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You get more attached to your characters that are 

81 deviants said Designed by yourself
68 deviants said Doesn't matter
20 deviants said Designed by others
8 deviants said Don't know/other

Devious Comments

CRG-Free Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Well it tends to be ones I adopted lately because I'm working on my planet where the only sentient or semi-sentient species are ones I adopted. With the ones I get the most inspiration upon revisiting them and getting inspiration from their design that I didn't notice before. Such as upon seeing an Onisheep pair for the first time in awhile and thinking about their personality and realizing there designs remind me a bit of Joker and Harley Quinn but so subtle 90% of people wouldn't notice it.
Omni-Luna Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Definitely designed by myself. ^-^ The ones other people design don't generally appeal to me, but I've had some of my own characters my whole life! ^-^
Juliusrabbito Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2017
in my case all of them, the ones adopted if i didnt get attached i wouldnt spend money/points on them
sleepyshroom Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2017
It really depends on the design and how I click with it! Some of my characters were under $5 and I'm super attached to them. ;v;
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