-Force

8: Silas Stone
10: Cullen Row
13: Lilith Clay
15: Omen
17: Omen (Teen)
24: Special, Bonus "Thank You" Portrait From Roysovitch
27: DETOUR: World Tour: Fawcett City
-(Freddy Freeman - if funded)
-King Marvel
-(Pedro Pena - if funded)
-Mister Marvel
-(Eugene Choi - if funded)
-Doctor Marvel
-(Darla Dudley - if funded)
-(Tawky Tawny - if funded)
-Black Adam

Wendy Harris
Marvin White
LOCKED: Paragon
Wonder Dog
Wendy Jones
-LOCKED: Windfall
Dr. Francine Langstrom
-LOCKED: She-Bat
Salah Miandad

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Werner Zytle
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Denise Howard
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Becky Langstrom
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Sarah Simms
Sarah Charles
Elinore Stone
Bridget Clancy
Amy Rohrbach
Peter Gambi
Gregor Markov
Ilona Markov
Isabella Ortiz
Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe
Tamara Fox
Tiffany Fox
Alan Scott
Molly Mayne-Scott
The Rose of Canton
LOCKED: The Thorn of Canton

... and potentially maybe more, stay tuned!
Please note that the information you are about to discover is by no means common knowledge within the confines of Earth-27. Most of this is not even known to Oracle (though she is beginning to piece it together), Batman, and the world's foremost scholars. Pieces of this information are known to occultists and other scholars of the obscure and arcane, and ARGUS may have a few ideas. With that said, I will also be withholding some details for the time being.

Most scholars that studied the metahuman emergence and the corresponding rise of the superhero point to three major events:

1 - The meteor storm of 1978 which theoretically introduced alien particles into Earth’s atmosphere which interacted with the human genome, causing an increase in the number of persons with meta-genes

2 - The beginning of Batman’s career in Gotham, which inspired others to put on masks, capes, and costumes to take a stand against crime and corruption. Likewise, this is also referenced as the inspiration for the rise of the “costumed criminal”

3 - And while magic seems to have always existed, there was noticeable rise in its power in the late 90s, during which time magically influenced events happened that Hippolyta decided it was time to reintroduce the mortal realm to the Amazons, sending her only trueborn daughter to Earth as her ambassador of goodwill

Though these three events contributed to the rise of the ‘superhero’ and ‘supervillain’, for as long as there has been an Earth, there have been those who have gained unspeakable power and likewise, as there is balance in all things, there would rise people of likewise ability to defy them.

Perhaps the first example of this was the Lords of Chaos and their counterparts in the Lords of Order. Even these cosmic beings are not sure why they exist, unaware that they were created by the Monitor of the 27th Reality to intrinsically oppose each other and through their agents create tension and conflict which would then create what the Monitor desired most: stories.

While the Lords of Chaos were the manifestations of destruction, entropy, and discord; the Lords of Order sought creation, unity, and stability. Lacking physical forms, they would have to find ways to assert their consciousness through agents. Some chose to do this directly, while others preferred to act through agents.

The Infinite Ones
One among the Lords of Order that sought the more direct approach was Nabu. At some point, Nabu took an interest in the magical nexus of Earth. Looking closer, he found the ancient kingdom of Egypt. Fascinated by this nation’s people, Nabu found a mystic with a mind open enough to receive instruction to create talismans of such magical ability to allow their wearer to directly merge with Nabu, becoming a composite entity. These talismans were the Cloak of Destiny and the Amulets of Anubis.

This mystic and Nabu became a royal sorcerer of many pharaohs and eventually, the mortal mind was lost to senility, leaving only Nabu. As the body of his host became increasingly frail, Nabu began to fear to lose complete control and sought a means to bypass the composition of minds, looking for a method which would give him direct control of a mortal body.

Nabu would find what he needed from an unlikely source. One night while stargazing, Nabu sensed an unearthly pair of visitors near Earth. Using his magic, he pulled the craft to Earth and used his magic to anchor it temporarily in a corporeal state. These visitors were a pair of Thanagarians, an avian race whose star had become unstable and had caused the planets orbiting it (and the inhabitants living on those planets) to shift into a ‘shadow’ dimension. When their world had depleted their resources and began to search the cosmos, the Thanagarians were distraught to find that no world existed on the same dimensional frequency as their own.

Rather than die on their homeworld as it plunged into wars over the remaining resources, this pair had sought to travel together in their final days, spending them embracing their love for one another rather than become overwhelmed in the madness of their homeworld. Touched by their story, Nabu offered them a deal. He could use magic to seal their incorporeal Thanagarian forms to a human host, much like he had done with his own incorporeal form; and in return, they would gift him their spaceship as its incorporeal metal could become a key ingredient in creating a talisman that would allow Nabu to impart his consciousness directly upon a human host.

The Thanagarians accepted this arrangement and with Nabu, they protected ancient Egypt and the surrounding lands from unspeakable evils and agents of chaos. Eventually, Nabu awarded the Thanagarians with weapons forged from the same metal as his new helmet: Nth metal.

Over time, Nabu and the Thanagarians would seek out allies to help them combat chaos and its agents. At first, they were bold and public, openly displaying their powers but as mortal men grew suspicious, skeptical, and superstitious it became easier to work within the shadows, as did their enemies.

Using Nabu’s magic, they would seek out potential allies who had access to exceptional powers, magic, or skills that would make them an asset to the Lords of Order. But as they continued in their efforts, on occasion, a new ally would find them. Through this, Aztar, the manifestation of righteous wrath, found them and sought to add its power to their own. Some would say this was the beginning of the 'Society', but it would still be some time before they would call themselves anything resembling that.

The Infinite Ones
1. Nabu
2. Thal
3. Kol
4. Aztar

Birth of the Society
The people that would go on to form Society were gathered together in 1627. They had intended to stop the Miagani massacre but arrived in the middle of the slaughter. They saved what Miagani they could and prevented Fire-That-Burns-Black from breaking the seal which held an Apokalyptan demon imprisoned. Though that crisis was averted and Fire-That-Burns-Black was sent fleeing, the agents of Fate realized that they had only stalled the inevitable and so they decided that they would need to remain vigilant. They would need to remain together. Officially, the Society was founded December 31st, 1627 upon the completion of their first residence, built atop the very seal they sought to protect.

While Nabu and the Infinite Ones had used agents to aid them for centuries prior to the construction of the Society, the Society's founding marked a new era in which the Infinite Ones and their agents became something more united and solidified. Though Nabu and Aztar were uncomfortable with the word, they began to become a family. As the City of Gotham began to grow around them, the secret society was molded by Nabu’s insistence that a great reckoning was on the horizon and he sought to make sure that his champions were experienced and ready and thus he began to seek out those who had some abilities of longevity and sent others on tasks that were likely to bestow them with some form of age deceleration to increase their lifespan.

The Forefathers of the Society
1. Eric Strauss (Nabu)
2. Linda Strauss 
3. Thomas Larson (Kol)
4. Violet Parris (Thal)
5. Taylor Pike (Aztar)
6. Henry Heywood
7. Horatio Dodds
8. Vicomte Jean-Simon Giscard D'Arion

As time went on, new persons of considerable power were added to bolster the ranks of the Society. The following is a list of notable additions to the Society but is by no means complete.

1659: Daniel Heywood
1663: Josiah Dodds
1703: Henry Heywood II
1717: Simon Dodds
1757: Henry Dodds
1761: Simon Heywood
1777: Elizabeth Lawrence
1793: Henry Heywood III
1793: Maxwell Dodds
1838: L. Walter Travis
1838: Jay Garrick
1838: Alan Scott
1838: Charlotte Heywood
1838: Norman Dodds
1875: Jonah Hex
1875: Greg Saunders
1875: Richard Carter
1875: [REDACTED]
1875: Henry Heywood IV
1875: H. David Dodds
1904: Sarah Dodds
1904: Chester Heywood
1904: Albert Elwood
1919: Olive Holloway
1919: Theodore Grant
1940: J. Lincoln Thunder
1941: Theodore Knight
1946: Henry "Hank" Heywood V
1946: Lucas Dodds
1973: Edward Dodds
1973: Marina Dodds
1973: Abigail Hunkel
1973: [REDACTED]
1973: [REDACTED]
1973: [REDACTED]
1980: Albert Pratt
1980: Sandra Knight-Pratt
1993: [REDACTED]
1993: Hadley Jagger
1993: Jonni Thunder
1993: Nathan Heywood
1993: Terrence Sloane
2004: Charles McNider
2004: Jill Carlyle
2004: Patrick Dugan
2004: Sylvester Pemberton
2004: Alix Harrower
2004: Rex Tyler
2004: Wesley Dodds
2009: [REDACTED]
2009: [REDACTED]
2009: Sonia Sato
2009: [REDACTED]
2009: [REDACTED]
2009: [REDACTED]
2009: [REDACTED]
2009: [REDACTED]

2013: Jack Knight
2013: Helena Bertinelli
2013: Karen Starr
2013: [REDACTED]
2017: [REDACTED]
2017: [REDACTED]
2017: Rick Tyler
2017: Matthew Tyler
2017: Delilah Tyler
2017: [REDACTED]
2017: [REDACTED]