Do you like politics?
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I love politics and I study them a lot
I really don't care for them even though I know I should
I hate politics, everyone acts like a bunch of babies
(lol this is the most political question you'll get from me bc I'm not here to start fights and drama in my comment boxes)
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Published: February 2, 2017
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Spiritshaydra|Student Traditional Artist
I mostly just look for things to make fun of .<. 
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I generally stay up to date with politics, though I hate to argue and get involved with it. I'm easy like that XD
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ChisaiKitsune|Student Digital Artist
tfw you get blocked by someone bc you have a different political view than them
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royalraptors|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had something similar happen only I told people they shouldn't let politics let their friendships be jeopardized and I got lectured and unwatched from someone I thought was a distant friend all bc I wanted people to have a positive message to look at while the internet was currently losing their ever living minds 

:') irony 
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ChisaiKitsune|Student Digital Artist
heck rip my dude

im supposed to be learning about the holocaust at school but my teacher keeps making her lessons about how trump is apparently the new hitler please help
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