Do you have an unusual/exotic name?
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Yes (I feel you can you imagine all the season jokes I get being named Summer and my last name doesn't help either omf)
It's hard to explain
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Published: July 11, 2015
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ghostdiccHobbyist General Artist
My name is Claire, my nickname is Possum, because I can make my eyes huge
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Silverdreamstar31Student Traditional Artist
My name is Kenna, so I guess it's a less-common version of Kennedy or McKenna...
My last name however... It's pretty rare I'd say, it has the simplest spelling on the face of the Earth, except for the fact that it has an accent. So hardly anyone can say/spell it anyway.
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Smelly-MouseHobbyist Digital Artist
My name is Leah. I've only met one other, but I know it's relatively common. I get Princess Leia jokes a lot even though my name is pronounced differently. But my last name AND middle name are just about as common as "smith" :|
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royalraptorsHobbyist Digital Artist
I used to know a Leah or 2 I wouldn't have thought they would get that many jokes but omf I bet having to but up with Princess Leia must be annoying

They say my name Summer is common, but I've only heard stories of a few Summers and I don't think I've ever met one personally so I guess it's not that common??? idk bro 

but it's like

people are all programmed to say 





"Oh you're Summer? Where's Winter!?"

"It's always Summer Time when you're around!"

"Hey look it's Summer Breeze!" (no that isn't even anywhere in my name people just call me Summer Breeze for no reason omF)
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Smelly-MouseHobbyist Digital Artist
I like the name Summer! I also like the name Autumn. But I can see how that gets annoying lol.
I get the whole, "See ya, Leah! HAHA THAT RHYMED!"
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royalraptorsHobbyist Digital Artist
Omf r i  p
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CerrenyraHobbyist General Artist
Petra Ral from AoT shares the same first-name as me. '^'
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xXSilentSoulsHobbyist Digital Artist
My surname is pretty uncommon, pronounced the same way as a city (but not spelled the same way). It's also a type of Polish sour soup :stare:
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AspenIsDeadHobbyist Digital Artist
My full name is Aspen Mercedes Sky Foster... yeah its pretty different XD
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my.. name.. is... LEROY!!!!
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CheekymoomooHobbyist Digital Artist
So many jokes at my last name
Too many
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EloylieHobbyist General Artist
When I was named Stella, this sure was an exotic name. But nowadays, not so much.
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AquiterCoronaHobbyist Digital Artist
Born with a Korean name, but changed to a Swedish one since I got adopted at a very young age.
My Korean last name is Kim. But in Sweden, that is a fairly common first name.
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HaruspexxHobbyist Digital Artist
My name isn't in use much anymore - it was most popular between the 1920's to the 1950's, it would seem, so people frequently tell me that it's rather odd... and they all pronounce it differently xD

And my last name just confuses people. It's an obscure German name that no one can ever spell right for some reason, even though it's not really that difficult lol
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FaolannnHobbyist Digital Artist
Not sure if anyone considers it unommon, but my name is Nohea >_>
Most people I meet have a hard time saying it for some reason xD
(No, Hey, ah)
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Smelly-MouseHobbyist Digital Artist
That's a really pretty name!
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FaolannnHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!^ 
It's hawaiian x3
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Smelly-MouseHobbyist Digital Artist
I really like Hawaiian names. :) Anyways, have a wonderful day!
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zetsumeishonenHobbyist Artist
Yeah, my name is really made up the people mess up even time they would write it down and say it. Most people say the is a pretty name but lot of the kids in school were I use to go made fun of it. I guess because it did sound a bit silly sometimes were people would say it wrong. Because, lot of people did not knew how to say it right so I told them to just call me B***a or B for short. My family calls me by my nickname but I wish I would change it to Tony. Not the I hate my name or anything. I just like Tony the is all. If I can't then I don't keeping my real name for the rest of my life!~
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I do have an unusual name, however at the same time it isn't
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ChelseaCatStudiosHobbyist General Artist
I'm one of 2 people in my school with the name Chelsea.
Nothing too unusual, but nothing overly common either.
But I think my last name is a bit unusual. XD
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StarrSpiceHobbyist Digital Artist
Idk if its considered unusual. Mine is Cara Hollingsworth
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ThyWordIsTruthHobbyist General Artist
No, though people spell my last name wrong 75% of the time. I guess that's something :dummy:
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BlakuisHobbyist Writer
try having a last name nobody can say right and they know they say it wrong but they don't care. every day of the school year they say it wrong id rather they used my title/nickname
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