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Cerebro Files - Scott Summers

By Roysovitch
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Earth-27M is part of the Earth-27 Project. The character depicted above is based on the character created and owned by Marvel Comics. This is a reimagining of the character for Earth-27M and is not an official depiction of the character's fictional biography.
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Essex Clinic? Hmm...rather sinister.

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“You know, people often joke that I see the world through rose-tinted glasses. But that wasn’t always the case with me. Between the plane crash...and the Essex was nothing but loneliness and fear. If the Professor hadn’t found me... I don’t want to imagine. He gave me little brother...a chance to make a difference. And I’m not gonna let him down.

My name is Scott Summers, and I’m here to take charge!

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Am I the only one who remembers that time in X-Men Evolution where Scott and Jean were made substitute teachers for the younger students?  And the younger students kept acting like assholes?  And then Jean lifted them all in the air?  And Scott was able split an apple neatly in half by bouncing an optic blast off the walls?
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That episode has to be on Youtube somewhere. What was it called?

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I have this head canon that says whenever Jean gets overwhelmed with the thoughts others, whenever her telepathy acts up, she focuses on Scott, and he starts playing her favorites song(s) in his head just for her.  Debussy, perhaps?
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That doesn’t sound like a bad remedy.

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Wasn't Scott's dad a military guy back in the day? Because I remember Scott bringing it up in X-Men: Evolution in like the first season of the show.
Also I always wanted to say this but Roy you probably remember this joke from SNL when Tina Fey portrayed Sarah Palin back in '08. Scott can see Russia from his home in Alaska.
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Are you going to use the X-Men profiles to bring in Deadpool?
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If the project grows that large.
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Hellzyeah, it’s going to grow that large!
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How's that going?
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Well damn, I had no idea that Scott and Alex had another brother
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They actually have more than one... allegedly.
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Adam Neramani was intended to be their brother at one point, but the writer never got a chance to make it happen.
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Ok, thanks for the detail
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Just submitted my version of Cyclops. Got to say, still astounded by your level of detail on your version of the character. Only question that comes to mind is the birthdate. Is it listed somewhere or you just placed a date at random?
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Scott's in for a lot of surprises in his life, I'm sure. 
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Dude! The scratch on the head. I wonder if it'll be a reference to how he and his brother, Havok, fell out of a plane and gained the injury the prevents him from controlling his optic blasts.

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...That's literally what it says.

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Roy just do me a favor don't make Scott an asshole, ever since X-Men vs. Avengers he has been a huge selfish asshole who I hate hell he doesn't even deserve Jean Grey Logan does, Scott cheated on Jean with Emma Frost.
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He didn't even initiate it. Emma technically raped him. Plus Jean has cheated herself. She tried to with Logan, who need I remind you is supposed to be a whole decade older than Professor X. As a matter of fact, I think he is possibly the oldest of the X-Men. He didn't want to cheat, but Emma violated his mind losing as Jean Grey when he was going through PTSD when he was made into one of Apocolypse's horseman.

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