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My Bio

Note: The following personal description of me is recent as of January 030 of 2020.

Future edits may be simple or dynamic changes, depending on events or other subjects that come up.

Greetings, my name is Julian Mend, although some of you might know me better from local or online entertainment under the name of Roya Rockwood.

I am the original creator and Top Head Administrator of Royameadow, a Variety based group that has been active since October 02 of I999 with an original aim to create a more free and expansive community on the regards of many fields and subjects, including (but not limited to) Entertainment of all forms, scientific and technological advancements, Politics, Astronomy and Astrology, Journalism, Public Access content, Societal Analysis, Romance and Passion, and plentiful other subjects that would definitely make for debatably the largest Cover Letter that one person could possibly ever have; at present, Royameadow is in Generation IV of its life, where we are now upgrading our resources to expand our work and practices to all fronts, especially on that of networks and broadcasting.

Over the course of my life, my life has been, without a doubt, the utmost complex labyrinth of a roller coaster, there have been ever so many ups and downs and All~Arounds that make my life one of the utmost dynamic to have ever hit the foundation of my locations of residence.

Those that know me personally, if you ever were to ask them, would probably call me the smartest and utmost kind of people that they happen to know, select others will say that I am definitely someone that can and will assure that all of us together will have the best of times and with the utmost of peace, prosperity, happiness, and love (among others) to go with it; consider me to be basically an amalgamation of a very kindhearted version of Victor Newman with the positive side of the notability of Reno Raines, the independence of (the fictionalized version of) Jerry Seinfeld, and the attraction and enthusiasm of Bernie Sanders, but with my own personal twist on all of them.

On the matter of Religion, I made my own religion in January of 2003 known as Royan Polytheism, it is a religion where one acknowledges that all religions and their respective people and beings did exist and do the acts that were said to have occurred in their original inscriptions, but they do not pick a side with any in particular nor believe that any religion or deity is nor ever were inferior or superior towards another or many others; consider it to be the religion of Religious Equality with a Neutral approach towards the subject on religion, so to speak.

Politically, I swear allegiance to no political party but the one that I had personally created on the same day as Royan Polytheism, that party respectively being known as the Royan Party of 2003; the best way to explain it is to imagine one person having the political mindset of somebody who takes and combines all of the positive and actually helpful measures and portions of Liberals and Far Lefts, Progressives, the Democratic Party, the Liberty Union, Moderates, Liberal Republicans, the Libertarian Party, the Green Rainbow Party, and the lowly known Love~oriented Purple Party, that is what a Royan Party member would be and that is what I am, I have personally sided with such people from all of those divisions of politics over the years and that has turned me into who you are viewing right now: The utmost politically complex person with a platform for the future of what will truly become what I often refer to as The Modern Existence.

On the matter of Romance and Passion, some will be surprised to know that I have been a single man for my entire life: I personally feel that my heart is reserved for only one woman, and no matter what may come of either of our lives individually and/or together, I will always be dedicated and true to her, love means beyond everything to me and I would not ever go against who and what my heart truly wants; my relationship status online will not change to anything beyond Single or "No Relationship to Follow" unless if I were to become officially engaged or married in Future~Time.

Until that time comes, I will keep my hopes and wishes for true love perfectly intact, I have no reason to change my ambitions on who and what I want in my love life and I truly do hope that I will get those wishes fulfilled eventually; in the event that circumstances on the subject of my love life's progression ever are to change, then this portion of my bio will be modified accordingly to accommodate for that in full, I truly do take my love life with ample seriousness and I would not want what I say about it to ever be out of date at any point in time.

Those of you that want to talk to me may see yourselves to adding me on here, or sending a message to my Message Box, any of those who would like to take a look at some of the official accounts for Royameadow may do so via the available links presented elsewhere in my About section.

With all of this said, I feel that you will probably feel at home around me, I am a good person to be a part of and definitely more than well worth your time, I will always invest my time into you and I hope that you will with me; I truly do hope that you and I will have a good friendship and bond together, I am more than happy to be able to share the times with you in the event that you desire the same with me, it is what helps all of us create our greatest memory together and those moments of impact are what make up yourself, me, us, and existence as we know it. (:

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Never really had a favourite. They all refer to my life though.
Favourite TV Shows
BrainScratch Commentaries, if it was on standard television.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Markey Jester, Yoselyn Guzman, Corinn Bacon, and Amber Levine.
Favourite Books
Love Cards, Gong Hee Fot Choy, and Destiny Cards.
Favourite Writers
Robert Camp, Robert Ludlum.
Favourite Games
Pong, Pacman (1980), Sonic the Hedgehog: Brother Trouble, Pacman World 03, and any Royameadow console title.
Favourite Gaming Platform
My creation, the Royameadow and Rokkumeadow Crescent Drive.
Other Interests
Romance (it's strong with me), long walks across grassland, Purple and Violet forests. Pretty much, anything calming.

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