What range should Onisheep MYO be priced?
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not "what can you afford", but what range (common to rare breeds) do you think they should be?
i dont want them to be too cheap and devalue the species, or too expensive and be unfair ;;
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Published: April 6, 2017
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Might I suggest a way that both allows for profit building and self marketing.

I was thinking of setting 2 prices for each type. I've noticed so many people don't post art of their adopts or even mention them. Would it be possible to make it so that there is a discount if when they seek approval for their MYO that if they have more then one piece of them and spent decent effort on them that it would get something like 35-50 points off. To encourage the user making more of that certain character. Your Onisheep are so great and I have plans for each and everyone I own that I have had for over 1 week. The ones I have had for a while have been drawn with my first ones drawn several times. I just hate seeing your beautiful creations in the form of Onisheep not getting the attention they deserve from the buyers.

It also benefits you economically as well. The artist who draws them more often has those characters seen more often. The more often they are seen the more people who know about Onisheep. The more who see them means the more who buy them.

Perhaps even a contest for a free MYO. Where the contestants have to make the most high effort pieces of the sheep they own or of the mascots and whoever puts in the most effort over all their entries would get the free MYO spot. I was looking last month to try and find updates on a few onisheep I really like to see if said owners were using them or were selling them and though I didn't see many of them selling their onisheep I also didn't see many of these 2 or 3 sheep who had even made any acknowledgement to owning them. Some free marketing with the prize of the contest getting a free MYO meaning only taking time to judge and make the rules and with people already having pieces to base them on it would have the combined excitement and participants as a MYO contest and the love they have for the ones they already own meaning those desiring to enter the contest would be the most possible.
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What I've seen many species owners do to keep their communities active is establishing a "currency" among the group. Based on how many arts they draw of the species and the quality/effort of said art, they are rewarded a certain amount of currency, and over time of drawing these pieces, they eventually earn enough currency for a reward, whether it be a MYO or custom

I've been considering doing this to help grow the almost non-existent Onisheep community 

The last and only time I did a MYO contest, I got very little entries, so I decided to just let everyone who participated keep all their entries. I do not feel like they've grown enough to try and host another MYO contest just yet, but I am highly considering doing one or more once I feel they've gained more attention 
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I like that currency Idea. It would effectively do everything my idea would have achieved only longterm and with more success. That is the main reason why I work hard to advertise. The species is well done. You have stuck by this species a long time. I have a few pieces of a species I had spent time trying to help market as well as buying them. They were well done and selling fairly well then the owner suddenly just dropped the species and started going another without even mentioning it. That person basically fly by nighted a fairly successful species that was as well done as yours IMO and then dropped them. Yours hasn't gotten the success it deserves and as someone who considers justice very important it upsets me that it isn't massively popular. When I see someone work hard to achieve something and not get a big reward and see someone put the same effort in for 1/6th the time it's frustrating. Which is why I try to help. Brings it some of the attention it deserves.
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Psst if you don't know what Onisheep are, consider checking out my group, :icononisheep-coffee-shop:! There's some good stuff in there ; )
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