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Gevatter Todd
OK, little complicated here. This is Gevatter Tod (German for "Godfather Death" AKA The Grim Reaper). He's the villainous version (you know, from Reverse-Earth) of Standard Comics hero the Grim Reaper.

Art by Steve Butler, American comic book artist. He is known both for penciling the Archie Comics series Sonic the Hedgehog as well as creating new designs for Archie characters in 2007.…

Crimson Streak Jaxon
A "chibi" version of my superspeedster, Crimson Streak, by David Jaxon.
Standard Comics Store
Looking for some actual, real comics featuring my characters (and some updated PD heroes)? Then check us out:
Breakneck by John Jones

BREAKNECK an evil parallel earth version of Crimson Streak by fellow "Power Company" peep, John Jones. Thanks again!
To everyone who's favorited or commented on my stuff, I'm going to run a Kickstarter campaign for a 20 page superhero comic featuring my own characters, the Sentinels. I'll make an announcement on the exact date as I move closer.

SCU Heroes ( color promo commission) by gammaknight

You can learn more about it by following my Facebook page:…

To get on the mailing list for an upcoming Kickstarter comic featuring some of these original characters, sign up at:


roygbiv666's Profile Picture
Roy Johnson
Owner of Standard Comics, a small indy publisher of comics featuring original and updated public domain superheroes.


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Dude...How have I not heard of you before, you got a tremendous line up! mind if I take a stab at drawing one of them sometime?
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I'd be honored. Let me know if you need any references. I look forward to seeing anything you come up with.

Although nothing much is happening right now, you can follow my Standard Comics stuff on FB:… or at my website
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Thanks! It's mine in that I own it, but it's all the work of lots of great artists. I'm just a collector. ;-)
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