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(7/8 open) $5/500pt doodle headshots

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 12, 2019, 4:43 PM

raising the price a little bc i keep ending up getting way to into these doodles and i put a bit more time into them than planned! sorry about being so indecisive with that ;; 
Leenel by royalraptors Atlasanarchy Doodle Com by royalraptors Xxashie 1 Doodle Com by royalraptors Xxashie 2 Doodle Com by royalraptors Xxashie 3 Doodle Com by royalraptors Xxashie 4 Doodle Com by royalraptors

Rejectedanimatronic Doodle Com by royalraptors Kjoyoba Doodle Com by royalraptors Redsquirrels Doodle Com by royalraptors Helianthus Sorceress Doodle Com by royalraptors Ghasterr Doodle Com by royalraptors Pikoishi 1 Doodle Com by royalraptors
Pikoishi 2 Doodle Com by royalraptors Pikoishi 3 Doodle Com by royalraptors Pikoishi 4 Doodle Com by royalraptors Jelliot21 1 Doodle Com by royalraptors Jelliot21 2 Doodle Com by royalraptors Jelliot21 3 Com by royalraptors
Jelliot21 4 Com by royalraptors Megashadowmew Doodle Com by royalraptors

finally get a few moments to breathe and i wanna draw!! i'll draw people.. animals... whatever!! Preferably designs that aren't super complex so i can warm up ;v;

*these are doodles and i may play around with my brushes, but you will get a sketchy colored headshot of at least the quality above!! 

slots (1 character = 1 slot, you may order as many as u like until slots fill)

Batch One: (FULL)
1. atlasanarchy (done)
2. xxAshie (done)
3. xxAshie (done)
4. xxAshie (done)
5. xxAshie (done)
6. RejectedAnimatronic (done)
7. koyoba (done)

Batch Two: (FULL)
1. redsquirrels (done)
2. Helianthus-Sorceress (done)
3. ghasterr (done)
4. pikoishi (done)
5. pikoishi (done)
6. pikoishi (done)
7. pikoishi (done)
8. Jelliot21 (done)
9. Jelliot21 (done)
10. Jelliot21 (done)
11. Jelliot21 (done)
12. megashadowmew (done)

Batch Three: (OPEN)
1. x-SpookyBoo-x 
2. MillenniaFortuna
3. MillenniaFortuna
4. MillenniaFortuna

Show your heart

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 10, 2019, 5:28 PM

I like oc's.... that's literally it. I don't wanna tag anyone so ill just steal some of steph's oc pics bc i know she's a loser that's chill with tags (go check her out)

uhuhuuhuuuu by ghasterr this absolute LAD by ghasterr how did i manage to get sick again please help i w by royalraptors he's making mac and cheese and nobody can stop him by royalraptors abomination by royalraptors

#showyourheart give me my HECKIN  badge

im in college and dont have a lot of time for a lot of my characters outside of mains. will haggle on anyone with a price tag

Looking for art > $$/points (cant sell everyone but feel free to ask) > characters > ??? (offer whatever!)

comment or note me…

go have fun kids 
new year new art style?? only i'm having trouble

Can you guys send me (preferably around humanoid art):
-your favorite speedpaint artists (anime, toony, or semi-realism) 
-various art tutorials you found super helpful (it can be anything from clothes, anatomy, shading, backgrounds, idk things you found rly useful)
-maybe even custom SAI brushes/textures you use or enjoy?
-critiques? like?? actually breaking my art down and pointing out ways to improve it? i dont get mad y'all i love negative critiques as much as positive ones as long as i can learn!
-any other kind of art-related advice you might wanna throw this way 

A couple of weeks ago it dawned on me how static my art has been for the past year and I'm working on really switching it up a bit and improving 
I start back to college this week but I'm still determined to work on my art! 

Thank-you all for continuing to support me and everything you do! I love you all <3
i need a few extra pts so i can buy a membership like a nerd
abomination by royalraptors

it'll look kinda like the chibi in this ref? like... giving an old flipnote era vibe to it and stuff or whatever idk 

slot closed that was fast woh 
(open) canine auction by royalraptors soft by royalraptors (suffocates in candy corn) y'all it's ab that time by royalraptors
Headshot: $5/500pts
Fullbody: $10/1000pts

additional memory by royalraptors (sold) One-Off Canine Dragon -Auction- by royalraptors mewtwo by royalraptors
Headshot: $7/700pts
Halfbody: $10/1000pts
Fullbody: $15/1500pts

*all relatively old examples 
Ssleepy Soft Chibi Com by royalraptors Tigeus Soft Chibi Com by royalraptors Softiest-sailor Soft Chibi Com by royalraptors
'-' by royalraptors every villain is lemons by royalraptors beef bringer by royalraptors
Regular: $7/700pts
Detailed: $15/1500pts

(unlimited until i feel like i have enough)
1. Juckzi 
2. ghasterr 
3. 0ctolings
I just got a new tablet (finally) and I'd like to practice a bit with it! I'm looking to draw humanoid or orikero ocs! I'll consider animals too but honestly i lowkey just wanna draw people for awhile c: 
If you'd like to draw an animal character in return instead of the same thing just say so o: 

I will be doing regular pieces (headshots, busts, halfbodies, fullbodies depending on how big u want the trade to be) and because I'm still getting used to it, it may come out a lil sketchy

Here is what my examples look like so far:
Smol Sumeme by royalraptors space man by royalraptors
*the second example was made on drawpile which doesn't have the best brushes but i liked how it came out so

Unless we're mutuals, I'd prefer if you got your part done first 

Comment with your art examples and list what characters you'd like drawn <:
I've been thinking about drawing more fanart lately o: What kinda stuff would you like to see me draw? Go wild I'm curious 
my frien wants to get toyhouse

i could maybe offer anyone $5 or under here?…

pls help
hey you know who really doesn't like making these journals? me :') But listen I have over 200 characters and I just don't have the time to use them and feel like they deserve better homes. I'm not as interested in species as I used to be and I kinda wanna just focus more on my main/story characters more now 

Paypal preferred (now accepting point equivalent!)
Troy ref by alfeddy by royalraptors (older alfeddy wd, comes with 3 pieces of art) - $25 
  M0428 by Pacadex (pacapillar designed by me, comes with 12 pieces of art) - $35 (I know I've paid a total of more than that but I wanna be safe) 
Panic By Soxzthewolf by royalraptors (soxzthewolf design, comes with 12 pieces of art and 2 animation memes) - $20

Other stuff (most is this is gon be like 50% off) / WILL ACCEPT POINT EQUIVALENT FOR THESE 
*advertise this journal in another journal, and I'll take 10% of the price off of any of these below for you!
(1/8 OPEN) Human/Anthro Adopts -Flatsale- by royalraptors… (Dragon Floof, my design) - $5/500pts
keeping by… (my design) - $5/500pts
does that mean mimes cant order delivery pizza :( by royalraptors… (my design, 4 pieces of art/alt unicat form) - $10/1000pts
linny..tuck...and by royalraptors (my design, 3 pieces of art/alt unicat form) - $6/600pts
Sleepy by royalraptors… (my design) - $6/600pts
ref by me by royalraptors (my design, 2 pieces of art) - $10/1000pts
x by royalraptors x by royalraptors… (my designs, go together) - $4/400pts for both
Coda Pandeer Myo Slot By Steampoweredraptor-d8rtco by royalraptors MYO Pandeer- Coda by royalraptors… (my design partially species and original design by sarilain, 4 pieces of art) - $10/1000 (2015 design)
Dragon Witch Adopt Sep by royalraptors (my design) - $5/500pts
Royalraptors Poinsettia by royalraptors… (my design, 2 pieces of art) - $3/300pts
Blue ref by Sarilain by royalraptors… (species and design by sarilain) - $5/500pts
(CO-OWNED) Slick Card by royalraptors ( species and design by pizaru-chu, 4 pieces of art ) - $6/600pts (co-owned with ghasterr but we both agreed to sell so you'll get full ownership) 

Looking for Art offers! (looking for anime or chibi style human art, feral art, or anthro art in that order) 
*anyone that isn't labeled picky I'll probably accept a single piece of art for! Looking for detailed or multiple pieces of art for the picky ones
ref by HaloBite by royalraptors (myo waterdog, comes with 6 pieces of art) *picky… (onigirystuff made maskcatz) *picky…… (go together, 4 pieces of art in total) (2 pieces of art) (5 pieces of art) (redesign by me from 2015, 3 pieces of art) (unicat) (unicat)
will accept points but pp highly preferred 
feel free to ask questions ab anything 

Soft Chibies:
smol colorful by royalraptors Manaketequeen Chibi Com by royalraptors McLaren302 on twitter by royalraptors
Jelliot21 Com by royalraptors Riverthesaber Comm by royalraptors Spookyboo Com by royalraptors
Feral or Anthro: $5 each


Feral Fullbodies:
blep by royalraptors raindrops keep falling by royalraptors (sold) Celestial Seal Auction by royalraptors oh deer by royalraptors
$7 each


Anthro Fullbodies:
h-hewwo! by royalraptors tfw uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gamers by royalraptors colorful by royalraptors (SOLD) Mothster Guest Artist -AUCTION- by royalraptors
$10 each


Large Shaded Pixels:
spunky by royalraptors in shining armor by royalraptors Owly-bee Pixel Af Attack by royalraptors
Anthro or Feral: $10 each


your friendly vampdog by royalraptors (sold) Unnecessarily Edgy Zombie Doggo -auction- by royalraptors (sold) -One-Off- Autumnraptor Auction by royalraptors
strawberry milk by royalraptors nya? by royalraptors (sold) BUNN-1 HELP-A-LOT robot bun Adopt by royalraptors (sold) wobo wulf owo hahakillme Adopt by royalraptors
Feral: $10
Anthro/Robot: $15

Bonus halfbody in ref: +5

*you will be sent a wip first to confirm if you like my progress so far or not for your custom. I can make changes as needed, and if you are completely unsatisfied I am 100% willing to sell as an adopt and start from scratch for you! Please don't be shy to lemme know if you aren't happy with your custom o: 
I have a few open adopts/old oc's uft I'd love to exchange for art! I prefer digital art, but traditional is okay too o: 

Anything open here that isn't a collab…

Anything here……

Don't worry ab asking first just show examples of your art and comment/note what character you're offering on! 
cuttlewltch is ugly and laughs at crab memes 

also she drew this stuff that is UNFORGIVABLE umu go comment nice things on them
uughghuhghg by cuttlewltch beeeaaaannnnn by cuttlewltch hebory by cuttlewltch
lop boy by cuttlewltch my hate is stronger than anyone elses by cuttlewltch Adopts OPEN by cuttlewltch

She even drew my new evil BOY I still need to make a ref for haHAHAHA
daddy big stab by cuttlewltch
When's the last time I made a journal that wasn't me trying to be a sellout haha- 

Dropping by to say I've finally started college! Adapting to my new schedule is a little tiring and confusing, but I feel like I'm doing much better than I expected.
This also means I will have less time to pump out as much art as I have been, but I have no interest in dropping this hobby and still intend to be somewhat consistent with posting dw~
Unfortunately this does mean I won't be taking in nowhere near as many commissions ;; I'm sry!

Uhhhhh anyway I think that's about it o: ty for reading. If there's anything important I fail to respond to please don't hesitate to note me! 

bless <3
oOF need a few extra funds this week 

Buy a $10 bundle and I'll pick 2-3 below at random (you will at least earn back the total amount)
*I will only sell 2 bundles then the offer is over!

(1/8 OPEN) Human/Anthro Adopts -Flatsale- by royalraptors - remaining ones here $5 each
(sold) robot triceratops set price by royalraptors - sold

Update everyone here is 50% off max price except for Slick:…

ty for your help :')

If you advertise this journal in a journal, I'll take $1 off the price per character/bundle you buy!
If I lowered prices on this journal you can ignore original prices! Low on money and wanna clear up my open adopts as usual :') 
PP highly preferred

(1/8 OPEN) Human/Anthro Adopts -Flatsale- by royalraptors (RPG Hero/Dragon Floof/Emo Vampire/Minty Bunny) - $6 or 700pts each
(sold) robot triceratops set price by royalraptors - $7 / 800pts
Collab Adopts w/ HaloBite (READ DESCRIPTION) by royalraptors there's still a collab adopt I did that's open here! The sb is $5/500pts pls go bidddd

Looking for art! You can offer someone super super simple and quick I just want em gone i wont be picky at all
(1/11 open) Cat-Snail Adopts flatsale (SALE) by royalraptors (#10)

[1/4 OPEN] Creature Adopt Sheet by royalraptors (#2) (this was made in 2014 and I forgot it was open oops-) (dw ab all the strict rules i put on them i was dumb lol just do whatever idc)

These are my characters. Well not all of them bc I'm a lazy piece of trash but most of the ones I use publicly 

If I pass ownership onto them I will either transfer these characters or delete them from my TH

If you see anyone using/trading a character I've owned and you're not 100% sure I traded to them (like for example the character is uh.. y'know.. still in my TH), please feel free to drop a note to ask me! Don't confront the person pls just lemme know and let me handle it!

cool thanks for reading 👌
Didn't realize how close I am to expiring oof… anyone here (Except for the maskcatz and waterdog)

or i can fill out an uncolored traditional sketch page of your character (idk like 5-7 doodles of em?) for a month of core? (Let's say it's a $5 value for now)

you can pick out multiple characters too! Anything over $8 total as the lowest accepted amounts will be 2 month core memberships 


pick around $20 worth of art and characters for 3 months??

1 month of core costs $5/400pts
3 months costs $15/1200

so u get a deal 👀
go give em a watch! look at this art aaaa


reignited by Juckzi
all orders to surrender are false by Juckzi
request for Anfani by Juckzi