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Oracle Files - Vanguard

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Vanguard is an original character by MS225 :iconms225: and adapted into Earth-27 by the creator and myself
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Foxy-KnightStudent Writer
One of these dinah's are not like the other, I am proud of whoever came up with that and since I don't know whether it was Roy or :iconms225: I'm gonna say I'm proud of both of you.

I have prior given my comment of intrigue and fascination with vanguard and how interested I am in seeing her develop alongside her fellow challengers (cerberus especially) but since this is the first time I've seen the Vox I gotta say I was laughing my ass off. Awkward yes but done so in a very fittingly funny manner (thank you Roy).

Vanguard has proven to be a capable fighter and a good teammate so I look forward to seeing more of her.
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Archie-RatsworthHobbyist General Artist
Error. "Did not pleased her masters" is not correct tense. Profile otherwise fascinating.
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A good and faithful servant.
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will she be black siren or white canary later in here live
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TheScarletMercenaryStudent Filmographer
Ollie: Ladies! I know how we can solve this!

Dinah: No, a threesome will not solve anything.

Ollie: Shit...
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Awesome! I wanted to see Black Siren on Earth-27, but I didn't think I'd get two Dinahs because there's no alternate earths. A clone is brilliant!
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Ah, so instead of having Roy/Arsenal being the kidnapped and cloned by the LoA, you picked on the pretty bird...nice. So MS225, can she pull off the fishnets or is it a one piece bodysuit?  
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Im sure she could pull off the fishnets just as well as Dinah, but for now, shes sticking to the bodysuit
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Yeah, I wanted her to have her own identity but still have a resemblance to Black Canary, so she got a New 52 like body suit and and a mask like on Arrow
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By far my favorite OC. I can't wait to see more of her! 
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Im glad! :D (Big Grin) 
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Umm... okay then. Looks like we're going the multiple Canary route then. Yay?
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RoysovitchProfessional Writer
Starts off like that... but she'll be developing her own identity.
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Alright, cool. You know Black Canary is my fave. Just want to make sure the situation doesn't become too... Arrowy.
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Yeah there's only one Black Canary
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nightcrawlerfan19Professional Interface Designer
One of these Dinahs ain't like the other, one of these Dinahs ain't the same!
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Well this is interesting. 
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Wait... why would a clone have memories? That's not how genetics works.
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RoysovitchProfessional Writer
Not in real life, but in comic books it often works that way. ;)

Didn't really work that way here either, but El Penitente took Dinah's memories (or a portion of them) and implanted them into the clone as the original intent was to have her replace Dinah.
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DkalbanHobbyist Writer
*sings* Somebody's in the kitchen, it ain't Dinah!
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RoysovitchProfessional Writer
Yes... and no. ;)
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