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Damn this guy just keeps on growing. :iconroyd-roided:royd-roided 2 1
001 by royd-roided
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Markus 12 - 1 by Arashi2385
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+ by dotumche
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MegaPec Muscle Garments, Inc. Wholesale and Retail
With the advent of Super Tit Man contests, and especially with the adoption of extreme synthol, silicone and polyproprylene enlargement methods, there was an increasing need for athletic pectoral support garments in the gym. Additionally, some bodybuilders wanted to wear specialized gear during their most private personal posing sessions. Eventually, the specialized garments made their way all the way to the contest stage, where certain muscle breast athletes, nipple freaks and their most diehard fans indulged in extreme variations of onstage posing and associated pectoral muscle worship.
Mr. Vandermeer's new business venture MegaPec Muscle Garments, Inc., was a specialized wholesale and retail outlet for gym support garments, muscle bras and other pectoral muscle gear. Mr. Vandermeer was certainly in the right place at the right time with his business venture. Not only did his wholesale operation provide a channel for these garments to meet Tit Man needs throughout the wor
:icontitmorpher:titmorpher 5 2
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Massive 6 from Pex by David753
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God 15 by David753 God 15 :icondavid753:David753 54 1


"would love to be led onstage, with hands cuffed behind my back, my fingers playing with the end of the HUMONGOUS butt plug you've shoved into my musclekunt, my 1" wide, pencil-thick stainless steel ring clipped onto a heavy chainlink leash, which you keep yanked down, saliva drooling onto my heavily oiled, heaving, pumped pecs, my spit collecting on the tip of my inch long, thumb-thick nips, and my spit dripping off those thick steel rings that are pierced into my bitchnipped, pumped and banded nips!"
Royd Roided

-YES royd, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, shown, displayed and exposed on stage like that!!! Then taken privately to meet a group of perved sponsors, who will say "nahhhh... those posers are way too big for royd, they should be smaller even though they won't cover your pumped huge balls and thick horse cock"


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royd roided
United States
SIR i am a huge roided matured daddy-piglet
who has always been a exhibitionist, with massive pierced udder-sized nips, siliconed and heavily pierced cock and balls, that are all constantly vacpumped to make them all even more freaky and gargantuan, who loves to show it all off in ultra tight and revealing, bulging spandex wear, have an enormous collection of skimpy micro g-strings that are all a few sizes too small for me and they are so extremely form fitting that they cling to my mammothly massive and monstrous cock and balls like a second skin and appear to be painted on, the sidestraps are about 1/4 inch wide or less, with the pouch of the suit plunging way down so low that you can easily see that i am totally shaved and the tight butt strap disappearing between my muscled ass cheeks, unable to conceal the heavy and large metal butt plug that"s in me, when i walk or as i like to say "waddle", my beefy, muscular butt bounces up and down slightly and jiggles like muscular jello, tried a bigger metal plug now and it"s great to have the warm feeling of heavy metal inside me, the heavy metal plug works it way out and pushes against the lycra back strap stretched over my ass, and sometimes it feels like it"s coming out, so i have to sit down and shove it back up my ass, love showin" off my body at the beach in the tiniest g-strings or at the gym in the tightest lycra and spandex, i get excited when people see my bulge and butt, in the flesh or encased in thin workout gear, love going to the beach with my mammothly massive and monstrous cock and balls barely contained in the most minimal, ultra tiny g-strings, and a tight and taut butt strap disappearing between my muscled ass cheeks, i wear a thick donut cockring 24/7, love wearing ballstretcher and cockrings 24/7, displaying my totally shaved, deeply tanned bod, thick metal cockrings, metal buttplugs, leather and roleplay, totally smooth from nose to toes, love being smooth and tanned, and wearing skimpy tight shorts everywhere, a sucker for a totally shaved smooth, muscular guy with a big bulge in thongs, g-strings, big bulges, massive asses, cockringed, oiled, a guy wearing my gear, dom/sub role play with me as the sub 100%, bondage, milking and cum denial... OINK! make me drip be subjected to your control, having you control when and if i can cum, and have you repeatedly edge me or force me to cum and cum and cum till my shaved cockringed cock is repeatedly having and heaving from dry orgasms, while i strain against the bonds you have put me into SIR! then have you dress me in my dore yellow vinyl g-string, and have you douse me liberally with oil, noting that the oil just glides over my totally shaved sub bod, then have you put me in a pair of ultra tight skimpy shorts shorts, preferably a see thru white one, which will not only show off the bright yellow g-string that i have on underneath, but also will contrast greatly with my deep tanned, shaved, cockringed bod, i am a man's man


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musclegrow1 Featured By Owner May 30, 2018
most fabulous story
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Great page/profile.
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Thanks for the watch!. I'm Guanyu2385 i just make a new account. 
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I'm the same way!! Pure uninhibited exhibitionist!!! Can't squeeze into posers, g-strings, thongs, bikinis tight or tiny enough!! I even try to maximize cock-cleavage!! Pump the living hell outta that thing too-now it's all freaky muscular and veiny! Chicks love it!! I'm just not pierced or plugged...and don't do tatts. On a never-ending quest to get BIGGER, HUGER AND OMNIPOTENTLY MASSIVE!!!!! Love your page and gallery man! You're a free-spirit! 
joe2stud Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
try wearing a tight leather string to keep your plug in place - it works !
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