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oOF need a few extra funds this week 

Buy a $10 bundle and I'll pick 2-3 below at random (you will at least earn back the total amount)
*I will only sell 2 bundles then the offer is over!

(2/8 OPEN) Human/Anthro Adopts -Flatsale- by royalraptors - remaining ones here $5 each
(sold) robot triceratops set price by royalraptors - sold

Update everyone here is 50% off max price except for Slick:…

ty for your help :')

If you advertise this journal in a journal, I'll take $1 off the price per character/bundle you buy!
If I lowered prices on this journal you can ignore original prices! Low on money and wanna clear up my open adopts as usual :') 
PP highly preferred

(2/8 OPEN) Human/Anthro Adopts -Flatsale- by royalraptors (RPG Hero/Dragon Floof/Emo Vampire/Minty Bunny) - $6 or 700pts each
(sold) robot triceratops set price by royalraptors - $7 / 800pts
Collab Adopts w/ HaloBite (READ DESCRIPTION) by royalraptors there's still a collab adopt I did that's open here! The sb is $5/500pts pls go bidddd

Looking for art! You can offer someone super super simple and quick I just want em gone i wont be picky at all
(1/11 open) Cat-Snail Adopts flatsale (SALE) by royalraptors (#10)

[1/4 OPEN] Creature Adopt Sheet by royalraptors (#2) (this was made in 2014 and I forgot it was open oops-) (dw ab all the strict rules i put on them i was dumb lol just do whatever idc)

These are my characters. Well not all of them bc I'm a lazy piece of trash but most of the ones I use publicly 

If I pass ownership onto them I will either transfer these characters or delete them from my TH

If you see anyone using/trading a character I've owned and you're not 100% sure I traded to them (like for example the character is uh.. y'know.. still in my TH), please feel free to drop a note to ask me! Don't confront the person pls just lemme know and let me handle it!

cool thanks for reading 👌
Didn't realize how close I am to expiring oof… anyone here (Except for the maskcatz and waterdog)

or i can fill out an uncolored traditional sketch page of your character (idk like 5-7 doodles of em?) for a month of core? (Let's say it's a $5 value for now)

you can pick out multiple characters too! Anything over $8 total as the lowest accepted amounts will be 2 month core memberships 


pick around $20 worth of art and characters for 3 months??

1 month of core costs $5/400pts
3 months costs $15/1200

so u get a deal 👀
go give em a watch! look at this art aaaa


reignited by Juckzi
all orders to surrender are false by Juckzi
request for Anfani by Juckzi
    ( ͡ ͠ಠ‿ ಠ)━☆゚.*・。゚

You don't have to ask! In your comment just give me a link to your art fight and send whatever characters you want drawn you have uploaded to the site! I'll pick some out to doodle while waiting for the servers to some back on~

Alternatively if ur looking for some beans to draw I'm team coffee and my user is Steampunk !
I tagged all the characters I got on AF (or will add once the site is up ripp)-…
$10 for humanoids or $5 for ferals extra, I'll throw in an bonus sketchy fullbody too

i got smaller versions for them too

paypal highly preferred, but i guess ill take points too

x by royalraptors - $8
x by royalraptors - $9
x by royalraptorsx by royalraptors - $10 together 

toyhouse sales (some got extra art yo)… - $3 - $3… -$8 - $7 - $10 - $15 - $19 (sry she rly tent)
hi when's the last year i've done a meme

[x] i will be playing artfight this year
[ ] this is my first artfight
[x] i found out about it through dA
[ ] i go slow and steady throughout the month
[x] i go hard and burnout quickly (sobs im so sorry ill do better)
[/] my profile is decorated (there's like one mory on it does that count)
[ ] i am part of the artfight discord (too shy rip)
[x] i have posted mature filter art (um...have you seen how strict the rules are?)
[x] artfight is the highlight of my summer (SOBS)
[x] i do friendly fire 

[x] i fought for team sun/moon
[x] i fought for team magic/technology
[ ] i fought for team monochrome/color
[x] i have won artfight before
[ ] i played when it was on their old website/forums
[ ] my user number is less than 1000

[x] i play because i enjoy the competition
[x] i play because i want free art
[x] i play because i want to improve
[x] i play because i want to give free art
[x] i play for another reason: bc art is fun and so is art fight duh


[x] i have 50+ followers on artfight
[x] i have made 10+ attacks
[ ] i have made 50+ attacks
[x] i have received 10+ attacks
[x] i have received 50+ attacks 
[x] i have uploaded 10+ characters
[x] i have hidden characters
[ ] i have over 200 points total
[ ] i revenge every attack i receive (CRYING IM DRAWING BACK 4 U GUYS THIS YEAR AAAA I FEEL BAD)

total = 20.5/30

btw if you haven't seen my art fight yet you should check it out! -
Pixel commissions will close in a week (June 29th) for art fight!

*update, now accepting points~

I don't plan on taking in many commissions until after art fight, but these are really quick and fun to make! o: I planned on doodling in between projects anyway so why not earn a little in the process?

They look like this 
(closed) Big Humanoid GACHA Adopt Batch by royalraptors

No super complex characters pls, feel free to order multiple!

Humanoid and Anthro only!

Buy 4, get 1 free!

1. xxAshie (x2)
2. Manakete-Queen
3. Caiinu
4. Kie-Kay

slots are now unlimited until I feel like I have enough!
i got these grills and i need art of them, possibly art of them together being friends doing friend stuff yes pls

link me ur commissions/ych's or someone you know with open commissions hecc send me a huge list of open commissions i've got points to spare 
saw something i wannntt…

gimme 300pts and he's urs
MK377 by Maskcatz…

I lov him to death, but I don't get a lot of time to draw him. He comes with an extra doodle

I'll be considering art and/or one-off human designs!
You can try for other stuff, but that's mainly what I'm looking for

If you could get ahold of a melon-cube or cuttlewltch design for me i'd cri

it's time
Heads up I probably won't accept art alone for my waterdog, maskcat, or anyone $11+ but you're welcome to try…

I prefer pixels, icons, pagedolls, or anything digital o: Not rly looking for customs bc I'm trying to cut down 

Don't be afraid to offer if you can't offer much! I don't expect you to offer 20 drawings for a $4 character man, I just want them in good homes :')

ALSO ACCEPTING ART FOR THESE!! I won't be picky at all I want them gone like idk draw a stick figure of sugar rush and you can have one man
(1/11 open) Cat-Snail Adopts flatsale (SALE) by royalraptors

also this one right here (bloodlust sunburst)
(sold) whatever these things are -Auction- by royalraptors
Gotta tackle that owed art so I can guilt free~

anyway this is my third year o: wow time flies


will do my best to attack back

guilty sobbing 
or my 3rd try at it, i just archived all my old art and i wanna start fresh

I'll see ab posting some doodles there i won't post on da or sm o:…

ppl seem to really like them plus I like designing them so I'll take in some customs?? o: 

sm like this
nya? by royalraptors
(sold) wobo wulf owo hahakillme Adopt by royalraptors
(sold) BUNN-1 HELP-A-LOT robot bun Adopt by royalraptors

$15/1500 each, it will come with a fullbody and bustshot like above!

I'll send you a wip so you can tell me if there's anything I need to change. I can also resell as an adopt and start from scratch if you don't feel the design I made 

1. pastelfangs
2. KoishiPatissier
3. maximusgrowler
cuttlewltch has 599 watchers go get her to 600+


beachy by cuttlewltch i tried by cuttlewltch bobby by cuttlewltch vo - kinda monopoly by cuttlewltch here comes a special boy!!! by cuttlewltch my favorite anime antagonist! by cuttlewltch

CRY MORY CRY by cuttlewltch
she's sad bc she doesn't have enough watchers
would you turn down a crying mory? ;; 

what are you waiting for stop reading this and gO WATCH HER AND GIVE HER THE APPRECIATION SHE NEEDS ALREADY 
Update: Stuff came up (recovering from a long trip and getting a nail stuck in my foot) and I'm a little worn out ;v; still holding the character sell while I recover my motivation to make adopts and finish owed art o:

Prices are negotiatiable. Try me lol I want them in good homes

anyway here's the beans 

Cuisine by royalraptors - $7… (my design) 

ref by me by royalraptors - $10 (my design)

linny..tuck...and by royalraptors - $8 (kinda tent) (my design)

does that mean mimes cant order delivery pizza :( by royalraptors - Offer? Minimum $15 (super tent) (my design)

Sleepy by royalraptors - $10 (my design)

ref by chugpaint by royalraptors - $5 (m0rro design)

ref by chugpaint by royalraptors - $6 (m0rro design)

ref by tigeus by royalraptors - $6 (tigeus design)

More I'm too lazy to get previews for but you should check out bc they're cool:… - $3 (my design) - $3 (my design)… - $10 (my design, kinda)… - $5 - $1 - $6

Adopt sale: 
(sold) do ppl still buy online dogs by royalraptors - $7 each
(sold) whatever these things are -Auction- by royalraptors - $8

I know it's not much but hey whoever can give me some pointers will receive some points in return 

This brown autumn themed fox-

This colorful teal/pink doggo-
(might have missing art??)