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[Earth-27 Oracle Files] Jack Ryder (1/2)

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I remember Ryder and Vicky hating each other in somthing
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I think it was the Arkham games. But I’m pretty sure they talk trash about each other behind the scenes though.

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Oh, Babs. Bragging about her skills on a database only she (presumably) has access to. Makes her that much more endearing, I think. 

Very minor nitpick in that the VOX Box sounds familiar. Did you reuse an older one? I'm not complaining, just curious. 
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It's Jack's old one, remastered into this new format.
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Well seeing his record certainly does explain why he's called The Creeper.
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Bullock: (in the audience) ...Montoya....hold me back before I give him a 'REAL' Ride...on the hood of my pick up.

Renee: (holds him back a bit) Calm down, Bullock.

J'onn (in his John Jones form): (helps hold him down) He is just trying to get a rise out of hte audience. It is what he does.
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never really liked this guy. i don't like seeing Joker humiliated and he was kind of an asshole in the Arkham games
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He is kind of an asshole on Earth-27, too
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Only 'kind of'? Just him cutting Gordon off makes me want to unalive him :P Rude little &?!@#*...
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"Good evening, Gotham.  I'm Jack Ryder, and 'YOU... ARE... WRONG'!!!
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I loved the Animated Series episode with him.  His amorous pursuit of Harley freaks her out so much that she's relieved to see Batman on the scene.

"They call me.... Lemon-Skinned Wacky Guy!"
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So will the Creeper be appearing or is he not him in your canon ?
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He is "the Creeper", just not the Yellow-Skinned sort... yet
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Ah well I look foward to your write up eventually on his more...creepier look ;)
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do you have any plans for harper row from the new 52 or is it too soon to be asking that
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You will see her soon...
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Aww, not going to get a profile for him in his other form?
His childhood is brand new, correct? What inspired that?
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His childhood is brand new. Couldn't find anything about his childhood in my research.
As for his other form... We'll see. :)
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Grayson... playing dumb, lol.
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Gordon: Tell me Mr. Ryder what do you know about the Creeper.
Ryder: That psycho who even the Joker calls a lunatic. Why would I know anything about him?
Gordon: Because I've had Officers gather information on this guy and almost every eye witness account suggest he operates in your neighborhood.
Ryder: Oh really. That's, Interesting.
Gordon: In fact The GCPD have gotten serval reports of the Creeper being seen hanging around your apartment building.
Ryder: Well... It is a pretty big building. Lot's of people living there.
Gordon: ... and one of my best detectives interviewed a department store manager who swears that the Creeper bought his costume at her store using your credit card. Care to comment on that Jack.
Ryder: Wow, look at the time! Shows over, thanks for coming Commissioner, have a nice ride home! Good night Gotham!
Vale: Wait Jack, we still have 20 minutes left! Jack!
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Oh my God, that's hilarious!LOL
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Thank you, I'll be here all week.
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