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PLEASE READ: Use of E27 Art

PLEASE READ: Use of E27 Art

INTRO: I hate to be this guy but something has to be done about the rampant use of Earth-27 assets. I love that it has inspired so many others to be creative, but a lot of problems have sprung out of this. DECREE: Effective immediately, I am changing my policy that you can feel free to use Earth-27 assets for whatever you want just so long as you credit Phil, myself, and/or Earth-27. RATIONALE: People were using original characters without permission of their creators and using assets to create entirely new characters instead of waiting to go through Phil and me, possibly damaging Earth-27's longevity ("well I was going to sponsor Phanto
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NFX - Max West

NFX - Max West

NETWORK FILE (EXTRA): Max West IDENTITY Name Maxwell Joseph West Ops Moniker Kid Mercury Status Covert / Great Effort Made to Conceal Identity Titles Mister Nicknames Max, Max Speed, Max Mercury, Mr. Mercury, The Other Kid Flash BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION Date of Birth December 19th, 1998 Place of Birth Keystone City, Kansas Father Daniel West Mother Sarah West Key Relationships Kelly Moss (Half-Sister) Kimberly Moss (Half-Sister) Joe West (Grandfather) Nadine West (Grandmother) Iris West-Allen (Aunt) Rudy West (Uncle) Barry Allen (Uncle) Mary West (Aunt) Wally West (Cousin) Jessie Allen (Cousin) Bart Allen (Cousin) Jay Garrick (Mentor) Known Affiliations Titans (Member - Class '12) Flash & Friends (Member) Juris Societas Auxilium (Initiate) BIOLOGICAL DISTINCTIONS Species Metahuman Gender Male Hair Color Black Eye Color Brown DIMENSIONS Height 6' / 1.83 m Weight 180 lbs / 82 kg EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION Level of Education Enrolled in College Institution of

Earth-27 Sponsorship

Earth-27 Sponsorship

This is an updated list of available Earth-27 deals. If you are interested in taking advantage of these, head over to ACTIVE DEALS Available until December 27th, 2020 DWARF BUNDLE - $120 / $777 Doblik the Wise Resnik the Cruel Meglik the Meek Fawik the Rested Soplik the Odd Laflik the Foul Tequee the Giddy WOLF BUNDLE - $50 / $777 Winter Wolf Blossom Wolf Therese Wolf Darien Wolf Conner Wolf Ambrose Wolf Ghost Wolf BONUS (Unlocked if both the Dwarf and Wolf Bundles are sponsored in full) Little Red Riding Hood UNFAIREST OF THEM ALL - $0 / $555 Queen of Fables Carabosse Goldilocks Morgainne le Fey The Woodsman HAPPILY EVER AFTER - $0 / $555 Peter Piper Bo Peep Hansel Gretel Prince Brandish Gen¹³ Caitlin Fairchild Bobby Lane Roxanne Spaulding Sarah Rainmaker Eddie Chang Hardbody Burnout Freefall Rainmaker Grunge Queelocke John Lynch Anna Amber LeRoux
I want to give a big thanks to everyone who helped support the Gremlins event of the past six weeks. The next two weeks will honor Thanksgiving by giving thanks to the fans. Starting Monday, November 16th, every weekday release until Friday, Novembe

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Hey how come your first file of Lor-Zod doesn't show up?

okay it was just for a while it didn't show up after you posted it.

Hey, Roy what is solomon grundy exactly?Is he a metahuman, a golem, a revanant?

Happy Thanksgiving Roy.

For this and next week’s characters, do we still have to sponsor them?