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[contest entry] Princess Puffy Flufflesnorts by royalraptors [contest entry] Princess Puffy Flufflesnorts by royalraptors
Edit: This character is now owned by Human-Total ! ( Ty for choosing me! ;; )


My entry for Human-Total's contest! You should check it out if you have time~
lil 404 design contest!Hey guys~ finally decided to do a small little design contest for my upcoming story, '404: Good Dog Not Found' ! I need more doggos! I need them designs!! not only do i need background dogs but it's a whole community of over 400-ish dogs in a tiny town on a tiny little fake island-- i wont need all 400 dogs shown in the show thankfully (cuz that's way too many to show on screen...they'll just end up being lil dots with eyes pht) -- but it'd be nice to have some recognizable background characters that can show up once in a while! 
Now I know i havent revealed a whole lot about this story yet-- there's so many things about it that i cant wait to share! but right now isn't the time, but i'll give you the information I can give you about these puppers~
-these dogs arent dogs? they're aliens! yes they look like dogs, but they dont follow earth dog colors / patterns-- no they dont have wings and ram horns, but they can vary a bit from what earth dogs look like- their mark

I had a lot of fun working on her! I kinda nicknamed her Princess as a placement name, but of course that's subject to change if I win (or if I don't I will likely sell her!). It was really relaxing to kinda work on and off on making a more simplistic doggo design like this?? SorRY I WENT OVERBOARD ON ART- I FELT LIKE SHE NEEDED A GOOD REF THAT CAPTIVATED HER PERSONALITY- 

Speaking of which here's her little bio! Aaaa good luck to whoever enters! I hope everyone had as just as much fun as I did ;v;'

pugglewuggle by royalraptors 
!My Entry!

She's a mix between a pug and a papillon
(i mainly wanted an excuse to have a pug with fluffy ears and tail tBH-)

She can be kinda gullible and dense at times, but is overall rather nice, friendly, and beaming with energy!
She's very curious about her surroundings.
She hates to get her paws dirty.
Her tooth occasionally pokes out of her floppy snout (especially when she's surprised/exited about something).
She takes things more literally and metaphors usually go way over her head.
She's more on the chubby side and her stubby legs make her clumsy.
She's not the strongest, or fastest, but she can be very creative when it comes to ideas to get out of situations.
She doubts herself because of her physical limitations. 
GabrielleDeLyon Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Woah nice!!
royalraptors Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaaa thank you!
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