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Should I raise the price of my customs? (currently $5) 

21 deviants said Yes, they're underpriced
21 deviants said No, they're fine where they are
14 deviants said Yes, even though I would not be able to afford them
6 deviants said No, and you should lower the price instead

Devious Comments

CandyChameleon Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
i would absolutely DEFINITELY raise the price, $5 is super incredibly low for a custom, unless like bagelhero-works said, it takes you like. 15 minutes.

you don't gotta raise it like a LOT, whatever makes you feel most compensated for your time (how long DO customs usually take you?)  but yeah...$5 is way too low IMO.  don't be afraid to put a higher value on your work!
BagelHero-Works Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018  Professional Artist
If you value your work higher you'll attract commissioners who value your work more. $5 is an abysmal rate unless you take like 15 minutes to do a custom. Lower pricing is still fine but... this is a bit much!
This isn't a judgement on you of course I've done a lot of lower priced work in a pinch before too but. I'm a bit cranky at the results of this poll I guess lmao this ratio is way off. You deserve better :'0
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