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Cerebro Files - Wanda Lehnsherr

By Roysovitch
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Earth-27M is part of the Earth-27 Project. The character depicted above is based on the character created and owned by Marvel Comics. This is a reimagining of the character for Earth-27M and is not an official depiction of the character's fictional biography.
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Time to sound like an asshole.  I've always though that the most basic translation for Wanda's powers was the ability to let the writers do whatever needs to be done when they can't figure out a way to cleverly write in someone else's powers.  Kind of like En Sabah Nur, or Stephen Strange.  
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Is Wanda meant to look p.o.'ed?
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She has a resting witch face.
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A trait she inherited from Daddy, I take it?
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Interesting to see this take of her being purely mutation and no magic. But why is she not omega level?

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Because "Omega Level" classification hasn't been developed yet. This is 1993 after all.

Alpha is considered the highest level at present.
Beta is considered to be an exceptional mutant.
Gamma is considered to be an average mutant.

For this world, this system was created by Xavier. When some mutants reach the point that they blow Alphas out of the water, then the Omega Level will be created. The fifth class, Delta Level wouldn't usually be used by Xavier as he doesn't consider any mutant to be a "subpar mutant" unless he was simply describing a mutant who lacks training or a basic understanding of their state, but someone like Apocalypse or Mr. Sinsiter would definitely use that term to denote the mutants who have "pitiful abilities" or severe deformities and little power to go with it, or just use it as an insult for any mutant with less power than themselves.
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As I commented in Phil's submission of the full picture, I love how you managed to re-imagine her appearance. Scarlet Witch's design is something I would consider quite a low point of her character, being eye-candy and little else to transmit her character identity through her costume or general clothes.- But you made an amazing work here to give her a distinctive look.

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I never knew that both her and Pietro had an older sister. Hell I knew about the younger sister before the retcon but still I never knew about the older sister.
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I could have sworn that she was romantically involved with Nightcrawler in the comics.  I mean, I know that she and Vis are a thing, of course, but didn't she mess around with Kurt once or twice?  
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In an alternate dimension they have a daughter but her relationship with Warren is also a thing from the comics... and Kurt isn't introduced into the story quite yet so be patient, grasshopper.
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Oh, I can't wait to see what you do with both Warren and Kurt.  
On a related note, will you stop at the X-Men universe, or will we see other Marvel characters?
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Thar is entirely up to the fans. The intent is to bring other Marvel characters in, but the foundation of the X-Men needs to be laid first. If traction picks up, we can do the other characters like Spider-Man, the Hulk, Nick Fury, and so forth... but if things just simmer along at a slow pace, I may have to just focus on the X-Men and limit the other Marvel characters' involvement.
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I hope when the Avengers comes in the Wanda/Vision love stays, I loved them together she helped him be human.
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Love her style, backstory, and her dad's reaction to her powers. 
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Found a typo in an otherwise fine release. Under Early Childhood, the second paragraph had a "violet" mob attack the camp. I'm certain you meant violent.
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Nice, I love Wanda/Scarlet Witch's design in here, amazing. c ;
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She seems to have a myriad of issues

Looks like she'll need a certain 'Vision' for the future

I'm here all week
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This is, by far, the best profile yet.  Really love all the details, call backs to her classic origins, and explanations for both her powers and behavior; excellent work!
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Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it.
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Nice way to include her canon foster parents here as well as having her mental issues be inherited from her mom.
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