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Sentinels #268 Villains by roygbiv666 Sentinels #268 Villains by roygbiv666

One of the rewards in The Sentinels #268 Kickstarter (coming soon) are Character Buy-Ins

What are character buy-ins? Well, if you have a villain you'd like to see in this comic, you can have one (or two) appear by backing at the appropriate reward level.

You can have your original character appear in the book as one of the main villain's goons/minions/henchmen. So, I don't need your planet killers or world conquerors, but I do need your assassins, mercenaries, costumed bank robbers, hired muscles, and so on. They will appear in conflict with the Sentinels. There are three parts where they could appear: pages 1-2, pages in Act II, and the final beatdown in Act III.

Your character(s) in battle against my heroes -- it's a match made in heaven! You obviously retain all rights, and we get to feature your character in the book! Sweet!

There are actually two reward levels available, a single character buy-in or a double character buy-in, your choice.

Find out more at…

So, get your character profiles/references together, including a clear representation of the character, very brief description of their personality, clear and brief list of powers. Since this info can't be acted upon until the campaign is over, it's critical that you reply to the reward survey quickly. Better still, send the info ahead of time so that when the campaign is successful, the artist can get that info right away.

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