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Cerebro Files - Henry McCoy

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Earth-27M is part of the Earth-27 Project. The character depicted above is based on the character created and owned by Marvel Comics. This is a reimagining of the character for Earth-27M and is not an official depiction of the character's fictional biography.
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Ok, I love the design, don't get me wrong about it, but that Hank looks way old to be 15 
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Don't get me wrong. He's not.
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Then Hank surely must have some advanced growing metabolism
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i always wonder if his intellect comes from his mutan genes too.
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Howard Stark Foundation. Howard "A+ Parenting" Stark.
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I always thought that Beast was the oldest of the original five.

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Can't wait to see him go blue.
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Aw, now that was just mean, Jean.  Leading that boy on like that.
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Herbert Landon: How can you denounce my research, Henry? It's all based off your own work!

Hank: Ahh, yes. My early research. In my hubris, Herbert, I believed it possible to "cure" myself of my mutation, that I might become what society considered normal. Had I known then what I know now. The serum I corrected only accelerated my mutation, resulting in my becoming what I see in the mirror every morning. I'm begging you, Herbert, stop this before you do something you can't stop.
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Is Landon that two faced villain from the 90’s Spider-man series? The one that worked for Kingpin?
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Good old Hank - he always was one of my favourite X-Men. 
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I kinda feel bad for him he was trying to make a cure for mutants to be human only to be more mutated he felt no one would except him but look at him he became an X-Men, an Avenger, Defenders, and not the best team as they're chooses made bad events happen but still the Illuminati. And if you say how are the Illuminati's chooses bad well 1st: Send Hulk into space, agree to the super human registration act, cover up the fact that Elektra was a skrull thus causing the Secret Invasion the Norman Osborn's rise to power as the head director of H.A.M.M.E.R. so yeah.
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