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Cerebro Files - Logan

By Roysovitch
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Earth-27M is part of the Earth-27 Project. The character depicted above is based on the character created and owned by Marvel Comics. This is a reimagining of the character for Earth-27M and is not an official depiction of the character's fictional biography.
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“There are times I remember...a cage...a sneer...a dark tunnel...

I remember...fear....agony....and RAGE.

And everytime I bring these six bad boys out, part of me is back in that cage...raging to escape. So my advice to you, bub, don’t cross me. Or you’ll find that when you cage the beast, the beast gets angry!

My name is Logan, and I’m the best there is at what I do.”

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Hope you add X23 at some point in the future

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Is this Logan still susceptible to Erik’s control over magnetism?
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Will Storm, Colossus, and Nightcrawler be a part of this? I already oh w that Storm might probably be on staff considering that's she's older than Scott and the other students.

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They will be introduced later on. This project is built around one month long waves of characters. This first wave still needs to finished being funded before we can move on to the next one. The second wave would either be more characters of the costumes for the first wave's characters.
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What are your plans for Nightcrawler? He's my personal favorite aside from Havoc and Wolverine. 
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1. Get him funded
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I wonder how many kids this one has running around?
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So, with his adamantium covered skull, The Professor would have a difficult time punishing Logan for his smoking on campus grounds by making Logan spend the rest of his life under the impression that he is a six-year-old girl?  
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Can't wait for him to be included in some conversations
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Ol' Logan as a cantankerous groundskeeper.  I never knew how much I needed this until this very moment.
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Well his father...
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I'm now imaging Logan as Groundskeeper Willie now
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Same, but with plenty of Brock Samson in there too.
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Only he sounds nothing like Patrick Warburton.  He has a surprisingly high voice, with a noticeably thick northern accent.
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Ha, love you left their classic first introduction untouched.
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Using some of his Evolution elements. Cool I have a soft spot for that series.…
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5'3'', 300lbs. He's small, but he's dense, like a collapsed star.
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And he's got an ultra-dense metal grafted to his entire skeleton.
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"Excuse me, I'm Erik Lensherr."

"Charles Xavier."

"Go fuck yourself."
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He also speaks German. And will Logan have memories of WW2? Fighting along side a certain American super soldier?
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