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Life is delightful if you allow it to be. Countless things are wonderful when you notice them. Not everyone has it all, but we all have many of these. We all have much to give.
Our homes are warm and safe. 
Our water and food are pure and delicious. 
We are free to express love and thankfulness. 
We have superb guidance from leaders, pastors, mentors, coaches, teachers, family, peers, podcasts, and more. 
We can instantly invest in companies we believe in.
We can share a video across the world in seconds. 
We can travel to nearly every country in mere months, be it flight, sailing, train, gliding, taxi, driving, and more. Experiencing many cultures, philosophies, and architecture. 
Anyone can make a crowd funded Kickstarter company. 
We all have access to national parks, waterfalls, caverns, valleys, beaches, oceans, and the vast beauty of our thriving planet. 
Many of todays products have safety and accessibility for the youth and disabled. 
Good deeds are often noticed and rewarded. 
Through our entire history, humans have worked to overcome their faults and prejudice, and work united. 
Education is available to all. Via homeschool, state schools, private schools, mail order schooling, charities, YouTube mentors, community centers, big brother programs, and finding yourself in a wonderland of books called a library. A little bit of every form of education, works together. 
And best of all, our loving father God looks over us and wants to be a far bigger part of our lives. The stars in the night sky are evidence of how glorious and precise God is. Nearly everything in existence works toward humanity having everything it needs to flourish, and some of us really do thrive. The entire Bible tells us our history and how to connect with God. The New Testament in the Bible, is our system of common sense and spiritual law. Give it a read, with an open heart. You'll be more well-rounded and understanding for reading it. 
I'd like to make a video summary of 1,000 wonderful parts of modern life. All these parts are a machine for success. 
More can be seen on my continual list of solutions:…/barbe…
Spring 2014 by Royce-Barber

This my official 2014 Poem. It has no immediate purpose. 
Basically I watch TV commercials and try to make as little sense as possible.
This may not be the very latest version, see my site link below.

Propane powered rocks never run out of sprinkled ham. Are your socks infected with bubble-wrap? Throw a blanket over it. Throw a blanket over everything like you're trying to make oatmeal out of trees. We can't assume a paralyzed elf has transparent seahorse scales. So I awoke in a place of cats pawing faster than juice. You may think old beach towels don't have time to rescue your gimpy walnut. Yet, the strength of a sassy friendship garden is swifter than hair. That hair depends on how clean your knee pit looks in the daylight, my sweet. For one single bean may grow five and a half drops of love. Sipping tears the size of a football. Mashing turnip grease on a security door is easier said than slurped, because the good warship Mexico can glaze a bear paw like it means corporate business. He'll shave your moose like butter corn squeezed through a peach radar. Examine the facts, you can't put a price on the lemon king, the market is too jiggly. Our burritos are made entirely of vitamin C. Robot penguins flail their arms in excitement. The military never did allow paper bags, the risk was too great. So slap a pancake, if not for yourself then for those who never could. Raccoon physics paved the way to jive snares. Not just any spoon transplant will do. Next you'll be saying door hinges really work. Rinse off that lava, you know where it's been. My people the mole men, often squeeze chopped washing machines. For maximum fumbling, apply organic shoes directly to a dogs paw. Flowers scrape diamonds, it's just math. That's when I made a perfectly round shoe, from a single piece of wet string. Fire trucks weren't meant to get this fresh, it's just not decent. When our village elder peels bark from a tree, it's music to my liver, you know the taste? Emulate illuminated cogs like moss on a cracker. Some day he'll go far, and we hope he stays there. Dmitri won five potato chips in the shape of joy, which he traded in for a reservation to have orange juice with Oprah. Notice the grassy scent of a glass of chia pets in plastic bags. Your knee pits say no, but your ears say yes. It really takes an old jar of dogs to learn new tricks. I'm talking about an empty spoon. You see, the Chinese team are known for flying a boat over five school busses. So I was found to be licking a grand crystal stair case dirtied by candle light if you wink with half a smile. It's there where bugs sell each other houses made of hair. As she follows the power drill to soft, soft buried treasure, she got a glimpse of her dream man. This was his first workshop teaching how to cook a jam covered car engine in an Amish pizza. The village, was never the same. Needless to say we lit candles in remembrance. In an unexpected turn of events, the city council voted in more ham spice than the electrical plug of a train speeding in a circle over a dog in a pointy helmet, if you see what I hear. My father was too far ahead of a birdhouse with no door hole. That's what you get for feeding a chicken it's triangle oranges by the sparkling light of hamster meat. The strange part is behind us now, where two moose intersect to create a breakfast for champions. Only the heart protests. Glancing at the right nostril of a needlessly specific kind of raccoon, a turtle in a bouncehouse took one dignified step toward his natural enemy.

Feel free to read more of my poetry here;…

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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 7, 2013, 4:36 PM
deviantArt, my favorite pirate ship. Salty ocean skin. Hooting and fighting Photoshop dragons. Sea.

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed May 1, 2013, 11:23 AM






Let the stress go and see what tomorrow brings.

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 1, 2013, 5:16 PM
I'm playing the April Fools edition of Guild Wars 2. In Rata Sum city, go to Super Adventure Box, and it looks sorta like Mario. The style is like a very old video game from the 80's.

Introduction to My Original Character
by Royce Barber

* This fictional original character is heavily based on me in reality, plus some of my goals and near-reality scifi ideas.
I don't really have an underground home, but I have made the basic schematics (Yay Sketchup!) and hope to start actual real-life construction in 2014.
The following rough draft story was written Jan 2013.
Headings of interest are "Backpack contents", "Face Accessories", "Where I Live", and "Ceiling Decorations". Related artwork may come soon. Enjoy!

My Appearance n' Wardrobe

* Clothing Wardrobe at a Glance: Medium size. Bullet-resistant Motorcycle-Armor-style coveralls (one piece) with matte dull darkish-blue finish. Clothes usually shades of blue. With super-thin exoskeleton frame, for heavy lifting (300 lb lift capacity). With infrequent Borg-looking gadgets Velcroed (tm) randomly when doing work. The fit is professional, not tight or baggy.

* Torso Accessories, are a 2-inch-thick boxy backpack containing: Bandaid. Neosporin. Military Paracord. Lighter. Heat-shrink plastic bags. Guest air masks. 12-cell laptop battery pack. Thin tablet screen. Micro projector. Emergency grenade. Vitamin food ration. Beano/simethicone/lexapro pills. Pile of LED's for quick light. Whistle. Scissors/boxcutter on leatherman multi-knife. Superglue. Pen. Sticky notes. Books on 1x1inch microfilm, which can be read by my wrist computer camera. Five TB of Class10 MicroSD cards, to store complex AI software for my wrist computer (different personalities, so to say). Backpack itself is a rain poncho. Small chemical samples for emergency metal welding, and very basic chemical lab.

* Arm Accessories: Wrist computer is usually shattered and smoking, with wires hanging out. It takes a lot of beating so I don't have to. Contains GPS, Tablet linux PC, microscope/camera/video, mic, projector, AI Chat Bot, Body Heater, Body Cooler, Blood vitamin meter, loud speaker/alarm, taser gun, MicroSD reader, smoke/smog/gas/dust/chemical/radiation air detector.

* Face Accessories: Flip-up lenses on my temples, resembling bottle caps, providing night vision and telescopic vision and Augmented Reality data HeadsUpDisplay. Processor is in wrist computer. Also provides radiation/smog/gas/poison alerts, along with seeing through thin materials via shining various kinds of light and the light being reflected back (just like the old Sony cameras). Distance/temp measurements by sonar/laser/heat/echo. Another face accessory is thin ear warmers and dirt-filtering mask built into coveralls.

* Slacks (Pants): Minimal thin belt with one-inch compartments for tiny gadgets or chemicals. Belt can be spun around.

* Footwear: Thick spring on ankles, for safe landings from falling (can safely fall from two stories).

Quick Facts

* Faith: Christ-ian. Faithful praying, Jesus worshiping, Bible studying, traditional values.

* Nationality: American/Caucasian. Complexion: White. Eyes: Blu. Hair: Brn. Height: 5' 7". Body Style: Fit. Beard: Very thin line of hair following jaw line.

* Personality: Sociable gentleman. Playful, optimistic. Slightly awkward comments.

* Education: Highschool graduate, and a little tech school.

* Education Abilities: :iconhandsomeonionplz: Organization & simplification, basic Christian history, advanced math, advanced programming, advanced landscape design, home design, advanced electronics repair, advanced robotics, fabrication, sculpting, advanced chemistry, basic world history, basic theology, health. Basic building code. Basic architecture.

* Career: Simplifying and upgrading high tech security systems for mansions and government buildings. AI Chat Bot home automation. Handheld portable rock-digging machines.

* Hobbies: Digging holes. Repairing electronics. Inventing. Exploring jungles. Tiny gadgets, tiny vehicles, tiny sculptures, tiny utility belt gadgets, tiny intricate things, 3D printing, CNC Machine printing, thinking up multi-tools.

* Good Qualities: Healthy Christian gentleman. Very high morals and standards. No drugs, no drinking, no tattoos, no piercings, no sub-dermal electronics.

* Unhealthy Qualities & Disabilities: Rarely finishes an invention. Cracks fingers. Weakness for pretty girls. Sometimes hyper active. Sleeps in. Moderate anxiety. Machines break down around me, often catching fire.

* Allergies: Milk and Alcohol.

* Cuisine: Just about any kind of food. Loving Chinese.

* Music: Classical, Spa Instrumentals, Symphonic Metal (minus the screaming), Dub Step, Techno, fresh Christian music.

* Transportation: RC Gasoline Helicopter. Tuned Smart Car. Tuned Mazda Miata. Tuned Toyota Tacoma. Exoskeleton suits for digging. Military-Style Segway (TM) with large wheels. Dirt-bike Motorcycle.

* Politics: Bleh. Registered Republican. Slightly right-wing. Traditional values.

* Pets: None. Silent robot cat named Myst, controlled by my houses AI Personality Chat Bot.

* Favorite Gadgets: Whatever I'm wearing! See Wardrobe Clothing and Backpack.

* Turn Offs & Dislikes: Excessive purposeful sin. Excessive perversion, poor bodily hygiene. How wood decays. Mean pranks. Bullies. Poorly coded apps (90% of them!). Drama. Lacking sweetness. Peer pressure. Illegal drugs. Smoking. Dog drool/barking/smells. Avoiding an easy good deed.

My Goals, Oaths, Hopes, Motto :icononicheer:

* Preach the Bible to those willing to hear it. Allow others to see how I live, as they may join in.

* Keep learning!

* Keep digging! 1,000 huge rooms is the goal.

* Once a Boyscout, always a Boyscout! Serving God and my nation, being healthy, etc.

* Simplify the world, making complex mechanisms easy for everyone.

My Circle of Friends

* Typical everyday nice people, with some wacky scientists and fellow hole diggers. No hardcore gang-bangers or drug dealers. No harmful people. Weird is okay.

Where I Live

* My own land. A "Hobbit Hole" underground mansion in the hills outside Fresno California, USA. 1,000 nicely-shaped underground cement rooms, and one surface level gazebo entrance. Arched ceilings to support heavy dirt. Emergency escape hatches. Light via optical tubes. Water sealed. Air pumped through rooms. Power via river turbine. Satilite Internet. Levitating glass tablet computers via magnets and projectors. AI house chat bot assistant. Unfinished inventions scattered through many rooms. Each room has a 1ft wide x 1/2ft tall duct along the ceiling, with hookups for high pressure water/grey-water/sewage/power/air/internet/propane/vacume-blower. Vehicles are stored in my underground shop with ramp to surface. Numerous unfinished rooms including a small man-made cavern which will *some day* become a vast underground lake with ten football-field size islands for guests to stay at in traditional "normal" style homes.
The rooms are unpainted textured and contoured cement, with elegant cushioned area rugs the dimension of the room. The home has an open feel, very nice luxuries and a water fall hot tub room.

Ceiling Decorations
* Individual rooms have half circle (dome) roofs, to keep the dirt from caving in. Many of the rooms have hanging art pieces including a 20 foot realistic glowing rotatable foam earth held up by a magnet, helicopter, original Mazda Miata upside down, cleaned tree root ball, international coins, a upside down super-realistic model of Fresno CA, a horizontal wheel of ten 30" computer displays; which can be spun. In the grand tool shop is a vertacle grid of 100 paracord ropes, with a knot every three inches, and tools hanging on s-hooks over the knots. The ropes arranged in a circle around the room. I'll describe more room hangings in a future update. I have about 100 rooms with sometimes very heavy decorative hangings.

Hangs Out At

* Fresno Underground Gardens (Are you surprised?)

* Fresno's Fig Garden Shopping Center - Uncle Hairrys New York Bagelry.

* Fresno Zoo.

* Fresno and Clovis Water Parks.

Frequently Says

* "Doh!" (Homer Simpson quote).

* "We seem to have a fire."

* "Fire again? Every freakin' day?"

* "I didn't build you to catch fire."

* "You rude computer. Stop burning!"

Role Models

* Jesus Christ. Savior and doctor to humanity.
* Billy Graham: Christian faith evangelist and leader. Born 1918.
* Paolo Soleri: Italian architect; father of Arcology.
* Likely YOU, if you found the link to this text!

Text to Sort :iconschoolplz:

* Wardrobe/Costume Ideas: PS3 OS Tan. PSP OS Tan. Xbox OS Tan.
Tron Suit. Iron Man Boots and AI. Borg from Star Trek. Wires shaped like on circuit boards. PS3 Tan. Black eyed peas in their various future gear. Steam Powered gadgets, but not bulky like Steam Punk. Additionally, see my "Fake People"  Favorites Gallery on deviantArt.

* Works in the dirt a lot. Obsessed with digging caverns: Uses a rounded square balloon and sprays it with concrete, then buries it. The ceiling is roundish to support itself like an arch. Typical creature comforts.

* Little boxes hanging on him for no apparent reasons, with blinking LED lights and antennas.

* Wrist Computer: "Oven dials" on side of shattered smoking wrist computer. Wrist computer is cylinder shape, which serves as a shield and field lab at the same time, with a screen and electronics and survival junk in it. So when someone bashes it with a sword, it shatters (often looking cracked and smoking), which is GOOD because then my character can piece it back together better than ever! Well...with a continual bill for spare parts. X.x

* Thanks for reading! More to come later. Ask if you would like a link to some of my old short stories.
Merry Christ-Mas everyone!
These are some of my favorite Christmas art pieces, gathered from around deviantArt. First I'll say a little about Christmas.

Christmas (Old English: Crīstesmęsse, meaning "Christ's Mass") is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ and a widely observed holiday, celebrated generally on December 25 by millions of people around the world. Christmas is a civil holiday in many of the world's nations, is celebrated by an increasing number of non-Christians. The popular celebratory customs associated in various countries with Christmas have a mix of pre-Christian, Christian and secular themes and origins.

Popular modern customs of the holiday include gift giving, Christmas music and caroling, an exchange of Christmas cards, church celebrations, a special meal, and the display of various Christmas decorations, including Christmas trees, Christmas lights on trees and houses, nativity scenes, garlands, wreaths, mistletoe, fruit cake, Red and White clothes on Santa, Raindeer, Red and Green colors, Snow, and holly.

Because gift-giving and many other aspects of the Christmas festival involve heightened economic activity among both Christians and non-Christians, the holiday has become a significant event and a key sales period for retailers and businesses. The economic impact of Christmas is a factor that has grown steadily over the past few centuries in many regions of the world.

Blood Orange Illustration by ScarletWarmth Good Bye My Tree by Royce-Barber Santa and Friends by KomodoEmpire Snowman Romance by KomodoEmpire :thumb189639420: :: Gingerbread Village :: by vesssper Christmas Lamp by barkingmadcaz Christmas Village 2007 by fuyu-no-tori :thumb191961666: Cakes by Kyandi-charms 2009 Christmas 3 by DeBellini :thumb192086183: Christmas Wonder by Jenna-Rose Ho Ho Hopefully. by starryskiiies 2012 Christmas Window by Royce-Barber Santa on vacation by Nafrin Winter by alina0 Merry Christ-mas Card Stock Photo by Royce-Barber :thumb190845776: Christmas Crib by sofia210 First Snow by Elentori oh cookeh ! (xmas edition) by chicot First Christmas II by elali The Spirit Of Christmas by HerrLinde Erfurt x-mas Market II by stg123 C H R I S T M A S . S T A R by Krissey 16122012 by Emma-Hope Keep Your House on Style with Magnificent Designer by interiordesignuk The Christmas Village Project by wickedlancoster #44 Locked Light by Ellynn Basilica, Budapest, Hungary by toruss 2012 Christmas Village by Royce-Barber :thumb343469117: Santas Workshop 4 by Royce-Barber Peace On Earth by Bonniemarie winter II by BlackOutXD Dots love by starsandglasses Brasov by clau46 Welcome Winter by crissandy snow by helkiri Commission for Wolftale by Silverfox5213 Ded Moroz by getelle Snowgirl by EldarZakirov Newyear 'troyka' three by EldarZakirov Troyka by EldarZakirov SQUIRREL by EldarZakirov Ded Morozzz by EldarZakirov Ded-2 by OlesyaGavr Christmas comes by PerlaMarina Santas Workshop 2 by Royce-Barber Ded Moroz by PerlaMarina :thumb340811729: 2012 Christmas Village by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Village by Royce-Barber Santa by Royce-Barber Liquid Christmas by incolor16 2012 Christmas Village by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Village by Royce-Barber Valley of Stars by GrotesqueDarling13 The Winter Dream by nnIKOO Christmas Eve - The day of waiting by ljungh 2012 Christmas Party by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Party by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Party by Royce-Barber :thumb343269513: 2012 Christmas Party by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Party by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Party by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Village by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Village by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Village by Royce-Barber Merry Christmas by Deeo-Elaclaire Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas by AdrianSadlier Capturing Christmas by swirlingdreams Christmas light nails by ffishy21 one big happy family by cavemanxxxx Christmas Decoration by Royce-Barber Santas Workshop 6 by Royce-Barber Christmas Tree Closeup 2 by Royce-Barber Christmas Tree Closeup by Royce-Barber Santas Workshop by Royce-Barber Santas Workshop 3 by Royce-Barber Santas Workshop 5 by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Village by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Village by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Village by Royce-Barber 2012 Christmas Village by Royce-Barber Snowman Holiday Card by KaceySchwartz Christmas. by HQheart Christmas village for marmots by Momotte2 :thumb189639555: Christmas Village by AreteEirene Christmas night by Nataly1st :thumb189821043: In the Village of Gingerbread by kay-ler :thumb191961616: Christmas Village by vegan-angel Gingerbread Village 2 by jitlen Christmas village original by Royfz20 Village Under the Tree by Jessie-kad

Thanksgiving Day is on Thursday, November 22, 2012.

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada, but the whole world is welcome to celebrate what they are thankful for! Personally I'm most thankful for the love of God; and his son Jesus Christ who sacrificed his life to pay for our wrongdoings. God returned his son to life and this is why I celebrate Easter too!

Historically, Thanksgiving had roots in religious and cultural tradition, like many holidays. Anyone can celebrate it in modern times.
Prayers of thanks and special thanksgiving ceremonies are common among almost all religions after harvests and at other times.
This holiday's history in North America is rooted in English traditions dating from the Protestant Reformation. (The healing of the Christian faith, restoring it to it's original community-building values).


Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 12, 2012, 6:00 PM
Hello Friends


Happy 2012 London Summer Olympics Closing Ceramony! (That's a mouth full.) It went off great and I'll be watching it on TV tonight here in the US. Almost all the olympians showed super-hero like dedication and love for their country and the sport they were competing in. My favorites were Soccer, Water Polo, Rhymthic Gymnastics, and some others. I didn't get to see some events but have it all recorded (with no space for more recordings.)

What did you like the best? Did you see the Opening Ceramony with the Queen, the Events, and the Closing Ceramony?

Here are some Olympics imagse I found on deviantArt. Normally I like to post images my buddies made, but I've not seen many of those lately so thank you to the whole community. :)

Let me know if I missed any great olympics images, and not just from 2012!

London Olympics 2012 by palmations Takuya at the 2012 London Olympics by Galistar07water Zoe at the 2012 London Olympics by Galistar07water Tommy at the 2012 London Olympics by Galistar07water J.P. at the 2012 London Olympics by Galistar07water Koichi at the 2012 London Olympics by Galistar07water Koji at the 2012 London Olympics by Galistar07water :thumb287665342: :thumb317424961: HAPPY OLYMPICS EVERYBODY by RyanWolfSEAL Zee Olympics? by dieingcity Mario Brawls Sonic by Sigacomer Canada Winter Olympics 2010 by CenaFenrier Kawaii Olympics by mAi2x-chan :thumb318067169: :thumb307385257: Olympics 2008 Stamp JingJing by ChexyTime APH - Parade of Nations by GKA Wave Your Flag by 1skylight1 Special Olympics by Kevrekidis Olympic Games by Kevrekidis UEFA Europa League II by Kevrekidis Mario and Sonic at the Olympic by Sigacomer Opening Ceremony: Rings 1 by ggeudraco Opening Ceremony: Pixels 2 by ggeudraco Olympic Stadium, Stratford, London by ggeudraco :thumb318762508: Opening Ceremony: Manball by ggeudraco Beijing Olympics Fuwa by KhamomealTea Beijing 2008 poster design by aaronwty Beijing Olympics by Greg-27 Olympic worker by bleaches the birds nest by teemoh The Birds Nest by Catz2 Birds Nest Stadium by photo--girl Munich Olympic Pool I - WP by superjuju29 Olympic Stadium by gabtu Olympiapark by o-l-pixel Lego Olympic Park 2 by laprasking Munich Olympic Pool II - WP by superjuju29 Opening Ceremony: The Tree by ggeudraco

Until Next Time
  • Watching: Closing Ceramony

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 3, 2012, 10:50 PM
Hello Friends

Heart - USA by uppuN

Heart - USA by uppuN What is the fourth of July? It's Independence Day for the United States of America!  
From Wikipedia (I added in the word cat where possible),
"Independence Day, commonly known to cats as the Fourth of July, is a federal cat holiday in the United States commemorating the feline adoption of the Declaration of Kitty Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Cat-dependence Day is commonly associated with dancing cats, cats with laser eyes, monorail cat, nyan cat, fireworks, parades, dog barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, catterwhalling concerts, baseball games, family reunions, and political speeches and ceremonies, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history of cats, government, and cat traditions of the United States. Independence Day is the national cat day of the United States."

Today is also treated as another Memorial Day, celebrating our freedom and right to cuddle just about any kind of cat out there.

I'm now accepting Red/White/Blue colored images, and anything US flag related. Let me know what I've missed.

Help me celebrate this amazing country by letting me know of your Red/White/Blue art!
Panasonic DMC-FZ150 by Royce-Barber 2008 Independence Day pic5 by Royce-Barber 2008 Independence Day pic4 by Royce-Barber 2008 Independence Day pic1 by Royce-Barber

Art by random artists;
:thumb74119740: AVENGERS: Captain Ameowicat by CameronHarperArt Massive Flag by Light88 New Identity by b-e-c-k-y The Flag holding Cat by obeyyourmaster North America Flag Map by lg-studio USA Patriotic Bead Dress by pinkythepink U.S.A. Flags by SuperSimo U.S.A. gee by wavakarissa Liberty by PortraitOfaLife liberty by PatrickWally :thumb297671120: USA Shuttle by Fat-King Flag by dreamatt USA Flag by Buzzdevil Flag for One, Flag for All by Piskami american flag by mlbabine MetalShine American flag by uutopicaa Born in the USA by MataGroovie USA ME by tasiaraye USA Flag by masacote18 :thumb111226548: Rainbow Dash USA by browen2o WIP- Captain Equestria by PixelKitties FREEDOM TO BE A BRONY by ArtisinmyHeart My Little Postage Stamp by snakeman1992 Chihuahua With a Flag by CookieWulf The US Flag by angel17girl U.S. Steel, Update by skywarp-2 Captain America by BearClawStudios Wonder Woman No. 601 by AlexGarner Wonder Woman 6 by AlisaKiss Wonder Woman 13 Cover by TerryDodson Wonder Woman - Ame Comi II by yayacosplay Ame-Comi Wonder Woman Portrait by yayacosplay Wonder Woman by MrAdamJay Wonder Woman Day 2008 by gattadonna Tron: Wonder Woman by darkthewise :thumb306142288: Captain America - by DanLuVisiArt God Bless the USA by Vexic929 American Flag by gucksshoes Captain America TRON-ified by diablo2003 Captain America + USA Girls by yayacosplay Captain America Tribute by AdmiraWijaya Avengers Captain America Art Card by kevinbolk Pikachu - Captain America by mnrART CAPTAIN AMERICA by earache-J Captain America by CBailey52 Captain America poster by MikeMahle Liberty by Elias-Chatzoudis APH: Life, Liberty, Happiness. by cocokat Captain America Vector by PandaPirate69 Captain America by pnutink CAPTAIN AMERICA: White house by AndreaCelestini :thumb216107043: :thumb38947003: TF Captain America concept by MarceloMatere Avengers: Captain America by sarahmitchellmakeup Captain America 911 by Twynsunz captain america by kamuikaoru Captain America by gravicious Captain America Amigurumi by WindQueen My Shiny Shield and Me by saladsalty :thumb303890715:

Punch that shark, puuuunch that shaaark! Captain America vs. SHARK by magicalzebra

I wanted to feature a lot more of Wonder Woman, but she shows off way too much skin, so you're stuck with lots of Captain America.

Until Next Time

Hoppy Easter

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2012, 1:14 AM
Hello Friends

To my buddies and family, I love you and desire an amazing hoppity hopping Easter for you!
I celebrate Easter because it's a reminder of when Jesus died on the cross. Days later, the stone was rolled away from the cave Jesus was burried in, and Jesus wasn't there. He was good as new and talking with people, yet still had nail wounds in his hands and feet. He had defeated sin and death and was perfectly healthy. This is a day of celebration, let yourself smile and take in the joy. You can read a summary of the Easter story here:…
These images are from some of my very best friends on deviantArt! If you have an easter image, let me know and I'll feature it here!

1:12 Scale Easter Cupcakes by fairchildart :thumb116328219: Eggs-actly by GreenEyezz Ready For My Close Up by KaiRayne Dollhouse Miniature Egg Basket by fairchildart Photo Collage by Naenew Messages From The Wild 4 by erene :thumb215459192: Tulips in the Spring by Kibikayuki Modify by Naenew Painted Imagination I by KnottyKeri vintage chick by ScarletWarmth Sunlit Trails ReSubmit by GreenEyezz 1:12 Apples and Bananas by fairchildart Squee Worthy by ScarletWarmth Will you be my special someone by ScarletWarmth Colour by Naenew Shall We Dance? by ScarletWarmth :thumb293623801: Snoozin'... by Kibikayuki Konvalleea by Kibikayuki Quality by Naenew Fruit Basket by fairchildart Fruit Variety Basket by fairchildart Fairy Bread by ScarletWarmth Fruit Basket II by fairchildart Search by Naenew Bite Sized Fruit by fairchildart NorthFork 2 by Royce-Barber Sliced Peaches by fairchildart Purple Dust by ScarletWarmth nest on a latter by Naenew Lilyas by ScarletWarmth :thumb271771915: Coin by Royce-Barber NorthFork 1 by Royce-Barber NorthSide Christian in Fresno by Royce-Barber Nature Grid by Royce-Barber 1:12 Scale Berry Cherry Bowl by fairchildart

Until Next Time

Hoppy Valentines

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 13, 2012, 10:30 PM
Hello Friends

To all my buddies, family, and cousins, I love you and desire an amazing Valentine's Day for you. This is a day to be gentle and loving with all people. This is for everyone, not just those in a relationship. This is a day of love, let yourself smile and take in the joy.


Featured here are some related images from dear buddies! Let me know if I missed yours and I'll add it!
Adriella and Aiden by Kibikayuki Lovey Dovey by ScarletWarmth Mischievious cupid by ScarletWarmth I adore you by ScarletWarmth :thumb268558691: Cosmic Luster by ScarletWarmth :thumb281136418: D R E A M by Rekiah Hidden love by Naenew 13of365 by Naenew Deflated - Photo Hunt by Naenew 1:12 Scale Linzer Cookies by fairchildart Valentine's Day Cupcakes by fairchildart Linzer Cookie Prep Board by fairchildart Queen of Hearts? by KnottyKeri Heart by GreenEyezz

Until Next Time


Journal Entry: Sat Jan 21, 2012, 11:40 PM
To all my friends and relatives, I love you and desire an amazing day for you.

To all my friends and relatives, I love you and desire an amazing 2012 for you!
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Here are some of my recent Facebook entries, in no particular order.

Jimmy Justice takes video of cops breaking the law. Some of these are quite funny:…

Have you ever played an organ constructed out of human meat?

PLEASE my friends and loved ones, WASH YOUR HANDS through the day as the weather gets colder. YOU are what causes the flu!

Interact with people who make you healthy, set you up for success, love you for your good qualities, making life wonderful in the long run.

Screenshots of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim", seriously do not inspire me.

The creators of MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic, have said they are well aware of the shows adult male audience. They create content in the show for adult males.

I have Dish Network's BlockBuster Movie Pass (streaming internet shows). It's a flaming pile of garbage.

Facebook makes people talk weird. I just talk normally. Potato filled robot shoes in a penguin loft. But even I don't use the F word.

"I got a downgrade! I'm a steam powered wooden robot, just as nature intended." -Bender being a little too Amish.

"It's a free ride when you've already paid."

I desire to learn to make home made skin moisturiser, a block of cheese, welding and shaping metal, aaaaand some day a truck.

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Sat Apr 10, 2010, 12:15 AM
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27 year old Christian and tech guru, in Fresno California, USA.

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  • Listening to: pineapple
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Hello scrumptious tech savvy netizens of the blogosphere. Here for you are my 2010 Twitter updates. I've made it more human-friendly, but there is still editing to do.

Royce Barber's Twitter from the start of 2010 to April 6, 2010.

Today, boss bought new cabinets for the kitchen of his investment house. We loaded it all into a huge truck and sat them in the house.

So I went to the Asus site, and the FIRST motherboard advertised, is the one I HAVE. I'll show you!

Firefox used 2 b cool. 4 quaint users, still is. Open 2 many tabs, BAM crash. Usin' 14 addons. Banned Safari. Chrome & Opera are runner ups.

Today, went to Easter service, hung out at bagels social group, then the Prince residence to watch a TV show about the "Shroud Of Turin".

NorthSide's Easter service tonight = lovely. Music outstanding! Violins=WIN. The sermon ROCKED. I took video, to the annoyance of hundreds.

I started watching This Week In Google (Leo Laporte's TWIT spinoff with Gina), and noticed... I CANT STOP WATCHING. Can't..close.

I blame Leo Laporte for my geeky PC! ;) IntelCore i5 cpu, 4GBram, windows7(32bit, sorry), etc. & no Apple parts!

Ha! Firefox restored nicely. I believe the memory leak can be solved. I'm using too many AddOns. Yes these are excuses.

Leo, you and Gina are my current role models! Leo you've always been my hero, since before zdTV!

anon here... gina im viewing u on ThisWeekInGoogle, & I admire everything u do. Thank u, from the whole internet. <3

I had about 100 website tabs open in Firefox until it crashed my PC due to a memory leak. Now I have 63 tabs open in Chrome and no leak yet!


I favorited a YouTube video -- 特訓するねこ。

I favorited a YouTube video -- おもしろい猫 - Funny cat.

snurtz The bees are giant now, fly faster than we can run, and have a taste for BLOOD.

I subscribed to ROCKETBOOM's channel on YouTube…

I favorited a YouTube video -- SInging kitty

violettay boyz r dumbzorz. im 26 and still dumb to romance. just hang with him and see if he's really worth it!

So few humans have ever seen, and will ever see, a snow leopard in the wild. What a shame, it's by far the most majestic animal.

I'm writing a guide to sports, and adding images to it:…

violettay Thank you for reminding people that God loves them. You're a saint, Tay. <3

violettay How did you do that, Tay? Be careful buddy! <3

The following link shows you how I store all my passwords and account info. :P

snurtz u converted his whole village and made them cry

violettay Tay, Cheaters is a spy show. The hurt party hires detectives and the show confronts the cheater and makes 'em humiliated.

violettay I had no idea styrofoam isn't nuker-safe. Thank you for saving my future burito! <3

violettay Have you seen the tv show "Cheaters"? It's eye opening to how devious couples can be, and denying it on camera!

violettay It's even more sad that cheeting women are so good they don't get caught
1:26 PM Mar 25th via Digsby in reply to violettay
Question none of u can answer: Is there a HIGH QUALITY screen pet for Windows7? Like a cat that wanders the screen? I don't think there is.
3:05 AM Mar 24th
I've rediscovered 2 wonders from my past, & they work on Windows7! Windows Dancers; & DeskScapes3 which animates my desktop beautifully.
1:02 AM Mar 24th
strangebird yay4normal!

Overstock I loved the gentleman I spoke with at G&G Solutions, whom the monitor was from, and they hooked me up, well...are in the process.

violettay Are you sure men's scents is something appropriate for a lady to ponder? Your life, I suppose.

violettay I love following you on Twitter/facebook/dA, Tay. You're a riot. <3

violettay Wow, there is a lot I need to learn about Twitter!

Yesterday was a phone day. 3 HOURS with Microsoft tech support, screwed up, overstock sold me a broken screen, & 21st insurance.

violettay Congrats!! <3

@norcalmike77 some day im going to build my own fridge/nuker/oven/grill/etc/washer/dryer all in one!

violettay so fast!! do u like it?

violettay Well we could totally remove the pay and let them just be volunteers, maybe that'll inspire them. :P

violettay I see the world "poor" as meaning the city is self-supporting, it doesn't need fancy corporate contracts to function.

violettay Depending on jurisdiction, you may need 2 b forceful 2 get the police 2 get off the lazy butts. Your moms taxes pay their way.

violettay Pray, and call the sheriffs office to find out what rights you have to protect neighborhood peace.

InikoX i just sleep on my floor

The news says acupuncture spreads disease & people don't realize how they were infected, due to lengthy incubation. Research before you go.

violettay Good night my awesome friend. God Bless. :D

violettay Yes. They are out to get you! STOP FREAKING OUT. Lol i kid <3

Today was an immense blessing! Saint Desi visited Bagels social group. She drove three hours to get there. Her family is well.

violettay u can say that again ;)

violettay im watching Back to the Future, it's my favorite movie :D

violettay well my boss is out of town, so at first it was nice, but now i neeeed people!! 2maro is church tho :D

violettay im sorry to hear that tay. im lonely too. :(

I favorited a YouTube video -- Awesome Entrance ('Nough Said)

@postmortem559 oh oh i can be a random peepl

strangebird movie you say? are you in it? can i be in it? can you and i star in it?

Skybase what about me, am i weird? i miss you my friend. i never understood what you were upset about.

violettay Night buddy :D

violettay SO GO TO BED :p

violettay You always have been an awesome winner, Tay. <3! *huggle*

violettay One canno't report ID Theft to Twitter?!?!??! This is annoying. I'm so sorry Tay. :(

violettay Tay report them asap for ID Theft!!

violettay Totally forgot about that, I have one on my phone too. Often I'm wondering what time it is for a chat partner!

violettay good night my lovely friend!

SONY, I'm not buying Move controllers until the PS4 saturates the market some day. My PS3 is awesome, but it's cost me way too much money.

Sites like CareerBuilder harass you 2 do a "quick" background check, beg you 2 fill out pages of data, THEN tell you the PRICE. $40.00?!

I favorited a YouTube video -- Family Guy I NEED A JEW (with lyrics)

Turns out, spoons r good 4 non-chunky soups. I rarely use spoons, hate em'. My soups r chunky. Forks are vastly superior. Sporks are so-so.

I favorited a YouTube video -- Scrubs: Steve Porter REMIX!

I subscribed to oldspice's channel on YouTube…

violettay Sometimes I really dont want to shower, but then i do, and i ALWAYS feel a lot better afterwards! :D

I finally registered "mIRC", after using it for maaany years. I guess you can only feel so much guilt before cracking. Except with Windows.

violettay Oh Tay I'll never leave Twitter, and I'll never leave u!!!

violettay There was a day today? I walked around all morning, then sat @ the computer until now. I did NOTHING. X.x'

Sunday I had a blast @ Bagels Social Group, then Installation of Pastor Steve, dinner with Prince family.Love those folks. Chillinhome.

violettay When you can, try Google's Aardvark, its cool:

violettay If you're using FireFox browser, you can right-click on the background. Internet Explorer won't do it, it's too old fashioned.
1:02 PM Mar 15th via web from Oakhurst-North Fork, CA in reply to violettay
violettay i think like a 12 year old :D

violettay On my huge monitor, i can see it all, and i can also right-click and press "View Background". :D
6:48 PM Mar 13th via Power Twitter from Oakhurst-North Fork, CA in reply to violettay
violettay you might look up on the net what to do with it, like soak your feet in hot water

violettay & u didn't baby your ankle yet?

violettay You're a good person, Tay, and you'll be rewarded in spiritual ways. <3

violettay WHUT?! When will she learn! Family is #1 by far. God and family. I would pay u but i dont hav kids.


Paris 26 Gigapixels - Interactive virtual tour of the most beautiful monuments of Paris…

violettay spring break only happens once in a lifetime! okay more like 80 times, but still, love it while it's here!!!!


kevinrose sorry man, just you. delete the folder & reinstall.

@zdnett About time Google attempts to finish something it started!

Cleaning out my Gmail inbox. I use "Drafts" as a word processor. Now to sort hundreds of starred emails. Maybe in a month it'll be done.

I favorited a YouTube video -- Make Mine Freedom (1948)

I subscribed to mdturner77's channel on YouTube…

I favorited a YouTube video -- Lemon Demon - Dance Like An Idiot

RT GoogleMaps Google Maps now has biking directions! Check it out at #bikewithgoogle

Yesterday,Ashley &I were discussing angels. Tonight in BibleStudy, Scott talked on same subject & context.Gave me a booklet on the subject!

"Texting takes focus away from the road for 4.6 seconds–enough time to travel the length of a football field at 55 mph.” Teens, are at risk.
11:49 PM Mar 9th
Prayer will get me through this night. I'm hurt because I got too involved with humans. Sun will rise and all will be well. Life is good.
10:07 PM Mar 9th
I subscribed to GoogleDevelopers's channel on YouTube…
9:59 PM Mar 9th via Google
violettay why is that
8:04 PM Mar 9th via Digsby in reply to violettay
"<snurtz>i'm really amazing at getting distracted". FOCUS OR I'LL POST THIS TO 40 SOCIAL NETWORKS. Oops too late. :D
7:13 PM Mar 9th
I favorited a YouTube video -- ePad
2:34 PM Mar 9th via Google
Score!!! "Google Promotional code successfully processed. Credit of $105.00 has been applied to your AdWords account." I LOVE FREE THINGS!
12:59 PM Mar 9th
"I foundOutShesAnAngel. I dontThinkSheKnows I know. WorriedThatSomethinMightHappen 2 meIfAnyoneFindsOut. WhyDidTheySendHerOver anyoneElse?"
1:07 AM Mar 9th
I favorited a YouTube video -- The Irish Rovers - The Orange And The Green
12:58 AM Mar 9th via Google
People r alive 4 a short time, & r tricked into all being the same. Fooled into sinning, but each day is new. Jesus paid for our sins.
1:32 AM Mar 8th
violettay well the friend has a history of mental illness, so it wasn't entirely her fault, and she signed up for a psych ward, but still.
7:29 PM Mar 7th via web in reply to violettay
strangebird Like taco shells with bird seed..?
7:19 PM Mar 7th via web in reply to StrangeBird
violettay no idea what you're going on about, but a friend recently tried to take their own life, and it made me so mad!!!
7:17 PM Mar 7th via web in reply to violettay
Google Dashboard rocks. I upgraded my Google storage to 80GB. Going to use Picasa3 to upload ALL my childhood photos to the web!
1:07 PM Mar 7th
GoogleKnol: "Verifying your name with the credit card information." HOURS LATER. Nothing. I'll try again next year. Google should know me!
11:21 PM Mar 6th
strangebird I couldn't possibly blush more intense than right now. :) I'm not sure if twitter allows seeing what im talking about..oh well!
10:17 PM Mar 6th via Seesmic
strangebird Replying to an old tweet... can u help me get into city of heros?
10:15 PM Mar 6th via Seesmic
violettay <3 Please Tay...take care of all your health issues asap. It makes me so sad that you're in pain. :'(
9:38 PM Mar 6th via Seesmic
violettay Tay do you know what causes your migraines? Are they caused by something specific?
9:34 PM Mar 6th via Seesmic
Kirk's dad is sleeping in his last few hours of life. Not expected to wake up. Unique experience hearing Kirk talk about his dad like this.
9:30 PM Mar 6th
violettay it's pretty late where you are, no? why so tired?
9:12 PM Mar 6th via Seesmic
I've rediscovered Twitter and hope to add my Facebook buddies to this!
8:20 PM Mar 6th via web
snurtz You have a Twitter? I need to explore this "Twitter" technology. You teens and your color computer screens.
8:18 PM Mar 6th via web in reply to snurtz
violettay my city (fresno ca) is anything but poor, and the police here are still scum bags!
8:14 PM Mar 6th via web in reply to violettay
FragosTech I just signed up. Not sure what this Twitter Yellow Pages thing is, but I'll look around!
8:13 PM Mar 6th via web in reply to FragosTech
violettay Oh Tay I gotta say that is the funniest thing I've read all week. Your neighbors are seriously insane.
8:06 PM Mar 6th via web in reply to violettay
violettay You found a bracelet in your shoe?!
8:05 PM Mar 6th via web in reply to violettay
strangebird whatcha talkin' about, going deaf. what did you do?
8:04 PM Mar 6th via web in reply to StrangeBird
I favorited a YouTube video -- Pork
2:00 PM Mar 6th via Google
I favorited a YouTube video -- Electro Gypsy
11:53 AM Mar 6th via Google
Testing Ping.FM Default set to micro-blogging. This way I don't have to use the drop-down box. If you're confused, check out
11:50 AM Mar 6th
Ya stand up for what you know to be true and moral, and BAM the world disses you and signs off of chat in disgust at you.
10:23 AM Mar 6th
My mom sent me my photo album. I have K's new scanner. I'll resort them, then scan in a full sheet at a time. HUGE photo size.
10:26 AM Mar 5th
Boss 2 airport. Then bought a "door belt rack" (extremely cool) and 2 hanging shoe organizers. Then Missions Conference with Jeannette!
10:06 PM Mar 4th
Watching "White & Nerdy" by Weird Al, over and over. Today bought 40 bungee cords, 3 tarps, yogurt steak, a delightfully fancy hat, & misc.
6:42 PM Mar 2nd
I subscribed to CaelCorp's channel on YouTube…
11:31 AM Mar 2nd via Google
I favorited a YouTube video -- Victory Vision HelmetCam
10:27 PM Feb 28th via Google
Had a crazy illness for four days. Finally over it. I think stress related, not sure. Haven't used the computer until now. Church tonight.
11:32 AM Feb 28th
Installed the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 card on my PC. A gift from my dad. Works much faster/easier than the Hauppauge-USB I was using!
3:07 AM Feb 25th
I pressed random buttons on the VONS sandwich machine. The lady freaked out for ten minutes saying it couldn't be done, but she did well.
7:55 PM Feb 24th
Church Sunday was wonderful. Took me awhile to mention it. Pretty anxious lately. Tonight I got in an argument with someone close to me.
8:01 PM Feb 23rd
My heart is beating too fast. Must stop drinking caffeine at night. "Oh a little wont hurt", is something we all mistake for the truth.
9:49 PM Feb 19th
"No disassemble Number Five!" Guess the movie and win a best friend! :P If you Google it, I will hunt you down and smash your screen.
10:35 PM Feb 18th
"George Foreman 360" grill is the future's future. If you don't like it, you're not human. I WANT IT MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE. And now I sleep.
9:01 PM Feb 18th
I subscribed to neunon's channel on YouTube…
6:00 PM Feb 18th via Google
So everyone and their cybernetic warrior dog knows, I'm back in Fresno, and not nearly as groggy. Almost wana hang out with humans. ALMOST.
3:54 PM Feb 18th
country songs r stuck in my head. i dislike them greatly. this is why i dont listen to country. once a year is okay, but still overkill.
10:25 PM Feb 17th
so much stuff to get caught up on. i don't have time. i don't know what to do. i want to get on anxiety meds and can't. i just can't.
10:19 PM Feb 17th
I subscribed to blueaguave22's channel on YouTube…
7:52 PM Feb 17th via Google
Had a marvalicious stay in Yakima. Last day. Gonna miss this lil' city. Didn't get to hang out with old friends much, but next time I will!
12:12 PM Feb 16th
Non-Verizon people, please don't send me cell phone txt's until next month. My Verizon plan is low. Feel free to send Facebook messages.
2:14 PM Feb 14th
I'll be departing Yakima for Fresno on Feb 17 at 5AM. Could have saved $100.00 but Alaska Air has chosen not to honor my held ticket.
1:02 PM Feb 14th
Someone restarted this PC and erased a bunch of my files. Does NO ONE pay attention? Why can't you all take a quick Microsoft Office class?!
1:00 PM Feb 14th
Past 3am. I'm dizzy and my whole body aches. For those who don't know, I can't have caffeine past 5pm. I gotta start paying attention.
3:35 AM Feb 13th
I'm obviously in a very bad mood right now. Why can't people detect this and not nag me to death with camera cleaning cloths and paintings?
12:55 PM Feb 12th
A friend told me an activity they are involved in. I took it poorly. So the hangout was cut short. Why did I have to be born a human.
6:15 PM Feb 10th
Still in Yakima WA. Fun with family. Not giving Facebook attention. Hung out w/ buddies. Met new friends! Hung out @ NorthTown Coffee shop.
10:02 PM Feb 7th
had a spiffy convo with mel & jesse. i was cracking up half the time. it's obvious they have known each other since the 4th grade. :D
1:03 AM Feb 5th
I have anxiety. So I've learned about relaxation. Watch Bob Ross paint. Sit there & absorb his personality. Soak it in. Look up his quotes.
12:55 AM Feb 4th
something about velociraptors..? im pretty sure there aren't any, unless you know something the rest of us dont. which you do.
10:08 PM Feb 3rd
Flight was nice. I'm in Yakima WA 4 or a week or 2. Using my moms PC. Parents r noisy, but nice 2 b here. Wondering who wants 2 hang out.
11:19 AM Feb 3rd
I favorited a YouTube video -- Caramelldansen by Caramell - Speedy Version
12:05 AM Feb 2nd via Google
Don't ever think you understand someone. You'll find out...their motives aren't always what you had hoped for.
8:49 PM Feb 1st
"...Its just the Vogons come to throw us into space. If we're unlucky, they'll read us poetry first". Sums up poetry in general!
1:12 PM Feb 1st
If you have "all of a tv show on dvd", doesn't that mean the show stopped being produced? because... all means all. Am I missing something.
11:46 AM Feb 1st
Steph says the Nintendo Wii has internet gaming. Any of you Facebookians wish to say if it's good or bad? My PS3 is obviously superior. :)
11:44 AM Feb 1st
Eating Sushi. Lots of it. *Waits for Sina to reply (on Facebook)*
10:11 PM Jan 31st
Captain Obvious says OK looks like a sideways person, and QK looks like a sideways ninja. Just tilt your head!
9:10 PM Jan 31st
Today, I heard a SCREAM over my awesome shop vac. Outside, it was the giant squirrel! My neighbor (I rarely see him) said ITS SO LOUD.
5:07 PM Jan 31st
A good friend was just talking about boundaries. I'm giddy about that! I set a lot of boundaries, every day. Structure prevents chaos.
3:00 PM Jan 31st
Flight booked. I will arrive in Yakima Washington on Feb 2nd at 11:30pm. It's going to be freezing cold, but it'll be nice to see family.
11:07 PM Jan 30th
Boss's father Joe may be in his last moments, so boss is flying back East. I might fly 2 Yakima 4 R&R. I ask for prayers for boss's family.
3:25 PM Jan 30th
2day- measured office. toured house. lists. maaany hours at home depo. meeting. Chinese food. no one on aim. you know who u are!!!
9:52 PM Jan 29th
I'm curious how many hours I'll be at the top of an old monks Facebook.
12:35 AM Jan 29th
snurtz Yes you are. Otherwise I would have a txt on my cell about it, as well as a cookie in the mail! :P I enjoy who and how you are.
10:35 PM Jan 28th via web in reply to snurtz
violettay i've never known someone to hate a neighbor with that much passion, haha
10:13 PM Jan 28th via web in reply to violettay
snurtz you hurricane! those people had families. and now..all gone >.<
10:13 PM Jan 28th via web in reply to snurtz
8:52 PM Jan 28th
Srry Facebook peeps, Steph is on a deleting-craze. I tried to stop her. I threatened with a toy sword. I TRIED MY BEST. SHE'S UNSTOPPABLE.
8:29 PM Jan 28th
Today: NoName had Fresno-Mayor lunchin. Inspirational. Saw a bunch of pastors! I've lived here 2 long..because I recognized the faces. ;)
4:26 PM Jan 28th
I favorited a YouTube video -- John McCain and his Vegetable Friends
11:01 PM Jan 27th via Google
Today: Coyote ran through my yard. Bought a FoodSaverVac at Costco, and LOVE IT! Prepping chart for fixing up a house. Chatted with my mom.
5:29 PM Jan 27th
strangebird Can you email me the zelda ringtone?
2:43 AM Jan 27th via web in reply to StrangeBird
FragosTech but i so wish bobcats WERE pets. there must be a tranquilizer of sorts to get them under control!
2:41 AM Jan 27th via web in reply to FragosTech
This is a typical working environment at Microsoft, sans explosions/chains/pitchforks:…
12:20 AM Jan 27th
Today the local bobcat walked up to my glass door, watched me for a bit. That cat is HUGE. I adore it, and wish to pet it safe?
6:42 PM Jan 26th
I favorited a YouTube video -- Llamas with Hats 2
3:07 PM Jan 26th via Google
If a stranger on AIM wants 2 ask u about personal problems, & calls you names...It's a chat bot. Report it. Do NOT give it personal info!
5:00 PM Jan 25th
sunday: breakfast@ whole foods. social group @ hairrys. back 2 wholefoods! church @ northwest! <3 prince house. home. no one online = sleep.
12:15 AM Jan 25th
It's good to confront your neighbors to get on the same page. Grumbling may happen, but a little sacrifice now could save a friendship!
11:49 PM Jan 24th
No-matter how much you want to hang out with buddies, when it's bed time, GO TO BED!
1:35 AM Jan 24th
A wise old monk says I look like Christian singer Brandon Heath. One of you lovely netizens wana send me a good YouTube link?
8:49 PM Jan 23rd
you know whats a great word??? CRISP. (stole that from hilary, because it's true)
12:57 PM Jan 23rd
Steph asked me 2 stick 2 one comment thread. Like that'll happen. Random is fun. Still...we could make the worlds largest thread. One it is!
10:19 PM Jan 22nd
Some day I'll invent sidewalk chalk. It might take until the distant flying-car year of 2000, but it'll happen.
10:04 PM Jan 22nd
Every day for a month, I walk into my office and look at my night-vision scope. I don't use it. Yet if I didn't own it, I would want one.
9:47 PM Jan 22nd
I favorited a YouTube video -- Meet NAO of Aldebaran Robotics
11:50 PM Jan 21st via Google
I favorited a YouTube video -- I, ROBOT - Sonny's interrogation
11:23 PM Jan 21st via Google
I favorited a YouTube video -- Animals Singing Numa Numa
10:40 PM Jan 21st via Google
I subscribed to MadeFromGreenTea's channel on YouTube…
8:29 PM Jan 21st via Google
I subscribed to snurtz's channel on YouTube…
5:12 PM Jan 21st via Google
I favorited a YouTube video -- Animals Singing Numa Numa
12:30 PM Jan 21st via Google
I favorited a YouTube video -- Kitties Singing Joy-Joy-Joy!
12:20 PM Jan 21st via Google
I favorited a YouTube video -- Singing Kitty
12:15 PM Jan 21st via Google
I was looking at old photos of my bedroom. I realized, some of my favorite electronics are over TEN YEARS OLD! Wow. That old.
1:16 AM Jan 21st
some of my highschool friends are starting to look...ol... not like they previously did. yeah.. that's what i'll say. where did my hair go?
1:02 AM Jan 21st
I feel super blessed to have found so many friends and loved ones here on Facebook. I can't keep from smiling when I think about all of you!
12:33 AM Jan 21st
People can be so morally hopeless, completely gullible, oblivious to reality, paranoid about the wrong things, and unknowingly dangerous.
7:13 PM Jan 19th
Milk makes me mild-moderate sick. Coffee, moderate-severe sick. People talking to me when I'm sick, makes me severe-dangerously grumpy.
3:18 PM Jan 13th
I just watched all of the 2008 animated movie "Bolt". It's one of the best movies I've ever seen. It doesn't get better than this.
9:59 PM Jan 12th
"You get treated like a dumb animal long enough, and that's what you become." -Narnia2. So true. It's what most the world has become.
12:52 PM Jan 12th
Warm enough 4 shorts outside. Should go jog. Watching Narnia2 instead. Not 1/2 as good as Narnia1. Both aren't as good as the old TV series!
12:24 PM Jan 12th
Today is a great day. Woke up happy for once (my new alarm is sooooo easy!) Warm day. TV Tuner is WORKING WOOHOO! AdobeFlash INSTALLED! :D
1:07 PM Jan 11th
Social group today was wonderful! Last night had dinner at the Vilvans. Tonight I'm downloading a 7GB game update. ETA 12 hours. X.x'
8:47 PM Jan 10th
I subscribed to carlaj551's channel on YouTube…
4:22 PM Jan 10th via Google
I favorited a YouTube video -- apologetix - life restored (lyrics)
4:20 PM Jan 10th via Google
So I have UT3 and all it's patches/expansions. Then I activated it on Steam, and Steam wants to download UT3 again. What?!! I don't get it.
12:23 PM Jan 8th
I'm downloading 1.6GB of game mods; Streaming movies to my PS3 via wifi; Warming a sammich atop my ps3. I love free "Java PS3 Media Server"!
11:57 PM Jan 7th
I really need to meet my neighbors. I had a day off today, and stayed indoors studying technical documents. I have absolutely no life.
6:10 PM Jan 7th
My PC hates capturing video. Endless errors of different kinds. I've tried 30 or so programs. Many different video inputs. Hopeless..?
2:00 PM Jan 7th
1 are of life that confuses me, is song lyrics. u poets out there understand lyrics, & base your every move on them. i dont get it, at all.
4:31 PM Jan 6th
dear doomed planet and it's various life forms... i may respond sloooowly to comments. in past months i've fallen behind in social duties.
4:02 PM Jan 6th
this is a cry for help. i need to get on anxiety meds, but i have not been able to get myself to do it. i don't know how to change this.
10:56 PM Jan 4th
Continuing to rearrange my art room. Tonight has been stressful. People can be quite challenging to work with. I'm not sure what to do.
10:36 PM Jan 4th
I thoroughly enjoy my Samsung SyncMaster 2343BWX computer monitor. 2048x1152 resolution. I'm going to buy another one soon!
5:28 PM Jan 4th
i just met a local fresno person in a global IRC room with very few people in it. christian, too! small world. me out.
1:18 AM Jan 4th
Tonight's episode of Doctor Who was mind blowing. Emotional. Numerous plot holes, but that fits in with British humor. I saw the NEW Doctor!
8:25 PM Jan 2nd
why do some people consider $1.00 to be nothing? to me it's a lot of money. ten cents can go pretty far if you're creative.
2:43 AM Jan 2nd

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Christian singles are now the number one growing group in most Churches; however, addressing our needs and issues is often challenging.  Our makeup is very broad: young and old, not dating, dating, engaged, never married, separated, divorced, single parent, and widowed.  In today's world of changing values, identities, and priorities, having a solid foundation for daily living based on Biblical principles becomes all the more important.  Now is the time to strengthen our resolve to be God focused and Biblically based.

Register for the singles conference here:

The speakers will include;

Ryan Penir (My college pastor).
Cary Templeton, M.A. (The previous dean of Fresno Pacific University).
Jeremy Becker (A great finance/wealth guy).
Kirk Johnson, Ph.D. (My room mate and employer).

It's an all day conference, lunch and materials will be provided. More info at the above link.

Celebrating the glory of Jesus!,
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