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Oracle Files - Helena Bertinelli 2008-2016

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Part 3/3 of Helena Bertinelli's profile.
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Shadow-DJHobbyist Writer
LexCorp: Where even your BATTERIES can get hacked by spunky redheads. :P
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Huntress and Batman still at each-other's throats? Yeah, that seems about right, even if it is frankly her fault in the comics. I noticed that this version doesn't seem to have killed anyone. Does make her being a member of the family a lot less awkward though. 
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Also Jason uses rubber bullets (Sometimes).
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Loving how you did her backstory! I'm really glad that you went with Santo Cassamento as her biological father.

Also, i was wondering why does she have fingerless gloves?
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RoysovitchProfessional Writer
Because she did in the Justice League cartoon which was the main inspiration for this picture.
It doesn't make sense as it would cause her fingerprints to be left behind everywhere, but Oracle could probably tamper with the GCPD's forensic database to prevent a match.
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Nice, like the backstory as always :) The vox box was very entertaining much like the others. Is there gonna be a Damian Oracle File? And are we going to see a vox box with Damian and Dick talking to each other? <----- that's the one I'm waiting for :happybounce: 
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RoysovitchProfessional Writer
Thanks... Yes... and Yes... ;)
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Foxy-KnightStudent Writer
Ah helena, a badass teacher in every universe it would seem and also ryder never buy from lexcorp
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GoombaGroundPounderHobbyist General Artist
So why did Helena chose to work with a crossbow?
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RoysovitchProfessional Writer
I alluded to that in her part one profile. Her mother used an antique crossbow to save Helena's life... Helena uses a crossbow now as a reminder of that night
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GoombaGroundPounderHobbyist General Artist
I thought I read something like that somewhere...
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A SEXY leggy vigilante archer in short shorts :D. This version of Helena might be her best portrayal.

Oracle for most bad ass hacker ever ;)
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RoysovitchProfessional Writer
Thanks... on both accounts.
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:-). Very welcome
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Another excellent write up, as I've certainly come to expect at this point. I like the slightly snarky comments Oracle manages to sneak in regarding Helena's violent tendencies. I also like the better incorporation of the Birds, the nod to the Kane family and the rather more - for the lack of a better term - fair reasoning for her falling out with Batman.

Also, "leggy vigilante archer in short shorts" may be one of the better descriptions for Helena. It's good to know Babs appreciates Huntress' choice of attire (and operatives with great legs, apparently).
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DkalbanHobbyist Writer
Serves Ryder right =P
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RiviellanProfessional Writer
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SteelpoodleHobbyist Writer
I guess the Creeper isn't house trained yet.
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