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:iconroyalraptors:royalraptors posted a status
Working on adopts of a species I haven't really released to the public yet keep an eye out!

I've had them on the back burner for months because I just wasn't satisfied with them at all but still liked their initial idea but I wasn't sure how to make them better until an idea slapped me in the face just now!

I'm gonna just run a few test adopts to see how they do and then when I have time I'll start working on a ref

nothing of mine sells anyway unless i discount it to the point i barely make anything so idk why im just shattering my enthusiasm by making adopts first that wont sell anyway but ok

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PumpkinUprising Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2016
I think you do great work!
royalraptors Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww thank you ;;
PumpkinUprising Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2016
Its the truth!
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