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So i've been considering this for awhile, but now I've decided to do it

I'm gonna be selling off a few CS I made awhile back and I never do anything with anymore

You will be free to make adjustments to the species as you see fit and you're free to make adopts, auctions, just turn them into an open species, whatever! They will become YOUR species!

I just feel bad I have these species I'm not interested in anymore and not doing anything with so here we go-

Possibly new species? Cervulps by royalraptors Cervulp Type Guide by royalraptors Cervulp Rarity Sheet NOW OPEN SPECIES by royalraptors [GONE] Pinecone by royalraptors

Emote Dogs NOW OPEN SPECIES Reference Sheet by royalraptors E-Dog Prototype Guide by royalraptors

Asking prices for them is 600:points: each or best offer! You're free to offer designs/CS characters(please no like 10 point adopts im looking for a bit higher quality, sorry!) in return or art (but not art alone please)! You will also get any mascots made for them! (Pinecone and FILE-06) (you can find some art of Pinecone here:… )

remember the prices are a bit high because you are gaining complete rights to the species! (if you make any art of them I may put it in my "My Species or Designs" fav folder since I am the original creator of the species and like to keep up with my babs ;v; )
Leaf-Minx Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Student General Artist
I've got some customs character commission slots. They're cheap but will be done in Copic Marker, which I'm pretty good at.
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August 19, 2015


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